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Data Flow Diagram For The Game Brummy

Introduction - Data Flow Diagram For The Game Brummy

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Data flow diagram or DFD is generally a data flow diagram considered in a low level diagram. The entire information is processed in a systematic way. This is to manipulate and make the transformations of the data with a certain process. There are several types of sign. Each and the signs are having different significance. Outputs also in the inputs DFD can be figured out in the diagram of data flow. This is a kind of informative diagram which is generally used in the IT sector. All the existing systems might be analyzed with the help of this flow diagram. In order to create the flow diagram only three common symbols are used like the “coad and Youdon”, “Yourdon and Demarco” and the other one is “saroin and Gane’. This is a type of single procedure. It executes the data in a manner of conduction or in a constructed procedure. There is a real world scenario to implement the game Brummy that is going to be shown in the following diagram of data flow. 


Rummy is a game where the cards are matched. The cards are matched in a similar condition of time. The main part of this game is melding. This is actually the matching of three or four cards. And on the other side runs the point of the card in a sequential order of three cards or the four cards (Southall et al. 2018). The style of this Rummy game is to make the deal, melsing, playing the game, showing, scoring, shuffling, and finally making the deal. Generally two players used to tend the card, and if the number of players is three then the number of cards are seven and for the case of five players then six cards are distributed also the same case for the six players. This is generally the single dimension game because, in mecah of the melds there is only one row considered. Brummy is the game where two dimensional cross connections are eligible. In the current game Brummy there is more than one row with the 3 cross 3 cards graded with the interlocking system. 

Keys parameters



Single cardinality


Multiple Cardinality from null


Single or no Cardinality


Multiple Cardinality from single Cardinality

Table: Key parameters

(Source: Self created)

This is the game which can be served or played by two to six players. Also this game can be continued with fifty two or hundred and four cards (Halina and Guzdial, 2021). The feature used to play the game is drawing and making the discard of the cards. If the game is being played by four players then the required card is 104. These 52 cards are configured by the diamond, clubs, spades and hearts. Each of the sequences consists of 13 cards like the king, queen, jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. And in some cases 1 is treated as the bigger card. The cards are being dealt in this case with 9 cars individually (Ozkul et al. 2020). And the rest are kept in hand. To make the starting pile is discarded the top card to make the fetch. In the current game Brummy the transformation of these nine cards are combined to make its each eight line like the 3 rows, 2 diagonals and three columns. Also the pair happens like the three cards in the same rank and the score is six. The running flush is the 3 cards will be in the same sequence and suit. And the pair of two same cards. And the third one will be mismatched where the score will be two.

The above figure contains the step by step instruction to create the game of Brummy. Also the above figure shows the data flow diagram of the game Brummy. Players are able to deck the other players with the chips of the bank. After getting the output of the bet the rules are maintained in this game, and the winner is paid with the entire played amount and then it is paid to the winner’s bank account.


Here in the above discussion the data flow diagram of this Brummy game has been discussed and the playing procedure has been analyzed. Also the DFD has done the entire research.

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