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Principles of Management Assignment

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Introduction - Principles of Management

A leader has different kinds of qualities and abilities and motivation and teamwork are some of the most required qualities of a potential leader. Visiting the Museum of London has offered a long list of interesting characters and personalities to be followed as a leader. One of them is Winston Churchill, and the research will be based on his personality and actions that are related to the competing values framework. This assignment will critically discuss the competing values framework and identify the connection between the framework and Winston Churchill. On the other hand, the study will also discuss the group work based on motivational and team management theories. On the other hand, the study will also describe my leadership actions through CVF’s action imperatives.

The historical person Winston Churchill

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill, or simply Winston Churchill, was born on November 30 in the year 1874 at Blenheim Palace, in Oxfordshire, England. The exceptional personality was a great leader, and he was an orator, a British statement and also a great author. The great leader was the Prime Minister from 1940 to 1955 of England during World War II, and he carried his country with his exceptional leadership skills from a critical situation towards defeat to a great victory (Robinson, 2019). Winston Churchill had taken different high-level posts in conservative and liberal government during the first 30 years of the century. Following a meteoric rise to fame in mainstream politics prior to WW I, Churchill gained notoriety for unpredictable judgement throughout the WW and in the years immediately following. As a result, he remained a solitary character till his reaction to Adolf Hitler's challenge propelled him to be the head of a national alliance in 1940. After World War II, Queen Elizabeth II had honoured him with the dignity of knighthood. This incredible personality had various traits in his character like having great self-confidence, great sense of humour, trustworthiness, vision, frustration tolerance and so on. All these traits and qualities made him unique from all the other leaders.

Competing values framework

Quinn and Rohrbaugh's Competing Values Framework is a hypothesis that arose from the study on the primary markers of effective organisations. Quinn and Rohrbaugh established two fundamental characteristics underpinning notions of success based on a statistical analysis of a wide array of effectively fulfilling. The first component is connected to organisational focus, which ranges from an inner focus on the well-being and growth of employees to an outward concentration on the well-being and productivity of the business itself.

In an organisational environment, the competing value framework might be applied. It may be used as a tactical strategy to build programmes for management and supervision. It may also be used to assist companies in determining their current and intended cultures. It may also be used as a tool for examining organisational shortcomings. The second dimension distinguishes organisational structure preference and illustrates the difference between cornering grip against adaptability and innovation. The two components combine to generate four quadrants. The Competing Values Framework takes its title since the parameters in the four models appear to convey contradictory statements initially. Companies must be flexible and agile, but they also need to be secure and managed. It's a paradox.

The actions of Winston Churchill that relates to the CVF

Winston Churchill was a potential leader and led the government and the team with exceptional leadership skills. History suggests that different leaders around the world have always played incredible roles in their lifetime and gained achievements. These can be better described with the help of the competing values framework that allows analysing different management skills of the leaders in terms of adapting or changing the leadership styles based on the situational requirements. In this context, the personality and competencies of Winston Churchill was analysed using the CVF framework with the help of four models that were: human relations model, internal process model, rational goal model and open systems model.

Motivational and teamwork theory

Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs theory

There are different kinds of theories by various authors and scholars that can help to improve the group work and also make the leader more capable. For motivating the group members, as a leader I followed Maslow's hierarchy of need theory that represents five basic needs as a pyramid. All these needs have to be fulfilled in order to improve the efficiency of the group and increase the productivity power. Maslow‘s hierarchy of needs theory suggests that leaders should take care of the basic survival needs of the team members (Hopper, 2020). The team members should also feel safe and secure under the leadership, and they also need to be listened to. This will make them feel they belong. Every team member deserves respect and recognition, and the leader should always formulate various strategies for developing their skills at making them potential to face different kinds of challenges.

Hertsberg 2 factors motivational theory

Herzberg’s motivation theory model has also helped me a lot in terms of motivating my team members to enhance their ability and guide them in a proper direction. The theory mainly indicates two factors behind introducing the employees that are: motivators and hygiene factors. In that case, I was the main motivating factor of my team because my presence and guiding principles helped my team members to do their work responsibly to achieve a common goal. On the other hand, the hygiene factor has helped me to enhance the satisfaction level of my team members through providing them a very interesting topic for the report, offering them a better learning opportunity and recognising the historical storyline.

Tuckman’s Team Stages model

Apart from that, the teamwork capabilities of a group can be improved by implementing Bruce Tuckman‘s ‘team stages model’. The model advises a leader to follow the 4 phases by which the team working capabilities can be improved that are forming, storming, norming and performing (Siregar et al., 2018).

Expectancy theory of Vroom

Victor blue was a great scholar who introduced a theory to explain the motivational factors and their relation for an appropriate team management. During the project making, I had also considered this theory to make myself a potential leader. On the basis of this theory, I have always kept in mind the relationships between default and performance, rewards and personal goals and also performance and reward. The theory also has helped me to better understand the need and importance of valence, expectancy and instrumentality. Based on this theory, I had set a proper plan for the report, and also identified an expected outcome of our teamwork.

Goal and attribution theory

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In terms of setting our goals and objectives to make the reports of Winston Churchill, I followed goal theory and attribution theory. As per this theory, we had to set some questions in a very initial stage of our report that we had to answer throughout the entire study. The attribution theory was like a measurement instrument for us in terms of identifying our effort, chance, task difficulty and abilities. Depending on the internally perceived locus and externally perceived locus we had set our criteria and objectives of the report.

Description of myself using CVF‘s action imperatives

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As a leader, I understand the efficiency of the competing values framework. The main four models, which are the human relations model, open systems model, internal process model and rational goal model, can help me to identify and develop my leadership traits. I generally focus on not only myself for group work but the overall collaboration with the entire team. On the other hand, my team and I do experiments, and we appreciate innovative ideas. I also always try to monitor my team closely and their activities in order to identify the gaps and needs. On the other hand, I also focus on making changes fast and as part of the situational requirements. All these abilities can be addressed accordingly with the four models of competing values framework.


On the basis of the other study, it can be concluded that a competing values framework is a very effective and potential model that again not only helps in the analysis of the leadership traits of a leader but also shows us a better way to become a good leader. In this study, the different process management and motivational theories and models have been chosen to explain our teamwork experience to make the report on Winston Churchill. The study has also identified motivational and teamwork theories to enhance the performance of our group work.


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