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BMSW4004 Management Report Assignment Sample


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Hackmos Care have bee a into the industry of providing healthcare services through maintaining an extensive network of physicians, doctors and hospitals who serve in UK Midlands. It has been established to provide care to people required in such settings as per convenience. The report focuses on the recent complicated problem that have been faced by the company along with analysing cause and effect of the problem. Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to the company has been evaluated along with evaluation of measure suggested to mitigate the issue. Hackmos Care have faced challenges in shortage of staffs in the Health and Social care sector and there has been industry wide issue of "Skilled Labour Shortage".

Nature and Impact of the Complex Problem

The nature of the problem is fundamental in nature as there has been shortage of skilled labour forces in UK to provide social care. It has been seen throughout the industry and hence, similar problems have been faced by Hackmos and its competitors. Impact of the complicated problem is that there has been a gap in providing of health ad acre services to people requiring it in UK (Drennanand Ross, 2019). There has been reports specifying that there is workforce shortage of approximately around 100,000 staffs and the issue has been far more outreaching in section of social care. The workforce shortage has been accounted to be 122,000 along with another quarter of staff working on zero-hours contract (Commonslibrary.parliament.uk, 2020). It has led to additional work pressure on the workforce engaged in providing Health and Social Care (Commonslibrary.parliament.uk, 2020). This has led to giving employment to heath and social workers out of UK and it as extended to a million people outside of UK. Statistics reveal that 40% of the staffs of London are from overseas.

The issue will be further propagated through restrictions on immigration policy as in that case International Recruitment will suffer. It has been observed that the section of social centre is collapsing as there are very few people who are willing to work in this sector. The nature if issue is internal as the administrative structure is not efficient enough to groom and train social workers. Moreover, the issue is also an internal factor due to fact that there has been low pay grade in this sector (Georgiadis, Corriganand Speed, 2017). The unavailability of skilled labour force has led to gap in providing of care to the individuals and it has also discouraged students to take admission in Higher Education to study Health and Social Care Courses. There have been bad organizational strategies to train the individuals into skilled labour forces and it has increased the gap in social care assistance. It has been one of the weakness of Hackmos Care and it as put at risk effective care of social service seekers. There has been reported shortage of approximately 100,000 FTE staff members along with even far more difficult scenario for adult social care sector.

Cause and Effect Analysis of the Complex Problem

The cause of the problem is very much fundamental and can only be solved through increasing pay scale of health and social workers. It has been observed that the heath and social care givers often have to work in conditions that are not suitable for living or to lead a life of satisfaction. The salary range has been pitiable which has increased employee turnover rate (Health.org.uk, 2019). The administrative section is weak and it has not been able to manage the structure in which social care givers will be paid. The standard pay scale in the market is itself low in UK and it has ben a major research behind large gap in this industry (Healthcare professional shortages in the UK. 2020). Furthermore, it has been observed that there is issue with working condition in which the social workers have to execute their functions. It has led to collapse of the entire service sector of Hackmos Care Centre as enough staffs are not available.

Moreover, as there is low availability of labour, out of available health and social workers, the Ones coming at Hackmos are made to work in long hour shifts. It has increased the level of stress and anxiety among them resulting in high employee turnover (Health.org.uk, 2019). Employee Turnover has been a direct impact of the issue of low availability of workforce in Health and Social Care sector in UK. It has affected all the centres engaged in providing the same type of care. It has been observed that there is issue with the structure in which students are made to learn or take admission in High Schools (Macdonald. 2020). It has been observed that the Education System is such that there is not much awareness among students to take interest in getting skilled in providing health and social cares. It has led to increase of labour shortage and can be stated as a basic grassroot level issue (Macdonald. 2020). It has been observed to be a cyclic process starting from internal administrative and organizational weakness in regulate the sector. Low salary range has not made it attractive in front of students and it has ended their interest in taking up the industry seriously to make a career in it.

It has been observed that there has been there is also another reason of the large gap of skilled labour force in the industry and that has been due to not issuing visa. It has been observed that caring is not qualified as per Government norms of UK to be any skill set. Hence, it cannot be showed as a reason to engage in professional practice and obtaining visa through that option is not possible. The effect that has been seen is that of near collapse of the sector service in UK. Another probable reason is that HackmosCare has not been able to train and retain the employee from Healthcare service sector to its Social and Health givers. This has been due to difficult working condition and no facilities were provided to them. It has led to demotivation of employee in the section leading to high turnover (Moro,Savageand Gehlert, 2017).

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis has been performed in order to understand the company strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats. It has been an analytical tool to understand internal condition of the company and has helped an organization to take steps so as to counter the threats. It also helps n taking steps to grab of the opportunities identified. The SWOT analysis of Hackmos Care can be stated in the following manner:

Strength:The strength of the company lies in the fact that it has been successful in providing a range of care service that has made people to lead healthier lives. It has given opportunity to talented staff members along with providing support to families. It has been able to maintain a large network of doctors, physicians and medical professionals so that healthcare centres requiring it can be provided with. The strength also lies in fact that it has been able to build a strong reputation over past years. It has been able to maintain a suitable organizational structure so that improvement in service can be achieved. It has been given as feedback that the service provided ae worth of the money that they are charged off. Effective leadership shown have helped the healthcare centres employees to give their best effort for the organization.

Weakness:One of the major weakness that lies in case of Hackmos Care is that it does not have enough staff providing and health care. It has been observed that weakness of the company lies in fact that there has been degradation of quality of service if certain employees ae on leave. The issue has been evident in case when 30% of the employees are absent due to leave or have taken sudden absence from work. It has been observed that there has been issue with providing Health and Social care as there have been low amount of skilled labour available. It has been observed that the weakness also lies in fact that there is not much effective pay structure to make the employees stay.

Opportunities:It has been observed that there are various opportunities present in front of the company to grab. It has been observed that there has been recommendation of extending the visiting hours. It can be done so as to satisfy family members of the patient admitted along with making the later stay happy with facilities available at the centre. There has been great opportunity of training the employees so that they become enough skilled in providing health and social services (Moro,Savageand Gehlert, 2017). It is also expected that they improve the pay scale so as to improve the condition of working and lead to increase in satisfaction.

Threats:It has been observed that threat lies in fact that there has been issue of collapse of Health and Social Care service centres. It is reported that there has been low availability of skilled labour force in the sector of providing social care. This has increased pressure on rest of care givers resulting in degradation of performance and hence, threat of patients suffering from wrong diagnosis or care plan.

Evaluation of Measure to mitigate the issue

There are various strategies that can be framed in order to mitigate the issue of low availability of skilled labour forces. There has been acute shortage of skilled labour both in Hackmos Care and in overall industry of providing social care. This ca eb solved following the strategies as mentioned below:

There is requirement of improving the fundamental structure and making it as a mandatory course to take in Higher education. The issue needs to be addressed from grassroot level and as children can be shaped as desired, it will beneficial if advantage of providing social care can be communicated to them (Commonslibrary.parliament.uk, 2020). It has been observed that there is requirement of spreading of awareness among students so that they take the role of skilled Health and Social Providers (Sukumar, 2020). The Higher Education must include curriculum of intense giving of social and health care to the community members so that a sense of responsibility is bestowed on them. It has been observed that greater number of students must be encouraged to take up courses of learning such activities from professional areas.

The structure of working need to be improved through support from UK Government and NHS. It has been observed that there need to have a pay grade that satisfies the employees working in the sector. It will help decrease of employee turnover of Hackmos Care and will engage more employees in making the services to society. It has been observed that there is requirement of making the pay scale as per International standard so that employees do not try in foreign health and social care centres (Commonslibrary.parliament.uk, 2020)

It has been observed that the visa rules in UK must not be so strict. It has been observed that more the difficulty in making the permission to come to UK for professional practice in the field more is delay in mitigating the gap. This need to be solved through allowing the individuals showing providing health and social service as skill to get a working visa. This will hep in solving the issue of skilled labour shortage in UK.


It has been observed that there has been acute shortage of Skilled Labour in UK and it has depleted the centres such as Hackmos Care in providing services in the same field. It can be interpreted that there is requirement of improving pay scale to employees of Hackmos Care working in long hours in social and health care centres. It needs to be solved through improving the administrative functions and making the pay scale as per International standards. It can be concluded that there is requirement of improving the awareness level among students to take up Health and Social Courses in Higher Education. This will help in mitigating the issue of skilled labour shortage at a grassroot level. This will improve the condition of providing social care in Hackmos Care and improve satisfaction level of the service seekers.


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