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A Comprehensive Guide to Organizing a Successful Healthcare Fair

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1. Introduction - Healthcare Fair Planning Guide

The term event deals with different incidents that are regarded as something important like social development programs, healthcare events. It also involves vaccination events, business-related events, and many more. In this present situation, A HealthCare fair is trying to organise a healthcare firm. This is effective to provide guidance related to healthcare services. Professionals can be able to provide their opinion related to the treatment of several diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, cholesterol, heart diseases, and many more. Along with this, the training related to emergency treatment like First aid, CPR, and many more is included within this healthcare fair program. This is effective to improve the health status of particular commutatively in an area.

2. Planning before the event

Success Evaluation form of Health fair
Start Date: 13.05.2022 End Date: 17.05.2022
Location: London City Timing: 8 AM to 3 PM
Name of Respondent ABCD Review Date: 6.05.2022
Quality Unsatisfactory Satisfactory Good Excellent
Assumed a number of patients
Communication process
Group performances of staff
Application of new Health care
Number of training candidates
Quality of health facilities

Table 1: Evaluation Form

(Source: Self-created)

In order to organise an event, organisers require for measuring the approximate success rate that can motivate them to improve their services. From such a perspective, the organisation needs to develop their own evaluation form that can help the company to identify the opinions of their stakeholders like the local government, employees, suppliers of products, and so on. The above-shown table is providing different information related to success factors like the number of patients who participate in such programs (Higgins et al. 2019). On the other hand, first aid, CPR related training are also performed at this health fair. The number of enrolled trainees is effective to understand the success rate of this program. The increased number of enrolled participants is playing an important role in improving the performance of this event.

The evaluation form is also playing an important role to conduct a pre-event survey among stakeholders of the organisers. This can help them to understand the overall expenditure and revenue amount related to this program fair (Dahlinet al. 2018). The recognition of investors is also required to improve the company's performance over time. This systematic review process is effective for each organisation to measure their probable development over time to achieve their goals. According to An et al. (2021), the sustainable performance of team members is effective to improve a company's success rate within the competitive market. This pre-event survey can help organisers to understand their professional level, which creates a huge impact on the strategies to organise this event.


As per the feedback of stakeholders, the event organisers are able to improve their quality of services by allowing new professionals who are playing the best role in their sectors. Along with this, the free medicinal support also can help them to attract new patients for improving their health status in a proper manner (Higgins et al. 2019). The health check-up facilities are required to be free or minimum pieces. This can help the company to improve their performances within the competitive market. Such changes can help this health fair to achieve its goal easily.

3. Planning during the event

Implementation plan of health fair strategies
1. Redefining high-quality health systems A high-quality health system is required for introducing by the organisation that is effective to attract common people. This is helpful in achieving the target of the company. The community-related performances of this company require to presenting by professionals during this event (thelancet.com, 2022). This can help organisers to provide safety, effectiveness, patient-centredness, and so on. The high quality of professionals' knowledge is necessary to modify the services of health fairs in a proper manner.
2. Selection of population The target population is required to select through this process. In this present context, the local people of London city are selected as target participants. The local communities who are suffering from different health-related issues can participate in this program. The patient empowerment services can help this health fair to improve its overall performance within a competitive market. The organisers are trying to invite renowned healthcare professionals. They can able to provide their valuable opinions related to patients' treatment (Coghillet al. 2021). From such perspectives, organisers can select their participants from outside of this country.
3. Support of government The local governmental support related to health care policies, insurance facilities, and permission to develop this health fair in a proper manner. The role of the non-health sector is also playing an important role to provide support to professionals to modify their services. 
4. Product promotion The promotion of the health fair events is important to aware people participate in this event. Social media platforms are helpful to serve this purpose in a proper manner. The accessibility of organisational care services is required to improve the success rate of this company in a proper manner (Schwartz and Woloshin, 2019). The high-quality care facility can improve the services of this event in a proper manner.
5. Level of Workforce The number of professionals and patients is effective to improve the level of the workforce in a proper manner. The overall changes in the number of participants are effective at modifying the quality of services during this program. The excessive work pressure can create a negative impact on this firm in a perfect way.
6. Processes of care Testing kits, medicines, and previous medical history of patients are required to treat patients perfectly. The support of professionals is helping patients to express their feelings related to their health issues as well as treatment processes. The systematic and competent care system is creating a positive impact on the success rate of this firm.
7. Quality of Services The self-confidence of organisers is helpful for them to achieve their target easily. The overall economic benefits are also playing an important role in this event (Prato et al. 2022). The local government, financial investors, and many more are investing in this event to improve the health status of local communities.

Table 2: Stages of implementation

(Source: Self-created)

4. Planning after the event

After completing this event, stakeholders are able to express their actual success rate. The level of healthcare practices is playing an important role to archive the success of this event. As a member of this health fair, I am able to identify different factors that create affect the success of this health fair in a proper manner. The effective communication process of professionals is helpful for this event to identify the opinions of patients easily (Missiunaet al. 2020). On the other hand, the changes in project plans are creating a huge impact on the company's performance. The application of the disease progression model is helpful for professionals to detect the development of these diseases as well as the effectiveness of their treatment procedure.

The application of community services within the global market can play a necessary role in attracting foreign patients to participate in this health care program. The use of medicines, as well as test kits, is effective to measure the condition of patients. As per the results of this test, professionals can improve their condition easily. The concept of equality is also applied within this program (McDougall and Ryan, 2018). This can help us over any adverse situation related to racism, religious differences, ethical issues, and so on. Social diversification can not be identified within this program. Each participant is able to get equal opportunities to improve their health condition.

Promising strategies of this event are also helpful to control their stakeholders as well as patients in a proper manner. The overall changes in the implementation process of strategies also create an effect on the future direction of the company. The help of local agencies as ifgovernmental bodies are also effective to achieve the success of the health fair (Liburdet al. 2018). Unethical practices related to patient treatment are strictly provided within this program, which attracts patients to take part in this event. The polite behaviour of professionals and staff is necessary to achieve the target of success.

5. Conclusion

The arrangement processes of a successful health fair are identified within this study process. The health and well-being of common people is the main aim of this project that can be achieved by them in a proper manner. The probable success rate is also measu7red by the organisers by conducting a pre-event survey. At the same time, the changes in strategic plans can help them to modify their success rate. The implementation process of the company is modified over time, which can help this health fair to achieve its targets. Professionals to improve their services and so on are using the medicines, test types of equipment. The treatment process of patients is also modified based on the requirements of professionals. This can help organisers to achieve their selected goals. The equality concept of treatment is also helpful for this fair to end successfully.

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