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Cloud Strategies and Optimisation Assignment

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Introduction - Cloud Strategies and Optimisation Assignment

a) Strategic Direction

a. Envisioned Future State

MediCareInc is an organization that serves several people across a multitude of nationalities. Thus, they have to prepare themselves regarding their process of moving towards the future (BBC, 2021). As a result, organizations such as these are looking to make improvements to be inclusive to more people and help them receive their medicines. There are several other advantages that organizations are able to receive when they move over to cloud-based services. These services may require an initial injection of monetary funds; however, they are capable of saving organizations a large amount of funds.

MediCare.Inc has its branches in several nations where they deliver their produced medicines. Thus, they are required to make improvements in their systems which will lead to saving funds. The organization presently has an IT team that enables them to make informed decisions regarding organizational development. This IT team also assists MediCare.Inc in their decisions of production and distributions of medical products. However, organizational heads such as their CEO, CIO and COO have made decisions to move over from their present IT teams and take up a far newer organizational optimization approach (Nieuwenhuis, Ehrenhard and Prause, 2018). Thus, this change in optimization procedures will enable organizations such as MediCare.Inc to improve their internal function. This ensures that organizations are able to streamline their production and distribution procedures, thus enabling stakeholders to further understand requirements from their organization.

Key stakeholders of MediCare Inc. have decided that they will move towards having a cloud server to continue doing its work. However, they are yet to decide on the type of server this will be. Since the organization is working in several nations, it is valid to consider making it a private server. However, this organization needs to provide access to several people; not all of them will be from their firm. Thus, there is also a case for making this server public for everybody to use as they wish. Since there is a need for both aspects of public and private to be present in their server, the best choice will be to go forwards with a hybrid cloud server system.

This form of a cloud server will allow members of their own organization and other people to access parts of this server. There will be demarcations and divisions as to how much people can access this server. Thus, aspects of security will also be maintained efficiently.

Another aspect that the organization is willing to move towards has a work culture that somewhat emulates a start-up. Thus, their CEO wishes to use data analytics in their organization to understand better decisions that can be made regarding business procedures. Using the lean method has several advantages for their organization (Adzrie et al., 2020); they are as follows:

  • The complexities of a team and its processes can be managed well by using a lean method.
  • Priorities can be managed more easily.
  • The productivity of a team is increased and can be managed
  • The morale of a group can be maintained higher if lean methods are used (Lindsay, Kumar and Juleff, 2020)

b. Economic impact of migration

Building a hybrid cloud server has initial costs that are required to set up and manage their primary procedures. After that, there is a very minimal cost that is necessary to ensure that the server is able to continue running and providing services over time. This price, however, is an initial bump that has to be endured by any organization. Post initial expenses, there are very few scenarios of organisations having to drain away capital from their organization. Instead, this process of having a cloud server ensures that organisations can manage their procedures far simply. Employees of an organization will also be able to make changes in their operations remotely in case urgencies arise. This ensures that organisations are able to make changes and keep their revenues safe in case of any crucial scenario.

Organisations that use Lean methods in their work procedures are similar in nature. It provides a massive boost for firms that intend to improve their workflow. This procedure involves streamlining an organization’s work path; thus, the overall workflow of this organization is improved. Improving an institution's workflow will help to promote an organization’s work procedures. Implementing a lean work method will also help ensure that organisations can make positive changes in their day-to-day work processes.

b) Analysis

a. Review and Improve

Organisations have their personalized methods to review and improve their institutions. These procedures vary in the case of organisations and their respective industries (Fabbri et al., 2020). As a result, these companies can improve their systems and procedures based on their organizational requirements. Separate organisations have functions that must be followed to make necessary changes in their working patterns. As an example, organisations such as Medicare Inc., which are associated with the medical and healthcare sector, are required to make their organization function smoother by understanding the demand for medicines.

These procedures of organisational improvement are based on requirements that can only be understood after reviewing the strategies that have been carried out. Studying these administrative procedures help to enable organisations to understand minute underlying aspects that would previously not necessarily be visible. In the case of Medicare Inc., this organization is looking to make changes in its systems and ensure that they will be able to do their work remotely. Thus, they will prefer to make use of a cloud server (Amazon.com, 2021). These cloud servers will enable their organization to move into a world of remote working opportunities. These would previously not have been available for their employees; as a result, members were able to work only from their offices. However, by implementing these procedures, organisations will be able to make improvements in their traditional methods of working.

Implementation of lean working methods will enable organisations such as Medicare Inc. to make their production procedure more efficient. The application of lean methods has been known to make organisations more efficient. Several minute changes are made to an organization that implements Lean methods of productivity improvement. These methods are used to improve the productivity of a workspace as it ensures organisations are able to understand aspects of workflow improvement (Munteanu, 2017). As a result of a compilation of these services, organisations can get a number of pointers regarding procedures they need to work on. Performing these changes will enable organisations to ensure that they can make positive changes to their institution. Several organisations look to make changes in their systems; however, they lack understanding of procedures they have to use to make such changes. Thus, as organisations are making moves, they have to be sure that their final aim is kept in mind. All these changes result in making an organization more viable and reliable for their clients. Thus, organisations will always have to study and understand their work procedures and also have to know the aspects they wish to attain at the end of this procedure.

b. Security constraints

As an organization looks to move their routine work procedures over to a new system, the shifting process takes up a significant portion of its initial design. Thus, several security constraints have to be kept in mind during this shifting procedure.

i. Governance

Members of Medicare Inc. have a laid out plan to follow processes of organizational hierarchy. Having a scale enables employees of an employee to understand the specifics of procedures that are to be followed in their organization. Organisations have their sets of opportunities that can be achieved through pathways of specific institutions. Members are required to report to their superiors regarding the initiation or completion of work. Governance is an essential factor for organisations since it simplifies employees' work procedures and makes decisions quickly.

ii. Risk management

Organizational risk management is of utmost importance in situations that require shifting or changing daily work procedures. These factors enable organisations to ensure that changes in their operations are worth the risk. The risk management process ensures that the organization will not lose any of its holdings or market share. This also enables organisations to let go of aspects of their business that may not be worth their organization’s time. MediCare Inc. has to perform risk management procedures, and this will help them ensure that their procurement process is viable. If there are better options closer to their home, they should take those and ensure that their organization is able to save money.

Organisations are needed to run their procedures and understand all changes that can be made to their institution; this will enable Medicare Inc. to manage their projects and ensure that they are able to make positive changes to their organization.

iii. Compliance

All information that will be obtained for regulating functions of this project will follow the data protection act of 2018 in Ireland (Citizensinformation.ie, 2021). This will ensure that every regulation is necessary to follow in Ireland and the USA (Congress.gov, 2020). Following these acts will enable organisations to ensure that all their procedures of absorbing delicate personal information are allowed by law. In case there are discrepancies in an organization’s procedures of

Extracting personal information, these institutions are liable to get sued. Such problems are to be strictly avoided. Organisations’ reputations can be irrevocably tainted in any such situation. Thus, they have to make necessary modifications to their procedures of acquiring information. This will ensure that organisations are complying with data security protocols for their respective nations.

c. Infrastructure and strategy change

As MediCare Inc. grows and molds itself into becoming one that promotes itself and becomes an organization that uses cloud services, it needs to modify the infrastructure. This organization is able to make its procedures fit into a newer society that has an immediate need for remote working protocols (Snoek et al., 2018). Remote working is an aspect that has become part and parcel of the present life. Lives can be at risk at present due to a pandemic from which humankind is yet to recover from. However, the recovery process can only continue if people can receive their medicines on time. The method of supplying people who require medications can only continue if organisations such as Medicare Inc. can continue to provide drugs. Thus, handling a majority of this procedure online through cloud services will enable members of this organization to manage their work procedures remotely.

This change in the strategy of MediCare Inc. will enable them to match the demands of organisations with their ability to supply products. Apart from providing, this factor will also help ensure that even lesser amounts of product are wasted in storage. As a result, these changes will enable organisations such as Medicare Inc. to improve their logistics and ensure waste of valuable products is minimized (Patel et al., 2017). If there is a significant requirement of products in any particular organization associated with Medicare Inc., they will be able to redirect traffic. This will ensure that people who require the product will be able to receive it on time.

c) Strategic Design

a. Required infrastructure

The infrastructure required for MediCare Inc. will include the following aspects:

  1. Upgraded logistics department: This will enable the organization to ensure that there are minimal losses in regards to waste of final products. This aspect will also help members of an organization to become more aware of reducing their waste products (Pohjosenperä et al., 2019). Thus, organisations will be able to maintain their revenues and be sure that there is a minimal drop in their organizational revenues.
  2. Cloud server: As MediCare Inc. desires to move towards remote working and remote administration procedures, they will require a server that is dedicated to their work. This server will be of a hybrid kind and will have sectors for members of this organization as well as others (Liu et al., 2019). Members of other organisations need to be able to access Medicare Inc.'s server to check if they can meet requirements. Thus, the inclusion of a cloud server will enable organisations to have their work procedures simplified.
  3. High speed internet: Servers that need to be accessed several times over a short period will face issues with breakdowns unless it is equipped with high speed internet (Alsulami and Akkari, 2018). This will enable people to access the servers at will and ensure that the speed of working of the server matches the speed of access.
  4. Miscellaneous: Several other miscellaneous factors will be required by Medicare Inc. to have their infrastructure improved. Organisations should provide laptops that are to be used only for work, and this will ensure that there are minimal junk applications in them and there is no loss of work speeds. MediCare Inc. should also provide home internet solutions, such as high speed dongles. These will also ensure that there are minimal lags during the work process.

b. Workload prioritization

MediCare Inc. has a diverse workforce that specializes in working and enabling their organization to produce better results. The compiled workload of the entire organization will be divided among its members and ensure that priorities are maintained to establish their work processes (Abuzour et al., 2020).

Web/Database Server

Employees of the database server handling department market MediCare Inc.'s products. Thus, they are able to bring in clients through this business procedure. There are separate procedures for customers and other organisations to access this information. These portals enable members to access information related to their searches. This is an essential step for MediCare Inc. as this shows information that is only necessary for their work (Sadeeq et al., 2021). As a result, organisations will access the information that is only related to their necessities. Sensitive organizational information is kept safe from others. Thus, MediCare Inc. remains secure, and their data remains protected.

The Analytics department of MediCare Inc. is an independent organization that has been chosen to solve its issues. Thus, they can provide high-quality services as they have been trained to do so in their work-life (Smys and Joe, 2019). As a result, organizational efficiency increases several folds. This analytics department will use the information acquired from clients, customers, and distributors to understand facets of organizational development that can be made. Thus, it increases the overall efficiency of their firm. However, Medicare Inc. is still learning about procedures of analytics and the opportunities of including their workloads into this organization; thus, members are yet to consider this a viable core workload.

The financial department of MediCare Inc. is a core workload department. They service transactions of organisations associated with Medicare Inc.; thus, it is a high priority department. Apart from external transactions, this department also deals with internal transactions in the form of salaries.

The workload of the reporting department is considered to be of low priority. However, reporting changes can help MediCare Inc. with its daily functions. Hardware and software factors are not their primary priority, while aspects of understanding the organization’s immediate needs are of prime concern. Their involvement ensures that organizations are able to utilize opportunities that come up for MediCare Inc. Apart from these, the reporting team also ensures that business processes of any organization are running smoothly and their procedures of standardizingworkloads are also maintained (Microsoft.com, 2021). Thus, organizations have a reporting department to ensure that their progress is tracked.

Tracking of progress leads organizations to understand factors that are needed to be changed. Upon making these changes reporting teams further notice the improvement of their organization and look to know if they are moving in the correct direction. A reporting team is vital to help organizations understand several aspects that ensure teams progress and make positive changes in their institution. Organizational management teams help implement these changes in their daily work procedures, thus, improving the overall performance of these teams (Intellis.io, 2021). Organizations are looking to make changes in their work procedures to improve their daily functions; having a reporting team to record all changes ensures that people are not lacking in data. However, reporting team structures may be tough to understand since they are rigid in many cases (San Cristóbal, Fernández and Diaz, 2018). This results in organizations having to work their way towards managing their teams and leading them towards success.

 A reporting team collects information regarding any organization, and this will ensure that people have enough information to change their methods of working using their working procedures.

This reporting team has several advantages, and these advantages are given below,

  • Communication: In many cases, communication becomes a significant barrier among separate businesses. This becomes a problem for organizations such as MediCare Inc. as their company depends upon several other organizations to continue their work (Taibi et al., 2017). These factors can be managed by having teams that ensure teams can communicate with each other with the help of a reporting team.
  • Productivity: Since teams have to worry less regarding factors that are non productive for their function, they perform their job roles, thus increasing productivity. Organizations are able to perform far better in case there are organizational management techniques that promote productivity.
  • Decision making: Since there are more collected data regarding an organization’s work procedures, their overall ability to make decisions are improved. This gradual change causes gradual improvements in organizationsas they are able to take strides and improve their work capabilities (Arden et al., 2021).
  • Problem identification: Having previously recorded data regarding an institution helps understand decisions taken by management. This allows people to understand the problems that were present in the past. Thus, organizations are able to understand issues that are present in case of any situation. Organizations are able to identify problems that may cause issues in future for any organization.

c. Cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis of any procedure helps to analytically compare the benefits that an organization gets on their investments, thus explaining the overall desirability of any project (Mishan and Quah, 2020). Cost benefit analysis helps to understand if a task taken up by an organization is worth their investment. Organizations are always looking to make improvements in their work processes and decision making. Proper implementation of a decision making system ensures that companies are able to make informed decisions about their work procedures. Similarly, organizations that are able to analyses the benefits of their investments will be able to know whether the possible pitfalls of their investment.

Organizations make enormous investments in their projects. Thus, if these projects have downsides, organizations need to know that. In many cases, organizations perform a cost benefit analysis, and if they sense that valuation of an organization will fall, they can walk away from their investment decision (Koopmans and Mouter, 2020). Thus, there are several teams that are deployed to calculate the benefits of any investments that an organization makes. There are different advantages associated with cost benefit analysis of any project. These advantages are as follows:

  • Discovering hidden costs: The majority of organizations that are looking to sell products try to hide factors that are causing issues for their organization. Thus, having a team that analyses the benefits of investing in other organizations will help discover these costs. This will ensure that the company's funds are well managed and minimal frivolous spending (Alston, 2017). This factor ensures that organizations are not duped into investing in failed products.
  • Make informed decisions: All decisions taken by an organization have to be based on a set of rules. These decisions must be backed up by data that promotes their decision. Since these decisions can shape an organization, there needs to be valid data that supports it. Thus, there need to be copious amounts of research that must be conducted through organizations to understand the situation of organizations. Cost benefit analysis teams carry out these aspects.
  • Competitive advantage: Having information regarding organizations will ensure that their decision making may also be easily understood. This knowledge is bound to give an added benefit for MediCare Inc. as they will be able to predict their competition's steps. These advantages will ensure that MediCare Inc. can make decisions that will always promote their organizational growth.

d. People and change strategy

Change strategies in the case of any organization are based on their motives to alter organizational productivity and work styles. The following aspects can be changed by changing management methods in an organization. The use of change management varies these factors:

  • External market: An organization that produces to sell its products requires a call. Needs are extraordinarily opinionated, and there are several factors that can influence a market. Understanding the market this organization seeks to sell into ensures that products will not be wasted (Mtotela, 2020). Thus, changes that are made in this market need to be observed closely. Products that are not in line with this market will not flourish. In the case of MediCare Inc., they will have to produce medical products that are in line with the current requirements of the market (Zainal et al., 2018).
  • Customer organization: Based on reports and analyses released into the market, customers' demands change. These changes result in organizations having to alter their stances and mound themselves into being able to make a product that is useful for their client (Gonçalves, Cândido and Feliciano, 2020). This change on the client's end modifies the production processes of MediCare Inc. Such changes enable organizations to mound themselves and become more resistant to failure since organizations can study and understand possibilities of change and modify them to ensure better productivity.
  • Project Vision: The initial scope that was pre decided before starting a project change as customer requirements change. This results in organizations having to manage themselves into becoming more resilient to market changes. These changes also enable organizations to roughly prepare a plan in case similar situations occur in future. A vision of a project is mainly based on a market and its demands from its organization (Jayatilleke and Lai, 2018). If needs change and an organization’s working procedures change, the initial vision of a project cannot handle the new scope.

e. Infrastructure pricing option and strategy

Some policies have to be followed while pricing a product; one of these products are based on Price maintenance premium. This is a policy that awards a high compensation to certain medicines if they are able to meet the premium criteria set by a government.

Infrastructure pricing is based on the following strategies:

Price skimming: This process starts products with a high price; this attracts a number of clients who are strongly attracted to their development. Later, however, these prices decreased. Thus, other clients will also be able to buy their products. This ensures high revenues are returned on an organization’s initial investments (Jayatilleke and Lai, 2018).

Premium pricing: In case organizations are able to produce a product that is of very high quality, they can price these products at a premium (Nwanodi, 2018). Premium pricing is only possible if organizations are making products of unmatched quality; otherwise, clients will move towards buying other products that are similar in quality.

Bundle pricing: Organizations often provide complementary products and offer them for free on the purchase of their original creations. As a result of these products being sold as bundles, clients are attracted to buy them and be sure that products are large in number. Thus, sales are higher, and losses suffered in provisioning these products are minimized.

Market penetration pricing: Following this concept, organizations put a lower price on their products than their competitors. This draws the attention of clients of other organizations, thus initiating sales for this organization. These sales ensure that newer organizations are kept safe and secured irrespective of bigger competitors in their market (Roach and Milhollin, 2021).

Economy pricing: Products that have a low production cost are priced low. This ensures that newer organizations that are trying to enter markets will be able to grow and develop their products for the future.

In the case of MediCare, Inc., prices can be kept at a premium. Since this organization has been up and running for a long time, it has a fixed buyer base. This organization can produce high-quality medical products for its clients and are looking to make improvements in its internal systems. Thus, these factors will ensure that there is a bare minimum change for clients of MediCare Inc. At the same time, they are able to modify and change their regular procedures of upgrading their internal working procedures.

d) Roadmap

a. Migration roadmap and exit plan

MediCare Inc. is looking to make changes in its internal working procedures. Thus, they have to find a way that helps them to find pathways and reach their final goals. This process can be added if there is a laid out plan that the organization’s members can follow. A roadmap is helpful for this purpose, and it has defined goals that organizations can achieve to reach their aim.

Roadmap for migration

Exit plan

Organizations looking to make changes in their and migrate to a system that enables their new plan. Some factors prevent organizations from successfully changing over to a new system, which may be internal or external. Thus, organizations have to be prepared and ensure that they can either revert to their original methods or have a temporary solution to keep their organization running (Hawkey, 2017).

In the case of MediCare Inc., their previous methods had served them well and made them world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Thus, their exit strategy is to revert back to their original organizational procedures. They have an IT team that handles business and administrative data, and this factor can be re-introduced (Lee, 2017). This company wishes to move over to a cloud based organizational procedure as they were looking to make improvements in their monetary field. Reverting to their initial methods will cause problems for their funding; however, it will also ensure that their organization is kept stable.

b. Communication plan

A communication plan in any business is based on directing information towards all employees and stakeholders of the organization. MediCare Inc. has to have policies that will help members of their organization understand protocols that are necessary to follow in case of an emergency. Setting up these protocols will ensure that despite organizational mismanagement MediCare Inc. will still be up and running. Thus, members of the organization must have policies that are able to inform their employees regarding procedures that have to be followed. A laid-out communication plan also ensures that there will be a process to be followed to exchange information among members of the organization. Thus, enabling them to make positive changes in their procedures and aid them in becoming far more capable of resolving issues that their organization faces.



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