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MN7027 Business Problem Solving

Introduction: MN7027 Business Problem Solving

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A business organization deals with several customer-related problems, products, management, and marketing issues as well as technical issues within the workplace. The organization has to solve the issues with a complete problem-solving structure. The principal aim of this study is to find out the business problem of “Virgin Media services” and solve than with the help of logic tree drivers and other problem-solving tools.   

The client of business with their business problems

“Virgin Media Services” is one of the leading internet providers has been dealing with the problem of internet failure as well as WiFi issues as complained by customers. More than 960 customers complained about this problem which is seen in the complaints tracker of the company’s website down detector. According to the information, around 72% of customers are facing troubles in accessing the internet through their systems, 17% faced a complete blackout in their mobiles or PCs and more than 11% of customers had faced indifference and inconvenienced internet services with their electronic gadgets. The executive of this organization declared in a public conference that a new software system has been installed so that this problem has arisen and they confirmed that this problem will be solved very soon.

The customer associated with the business and their issues in the business

Several issues and challenges can be faced by an organization to swiftly run its business across the globe. The problems that a company can face while executing all their business strategies and development plans include “issues of customer services, customer’s loyalty, employment relation, service pricing and improvement, and marketing and management issues (Monteiro et al. 2020). All these problems can create hurdles for the organization in its path of penetrating new marketing segments both at national and international levels. The “Virgin Media services” are facing several business problems and fail to satisfy their customers’ demands and meet the current marketing trends.

The business issues that the company is facing from its customer service practices are stated below.

  • The relevant and exact answer to their customers’ questions is not known by the marketers and business professionals of the company.
  • Transferring the call of customers to an employee who is well-trained for the customer support process (Monteiro et al. 2020).
  • Unavailability of project management and business data analytical tools and technologies.
  • The workflow of the customer service does not have any alignment with the journey of the customer.
  • Dealing with customers who are disappointed with the products and services of the company (Won et al. 2020).
  • Zero escalation protocol and crisis management
  • Not meeting the expectations and demands of the customers. 

The problem structure logic tree

The problems of the business of this company are the failure of services in customer services in terms of the internet as well as WiFi issues. According to the executives of this organization, these problems have increased because they have installed new software in terms of providing the best quality internet services to their customers (thesun.co.uk 2022). In this case, the problem increased because of the lack of proper technical knowledge of the employees of the organization to handle the technical issues as well as the shortcomings of the advanced tools and techniques for controlling the software systems. Apart from that, the customers also complained that their systems sometimes black out when their internet connection is opened.

Basic issue and the structure logic tree

The issues that are identified through the structure of the logic tree highlight the customers' complaints and weak consumer base due to the company’s services that are not meeting the customers’ expectations. Issues trees are the visual tools that the company can use in consulting to help the project team within the organization.

Issues identified

Problems raised


Poor quality of services or products

 Customers dissatisfaction

 Improvement in product or service quality

Expensive service charges or product costs

The high attrition rate of customers

Keeping the services or products’ prices reasonable for all economic groups of customers

Poor quality of customer support service

Customers failed to explain their issues to the marketers of the company

The employees must be well trained who are handling a large group of online customers.

Long wait or keeping the customers on hold

Weakens the customer base and higher the attrition rate of customers

Supply chain management services must be well developed and advanced technologies must be used to provide the customers with quick delivery services.

Table 1: Identified issues and its solution

Drivers of the issues and solution logic tree

The drivers that can eliminate the business issue of “Virgin Media services” are mentioned below.

Major Business Drivers

Figure 1: Major Business Drivers

  • Development of a proper supply chain management system that will help in increasing the profitability and productivity of the business as well as enhance the value of the business.
  • Automation of the “supply chain operations” will provide the organization with high profits as this will have a positive impact on the entire performance of the organization.
  • The official websites of the company can be improved so that the customers can get a clear and clear idea about the company (Ottonicaret al. 2021).
  • The implementation of modernized and advanced technologies such as “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning” to improve customer services.
  • Other than the volume of service sold, prime services with reasonable changes can enhance the business value and profitability and eliminate the issues in business. 

The problem structure logic tree

Figure 2: The problem structure logic tree

According to the complaint of the customers, they faced great issues in accessing the accounts of bill payers. As per the statement of the company executive, the broadband, and mobile as well as TV services are not at all affected by this problem. Internet services of this company seldom down as the customers complain (Shou et al. 2021). The principal business problems of “Virgin Media services” are the internet as well as wifi problems and the customers complained about trouble in accessing internet services, sometimes the systems are completely blackout as well as mobile internet is also irregular creates a great problem in the customer management of this organization. As per the declaration of the company owner, new software has been installed into the business process for the best quality services provided but the software has not been managed by the employees (Sbitiet al. 2021). This problem has arisen because of the lack of technical knowledge of the employees of the organization as well as insufficiently advanced tools and technology applications for controlling the problematic situation.   

Problem solution logic tree drivers

The “solution logic tree drivers” are one of the most important tools that guide solving the business problems of a company. For this particular business problem of “Virgin Media services” these tools can be very effective for the solution (Sbitiet al. 2021). Apart from that, this tool is very effective for supporting the performances of leaders to solve all the problems like technical, customer service as well and product-related issues of the business organizations. This solution driver tree is overarching the metric that drives perfect solutions for each problem of a company.

solution logic tree drivers

Figure 3: solution logic tree drivers

The principal issue of this organization is the customer has faced a great technical issue as internet and wifi connection in mobiles or other systems are not connected. This tree makes a solution in terms of this technical knowledge. The solution to this business problem can be solved by improving technical awareness as well as implementing realistic schedules (Yoshizawa and Watanobe, 2019). Apart from that, this particular solution logic tree suggests that to improve the technical knowledge of the employees the organization can arrange some training programs for the awareness of technical knowledge as well as awareness about problem-solving skills in terms of the sudden technical issues within the workplace.

Another solution to this problem can be solved by implementing several advanced tools as well as innovative techniques that guide software technology within the workplace. A new technical strategy can be implemented into the business process so that all the staff should able in dealing with any technical issues single-handedly (Qiu and Wang, 2019). Realistic schedules are one of the most important tools that can be very effective for dealing with technical issues. Apart from that, a technical team can be recruited and this team will be responsible for the regular testing of the software if it works well or not. Apart from that, they are also responsible for monitoring all the services and implementing technology as well as its effectiveness (Qiu and Wang, 2019). The technical requirements of this company can be effective for dealing with any technical issues within the workplace. The realistic schedule refers to the application of appropriate technology into the business process of the organizational performances as per the market trend as well as the requirements of the customers.

Prioritized drivers to find a solution to the issues

The drivers that can be prioritized to enhance the business value, profitability, productivity, and popularity include the numbers of both traditional and online stores that must be increased and the use of advanced technologies. Other major drivers that can create major issues in business include website traffic and poor quality products or services sold to the customers (Ayuniaet al. 2022).  The production unit and best quality customer services can enhance the business profitability and value and allow the company to penetrate new marketing segments both at national and international levels.

Solution of prioritized drivers' problem

The problem with “Virgin Media services” is due to the technical issues of the internet problems in the router system as well as the service status checker. The bill payer services are not working sometimes as per the customer complaints. It has also been complained that the helpline systems are sometimes down so that the customers do not inform their issues the services providers and these services remain down for a couple of hours (Olgun and Hatip, 2020). Therefore, customer service is greatly hampered by this kind of service and it affects the sales process as well as the brand value of the business organization.

The spokesperson of this organization confirmed that they were aware of these technical issues and that were not able to access all the customer systems as well as activate different types of services. It is confirmed the spokesperson of the organization to activate new service providers to solve all the business issues in terms of technological development (Qiu and Wang, 2019). Till now, more than 3000 complaints have been submitted by the customers as the customers are suffering from complete blackout. This organization generally pays out £8 daily and they will also pay £25 for every missed appointment within 24 24-hour notice period (Olgun and Hatip, 2020). Apart from that, the solution to this problem is mainly focused on the technological development of the organization by improving the technical awareness of each employee.





SCHEDULE (Critical task with minimum urgency )

DO (Vital tasks with more urgency)

·         Utilisation of advanced technology

·         Tracking the details of potential consumers

·         Utilisation of invoice factoring for the cash flow

·         Execution of free shipping for new users

·         Offer discounts and offers through promotional events



DELETE (Trival tasks with minor urgency)

DELEGATE (Make negligible impacts)

·         Utilisation of specialized software

·         Project safety







The new installment of innovative tools as well as advanced technologies within the business process can improve the situation of the organization as well as solve the business problems of the organization (Tereszkiewicz, 2018). Regular monitoring of the current software as well as changes as per the requirement is very important to run a problem-free technical system.  

Work Plan and strategy for lean project

The actual structure of lean project management is as stated below.

Work Plan and Strategy

Necessity of the strategies


Defining the purpose of the project scope and plan goals that the professionals have set for enhancing the value of the business.


Determination of how the business professionals and the marketers of the company will measure the rate of success in the project.


Exploring new and unique ways to improve the process of the project.


Development of a “fool-proof project plan” for the improvement of the business practices.


Implementation of effective plans and strategies for company’s the project.

Table 2: Work Plan and Strategy 

Gantt chart for the work plan

The timetable that has been prepared through a Gantt chart indicated the connection between the project factors, sources, issues, and other vital components that have been incorporated in this study.


Day 1- day 13

Day 13 to day 25

Day 25- day 35

Day 35- day 46

Day 46- day 60

Day 60- day 71

Day 71- day 79

Day 79- day 90

Identifying the purpose of the study









Planning project scope and goals to enhance business value









Collecting data from authentic sources to measure the rate of effectiveness of business professionals in marketing









Identification of issues and business risks through primary data collection (interviews or surveys)









Determining the effective solution to evaluate all issues and business risks.  









Creating an effective work plan and strategy









Determining the effectiveness of a “fool-proof project plan”  to improve business processes









Implementation of the work plan and strategy  effectively and properly after discussing them with the team members









Table 3: Gantt chart 

Work and lean project plan

A lean project plan is one of the most important management techniques that guide the creation of a net value for improving customer service as another improvement of stakeholder relationships. The technical issues of this organization can be solved by following a proper lean project management plan.

 The lean project plan

Figure 4: The lean project plan

The solution to this business problem can proceed with five consequent steps. First, the specific problems should be identified for this case the business organization has been suffering technical issues like inappropriate internet connection, a complete blackout of the system as well as internet issues in mobiles (Whalley and Curwen, 2018). The next step is mapping the issues which means making proper plans to solve the issues. Thereafter, a flow should be created that guides all the solution processes of the business issues.

Another important stage of this plan is setting up a pull that guides to improve the knowledge of systems and improve the monitoring systems over the technology. By establishing the pull among the employees as well as other stakeholders of the organization the company can involve all the employees in the solution process (Tereszkiewicz, 2018). Apart from that, a fool-proof project should be planned and implemented the plan into the business performance to improve the current business position. After all the steps are completed an improvement can be seen which will be effective in mitigating all the technical issues of the organization (Albishryet al. 2018). Moreover, this project plan refers to an application that produces a manufacturing principle for practicing solutions to any issues within the project management. 



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