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Portfolio Management

Introduction - Portfolio Management

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The report has analyzed the different theories of asset valuation. It has provided an overview of the theory of value, power theory of value and intrinsic theory of value. The main purpose of the report was to evaluate the theories to apply them in a new market. The theories are mostly used by the investors to ensure that they can make effective decisions about their investments. It has been observed that the UK market is witnessing a downfall due to huge losses in different sectors of the country. It can be said the capital Asset pricing model would be suitable for applying to make investments in an emerging market.

Critical evaluation of theories

Theory of Value

The theory of value can be considered as the determinant to measure the value of products and services. The studies of classical political economists suggest that the value of goods and services can be found in production. It can be further argued that a majority of the cost of production is reduced as the costs increase for the laborers (Ricci, 2019). However, the perspective of neoclassical economists was that the value of products can be determined from the market act of exchange and introduced the theory of marginal value. It has been observed from the various studies that the theory of value intersects the concepts and patterns of both economics and philosophy (Milios et al. 2018). It can be said that the theory of value has been considered with the analysis of two main factors which are the cause of economic growth and the factors based on income are distributed in rent, wages and profit.

Intrinsic Theory of value

The theory explains that the value and worth of any product, goods or services are intrinsic which means that the value is in the product itself. The main purpose of this theory is to measure the exchange of value. It is also used to know the price of a product or service.

Power theory of value

The theory focuses on the processes so that the dominant powers of the society, especially the corporations and the higher classes can measure the value of their assets. It can be further argued that this is a process of capitalization. The goal of this theory is to increase the worth and value of their current assets which is achieved by beating the current rate of exchange and return. This theory is mostly used to increase the share of income and the wealth of a society.

Mean-Variance analysis

Mean-variance can be considered as a process to measure the risk which is denoted as a variance. It has been observed from the studies that mean-variance is used so that the investors can overview the analysis and make their investment decisions. It can be further argued that it is mostly used by the investors to measure the risk factor and its influence on different levels of business opportunities. The analysis of mean-variance helps the investors to reduce the threat so that they can make investments with least risk for the exchange of profit returns. However, it can be said that it helps the investors to determine the maximum profit of return they can achieve from a specific risk. It can further be said that mean-variance is a tool of modern portfolio theory which suggests that investors can make effective decisions if they can acquire relevant information. It can be said that the two main factors of mean-variance analysis are variance and expected return.

Portfolio Optimization

Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)

It is a model which is used by the investors to identify the relationship of systematic risk with the expected return that too specifically for stocks and assets. It can be said that this model of CAPM is mostly used to increase the finances with the analysis of the value of risk securities so that they can generate expected returns for their invested assets. The risk free rate which is suggested by the model accounts for the time value of money (Bao et al. 2018). The other important components and factors of the CAPM formula globe prominence to the additional risk by the investors.

>Rf+ βi(ERm-Rf)


There are many factors that influence the growth and expansion of the market of a country. However, it has been considered that the £150 million pounds will be invested following the approaches of the CAPM model. This model has been considered so that it can be evaluated whether the stock is riskier or not. It can be said that the model can help in evaluating the risk factors of emerging markets and developing markets. It has been reported that the construction sector is the only sector of the UK that had growth by 0.8% in the pre pandemic level. It can be further argued that the assets can be invested in the construction industry of the UK. It is one the largest and leading countries in the world. It can be further said the global CAPM can be used for investing to measure the expected return on a stock or an asset. It has been observed from the reports that the value investors had to witness a terrible time and the resurgence of value stocks the UK was still stronger than other countries. It has been observed that the resurgence was quite mild in the US and the stock market was SPX, -0.72% (Marketwatch.com, 2021).

Application of theories

The market portfolio consists of the securities which are measured by the market capitalizations however it has the highest market expected return assessing the level of risk. The assets will be invested in the emerging markets rather than the market of the UK. It has been observed from the reports that the equities of the UK were lower as it had to witness losses at different levels of the market including Tobacco, life insurance and beverages has propelled lower shares. It can be further argued that the UK fell by 0.35% to achieve a new 3 month low (Investing.com, 2022). The stocks declined which was outnumbered by the rising stocks 1542 to 552 and it ended on the stock exchange of London. It can be further argued that investments in the UK market can lead to a higher risk for the value of assets. However, there are also many opportunities for the emerging markets to grow. In the trading of commodities, crude oil was higher in April by 4.34% which was about to hit $120.70 (Investing.com, 2022).

In a long-term investment, the CAPM will allow this organisation to understand the risk in developing markets, which will allow them to consider their risk and allocate their assets in profitable stocks. This aspect is important to maintain a positive growth pattern in the investment. Thus, it can be said that CAPM model will allow Lazardi Investment Management to improve its asset management practice in emerging markets. However, regarding this action; it is important for them to consider emerging sectoral trends, which can drive their overall growth in these emerging markets (Pei, 2019). However, it has been observed from the reports that the markets were highly impacted due to the effects of Covid-19.


The different theories of asset valuation included the theory of value and mean-variance. The theory of value is required to understand the importance of the value of different investments. Mean-variance was done to understand the risk prospect of investment. Moreover, CAPM model was done to understand the relation of risk and total gain, which was primarily used in this report to understand the activities of Lazardi Investment Management regarding their investment in emerging markets as these markets have a higher probability of growth than developed markets. This understanding is important for them to reduce risk and increase their investment growth over the long term.

On the other hand, the recent effect of Covid-19 had a negative effect on the global market, which can be a greater opportunity for this organisation as during this time the market has significantly dropped. This creates an opportunity for this company to invest in these markets for additional growth when the market corrects itself. Considering this aspect provides them with a double opportunity, which allows them to gain from the overall market growth in the long term; however, investing in a fallen market will allow them to gain more leverage over their investment. 

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