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Customer Experience Assignment Sample


This study will cover the market cauterization of Coca-Cola brand and identify its product values by providing best possible customer satisfies services over the years. The Coca-Cola brand is major market cauterized brand since this brand has invented one of the best quality products as Coca Cola. Coca Cola is the product invented in 1886 and has achieved the milestones by its selling ratio and most of the customer are satisfied with this product and that was the reason to improve Coca-Cola brand in the market place and now Coca-Cola brand is a global brand for its quality product and best customer services. This study covers all the aspect about the customer satisfactory measure and all the factors that can contribute to the quality of the product, also when it comes to calculating the profit it is very important to consider the distribution chain in it as well, these all aspects are covered in this study.

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Why you have selected Coca Cola

Coca cola is being the best in the soft beverages' products; the best quality is served by Coca Cola. Being the best in customer satisfaction as surveyed in a study. Coca cola is well organized and well matured in terms of product processing and process management, the price of the product kept so well that the customer feels it worth and this made possible because of the well matured distribution process and well-structured manufacturing units. Coca Cola being best in following the industrial guidelines and being best in following the standard process, the planning and implementation is of great standards, the resource management and resource utilization is also a key factor that this organization looks into. All these might parameters and high-quality management provide strength to Coca Cola.

What the brand is and where it sits in its market

A most significant part of Coco-Cola's success in market is based on its emphasis on brand over products. Coca-Cola's products play a major role for making it a successful brand all over the world. The main focus of this brand to satisfy customer needs and the best concept of this brand in some products such as "Coke"- is like a product where does not sell a drink in bottle, it sells happiness in bottle.

Coca-Cola's announces the most powerful strategy to cover the market as "One Brand" global marketing approach. The main aim of this brand is to sell consumers the experience and lifestyle associated with its brand(Singaram, 2019).

Key customers by frequency of use and by key demographics


Key Customer by Frequency use


Key customer by demographics



Fast Food Brands

For an example being the biggest fast food provider McDonalds is one of the biggest clients of Coca Cola and it serves around 10 % of the profits for Coca Cola, most of the product of Coca Cola is used in it and as the brand McDonalds present in every segment of the world, Coca Cola is growing with it(Naama, 2019).

Travels in Asian Country

Here the most important sector here is travelers who travels along the country and use this as freshening drinks.


Movie Theaters

The second key customer segment for Coca cola is movie theater where people enjoy light meals with movies and here Coco cola serves the best(Anik, 2020).

Teenagers in European Countries

Here the next key customers are the teenagers in the European countries where the wealth is not at all the problem and teenagers preferred this as the mocktail for the local purpose.


Sports refreshing drinks

The next sector here is the sports arena where the sport person uses this as the refreshing drinks; Coca Cola is providing the services and products there(Mayureshnikam, 2018 ).

Middle age generation as food beverage

The next customers are the middle age people who like to have this beverage as part of their meal. Coca cola is creating a demand there as well.

 Relevant attitudes of these customers that can be used to define their attitudes to the brand and to customer services in general

In order to build strong customer relationship by providing best customer services that is provided by Coca-Cola brand. Customer behaviors can be influenced in psychological and sociological way and Brand is responsible to provide such facilities to customer where customer can build trust to business towards. The Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brands of the Soft drink and beverages organization in the world. By many successful and efficient brand products influenced many customers over the years and Coca-Cola has become most valuable brand in the world. This brand is cautiously manufacturing so many products as per the current customer demands and try to provide best possible customer services to build relationship between customer and brand in the market place. There are still so many choices customer wants from this brand such as this brand has provided most effective and quality product in terms of soft drink where customer satisfied and thus this brand has become most strong soft drink producer in worldwide business market place. This brand is continuously trying to deliver best possible quality products as per customer needs in terms of both psychological and sociological(Madichie, 2012).

Psychological Influence: - Every brand has its on identification and based on that customer identify that brand and purchase their related products. Coca-Cola brand has its identification in the market place. Base don that identification brand has achieved its objectives and goals to provide each brand products in the market with its own identification(Carnevale, 2017).

Sociological Influence:- While customer decide to go with most valuable brand that has its own market  value with quality products that is build by brand Sociological Influence. Brand creates such kind of influence that can be useful to attract customer with best quality products also provide such best customer services that can fulfil customer satisfactions. This is the way to gain great customer behaviour(Arunee, 2009).

Identify what the brand says about customer service

Coca-Cola provides the customer services not only through feedback, email and telephone but also believes to put some more extra efforts to satisfy customers by monitoring and many types of analysis. The new business strategy of this brand to focus on choice, convenience  and the consumer thus by this collaboration CRM, Coca-Cola has provided efficient customer service to gain more customer satisfaction that can lead to grow this brand globally and achieve its market objectives and goals. Coca-Cola brand has achieved its objectives by making building a portfolio based on "Consumer-centric brands". Some most important aspects where this brand always focuses on:-

  1. Responding to consumer demands: - Coca-Cola has proved that customer satisfaction is very important to grow business on world wide and make a strong and big brand in market place globally. This Brand always provided so many facilities according to customer needs and satisfies their needs as much as possible by this brand. The main focus is to satisfy customer demands and try to provide best service to customers in right place at right time. Keeping the expectations high and fulfilling it as per the customer need it a heavy task to achieve and Coca Cola performs its best in this area.
  2. Building portfolio awareness; - This brand always focus on to build stronger relationship between consumer and brand in the market place. The Coca-Cola is the one of most powerful brand in the market where investing more of its marketing amount to build an awareness of its low and no sugar drinks by maintaining the quality of the brand products. The "One Brand" strategy of this brand is to build customer specific services such as "Taste the feeling" creative campaign and based on that strategy this brand listens carefully and working in such a way where customer are firmly at the center of business in the market place and responsible to grow the business continuously. There are more effect brand strategies such as smaller, more convenient packaging to provide more effective services to satisfy customer demands(Lal, 2017,). 

What beliefs and organizational culture underpins these statements

Coca-Cola's organization culture is very different and more effect in terms of customer satisfaction. This brand inclusive workplace culture consists of more significant seven layers name as Leadership, passion, integrity, Collaboration, diversity, quality and accountability. Some most efficient working culture of this brand that can help to improve brand value in the market place.

  1. Operational management: - This working culture is most significant for the customer service prospective by providing them that kind of facilities where customer demands may be fulfill by this brand. This brand's operational management follows most efficient way to make quality products to fulfill customer demands. This operational management is concerned with accepting raw materials as an input and converting them into such kind of output or products designed to address the needs and expectations of customer demands and provide most efficient way to customer service.
  2. Supply Chain:- The Coca-Cola's brand has achieved the millstones where has sold over 1.8 billion products in the global market and managing supply chain to by focusing on sustainability on products by ensuring the required goods reach to global market place at right time. This brand always focuses on supply chain management where production is available for the customers at right place at right time. This also a key factor that gives a huge contribution in the industrial profit and Coca cola performs great in this area to gain the profit with huge margin.
  3. Layout and Design: - The main key area of this brand success is by focusing on functional operations done by operational management where the way functional design and layout of the products that carried out within the organization to ensure about the successful and efficient movements of quality products within Coca-Cola's brand supply chain management. This culture shows to manage supply chain management in terms of business customer service by ensuring about availability of products at right time according to customer demands. This brand has achieved this objective by customized and segmented distribution networks(Abror, 2019).

Audit of all the manifestations of customer of the brand

The Coca-Cola is a licensed by this this brand is able to produce, sell and distribute a range of beverages. This brand owns trade marks for most of these, supplies and mostly responsible for consumer marketing. The most popular product of this brand is Coca Cola and this product invented in 1886. Corporate social responsibility Council (CSR) makes this brand more competitive brand around worldwide market.

Customer analysis: - The recent survey conducted by Coca-Cola brand and it is noticed that most sequence of consumer's purchasing preference is recorded which is Taste, brand name, packaging, Price, Easy availability and advertisement.

  1. Product quality: - The customer satisfaction is based on quality of product. The Coca-Cola brand always focuses on product quality that helps to satisfy consumer's demands and satisfy their requirements. Consumer's satisfaction is based on brand quality products and that may lead to improve business growth and make stronger business in the market place.
  2. Product availability: - The Brand value improves in market place because of product availability. The Brand supply chain management is responsible to make it possible and responsible to supply brand's products in the market place and that can be available for customers at right time and at right place. The brand's product availability is based on consumer demands and brand is responsible to provide such facility in a way where any consumer can purchase brand products anytime.
  3. Product price and advertisement: - The Brand success comes from product costs and their market advertisement. The brand can build its market value much stronger by offering low cost products where any kind of consumer can purchase brand products. The brand can achieve consumer demands by making market advertisement in term of product availability. The Product advertisement can be responsible to improve consumer demands that can build strong brand value in the market place.

Recommendations to improve aspects of the customer experience for this brand

In terms of Business growth based on great customer experiences that reports higher customer referral rate and most of the time customer satisfactions. In order to improve great customer experience that means higher customer loyalty and retention need to compete with great experience. There are some aspects where Coca-Cola brand learned while transforming customer experiences.

  1. Updated with technical architecture- This is a primary need to build strong business value in the market place by improving latest technology usage with well defined solution approaches to help out business related issues that may impact on business growth. It is know that disparate systems and technologies both are not efficient and not play nice together. These business issues can be resolved by implementing technical architecture in business processing model that can provide a solution with good quality assurance.
  2. Cloud based solution: - In order to make quality product more efficient and consumer satisfactory that is possible by applying cloud based solution. With cloud based solution is responsible to make cost pass through environment and being in shared services. Coca-Cola brand determined some primary cost category as infrastrure, Software license and ongoing resources and support. This brand has spent lots of business time with business stakeholders to build out the right solution requirements. By implanting efficient right solution requirements that can be helpful to gain their buy-in to move forward. The Brand business growth is based on production strategy and internal business structure.
  3. Focus on change management: - Change management is very important aspect in terms of brand value improvement in market place, Change management is very essential for the initiative of the change requirement scope. Coca-Cola business services can be playing the major role to improve customer engagements. Customer engagement is the key aspect to improve brand business growth world wide in terms of market place.


The Coco-Cola brand has achieved the milestones and continuously focusing on its objectives and goals. Main focus of the brand is to satisfy the customer demands at right place and at right time. The quality production of brand can be a supportive aspect to improve business globally. The Coca-Cola brand is responsible to provide best possible customer services by implementing supply chain management and manage the quality of the product. There are so many products of Coca-Cola brand that has achieved great customer experiences and the main focus of this brand is to not sell product but make feel happy to customer by providing best quality product as per the customer needs. Coca Cola is one of the most valuable and customer on demand product that has captured almost 70% of the market in terms of providing good quality and taste product. This is the main reason of Coca-Cola to become the strong business competitor in the market place.



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