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Learn To Lead Application Form

INTRODUCTION - Learn To Lead Application Form

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Question 1

The leadership development program is completely based on the Investment of the companies from the internal growth and this will help in the development of the employee system. As it is mentioned in the previous lines the companies are interested in conducting leadership development courses for the company, it will somehow help me to achieve my goals. That is the main reason behind my excitement which forced me to join the program, which will help me to gain a senior position in a company. The IT sectors and the English tasks are suffering from the lack of senior employees which is creating a poor quality of leadership within the companies. The program is structured for 12 months to 18 months time period (Liu et al. 2019). As a result, it is much more beneficial for me to learn leadership skills within 18 months which will genuinely boost my career and I expect that shortly I will pursue my career in the leadership field with the help of this course. As you mentioned in your application form, you are searching for candidates who are very much dedicated to your courses, and from this aspect, I am appropriate for your course. Because I am trying to push my career toward the leadership community and these are the only courses that can provide me with the best skills which are necessary for the leadership post. The whole company and the IT sectors are very much dependent on the leaders who are managing the whole employee and the marketing strategies. I am interested in these activity skills which can be learned by me with the help of this program. As it is known to me that the development program and the leadership skills can manage the “Bottom-line” and this program can make the leaders among the employees. I am also interested in this course because it is helpful to master strategic execution. A leadership program is helping to make the proper strategies that will help an employee to make the proper decision during the development of the company. It will help me to develop my communication skills in my professional career. This is the reason it will help to make my career in the marketing field also. Making “Emotional Intelligence” is the primary aim of this program, as a result, the proper strategy-making can be done by a company with the help of the leaders who have taken this leadership program (Crawford et al. 2020). Overall this program is completely giving me the proper ideas to make my career in the leadership field. This will also help- me to make a better personality with the proper communication skills and increase my intelligence. Finally, I can say this program will help me to make the appropriate strategic planning which is very much necessary for the development of the organization and also for the management of the whole employee community (Pollermann et al.  2020).

Question 2

The concept of “community integrated care” was mainly based on supporting people and care needs. The leadership program will help me to pursue a career in leadership as well as in the administrative department. I have an interest in the management field and I want to be a manager shortly. This manager post and the job role of a manager in any organization is not an easy task, from the management of the employees to managing the whole marketing value of the organization or a company everything is a part of their job role. The behavior framework of an organization is to provide a “bright new future” to the customers. As is mentioned in the question, the career development in “Community Integrated Care” needs proper social skills because it deals with the needy people who need health care support from the charity (Hoffmann and Hoffmann, 2018). There are two main types of goals that are set by me for achieving success for the organization or the charity. As I mentioned in previous lines I want to pursue my career in the leadership field and for that, I Chose the manager role which is very much important for a charity or an organization. This is the reason that learning communication skills are very much required to build my career in “Community Integrated Care.”The job role of the manager in t5his charity can be divided into a two-time framework. One is a shorter time framework and the other one is a Long time framework. “Performance management” is the prime job role of a manager in that charity because this charity deals with health care and the service to needy people. That is the reason a manager should focus on the performance of the employees because they are directly associated with social work. The recruitment of skilled employees is also part of the management system and as a manager, it is necessary to appoint only professional and skilled persons. Overall the charity needs a professionally skilled manager who can manage the whole system for the company from the recruitment process to the management of the performance. As a service leader, my priority with this charity will be focused on the proper health care delivery to the genuinely needy people. This will help the charity to understand the needs of the market. Then the charity will make their charity plans or the future strategies as per the demand or the market value of the charity. Overall the communication skills which will be taught to us from this leadership program will help me a lot to do many jobs with the collaboration of this charity (Biczkowski, 2020).

Question 3

As per the question, I can do my job properly and I gained a lot of achievements in my professional career. What will be my reaction? First of all, I want to say that the job role of a manager or any other leader in the leadership field is not so easy and as a manager managing the whole system and helping them in the growth is a huge task which is very much difficult. Achieving a milestone in the field of leadership is very satisfying. As it is mentioned in the last question, the career development as a manager with community integrated care is very interesting because it deals with public health care. This is the reason the communication skills will help me a lot to make the growth for that company. Suppose I can provide health care to the people within time by the recruitment of the skilled professionals and with my strategic planning this will be the biggest achievement for me because I am doing my job with a health care charity and positive feedback from the customer will motivate me to make more improvement in my leadership skills (Phillips et al. 2018). Strategic planning and recruitment skills are the main skills that I will use to get success in this field. This is possible because handling the patients is very difficult so communication skills are very much important in this charity because, in the end, the whole service is dependent on public health. To check the communication skills of the employees I will have to use my skills for the better judgment which will give me an idea about a particular candidate who will pursue his/her career with this charity and based on this criterion I will be able to recruit the candidate who will give the better service for our charity. They will indirectly help me by proving me right for their selection.

Sometimes different kinds of barriers can arise from the market which will put a negative effect on the charity which can be solved by the managers or the other staff who are4 associated with the leadership section of that charity. A lack of professional and skilled staff can create a problem for the leaders in the recruitment process as a result a charity or an organization will never be able to satisfy the patients or the customers who are associated with the organization. The other barrier which can be faced by me in the field of leadership is to maintain the same value of the company or an organization in the field of competition. The proper strategic planning and the implementation of the action plans by me will help me to overcome all of the problems associated with the charity and the market. The necessary skills and the behavior skills which will help me to solve these problems can be achieved by doing your “Service leader development program (Lyons et al. 2021).” This charity is directly involved in the health care service which is the reason communication skills are very important for the leaders or the managers who will deal with the employees as well as with the customers. Overall the achievement in the leadership field can only be achieved with the help of the employees and the strategic planning which can help to survive tryhe4 charity in the field of competition.

Question 4

Making the strategic planning and the implementation of the strategic planning are not the only job roles of a manager or any other staff who are a part of the management system has been seen. That is the reason the whole management system should focus on the feedback which will come from the market as well as from the customers to improve the whole system of the organization of a community. “Actively seeking feedback” mainly represents the fact that one can use the collected information which is personal or difficult to the others. In this case, a leader should assure the organization or the charity that they will handle the feedback “without taking the feedback personally or as a criticism (Bryant et al. 2020).” After the acceptance of the feedback, the managers and the leaders of an organization, and the charities should represent the fact that they will change all the routines and the strategies as per the demand. The feedback sometimes hurt the ego of a leader which is a real barrier to doing the job with such type of negative comments, but with the proper training, a leader or a manager can deal with the feedback with the professional skills. The long-term payoffs are the main reason behind the management issues in the field. The management skills are helpful for the development of the community. This is the reason that the whole community or the organization is based on the feedback and the market value that is the reason which is forcing the companies to make changes in their strategic plans.

Sometimes the negative feedbacks help the charities and the communities to change their action plans as per the market demand. The negative feedback can create a mental stress on the management systems but the professionalism in the field and acceptance of the negative feedback are the most strong steps for the managers (Madrid et al. 2019). This will help them to change the daily routines and the strategies of the company as per the demand of the customers as well as the patients who are taking the health care from the health care services. Overall it can be concluded that the negative feedbacks are harmful to the working environment and the management system should deal with this feedback to save the other department of the organization from the negative feelings. This management system is also able to utilize these negative feedbacks to find out their market values as well as the market demand which will ultimately provide them the ultimate concept to make the proper action plans and strategies which will help them to achieve the success in the market. Overall the proactive acceptance of the feedback can only be handled by the leaders and your program will help me to change my mind set to accept the feedback.


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