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Digital development is a global practice that works coordinately with national governments to develop the country. This digital development builds a foundation for responsible digital transformation and inclusive transformation with business profiles. Technology is the main program that works to develop and provides several unique opportunities to countries and accelerates economic growth. This financial stability connects the citizens to several services and jobs. In a year there are several disasters from natural disasters to medical pandemics, that can cause harmful effects on the human world these digital technologies can mitigate the risks and effectiveness of these disasters. This smoothens the flow and helps the government to maintain discipline in society.

Leadership skill is a very important thing to maintaining a good team in workplaces. Leadership skills can help a leader to balance the workflow in the workplace and it also gives the leader the necessary confidence that can help in maintaining that team and imposing the rules that are necessary for the production and sustainability of a team. This report is going to analyse digital development in recent years and the industrial advancement based on digital transformation.

Digital development in recent Years

Nowadays digital development is one of the important progress that expands globally and facilitates several sectors of mankind and governmental affairs. These digital technologies are helpful for people governments and several business sectors and connect them to coordinate working sectors. The development of technology is enabling innovative ways to solve several unique and problematic issues that complicate the development and challenge the progression of governments and several business sectors. The technological sector can help from banking to medical services. However, nearly 3 billion people in the world are not connected with yeah digitization process as per a review in 2022 (Ithurbide, 2020). This is a vast majority that cannot access the developer technologies and they cannot concentrate on developing the countries.

There are several business strategies present in the business field but there is a tendency reflected in the business organisations and the government in the last few years. The main reason for acquiring digital transformation is to survive and compete in this market. Several leaders agreed that some consumers have freckle minds and can shift quickly to many other products and services. To attract and be attached to the people who can probable customers of a company the company need media to connect with its customers. You did say early to guess which long-term behaviour of customers can stick with a company (Narbaev, 2021). However, the company needs a proper solution that can analyze the data of the probable customers that can stick with the company store several research data analyses that assume. that is accelerated towards online digitalization and technologies cannot be acquired by an offline or conventional way of marketing. Online marketing can have impactful effects on B2C and B2B both the strategies of the market.


The digital revolution began with digital computers and systems that started 70 years ago and continues to date. However, there are several emergencies of Internet and development in technology support and the world has been the same.

The years 2011 to 2020 can no doubt be described as a revolutionary period that witnessed several personal and professional developments in digital technology. With several platforms that tech giants are involved in and initiated in these years with this development the world now has become a hyper-connected planet and an increasing continuation of technology drives this to a very grown situation.

In the year 2010, the communication sector introduced 4G and LTE services. Google Buzz and Google Fiber started the journey. At the end of 2015, the telecommunication union approved the fast and unique G. fast standard. This becomes a high-speed transmission that overrides the copper cabling system (Fransiska et al, 2020). Several companies like Google and AT&T have expanded and introduced fibre services in The United States.

The mobile offload traffic system overtook the cellular traffic which is a sign of an explosion of active online users. These users are connected with both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity. The prevalence due to the Wi-fi hotspot surge happened in the year 2015. Also, this is the year when the global number of 4G network users can exceed the 3G customer numbers.

The technological development will reach almost the top by the year 2020. This year telecommunication networks introduced 5G services and the hype for 5G began to deliver the services as per their promises. therefore the lives of people are even seamless and flawless while using the 5G network system (Haizar, 2020). There are several tech advantages such as cloud computing receiving several bigger opportunities and poses after 5G came out in the image.

Personal Technologies

2010 is the year that several significant milestones have been implanted in the personal technology sector. This year apple introduced the first iPad. Amazon first sold Kindle e-books more than paper books. Facebook introduced Messenger and Instagram was launched in the market (Singh et al., 2020). Other than these this year Samsung introduced the first ever Galaxy S series mobile phone. This year apple introduced the iPhone 4 and Android OS released Gingerbread 2.3.

This continuation of development in personal technology has a smooth path by 2015. This year Microsoft released the Windows 10 system. The Dish Network system created a streaming service called Sling TV. Apple introduced the iPhone 6S, Apple Watch and iPad Pro. Android version 6.0 which is Marshmallow first released on October 2015. Samsung Pay was released by Samsung and Google introduced Android Pay for Android-based smartphones in September of that year (Li et al., 2019). This year Tesla first announced a model of cars from Tesla that has the facility of autopilot and assist drivers.

By the End of 2020, several companies like Apple released the iPhone 11, Galaxy S 20 and Z Flip series introduced by Samsung and Google Pixel 4 was also introduced. Fitbit was acquired by Google and red the Nest to Google Nest. Other than this, huge developments in several technological transformations and different types of technological development also happened in the fields of Entertainment and media technology, and enterprise technology.

Soft Skill

Several skills are useful in every situation of our life such as communication adaptability, problem-solving, evolution, collaboration, and critical thinking these types of skills are useful in every situation. These general properties are commonly called soft skills. South kings are essential for team leading and in growing a market or a business in the technology sector. several studies on business and technology sectors can conclude that more than 75% of leadership qualities and management personnel focus on employees who are strong with soft skills (Hemon et al, 2020). A big portion of employees cannot meet the job expectations due to lacking these skills.

Apart from that leader is one who drives a team on a positive path for mighty leaders and technological team leaders must need a good balance of soft skills and other skills to manage a team because if a leader lacks these skills can cause trouble for a team and cannot balance their workflow in the team.

Demonstrating several Soft skills


Communication is one of the most important soft skills as it is a way to make contact and make relationships with team members and other employees within the organization. Communication has several layers and it is not as simple as it is looking. In communication said that there are two main skills that matter in the working field verbal and non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication is done in two main parts: listening and speaking. A company needs employees who are active listeners and by listening they can creatively understand what they are and can be opportunistic about the work they listen to. Apart from that the leaders the employers and the employees can also speak fluently and effectively to their colleagues and team members (Brown et al 2019). Communication makes a good relationship and well working situations in any company. Thought that verbal communication and nonverbal communication are also very important for a company.

Nonverbal communication is a way in which the hierarchy or the team leader can pause your order and notification through written or other media. Number communication is not only written but it can be a gesture posture or body language.


Collaboration is a skill that helps to work with other people and helps to create, Achieve or produce a common goal. Collaboration is not a skill set but it is a group effort of some individual soft skill that can make a team do again its full power. working collaboratively refers to taking a step and doing things that are a direction that another member of the team has. Collaboration is a way in which an individual can be a part of a team and successfully work with the team management or the employees that work in the team (N?drag 2022). Collaboration can enhance several skills that our communication team management ability to learn it also so increases a man's scaffolding and creativity allowing brainstorming on certain ideas.

Critical Thinking

Technology and technical development rely on the critical and unique thinking of an individual. Critical thinking is all about the ability to think or organize in a particular manner about a certain problem. This helps an individual to think of the solution to a certain problem in such a way that can help achieve a proper goal. Critical thinking is somehow different from unique thinking, unique thinking is a way in which an individual can think about a product from its base but critical thinking helps it to develop the product and reach it in a maximum product development performance platform.

Reflection of the current level of Soft skills

I am merely a machine learning model, thus in terms of soft skills, I don't have any of the typical human traits like empathy, emotional intelligence, or teamwork. I am, however, made to be flexible enough to accommodate many writing tenses and styles. To offer the most recent information, I am also continually learning new things and expanding my expertise. My digital talents can be useful in the job for tasks like content generation, data analysis, and information retrieval. My limits, however, include a lack of physical abilities, the inability to communicate in the present, and the need to make judgment-based decisions. Consequently, although having strong digital talents, I lack the breadth of soft skills that a human employee would possess and instead just have the ability to provide text-based solutions.


This report is based on technology development and the soft skills that is required to manage a team and to be a team leader. In this report, the advancement of technology and its development through several years in the recent time was demonstrated and analysed in an organised manner. Several sectors of technology were discussed critically in this report. After the discussion on technological development the soft skills that are needed in business sectors were discussed skills are the scale that is common and very important in an employer or any team leader were discussed. Several soft skills were demonstrated in the report and conclusion, we can say that these soft skills are very important for the development of an individual's personality. In this report, I Have discussed and analysed my current levels of soft kill were discussed and analysed and that all skills are mainly used in a workplace and with the employees.


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