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Emerging Risks From Covid-19 Disruptions: Tesco

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1. Introduction - Emerging Risks From Covid-19 Disruptions: Tesco

Covid-19 impact in the business world has changed many operational factors in certain periods. Emerging risks and difficulties with business operations have impacted financial crises in business organizations. Moreover, this report has provided wider risk and impact for the pandemic situation. Furthermore, mitigation strategies would have been included in these reports to overcome those crises. According to the job role as a company secretary of Tesco plc, the risk management strategies would be required in this organization. Additionally, this reporter would inform management or board members about uncertain risks and impact on this organization. Global business has faced uncertain downfall in covid-19 period, however the global business is being changed where the organization would have opportunity to overcome financial deficits. In this report has contained about vast risk has oriented with a pandemic situation where Tesco plc could be faced with challenges in business operation. Furthermore, this report has extraordinary discussion over the impact of the pandemic situation in organization. The report has connected with the Tesco Plc business at global business operation. Furthermore, the distribution and marketing operation would have been analyzed to present possible risk factors over financial performance in a large basis.

1.1 Questions would be addressed in this report

Q1. What is risk oriented in Tesco plc due to the pandemic situation?

Q2. What impact has been conducted in the Tesco plc activity?

Q3. What are different mitigation strategies to overcome or manage those uncertain crises?

Those questions would be addressed in this report to make a vast report over the crisis and possibilities to overcome those financial deficits. Tesco Plc has operated in worldwide business that has enhanced its profitability.

1.2 Company profile of the Tesco plc

Tesco Plc is the third largest retail company that is organized by the effective management. In order to profiling about Tesco Plc, that this company has created its own brand at global stage. This company has different segments of business in different regions where grocery and home ware segments are performing well enough. In additionally, information about the Tesco plc, that this business group has presence all over 28 countries with different business segment. This group also has banking business worldwide that also adds profitability in the consolidated balance sheet. Additionally, the profitability of this group in the last financial year is 5,788.7 cores GBP. This company has generated revenue and profit through retail business where banking retail stores have provided a complete solution toward customers. In order financial performance of this company has been quite strong, however in the covid-19 period that has gone under the rough situation. This organization has faced challenges and issued in the covid -19 situation where magnet has decided about some recommendation to mitigate those crises. Furthermore, this company also committed to change business operations for future growth in a huge manner.

2 Risks regarding the Covid-19 impact on the Tesco plc

The Covid-19 pandemic situation has brought uncertain risk in the business that has impacted financially. In this consideration the Tesco Plc business operation has depended over the retail business. Furthermore, Tesco plc distribution of products to retail stores has faced challenges in Covid situation. In this report has explained about the risk in Tesco Plc has defined awareness between the board members. Tesco plc is one of the largest retail enterprises of the UK; it has operated global business through retail chains. In order to analyze the uncertain risk of the pandemic situation, that different challenges are being faced by this enterprise. Risk and impact on Tesco Plc has been presented through the table that has been presented below.





Cost of the Tesco Plc has increased

Covid-19 impact on this organization has made a fall in the sales volume that has shown as a financial deficit. Furthermore this increasing cost has been set off by the profit that also impacts on the profitability. Increasing cost due to less production in FY 2020 has influence the organization about higher cost compared to production volume (Baral et al. 2021)

This cost inflation of production has an impact highly on financial performance. Further, this increasing cost has also impact over the gross profit where organization has faced challenges to managing debts regarding expenses


Changing of consumer behavior

Due to pandemic situations consumer’s behavior toward the market has changed where consumers are restricted by government policies. Consumers have faced financial issues that have directly impacted the sales volume of Tesco plc. The sales volume of Tesco plc has dropped by 0.7% in the FY 2020. The changing behavior of consumers also impact on profitability due to limited expenses over daily expenses

The impact of changing consumer behavior increases the inventory level in the retail stores of Tesco Plc that has reduced financial liquidity. Furthermore deficit in sales volume has impact on reading earnings negatively


Business model of the Tesco has faced threat

This Covid-19 situation has changed the business process due to consumer’s behavior where traditional business has changed toward online business models. In consideration of Tesco plc business model has depended over retail stores that has impacted by covid restriction (Rowan, and Galanakis, 2020)

The impact of the Tesco Plc has faced due to lack of infrastructure in the online business process. Furthermore, covid restriction has shifted consumers to online marketing, where this company has faced a deficit to create its presence in online business

Becoming Proximate

Less employees productivity

Due to pandemic situations physical restriction and lockdown related precautionary activity has created barriers for employee engagement. In order to following this rules and regulation over that has enforcing to use limited employees for business operation that has impacted over production and distribution (Love et al. 2021)

Supply chain of Tesco plc has been affected by this crisis where limited productivity and lack of supply of products has created a deficit in operational profit. Furthermore, limited productivity has not generate enough revenue to maintain expenses where management has faced lack of financial resources for payment of expenses


Disruption in communication between employees and management

In order to spread of covid-19 at global level where management and employees communication has been disrupted for the communication process

Lack of communication has caused issues to implemented new business operations and created gaps between business activities. Due to lack of communication has ultimate drag towards the less production.


Debts has been increased

Covid-19 has affected the production of the Tesco Plc has faced loss in business operation where that has impacted over debts payment.

Increasing debts of Tesco have been derived from the higher expenses for paying interest. In Order to increase debts in the financial reports that also impact over earning per share (EPS).


Faced issues by suppliers

In pandemic situation suppliers of the raw materials and deliver partners has failed to provide service to Tesco plc (Pournader et al. 2020)

Due to disturbance from the suppliers, there is a present crisis of the raw materials. Furthermore, this supply related issues have impact over the production of Tesco plc.


Digital disruptions worked as threat toward organization

Online business operations have provided opportunities toward new market players that have increasingly been threatened by new competitors.

Impact of new competitors in the market could delivered the customers toward them self that would also make certain loss in revenue.


Increasing cost: The cost is the essential element that has to be managed for long term gain in this context the Tesco plc has gone iunder the rough phrase in pandemic situation. In order to risk analysis of this organization, that has indicated increasing cost due to shortage of production.

According to financial prospect production and cost relation to managing the production cost of Tesco plc has increased in the financial year 2020. The revenue of this company has been registered in the financial report is 64,760,000 for FY 2020 (Finance.yahoo.com, 2022). In the next year this revenue has fallen down to 57,887,000, this downfall in the organization would impact on profitability.

In Order to risk involving within this uncertain risk, the revenue has fallen due to less demand in the market. Moreover, revenue is the only resource to maintain all expenses. Business of Tesco Plc has focused on the retail chain where covid-19 impact has created issues in the distribution system. Less distribution of products has implemented higher cost to products that also impact over profitability (Atayah et al. 2021). In order to make risk analyses of the Tesco Company, that distribution of the company has been disrupted by covid–19 situations. In order to analyze the cost of Tesco plc has been increased to 62,143,000 in their financial year 2020 due to less production (Finance.yahoo.com, 2022). Marginal cost of products is depended over the production unit where less involvement of employees has reduced the production volume. Due to less production, indirect expenses of this organization have increased and impact over revenue negatively.

Consumer behavior changed due to pandemic situation: Consumer behavior is important for organisation growth where the pandemic situation has changed the whole activity. A wider view of the customer activity before pandemic and in pandemic and after pandemic has been analyzed to present trends of customer behavior (Devi et al. 2020). In order to analyze the uncertain risk of pandemic that consumer behavior has depended on market trend before pandemic situation major percentage of consumers are involving them self toward offline marketing. However, in pandemic situations customer move toward the online business platform that has changed organizations business proceeds for customers (Trump and Linkov, 2020). In fact, considering the situation about consumer’s behavior in covid -19 has changed the business model where Tesco plc has focused over offline business that has impacted on the revenue (Khan et al. 2018). Furthermore, consumers are interested in online marketing platforms for less time consumption and less physical appearance. The Tesco Plc has faced problems to make impact over the business growth where this online business platform has to be improved for revenue generation.

Increasing debts in covid-19 period:  The pandemic situation has impacted negatively on revenue where Tesco plc has faced issues to run the business operations. In this prospect of business continuation this company has raised the debts that also impact on expenditure positively. Increasing debts in covid period has influenced the expenditure of this organization however this extra financial burden has marked negative influence over this organizational growth (Queiroz et al. 2020). According to the financial reports the Tesco plc has shown less revenue within increasing debts could be the reason for financial collapse. Furthermore, debts should be ideal to make decisions about business expansion.

Digital disruptions due to entrance of new market players: Due to covid-19 online platform has increased opportunities for small enterprises where those enterprises come to online business. In addition, this organization has faced challenges by new competitors through online business (Amjath-Babu et al. 2020). Furthermore, Tesco plc has focused on expansion of business through retail shops where online business platforms have provided more advantage to their enterprises (Xu et al. 2019). Moreover, expansion of business has depended on adopting a new business trend where online business has become more challenging to expansion of business for Tesco plc. Additionally, this organization has gone under crisis of lack of revenue that has been created through lack of online business.

Less employee involvement leads toward less productivity: In order to analyze the risk oriented with the pandemic situation productivity of employees has been reduced. Additionally, in the pandemic situation physical restriction has catered issues to operate production facilities (Divala et al. 2020). In addition to employees less involvement in production and distribution that has disturbance the whole supply chain of the Tesco plc. Impact of the covid-19 in business operation of the Tesco plc had derive in less service from the employees side that has reduced productivity of products and further distribution chain has been collapsed in this period (Baryannis et al. 2019). In order to analyze the uncertain risk in covid-19, Tesco plc has been affected heavily in order to continue production and distribution in a large basis.

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3. Impact and influence of the critical situation on the Tesco Plc

Tesco Plc is the largest retailer in the UK and revenues of the business organization have been decreased due to the pandemic situation. Some radical changes are underplaying in the common situation and that reduces the basic business performance of Tesco Plc. The fluctuation of gross domestic products and employment rate puts a negative impact on the business performance. The company is facing numerous challenges during the common situation such as economical factors, and national income and that can reduce the basic demands of the organization.

Positive support to the colleagues and customers

The pandemic situation has impacted each part of Tesco Plc but sometimes a strong business strategy can support individual customers. During the Covid 19 situation company is continuously focusing on the individual employees as well as buyers to mitigate these serious challenges (Tescoplc.com, 2022). During the pandemic position, separate stores are offering hand sanitizer, mask, and other product which is required for health and safety purpose. The company is adding some manufacturing derivatives to keep a healthy and safe environment. The retailer company is tried to protect individual customers and colleagues from the common situation. The company is focusing on building existing partnerships with other companies to improve organizational structure by helping numerous people. During the current situation, most of the customers are happy due to organizing a healthy and safe environment (Tescoplc.com, 2022).

The company is faced numerous challenges such as changes in employee retention, inflation rates as well as changes in gross domestic products. The incredible business performance sometimes puts a positive effect but sales growth also decreases due to the lack of financial sources for the business (Gersons et al. 2020). During the pandemic situation, the company is focused on the digital business strategy to fulfill basic relationships with the customers. During the pandemic situation, the company is tried to reduce basic challenges and incredible changes also recognized. The unemployment rate also increases in the common situation and that can put negative effects on individual communities. The new, as well as innovative regulations also involved by the chairman of Tesco Plc to enhance customers. In the common situation sometimes the revenue of the business organization is reduced.

Manage disruptions by the customer retention process

Always tracking and analyzing churn metrics is necessary to monitor the customer retention process. Implementation strategy involves positivity in the business and Tesco Plc focusing on the customer retention process to manage disruptions. Efficient communication with the customers is necessary and a continuous feedback process is also useful to identify the improvement areas of the business (Divala et al. 2020). Risk mitigation strategies are necessary for the business to minimize future threats of the business. The customer retention process is necessary for the business and digital technology is useful for enhancing sales volume during the quarantine. Individual business organizations are efficiently focusing on the risk mitigation strategy to improve future growth and opportunities. Building trust in front of customers is an appropriate way to maintain organizational performance through unique services. A customer retention program is necessary for the business to manage the business difficulties as well as specific threats (Tescoplc.com, 2022).

The customer retention process efficiently manages the disruption against the business organization and also enhances the long-term engagement of the business. Rewarding customer loyalty is another way that has been followed by the specific company during the pandemic situation. Positive and negative both are common factors in the business organization and Tesco Plc has been facing both situations during the Covid 19 situation. The company is trying to attract opportunities by engaging customers with top sales. During the quarantine individual customers are active on the social media platform and the company also focuses on digital technology to attract more customers into the business. Customer retention is necessary to process and that can sometimes enhance future opportunities and growth (Sharma et al. 2020). A global outlook of the business organization is involved and that minimizes the basic difficulties during the common situation. 

B2B has changed during a pandemic situation

 B2B business process involves individual manufacturers and wholesalers that focus on the individual customers. Operational risk sometimes involves the same situation in Tesco Plc. Digital innovation involves numerous inflections into the business organization’s sales volume and also accelerates economical opportunities. The digital interactions of the business organization are necessary to increase sales growth. Individual organizations also focus on the remote working process due to which B2B business processes have been changed. Individual people are focusing on online services and directly trying to purchase from the company. The small business enterprise did not get the opportunities, as well as lacked financial resources, which are going to decrease business performance (Bozkurt et al. 2019). Sometimes sales volume is traditionally increased due to efficiently maintaining the supply chain process of business. Identifying the sales volume is effective and negative responsibilities are necessary for the business organization.

Customers have attracted the direct purchase from the retailers and individual suppliers are facing huge loose during the common situation. The economic opportunities are getting involved by focusing on corporate social responsibility and Tesco Plc has following on the particular factor. E-commerce business strategy is a crucial stage to efficiently recover the sales volume of the business. The supply chain process of the business organization is focusing on the B2B business and resellers, as well as producers, are also involved in the B2B business process. Anxiety and fear are the common factors that are faced by the individual people and that increase basic difficulties for everyone (Kujawa et al. 2020). The basic relationship with the customers as well as the company is involved in the B2C business process and during the pandemic situation; most of the customers are diverted in the B2C business process.

Tesco is affected by the political factors

The supply chain, as well as demand, is necessary for the business, and Tesco always maintains the particular factors. Legal risk does not improve organizational revenue at the same time. A globalized environment, as well as new and innovative operations, involves sometimes basic difficulties for Tesco Plc. The legislative condition, such as employee’s legislations and government legislation puts a negative effect on the business performance of Tesco Plc. Sometimes supply chain process includes negative demand and employment legislation and that involves mixed job opportunities in the business. Unemployment is sometimes faced by the individual employees of the organization but the government also encourages individual people by the political factors (Giuntella et al. 2021). In order to follow legislative rules, Tesco has faced numerous challenges in the business.

The international business process is still growing due to the flexible support of the governments. Employee legislation is said, the demand and supply chain of the business is improved by the government but lack of financial sources are involves basic difficulties in the business. Individual consumers' behavior is changed due to common situations and that reduces business performance. Sometimes political rules and regulations involve numerous challenges in business and that can be minimized the basic opportunities of cultural factors. Sometimes demographic changes are required in the business to manage the cost-effectiveness of the business (Prime et al. 2020). The technological factors are necessary for the business during the quarantine period and can manage the financial resources of the business organization.

Supporting job creation and skill development

During the lockdown period, almost 50000 employees are fulfilling the basic demands of the customers. During the same time business also focuses on the creative roles to enhance the online deliveries. Liquidity and funding risk are also involved during the pandemic situation and the company tried to mitigate that. An innovative experience, as well as rebuilding skills, is necessary to enhance the employee's arrangement. The revenue of the business organization is almost 9% decrease due to the pandemic situation and the company is trying to enhance the job skills of the individual employees. Individuality, as well as uniqueness, is necessary for a business and that helps to increase business by applying sustainable business strategy (Zhong et al. 2021). The continuous support of the company is enhancing future opportunities for the business.

The key business issues are involved after identifying intervals between wages and financial sources. A new and imaginative strategy is required for the business and that improves the credibility of the business organization. Numerous challenges are faced in the common situation separate risk principle strategy has been fulfilled which is to improve the supply chain of the business (Gasser et al. 2020). Market risk is also involved by the individual competitors of Tesco Plc. During the same beat around 21% of local communities also enriched their purchasing by the endurable consumption of the business. Climate changes are the biggest environmental intricacies that are faced by the company during the Covid 19 situation. During the same time market risk has been increased due to poor performance measurement system. 

Massive contributions to the customers

Massive contribution is necessary during the pandemic situation and most the business organizations are focusing on the effective contribution or positive financial resources. Massive contribution is necessary for the business process and that can able to meet customers’ expectations. Sometimes Strategic management threats are also involved during the massive contribution. During the same time government also focuses on the massive contribution to enhancing roles as well as responsibilities of the individual customers (de Graaff et al. 2021). The contribution depends on the customers' experience and that also enhances the business process efficiently. The new and innovative implementation strategy is necessary for the business. The threat of strategic management is to minimize the business sustainability but sometimes strategic decision-making process also minimizes the specific difficulties.

Massive contribution during the lack of financial resources is necessary and that minimizes numerous benefits of the business. Efficient planning, as well as a decision-making process, is necessary for the business and that can be enhancing more sustainability of Tesco Plc. Tesco Plc has always focused on long-term business opportunities that can improve business sustainability as well as the employee retention process. Skill and knowledge development factors are necessary for the business and that can minimize numerous business issues (Leaune et al. 2020). The specific company always focuses on the risk minimization factors and that can raise productive demand. During the Covid 19 situation, the company has faced a challenging situation and that can be minimized by the risk mitigation strategy. Tesco Plc is building a new relationship with the individual customers to identify their basic requirements.

A massive contribution is necessary to mitigate numerous risks of the business. Tesco Plc has efficiently navigated customers' requirements and that involves more sustainability during the basic changes. During the pandemic situation, Tesco Plc is beyond the challenges of risk mitigation strategy. Lack of financial resources is the main reason for increasing business debts. Continuous providing guidelines, as well as an innovative decision-making process, involve necessary action plan during the difficulties. The outstanding business performance of Tesco Plc is managing numerous challenges in the business through strategic planning. The company is constantly focusing on the customers as well as potential colleagues by enhancing roles and responsibilities.

4. Mitigation strategies for overcoming those risks



Action plan



Cost of the Tesco Plc has increased

The basic cost of the individual products is increased due to the pandemic situation and most of the customers are diverted during the same time.

Making a more efficient business plan is necessary to minimize the product cost and proactive financial resources that can fulfill the difficulties.

Individual customers are being diverted to another product due to increased product prices. 


Changing consumer behavior

During the pandemic situation in customers, consumers' behavior changed towards the market situation and businesses are facing numerous issues due to a lack of financial resources (Mahmoudi, 2020). The sales volume of Tesco Plc has decreased by 0.7% in 2020.

New offerings as well as recognizing customers' requirements are necessary and that can involve an action plan against the common difficulties in Tesco Plc. 

The liquidity, as well as inventory level of the business organization, has decreased and negativity has been involved in the entire business process.


Threats to the business model

In the Covid 19, situation business model of the entire organization has faced numerous challenges and that can involve basic changes during the common situation.

Efficient planning and appropriate decision-making process is necessary for the business to mitigate that kind of issues

Tesco Plc has faced a lack of efficient infrastructure as well as the impact on the digital technology is involved in the common situation of the business organization.

Becoming proximate

fewer employees' productivity

During the pandemic situation, physical restrictions are involved and that enhances basic difficulties to engaging numerous employees in the business.

Employee retention process and continually enhancing their motivation level is an efficient way to enhance organizational productivity

The appropriate supply chain of the business organization is also affected during the same time and limited productivity is involved poor financial and non-financial opportunities


Communication issues between management and employees

Communication breakdown is the major issue of Tesco Plc during the pandemic situation and productive performance has been decreased due to specific issues

Continuous training and feedback process is necessary for the business and that sometimes improves the basic communication among the employees.

The limited sources of the business organization are minimized.


Increasing debt

Debt increment is also involved by the lower-income and higher expenses (Germani et al. 2020). During the same time, Tesco Plc has to face a lack of financial resources, and that increased business debts

Efficient financial networks as well as identifying the risk-based pricing are necessary to mitigate business debts

Debt increment is not measured by the cost control system but an efficient budget-making process can identify it and minimize that kind of threats


Digital disruptions

The changes in digital technology is involves digital disruptions and that sometimes involves poor performance in the business.

Innovative digital technology and digitalization are necessary to mitigate common issues

Inadequate employee level and business growth are involved the particular factor.


Table 2: Risk mitigation strategy

(Source: Self-created)

Changing consumer's behavior

Specific assurance is set appropriate practice and ensures smooth interactions among the digital ecosystem. Changing consumers' behaviors are monitored by digital technology and the technological paradigm is necessary to track numerous financial resources. New offerings as well as identifying the consumer's mindset are necessary for the business and that can be analyzed the customers' demand which enhances the demand and supply chain of the business. Changing consumers' behavior during the Covid 19 situation makes certain difficulties in the business process. The long-term business challenges are involved by the common situation and describe new as well as innovative shapes of the business. Identifying the challenges is necessary for the business and can be addressed basic difficulties by using an efficient decision-making process (Sutton et al. 2020). The limited opportunities are involved by the changes in consumer's behavior and also minimize their purchasing during the common situation.

Risk mitigation strategies are common factors but the toughest situation is identifying the risk which really needs too much knowledge and experience for that. There are five steps of risk mitigation strategy the first one is identifying and accepting the risk. The second one is avoidance of risk which comes before controlling the risk. Transference of risk is necessary for the business and that can be minimized the basic difficulties of business. The last risk mitigation strategy is to watch and monitor risk which is an appropriate way to maximize the basic requirements. The market risk is also involved during the common situation and a mitigation strategy is necessary to maximize business opportunities by identifying future threats (Collins et al. 2019). Digital disruption is a common difficulty in the business but a risk mitigation strategy is involved in the business to meet business requirements.

Increasing debt

The business debts also increased due to lower income and higher savings and sometimes large tax rates in the business. The government also focuses on the risk mitigation strategy to minimize business difficulties (Rele, 2021). Innovative business strategies are necessary to minimize the short-term as well as long-term debts of the business. Most the business organizations are trying to denitrify the gaps between the management and employees and resolve them through efficient communication techniques. In order to identify and nationalize business debts sometimes domestic policies are necessary and that can be enhancing future opportunities. A supportive mentality is always grateful for the individual business organization and involves mitigating strategy in the business. Flexible technology and involves long-term sustainability in the business. A risk mitigation strategy is planning and developing efficient methods to minimize long-term risk after identifying that.

The planning as well as developing business structure risk mitigates strategy. In order to minimize business threats, a risk mitigation strategy is necessary that minimizes numerous business issues (Shaw et al. 2021). Risk mitigation strategies are necessary to enhance business difficulties. Mitigation strategies are important in the business to involve collaboration among the team associates. Identifying the possible risk is necessary for a business and that can be understanding risk. Risk impacting cost is an efficient way to identify future risks and carefully mitigate them. A risk implementation schedule is important to identify the risk impacting performance and minimize performance-related issues.

Communication issues

Specific issues are the biggest difficulties for Tesco Plc during the Covid 19 situation Digital technology is necessary for the business to maximize the overall operational level. Continuous training and feedback processes minimize communication issues in the business. In order to track performance ability, efficient communication is necessary and that can mitigate numerous business issues. The pandemic situation involves incredible business performance and that enhances the basic eligibility of problem-solving factors. A risk mitigation strategy is necessary to minimize future difficulties and that can fulfill the requirements of individual customers.

5. Recommendation

In addition, risk and impact analysis about this company where recommendations about financial benefits would over come from those crisis. This seduction of the report also describes potential benefits with recommendation. Risks oriented with the pandemic situation have indicated that some changes are required in Tesco plc where recommendation would be more strategic to implement those strategies.

  • This recommendation is about enhancement of productivity to reduce the cost of each product. In this recommendation management of Tesco could implement more productivity facilities to improve the total production quantity. Through increasing m g production this organisation would get less marginal costing that would get more opportunity to take comparative advantage. In Order to make cost reduction an advantage in production, that indicates higher production facilities. Through this facility Tesco Plc would be able to supply products according to the demand that indirectly provided comparative advantage in the market. Furthermore, cost should be treated as burden of the company where board members of the Tesco plc could implement cost reduction strategies through waste management. This strategic use of financial resources would deliver a higher unit of production that would be more effective to make advantage of marginal costing. Moreover, an activity based accounting system, would be more effective to diversify about each product cost and relevant sales volume. Through activity based accounting systems has gained more information regarding each product's contribution toward revenue generation that would be more effective to increasing production of highly demand oriented products.
  • Due to struggling with the doubts regarding issues, the Tesco Plc could implement some other financial options to collect financial resources. In order to increase debts is the burden over this organisation where using different financial strategies like issuing new shares would be more affordable for this organization. Due to too much debts has increased in this organisation where the issue of fresh shares would reduce financial burden. In order to issue fresh shares for investors that the organization would get facilities to raise new capital to run this organization. Furthermore, the issue of new share would not be consistent with any financial expenses where this financing strategy would make a more flexible option for Tesco plc. Furthermore, minimizing debt volume where the organization would use the retained profit to pay back these loans. In order to make recommendations over this crisis that using resources would be more effective to reduce the debts. Furthermore, implementation of new strategies required funds where debts would make a negative impact on this expansion planning where using retained profit to set off that much of debts would be more effective to enhancing the profitability. In addition this recommendation about debt control where management would apply another approach to reduce those debts by using new shares for investors.
  • In order to manage the business trend where Tesco plc should be concentrated or focus over the online business. Through this online business model this company would be more effective to manage and provide better service to consumers. In this business trend Tesco Plc would get more opportunities to expand its business through digital marketing. In this prospect of business playing that would provide greater leverage to manage cost of production. The online business strategy has been conducted through more accuracy with artificial intelligence where Tesco plc would be more effective to increase the inventory turnover. The online business service to customers would provide extra edge to attract more customers that would increase the revenue directly. This increasing revenue in future would provide more options to reduce debts.
  • Additional discussion over supply chain of the Tesco plc that this pandemic situation has affected most to continue business. This crisis has led toward a financial crunch. In order to improve supply in the uncertain risky situation, the management of Tesco Plc could implement the advanced communication system that would connect each employee through an online channel. Through this private communication channel employee’s physical appearance would nor be required where business operation would be continued without any disturbance. Another facility for using a communication channel that has less time for communication. In Order to use this strategy, Tesco plc would make more productive action with consumption less time.
  • Additionally, recommendation over supplier related issues where management of Tesco plc would have adopted multi suppliers for undistributed supply of raw materials. In order to implement or arrange more suppliers for raw materials would provide a more sufficient supply of raw material to Tesco. Furthermore, this consistent supply of raw materials indirectly increases the production and reduces the time consumption of each product that would indirectly increase the net earnings of Tesco. Less consumption of time would deliver higher production in Tesco, their marginal costing would be decreased and that would deliver higher gain through production related operations.

6. Conclusion

With the help of risk oriented Tesco Plc and impact has derived different conclusions. Considering risk analysis of the Tesco Plc has derived about risk due to covid situation where Tesco Plc has faced crisis in revenue generation. Additionally, the risk impact over this organisation has changed its financial performance that has raised problems to run this business. Furthermore, due to lack of earnings in a pandemic situation brought this company under more financial burden through more debt consumption. For making more analysis over pandemic related crisis where production of Tesco become doomed due to less productivity. Another part of Tesco is struggling to make its presence in an online platform that has created barriers for business expansion. Another part of the report is presenting about the recommendation toward board members that would increase the productivity of Tesco,. Through presenting recommendations this company has a preferred opportunity to tackle those crises.

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