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Information Systems And Digital Transformation Assignment

Introduction-Information Systems And Digital Transformation

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Task 1: IS Digital Portfolio Developing

Blog 1: Information systems usage in business

AI or “Artificial intelligence” which is a speculation and improvement of PC systems, and it also can perform the tasks that consistently require human knowledge. Talk affirmation, heading, and visual understanding, for example, are the components of human information that automated thinking may have (Wessel et al. 2021). Computerized reasoning works by getting a huge amount of data together with quick, protective iterative, and shrewd computations, which allows all items to perfect thusly from the models or the components in the data.

Classification of AI

As indicated by the current arrangement of grouping, there are four essential AI types which are restricted memory, responsive, mindful, and hypothesis of the psyche. Man-made thinking or AI thinking is the limit of the program of a pc or the system to think and also for learning (Chanias et al. 2019). AI is moreover a field of study that endeavors to make PCs sharp. They work in isolation without being encoded to being with the orders.

Example of AI

  • Fabricating robots.
  • Brilliant collaborators.
  • Self-driving vehicles.
  • Proactive medical care for the executives.
  • Mechanized monetary contribution.
  • Infection planning.
  • Online media observing.
  • Virtual travel booking specialist.

Importance of AI

Knowledge machines are affecting practically every aspect of our lives to assist with further developing efficiencies and increase our human capacities (Anthony, 2021). Artificial intelligence is so interwoven in everything that we do; that it's difficult to envision carrying on with existence without it. Simulated intelligence makes individuals' lives more productive, controlling many projects and administrations that assist them with doing ordinary things, for undertakings and organizations that help them with doing standard things, for instance, partnering with colleagues and using an email program or ride share organization. The best instances of AI in day-to-day existence are travel routes, savvy home gadgets, PDAs, robots, and shrewd vehicles (Goerzig and Bauernhansl, 2018). Python is the most utilized language for Machine Learning. One of the primary reasons Python is so famous in AI improvement is that it was made as an incredible information investigation instrument and has forever been well known in the field of huge information. Man-made brainpower can help with taking out the requirement for individuals to perform repetitive tasks. One of the essential benefits of mechanized thinking is its ability to decrease the drudgery related to many work tasks. Dull, inauspicious endeavors in any occupation are the most terrible part of various human experts all around the planet. Man-made brainpower development is critical considering the way that it engages human capacities – getting, thinking, orchestrating, correspondence, and wisdom – to be endeavored by programming logically effectively, adequately, and for insignificant cost. Through AI, innovation is making life simpler (Wimelius et al. 2021). AI is being utilized to learn human conduct so that applications can foresee what you may need and at what time. Thus, a few exercises like requesting food, watching motion pictures, paying attention to music, and more are ruined by their applications.

Challenges of AI

  • The Hunt for AI Talents.
  • Handling Unstructured Data.
  • Supporting IT Systems.
  • Simulated intelligence Tools for Marketing.
  • Joining Augmented Intelligence.
  • Simulated intelligence Integration with Cloud.
  • Further developing Cyber security.

Feature effect of Human life through AI

Artificial intelligence can be utilized to protect the ecological issues that are various in this system, like environmental change and regular cataclysms forecast (Riasanow et al. 2019). Computer-based intelligence should take over numerous unsafe positions later on. For organizations, AI empowers individuals to utilize their inventiveness for check, legitimacy, security, and control.

  • Computer-based intelligence Bias. Since AI calculations are worked by people, they can have an inherent inclination by the individuals who either deliberately or coincidentally bring them into the calculation.
  • Loss of Certain Jobs.
  • A change in Human Experience.
  • Worldwide Regulations.
  • Sped-up Hacking.
  • Man-made intelligence Terrorism.

Numerous analysts utilize the term man-made reasoning (AI) to portray the reasoning and savvy conduct exhibited by machines (Tursunbayeva et al. 2020). While AI can be useful to people, researchers caution, that it can likewise be a danger.

Blog 2: What the Paper Says about AI

According to Alam, 2020, the idea of Cloud Computing has been recognized as one of the significant figuring models as of late. Distributed computing has turned into an incredible development that has significant results for administrations on the web as well as for the whole Information innovation (IT) market. Its rise intends to advance on-request innovation, equipment, and data provisioning as a help, arriving at the economy of scale in the conveyance and activity of IT methodologies. A lot of distributed computing research has been worried over certain obstructions and difficulties that depend upon behind the bait of distributed computing. Security has been constantly raised as one of the most basic issues of distributed computing where settling such an issue would bring about steady development in the utilization and fame of the cloud. Security prerequisites address a significant issue that must be met by facilitating a portion of these hindrances (Lokuge et al. 2020). This article presents the job of distributed computing in the IT areas. Circulated figuring would have the limit over the Internet to get to a pool of enlisting resources manufactured and stayed aware of by a pariah. Circulated figuring came due to the continued with progression of PC principles, as of late referred to. The reason for progressing enlisting was made during the 1980s with the happening to the web. The expert dispersed a paper on late advances in Cloud enrolling. They perceive the thoughts and characters of coherent Clouds; moreover, they present a representation of an intelligent Cloud for server ranches in the cloud. The creators are given a broad review of portable distributed computing research. They likewise featured particular worries in portable cloud calculation. They likewise introduced a scientific categorization dependent on the major questions and examined the various methodologies taken to handle a few difficulties. As per the essayist's overall terms, security is an immense issue that should be managed from an assortment of points of view. According to the researcher, in this paper, most administrations are presented in a public climate where customers can get to a resource pool that is administered by a host organization. Considering its existence, this kind of environment will introduce critical concerns concerning security issues (Berghaus and Back, 2017). An outcast vendor offers the sorts of help which remember it from the public gets. As such it is better than the past headway model since it hinders unapproved access. The cloud organizations are given as various fogs. Security has been considered to be a notable limit towards accepting the cloud model of web realness. Since the cloud environment is an appropriate establishment that can be gotten to wherever in the world in its resource accumulating and control, a couple of stresses have been raised with respect as far as possible, security concerns and difficulties. Various gatherings' interest has widened those issues depending on both the viewpoint and motivation behind every local area. Three significant gatherings have had the option to partake in cloud calculation. Such a sharing of assets could think twice about security, respectability, and classification. For the execution of this cycle, a server arrangement motor will be conveyed to keep a pool of assets accessible and apportion it to customers. As indicated by the analyst its specialized and functional necessities, a portion of these dangers heightened overloud. Such dangers could be moderated by utilizing a solid encryption strategy to get travel information. The cloud suppliers should in a general sense authorize a solid reinforcement plan with a far-off replication of most basic information (Baiyere et al. 2020). The powerful access control can be executed to forestall classified information. Besides, cloud suppliers should tidy up relentless data before they apportion it into the assortment.

Blog 3: Business analysis

SWOT analysis


The strength indicates the power of digitalization and the main strength of digitalization is to help to grow the market, quick ordering, purchasing, and many items which are not possible manually in a quick way (Heavin and Power 2018). Digitalization also made the market available and it reached the product to everyone in this online world where everything now happens online. It also makes the business model much easier which can help for fast growing in the market.


The weakness or the issue is digitalization for handling the process and it has some difficulty to handle the whole system and for understanding the online platform. It is much more complex to handle the process, the online system is much more critical compared to manual handling. The privacy of the data which means the huge amounts of data which handled and kept safe is an issue for digitalization. Online fraud is happening for the digitalization of a business.


Digitalization gives many opportunities not only to the food market but also to every business model. It can help to increase the number of customers, it also advertises the business model and the product which makes the market and it gives the opportunities to increase the market or grow to the market. For digitalization of the fast food market it can help to understand the customer test and their review helps to understand the customer overview and improve the test and gives the satisfaction to the customer as per their requirement.


Where digitalization is present in that case, there are some threats like cyber threats, fake order issues, rejection after purchasing, and delivery delays the issue of the products is happening. All of them are a weakness of digitalization, where the main weakness is the cyber attacks and threats (Morakanyane et al. 2017). And on the other hand, the manipulation of the digital market is a threat to the business. Data safe for the digitalization business where this system a huge amount of data is required where it is kept safe is the main problem for the online business.

PESTEL analysis


By digitizing cycles and rolling out authoritative improvements, states can upgrade administrations, set aside cash, and work on residents' satisfaction. The center capacities of a computerized government Governments ordinarily focus their digitization endeavors on four abilities: administration, cycles, choices, and information sharing.


By utilizing the web, advanced cells, enormous information, the web of things, man-made consciousness, and different advances, it can build efficiency, spike development, and further develop jobs. Advanced innovations can drive financial development in a country (Karagiannaki et al. 2017). The economy digitization makes benefits and efficiencies as cutting edge progresses drive improvement and fuel open positions and monetary turn of events.


The drive for the advanced society is a work to activate specialists to combine efforts to add to a computerized society that is comprehensive, equivalent, supportable, and protected on a worldwide scale too imaginative and cutthroat.


Mechanized advances are electronic instruments, systems, contraptions, and resources that store or connect data. Eminent models join electronic media, online games, sight and sound, and PDAs. Automated learning is any sort of revelation that uses advancement.


Computerized apparatuses would assist with making round economies, profoundly decrease ozone-harming substance discharges, advance sustainable power sources, and screen and ensure environments. Virtual spaces would empower correspondence and joint learning between individuals all over the planet, encouraging a worldwide culture of participation.


With the digitalized legitimate division, standard agreements can be immediately traded and altered. Liberated from this kind of undertaking, the attorney can zero in on higher worth-added assignments like agreement with the executives and suit the board, counseling, or even HR process the executives.

Blog 4: Key Challenges and benefits of digital transformation

In this case study there sys about the three digitalization approaches where Peng can develop the fast food business and grow the business in the UK market. All ideas for digitalization it is discussed in Horizon scan which follows the feature complexity and market demand, customer behavior, test of the feature market for the fast food in the UK, and the feature goals of Peng’s shops for the company’s growing with digitalizing (Vial, 2019). For the business of fast food digitalization is the right choice to develop the business and increase the customer in the market and grow the business in the market.

Third-party online platform

The case study here is about the three approaches to going online to Peng’s business which are the third-party platform or the third-party online market where they involved a third party to replace Peng’s fast food product to the customer. The third part is for Pengs’s fat food product to advertise the online market through their website or system and place the product through their orders and this order moves to Peng’s shop to place the item as per the order item. Third parties also collect the 10 percent amount of their food purchase and the rest is given to the owner weekly or monthly. Here in this online platform, the customer increased through third-party involvement and productivity also increased along with no head age for the customer's attention due to the customer handling done by the third party. In this approach, it also helps for growing customers but it depends only on the third party purchasing and delivering food. Here the customer reviews and their opinion is fully hidden from each other (Mikalsen et al. 2018). The connectivity of their store is closer and open for the third party through their product and some weakness comes to appointing the third party between the customer and store.

Online market through Making the Website and app

Another idea of digitalization is through the making website and mobile app which make a unique idea where they are advertising their delicious food through their making website where they are supplying fast food who are purchasing through the website and the delivery boy orders placed in a short time. The approach of this digitalization makes a unique sense which provides the more unique and gives opportunities to the Peng’s shops to customer pocket through mobile app. Through this app, they can locate the shop, and food items, review options, rate, and comment for their better service and for delivery anywhere in a short time, which gives bigger opportunities to grow in such a busy market.

Virtual counter

And last one is virtual counter digitalization where people reduce the people's effort and look at the system and go through the full digitalization where everything is online, for example, the purchasing, ordering, billing, and information of customer purchasing. The framework incorporates a data set of each shop's subtleties and menu. Clients will request by the call is a particular shop's phone number and that will be managed by the whole online system. In the wake of getting the request, the framework sends the request to the POS PC in the system of the shop, and they receive the order automatically into the kitchen. This approach also gives better opportunities but this system is very complex to ultimately handle and keeping it safe is the main issue for cyber attackers (Vogelsang et al. 2019). For any online system moving forward through the database safe is necessary for the system to move smoothly in case it hack the whole system fails is a bigger threat to Peng’s shop, and the other issue should come by the customer to handle the virtual counter and issue to place a fully online order.

Blog 5: Implementation of digitization process

The digitalization of the Pengs business and to make a good strategy in the online market for growing and advertising to the market for their food item which gives the huge market in this fat food business. That case study was about the three approaches and here all the approaches are good to choose from. But some issues should come in the feature which one the online platform through the third party. where the customer is fully motivated and focused on the third-party website or app for purchasing the product and their other dealer is also present so the rate of the same product are not the same in all counters and the user also goes with the minimum rate they are not focused in the particular one shop, and the customer and the retail shop they are fully detached along with the third party digitalization platform. But here also has many benefits to increase productivity, and customer and growing the market through the easiest way to give 10 percent amount of many pay to the third party counter for placing their order and for this process to be done.

But the second one is the good idea for digitization and making a unique platform that handles their employees and it gives the better opportunities for forwarding him to the digital market. The thought of digitalization is through the making site and portable application which make an exceptional thought where they are promoting their delightful food through their making site where they are providing inexpensive food to those who are buying through the site and the conveyance kid request place in a brief time frame. The methodology of this digitalization checks out which gives the more novel and gives freedom to Peng’s shops to client pocket through the versatile applications (Wessel et al. 2021). Through this application they are finding the shop, food thing, audit choice, rating, and their remark for their better assistance and conveyance anyplace in a brief time frame, which offers greater chances to fill in such a bustling business sector. This approach gives more privacy and deals with the direct customer the shop owner where people also comment after their testing the food and the overview of the customer feedback they can have opportunities to make it perfect as per the customer's request. The customer and the owner create a good relationship and where they are must prioritize their food to good productivity and good quality.

The last one is fully digitalized and that's good but here the handling of the ultimate system should be comes a big problem due to the whole system being very complex and it's handled for all customers and the shop owner should have difficulty though this system and the cyber attack is the very big problem during this whole online process.

Task 2: Reflective Summary

This task summarizes the whole assignment that is based on the digitization market through some ideas or digitalization approaches. Here also talks about the three different online platforms and chooses the better one for Peng’s business model which he accepts in his business strategies in the feature. In this assignment, I described the digital market overview and analyzed the SWOT and PESTLE for the digital platform which makes us digital but it gives some opportunities and also some problems. Digitalization gives numerous chances not exclusively to the food market but also to each plan of action. It can assist with expanding the client, it additionally publicizes for the plan of action and the item that makes the market and it offers the chances to build the market or develop the market. Digitalization of the cheap food market can assist with understanding the client test and their audit assists with understanding the client outline and works on the test and gives the fulfillment to the client according to their necessity. Here are summarized three approaches and their benefits and all the problems that should come through these opportunities in that business model. Here is summarized the innovative strategy that helps Peng shop in the digital market and help grow in the market the given strategy can help him to his business, where digitalization likewise made the market accessible and it arrived at the item to everybody in this web-based existence where all that currently happens on the web. It additionally makes the plan of action much easier which can help for quickly developing on the lookout. The possibility of digitalization is through the making site and compact application which make an excellent idea where they are advancing their awesome food through their making site where they are giving economical food to the people who are purchasing through the site and the movement kid demand place in a short period. The technique of this digitalization looks at which gives more novel and gives opportunities to the Peng shops to customer pocket through adaptable applications. Through this application, they are tracking down the shop, and food thing, review decision, rating, and their comment for their better help and for transport wherever in a short period, which offers more noteworthy opportunities to fill in such a clamoring business area. This methodology it gives more security and manages the immediate client the retailer where individuals additionally remark later their testing the food and the outline of the client input they can have freedoms to make it amazing according to the client demand. The client and the proprietor make a decent relationship and where they are should focus on their food to great usefulness and great quality.

Reference list


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