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HSC-CM6Psychological Perspective in Health and Social Care Assignment Sample


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According to the American Psychological Association, psychology can be defined as the study of behaviour and the mind of a person. It is the complex area of study that includes areas such as human development, cognitive process and social behaviour.

This study aims at discussing the mental health condition - Schizophrenia and its measures are taken to cure. The diagnosis is done on the basis of two approaches mentioned below including its importance and its limitation;

  • Cognitive approach
  • Humanistic approach


Cognitive approach

This approach considers people as the learning machine and a system that processes information that is trying to understand and forecast different situations or events that is happening the world with an aim to increase their pleasure and decrease their pain. In the cognitive point of view, it is assumed that human behaviour constantly interacts with their environment or the world. There is a reciprocal or give and take the relationship between the world and the human (Peterson, 2009). With this regard, every individual is affected by the existing reward-punishment pattern that means our reaction is based on how an event is interpreted by us.

One of the psychological approaches in managing mental illness of the individual is dealing with the learning process of an individual and individual thought. The theorist of the cognitive psychological approach stresses to cure any mental illness with the help of few forms of learning which includes identification of the past experience and relating to particular emotions, repeat the action if they are found favourable and learning new behaviour influenced by any other individual. In this approach, people try to find out and understand the truth of the world and they are able to analyse very quickly what is good for them or what is bad for them (Thoits, 2019).

In this way, the cognitive approach technique proves to be an effective way to eradicate problems when they can remove the exact causes. It is also an effective technique to help a person to manage by giving them an alternative solution (Peterson, 2009). The cognitive approach comes up with few drawbacks as well as they are suitable when the problem is as per the process or the formula. Also, in this approach, it is believed that the problem occurs due to a persons' thoughts and belief, however, having an irrational belief or having a thought which cannot be met will be a drawback to this approach.

Humanistic Approach

The human approach has a different method of determining the nature of humans. This approach focuses on understanding any individual from inside and out (Rofail et al., 2016).

Humanistic experts identify people mental health condition with basic terms such as anger and depression which can be changed by making people challenge them.

This approach mainly stresses on the below points;

  1. The importance of the person or individual
  2. The layered structure of the individual
  3. The importance is given to experience related to conscious.

Hence, with relation to the above stated, the therapist does not judge or perceive what the client is actually saying instead they convey positive support and understanding so that the client can speak their problems without hesitation (Steel et al., 2016). However, this humanistic approach is only working for mild mental illness and it is of less use where the problem is much complex.


Humanistic approach in relation to Schizophrenia

Since a schizophrenic patient must not be left alone, humanistic approach proves to be ideal in treating schizophrenic patients as it gives a humane touch since humanism is a principle that is considered in a humanistic approach (Lysaker et al., 2019). Humanists theorists believe that in dealing Schizophrenia, there should be more attention given to the particular individual view of looking at the world. Therefore, mental illness like Schizophrenia should be well diagnosed by

  • Giving importance to the person so that the person does not feel unattended.
  • Since this approach focuses on the layered structure of the individual, it helps the practitioner understand the root cause of the mental health condition such as Schizophrenia (Steel et al., 2016).
  • In this approach the important is given to the experience related awareness which may help a schizophrenic person to


Many Psychologists have wished that these all approaches that have been discussed would be a solution to the mental health condition of Schizophrenic patients. Each approach definitely outlines the abnormality approaches that needs to addressed by the practitioner which is best suitable. Many Psychologists try to fit in with different approaches to cure Schizophrenia with biological, social and cultural methods.


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