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FY026 Preparing for Success at University: Knowledge and Creativity Essay

Essay - Development as a learner and approach for future challenges and expectations

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The purpose of this essay is to identify how and why the development as a learner is remarkable by using different types of resources during the module. The essay will focus on identifying the different procedures and activities provided during the module that supported my development as a learner and the rationale of being developed as a learner. The knowledge of SWOT and PEST gained during the model are also elaborated. The essay will also provide self-reflection on the different approaches to managing future challenges and achieving expectations from a university course. The overall essay will analyse the tactics developed in academic and professional areas to achieve desired performance and behaviour from academic and employment contexts.

Knowledge Gained

The development as a learner is important for academic and professional purposes to achieve the needs of students or an individual with the help of comprehending learning experiences (Rini and Adisyahputra, 2020). During this module, I have encountered several theories and concepts that supported me in developing as a learner and achieving my present and future goals comprehensively. I have identified that there are different types of learners based on their learning styles including visual learners; those who learn by looking at visuals such as charts and graphs, auditory learners; those who learn from hearing such as voice notes and audio lectures and tactile learners also known as a kinetic learner; those who learn by touching or experiencing information. I have worked on learning and practicing different concepts identified in the module and worked on improving my basics to achieve expertise in different areas. For example, I have identified that various types of reading activities had different impacts on learning procedures and lifelong memory. I have identified that critical reading is one of the important parts of becoming an Effective learner and I gain knowledge by asking multiple questions from my tutor and seniors to understand concepts behind different learning styles.

PEST Analysis

I got acquainted with the PEST concept used for the analysis of the external business environment. I learned that factors like political, economic, social, and technology have certain impact on business and its strategies and required measures are required to control the impact. Political factors include policies, legislation, trade wars, and political stability. Economical include income, corporate taxes, interest rate, exchange, and unemployment. Social include culture, belief, education, age, and living standards. Technology include innovation, internet usage, etc.

SWOT Analysis

I got to learn about the SWOT tool and its significance in business development. I learned that SWOT helps in defining and setting up the objectives for business by determining internal strengths and weaknesses of a business. Strength can be organisations R&D infrastructure or reputation. Weakness can be poor organisational structure or lack of expertise for innovation, opportunities can be hiring talents, outsourcing, expanding business or merger, and threats can be PEST factors.

Embracing Critical Thinking and Active Reading Skills

An effective learner always focuses on leading their journey and engages with questioning and thinking about different areas to clarify the basics and achieving expertise with self-discipline (Faremi and Jita, 2018). I have developed as a learner during this module by Practicing critical thinking and active reading skills to achieve better academic behaviour and effectiveness in learning and gaining knowledge from different sources. I was determined with my Learning goals and Work to on potential challenges driven through interest and cultivating good habits.

Grasping Concepts and Theories for Efficient Learning

The concepts and theories in the module improve my understanding of vast concepts and increase my efficiency to learn more and improve myself as an effective learner. I have developed as a learner during this module because previously I had little knowledge regarding the learning patterns and my capabilities for particular methods or styles to gain knowledge more effectively.

It is essential to develop as a learner to empower present and future choices and decisions for increasing the effectiveness of knowledge and practices in an academic and professional context (Syofyan and Siwi, 2018).

Previously I was a passive learner. During this module, I have developed critical and active reading and learning skills and become efficient in learning from different styles including visual, auditory, and tactile learning skills.

Every individual has consistent expectations with the learning patterns and knowledge to achieve future goals with appropriate effectiveness. It is very important to have an effective approach towards future challenges and relevant expectations from university courses to develop confident learning and engage with effective development practices in the academic and professional community (Kebritchi et al, 2017).

I have different options and criteria to approach the challenges and expectations regarding university courses that are expected to inform appropriate knowledge and improve my performance and experience to achieve future goals and address associated challenges. The different approaches including time management and development or action plan are effective to address future challenges and meet expectations from university courses as they support improving the schedule of assignments and learning criteria.

My approach to addressing the future challenges related to university courses is managing time efficiently Because it prevents different challenges such as procrastination and stress if by effectively prioritising the work to improve career opportunities. By utilising effective time management skills its students become more confidential and organised that increases the effectiveness of the learning procedure (Ellis et al, 2021). My time management skills will support me from university course-related challenges such as stressful situations, unnecessary Frustrations, and poor grading. By utilising time management skills, I will be able to deliver tasks on time in better quality that will increase my productivity and reduce the chances of delay and poor-quality results.

To achieve the expectations from my university course, I will utilise an action plan or personal development plan Analysing different situations and identifying appropriate strategies to meet skills goals. The purpose of utilising an action plan is to achieve university expectations or academic goals through Developing competencies in different time intervals (Lindvig et al, 2019). The action plan supports prioritising tasks and learning expectations and provides necessary assistance in developing relevant competencies. The action plan will support in achieving the goals of the university course by building consensus and clarifying the objectives. I will focus on accountability for different tasks and activities of a university course to reduce future challenges like delays, transitioning, time & budget constraints, maintaining physical and mental health by keeping time for exercise and motivational tasks in the action plan.

It is identified that there are different types of activity issues and procedures that support effective development as a learner during modules Such as identification and application of different learning styles and concepts. It is concluded that there are several challenges and expectations are associated with university courses and the best approaches to tackle Those challenges and meet expectations include time management and an effective action plan.

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