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Section 1 – PROJECT PLAN 

TASK 1 -A Business Case 

1.1 A brief rationale for the project 

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 The main issue of the study is to implement new software to develop the crescent track of the customers who were hunting for price and the agency word searching for customers to provide the service for the travel benefits. The study was chosen the topic because to develop a knowledge of project management. The company has benefited through this in the marketplace and mitigated all the risks.

Privacy security is the major concern of the organization to maintain software ( Kostiukevych et al. 2020). IT project management needs to handle risk management and project delivery by applying different plans. 

1.2 Summary of benefits 

The project will handle the business-related deals and help to find agents and customers and vice versa for their offers. Challenges are coming in the market with the rapid growth of technology implementation so the main focus of the organization is to implement new software for the company by setting different agendas and designs (Mohanty et al. 2021). Scoping, planning, estimating, scheduling, organizing, directing, controlling, and closing are functions of IT project management. This not only benefited the company but also benefited the users in their work. The benefit of the organization will be to function with a web interface. Business challenges faced by Wanderlust LTD as this is the world's leading travel group which offers discount rates on tickets from different packages starting from year lens to hotel reservation card booking to waiting for a package and many more things. This issue will be mitigated with the use of new technologies such as AI, ML, and IoT. 

1.3 Current Problem, Proposed solution, and alternatives available 

The current problem of Wanderlust is the management process of the company to handle the client as the agent surfacing the problem to select the customer. As recommended by Gonze et al. (2020), Software can benefit the cost humor and also the agents about their client handling. The project is trying to develop software to make a solution about the travel agency and destinations with different offers.

1.4 Cost/Benefit Analysis 

As suggested by Valencia et al. (2019), the Benefit of this process is to reduce the amount of cost of travel, and different place descriptions have been put on that website so that according to the destination customer can choose agencies to get the best benefits. Always trying to make offers about the price discount with food accommodation airlines and car booking. This compared with other project with the value of outcomes and investigate the sound investment. This is helped the company to increase the performance in the workplace. 

TASK 1B - Project Initiation Document 

B.1 Purpose of PID 

The project initiation document helps to guide the project by making a layout about the project as this project is making a plan for the implementation of new software development. The main purpose of the project is to find the functions, challenges, and solution of IT project management. The wave application helps to eliminate the maximum cost of developing systems as Customers' and agents' different systems increase the management cost of the software so one software with the best design can help both travel price and travel agent. This project will organised with the help of managers and employees of the company. 

The software will have a travel agent with multiple cooking systems as they can accelerate and can plan different travel projects for the planning. As considered by Cooper and Sommer, (2018), the latest offer always would be advertised on the website web page and also the marketing in different media. This will help to meet the customer queries and satisfaction with the project. The project will be implemented by planning and making the software on the organization and then observation with the implementation to see the progress in the organization. 8-months duration has been completed in this project.

B.2 Case Study Background 

The project would be handled by the project manager, team manager, project analyst, and web developer so that a total review of the project and opportunities and threats of the market can be analyzed to develop websites or software according to the trend of the market. As per the views of Lu et al. (2020), Wanderlust Ltd is trying to solve the travel agencies' problem by creating a website where customers can search for books and advertise trips. 

B.3 Project Objectives 

The objective of the present study is to focus on the development of a website for travel agents and price.

B.4 Project Management Structure and Role Descriptions  

Project management would be reported by the project manager about the opportunity in market and what Risks are in the market. Project manager have a crusial role to manage the effectiveness of the website and team in the workplace have responsibilities to grow up this services for users. As concluded by Marchesi et al. (2018), the advantages and disadvantages, the project would be planned and discussed with the team and the manager will take admission to manage that project. As emphasized by Wang et al. (2019), After the division project analyst will analyze the report how it will function, and in what way it will progress. The analyst analyzes overall reflection and according to the analyst's suggestion web, developers will develop the project.

B.5 Constraints 

The team is limited according to the organization's managers and team members. Limited perception and supporters about the projects. Safety is a major issue so it should be a concern to develop the software. Lack of time and cost are the major constraints of the project that decrease outcomes of this project as well as quality of the service. 

B.6 Assumptions 

This project will help to cover all the problems with booking and traveling in different areas or in the international travel market. By different offers and approaches agents can grab their customer attraction. This will give the best benefits for the organization to make the best profit. 

B.7 Interfaces 

The organization used different websites and software to manage agents and customers but this application will directly conduct the agents with the customer to handle them in the best way by approaching different agendas. This is the relationship between stakeholders and employees are the major part for this project. As per the views of Chen et al. (2019), This software will help to connect those two websites in one platform which will be easy to access and will reduce the cost of management.

B.8 Project Approach 

As concerned by Nicholas and Steyn, (2020), Project approaches to contact and interact with the customer and seller as an agent. The project profile will be divided into three parts the beginning of the discussion and the meeting of the analytical and the making and implementation of the software. Project approch is the part of project that increase performance of the employees. This is able with the new tool in the workplace and developed this website for users and travellers.

B.9 Scope 

Project managers are responsible for creating the project by understanding the web project development scope (Ilyashenko et al. 2019). 

B.10 Quality Criteria

Time to time development of the software and the issues related to the need to solve by maintaining secrecy. As recommended by Hudson et al. (2019), The performance standard needs to be maintained by the organization so that demand for the service will increase.

B.11 Risk management approach 

Risk can be managed by observing and identifying the days with assessing the risk which can be used to demonstrate a plan to reduce the risks and monitor the report (Jamil et al. 2019). Many problems can come from the customer's side. 

B.12 Communication strategy 

Communication management can be done by addressing the problem of the report and the use of the report by the project manager Letita Moon. A project manager would report all the necessary things about the project to make a consultancy group. The team manager will gather the team by accumulating the meeting organize the meeting as win the meeting required team manager will handle all the things (Dima and Maassen, 2018). Eleanor Rudd is a project analyst who will analyze all the reports and discussions in the meeting and then make a progressive report which will be analyzed by other managers for members Henry Hawk and Portia Bella. Then the web developers, Marc Antony and Patricia Mari develop software according to the report analysis. 

Team Manager Jimmy Sasaki, reviews all the reports about the web page and then analyst Sam Walters accumulates the data by testing and running the program so that it works effectively or not.

B.13 Project Controls 

The project can be controlled by project planning and according to the plan the project will progress with the budget plan and risk management. As concluded by Burnette et al. (2020), Changes are required in the management process through forecasting and performance management. Performance management addresses administrative problems in the project and tries to solve the risk and treats after the project before implementation. After implementing the project all the aspects are observed and noticed by the organization to develop the project.

Task 2:  Project plan

2.1 Project plan

The given case study has described the business challenges of “Wanderlust LTD and ITnetics Consultancy”. 

Objective & motivation: The project plan will give that is helpful to introduce “IT project Management Techniques” in detailed criteria. The main goals of the project are to address all requirements and connect with stakeholders to build a structure. The entire project will need eight months to complete its goals.

Deliverable: Almost 8 months’ time will required for complete the entire project. 

Scope: The scope of the project is today to develop the document for the client and the travelers will contract the design and development services.

 In the context of the case study, the IT company is leading an agency of travel that also offers a discount on all ticket prices, rental car, hotel reservation, and wedding packages. In order for all criteria has interact to book, search, and advertise based trips that required development of the entire structure. "Identic Consultancy Group” has chosen a successful project plan that will be implemented using the “PRINCE2 methodology” with onshore and offshore teams (Abazajian et al. 2019).  The stakeholders of the project are Project Analyst, Team Manager, Project Manager, Web developer, and Analyst. 

Timeline: The upcoming eight months will be required to complete the entire project that would be required January to August. 




January 2023

February 2023

March 2023







July 2023



September 2023

Background research 


Problem formulation 


Specifying aims and objectives 




Initial research 


Computing applications 


methodological aspects 


Developing comparative models


Visualization of models


Proposing statistical outputs


Testing on the basis of theoretical output 




Concluding reports 


Figure 2.1: Time plan

Employability skills also helped to deliver to complete the entire project that needed to deliver all techniques in project management. Time management, people management, and teamwork is the core point for discus employability skills that reflects understanding the project management criteria (Anderson et al. 2019). Risk Management techniques such as retention, spreading, transfer, and reduction to payoff individual life drink the entire process. The new IT techniques will help to deliver the entire criteria for their customer. The project initiation, execution, monitoring and delivery process will help to take advantage of the entire technique. 

2.2 Work-based structure

“Work breakdown structure” has helped to organize the key ideas from where project costs and time can have learnt. As a project manager, everything can get to plan before putting any action. According to PMBOK (“Project Management Body of Knowledge”), the decomposition planned to execute the entire team structure. The WBS will represent a graphical design of the project. 

Work Breakdown structure

Figure 2.2: Work Breakdown structure

The tools have helped to complete the project at a large-scale WBS that mainly focused on deliverable-based product. The component has a similar integrated main cope those ants to deliver its integrated cost, scope, and otter deliverable criteria. Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control, and closeout are the project management tools that will help to give planning in the IT techniques (Deng, 2021). Evaluation, status updates, documentation, and so on would require for the project. On the other hand, Resource management, cost management, and risk management are the main criteria for developing the entire structure. Closeout in the audit and document handover is needed to complete the entire stature in the project management tools. The main purpose of WBS is to execute a plan that is needed for prosecution and tasks (Lai et al. 2020). It has provided do overall plan for the project manager that will be needed to progress in the workflow. The tool will help or initiate programs that are needed to understand the work culture for producing at deliverable criteria. The main benefit of the WBS is to organdie and define the requirement that will need to progress the entire valuation.  

2.3 Critical Path Analysis

CPA (“Critical Path Analysis") is a technique that requires key tasks to complete the entire project. It would be included for identifying the time that is necessary for finishing each and every activity that also depends on each other. In the context of the case study, CPA will help to define the main duration or complete the project. It will take almost eight months and the CPA makes a difference between the failure and success of the company (Cooper and Sommer, 2018). It is a method for maintaining task priority that aloe carried out all criteria in the shortest Time periods of the project. The IT techniques and tells will require for completion and find out the project. 

Critical Path Analysis

Figure 2.3: Critical Path Analysis

The chain has linked to direct effect on the finish of the entire structure. The task will have been completed to define a series that controls for calculating the finish or start date. Eight months' time would be needed for the completion of the entire project. The schedule would be helpful to get the entire structure of the project that helps to introduce new technology in the market. These skills would be beneficial for developing the context of the company and its perspectives. It has consider that daily utilization increased business revenue by almost 10 to 11 hours per day. It will result $10000 profit per aircraft annually. The algorithm has used to schedule the entire project activity, it has referred to measure the start and finish data of the entire project. 

TASK 3 - Approaches to Project 

The approach to project management involves overall methods of practice to manage the team by specifying the characteristics and project charter. Expert opinion and executive observations are required to approach project management. All the information needs to be forced to approach a development website. First, the organization needs to develop what the aim of development is. The requirement phase helps to design projects. Designing projects need to be developed by the IT developers. Testing fish is different as it can be implemented after the development of the website then the development phase again will be implemented because the tasting problem and more development can be assured by the managers. Maintenance is a process from first to last. 

The most common way to plan a project is by a simple method with a sequential approach. Agile project management can be implemented by the organization. Agile project management is actually developed with the software development process. Software development teams have dynamic opinions and thoughts to make creative products by managing the practices. 

Agile methods

Figure 1: Agile methods

Agile project management has fewer risks and more adaptability to shift according to priorities. As well, methods focus on customer satisfaction at a high level so giving importance to the project management by addressing the stick holders' importance and opinion helps Birla the needs of the customer. New ideas and innovation solve the problem of the organization through the collaboration of the team and respecting every one of the team to make a strong contribution to the project. Return on investment is so first as agile development methods suggest advantages. Improving the product quality is one of the most benefits of agile method development which tastes the cycle of the project if there is any wrong then it ensures the requirement of the change.


I have evaluated my project throughout the entire structure of the development in the entire project. These  has regarded me to the development of software that will be responsible for handling customers as well as agents for booking trips in airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, and overseas wedding packages.  I have develop my plan of this project is to develop software that will consider both agents as well as customers for booking through wanderlust limited. The application will consist of several features such as a functional web interface that has to be developed to provide search options, book options, and advertisement trips. I have required the particular criteria for completing the entire project. I have managed the development criteria of a back-end system that will manage the data related to customers as well as agents. An interface has to be developed that will take care of both the front-end development and the back development of the software. Another interface has needed to develop for my life that needed to fill their offers as well as descriptions of the trips available at the time of booking. I have observed that rapid growth and expansion of IT companies has seen in the market. The resources have limited to upgrade me that the architecture of the existing web service.

I have adopted  the strategy to overcome this kind of problem is to outsource the professionals for different services and make the core stops focus on the critical points of the project. Different functionalities have implemented by me that developed the criteria. The new wave application has applied by me for the benefit of agents as well as travel price hunters. I have applied the functionalities are the support of multiple bookings for a single travel agent as well as an alternative interface for the management of data for agents. Notification to the agents has to be sent if there is any cancellation in the booking through the customer site. I have applied the excel reports to be generated filling the distribution as well as profitability and other analyses of the company. The project has to be completed within 8 months of duration. The project will have a great impact on the employability of the people. Different types of skills are required for the development of the project such as front-end as well as back development as well as database management. I have achieved people having these kinds of skills can be offered a job and a role in this project to make the project a great success. Great competition has engaged with me for picking up a new project in the IT companies as there are so many companies that are developed within a few periods. It is needed to compete for this kind of project; there should be proper infrastructure as well as employees to take responsibility to develop the project. There are some other kinds of skills required to compete in IT companies for the development of a project and those skills are teamwork, people management as well as time management. These kinds of skills have to be developed within the employees for the betterment of the project. I have adopted the skill of teamwork has great significance in the IT industry as the projects have to be developed in a collaborative manner.  The main interaction with me of the team members is an important way of development. The next thing that has to taken into consideration is people management.


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