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Professional Development & Career Planning: An Analysis

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Introduction - Professional Development Through Organizational Growth

The following study will provide an overview of an individual's professional development and placement activities and how they can be influenced by the development of an organisation and its business and management. The entire report will be divided into three separate sections to critically analyse and evaluate the various important issues of an organisation and how they can affect an individual's professional and personal lifestyle. The secondary part of the report will present an effective reflection note on an individual role and position in an industry. Finally, the last part of the study will cover a development growth plan for an individual by a career development template.

Section 1: Organisation analysis

1.1 Apasen administrative level of organisational overview

Apasen organisational overview, vision and mission

Founded in 1984, Apasen is a popular and individual established social and community service provider in the United Kingdom. The primary mission of their organisation to become a leading charitable firm that is used to empower domestic and international people in the UK over the better choice, well-being and excellence of their lives (apasen, 2022). The organisation has already incorporated with various organisations and charitable firms to grow their support and service towards the community and social responsibility. Apasen offers a wide range of personalised support and activities that create a variety of situations and meet people with disabilities and young and old communities.

The organisational structure of Apasen

Meet the senior team members of the Apasen, which assured an effective organisational structure, strategies and production culture in order to deliver exceptional service for their clients and their families. The organisational structure of Apasen core senior members are presented below:

Primary activities of Apasen

The organisation's primary activities are community service and charitable activities; they provide regular education and social sessions for their clients and service requirements through a wide range of campaigning and confrontation. Apasen also promotes multiple inclusion and wellbeing for their people who are physically disabled and handicapped all from their backgrounds. Generally, Apasen is run by the Executive Director and its associated with a Non-Executive Broad of trustees. Non-Executive Broad is primarily responsible for the organisation's missions, visions, values and charitable activities. Executive Director and Trustees are used to incorporating with each other to develop and enhance the long their business strategy for the Apasen.

The majority of Apasen individual trustees are selected based on their individual experience in different service and relevant areas such as health, society, charity, social care, financial management and human resource teams. Figure 02 shows the major trustees of the Apasen on behalf of their individual roles and activity.

1.2 Departmental level analysis of Apasen

Apasen is the most popular and biggest service provider and charitable organisation in the UK (register-of-charities, 2022). My role as an administrator of the organisation is involved, so I control the entire administrative work for the success and effectiveness of the organisation, which is managed by the higher management authority of the organisation. As the Business Administrator Branch, I have always been responsible for conducting domestic and international operations to oversee its day-to-day operations and its business activities. I always motivate my administrative team to examine every business aspect of the organisation, such as recruiting and retaining staff management, organising departmental meetings, communicating with associated trustees and incorporating firms, bonding between upper and lower team management, and implementing new rules and policies. Scrutinise daily organisation operations and many more.

As an administrator of Apasen, my primary goal is to manage, control, and manage the ultimate successes and achievements of the organisation's support services and activities. I believe that a manager achieves his goals through a smooth flow of interpersonal communication and an efficient leadership attitude towards his followers in the day-to-day activities and workflow of the organisation (Putri, 2018).This is because of a community social services and provider organisation, so I have to meet multiple types of clients and co-partners for their needs and requirements, which means I will always maintain a very energetic and accepting attitude towards everyone for their acceptance. Although, I would rather say that my role in the organisation is a mixture of everything, where my personal attitude and work structure must be linked to the organisation's long-term goal, vision, mission, and achievement.

As I said before, the organisation's work structure usually depends on the executive director and the non-executive board of trustees, so I work with both the important branches of the organisation. Sometimes I have invested a certain amount of time in understanding and analysing how I will handle both important wing tasks and regulations equally and use them for the ultimate success and achievement of all these organisations. While the time of my appointment of the organisation, I felt that the administration unit was the most suitable position for me in the organisation. I would use it to develop my communication and relationship skills to stay between the two important upper management of a similar organisation.

Section 2: Reflection of my role in Apasen

During my role as administrative staff of Apasen, I have gained multiple experiences throughout my entire career at the company. I have also experienced various administrative responsibilities and managing understandings within the organisation, and my professionalism and personal development skills have also been developed throughout the organisation's activities and business performance. Personal skill sets related to different types of recruitment, such as positive attitude, confidence, truthfulness, honesty and courteous behaviour, I have gradually developed from my operational activities in Apasen management and its professional approach towards their employees and clients (Royo et al., 2018). Below I divide and elaborate on my personal reflection experience separated into five essential weeks:

Week one

This is an early week where I usually learn how to manage the administrative department and its team members so that the organisation's short-term achievements and goals can be stimulated. My senior members and colleagues describe my responsibilities, duties, and activities regarding the organisation's structure and working methods throughout the week. I examine many important organisation files to understand the organisation's work structure and their social services and community activities towards their clients and their families. I have personally seen some of Apasen's advertisements, online performances, social site activities, news articles, and magazines, which have helped me understand the company's reputation towards their client base and overall domestic and international presence. However, it was the most important week for me to qualify myself for the organisation's administration position.

Week two

For the first time this week, I attended an internal board meeting of the organisation, where I clearly understood how Apasen was developed by its two separate upper wings of the management. I have practically understood the individual roles of the organisation's Executive Broad members and the Non-Executive Broad of Trustees' operational workflows on the organisation's common goals and achievements. After the board meeting was over, I was responsible for another external meeting for the next week; for my own understanding, I received multiple meeting agendas, ideas, portfolios and investment notes from the organisation's management teams and departments. It was the first challenge for me from the organisation that I may have to administer and accomplish perfectly in my own way.

Week three

Initially, the third week was critically challenging and difficult for me, I didn't understand much about upcoming meetings such as my own preparation, team management, critical meeting agendas, self-communication and interpersonal activity and much more. My superiors and mentors have always inspired me about my upcoming meetings about its duration, agenda, outcomes and truthfulness to enhance my personal communication and relationship skills because I must always remember that Apasen is a community service and charitable industry. After conducting the meeting successfully, I used to believe in myself, including my behaviour, communication skills, interpersonal ability, and understanding capability to increase organisational performance and my own reflective development.

Week four

In the fourth week, I need to consult with my new organisation's partners, who want to be involved in the organisation's charitable activities and donate their property to the organisation's physically challenged and mentally disabled clients. I have to attend and motivate them positively to choose our organisation about the matter, and I need to prepare for myself how I could interest them in my organisation for their donations and charities. I have created an effective slide presentation for the client, where I have to keep everything about the organisation like the work culture, motto, vision, goals, client and performance of the last ten years. Over time, I have learned and developed some of my most important oral and physical skills, which continue to help me throughout my professional and personal career.

Week five

In week five, I was visited a physical rehab centre in Apasen, where i personally realised how the organisation is treating and caring for so many distressed and physically challenged people by their compassion and humankind. Throughout the first month of the organisation, I have always felt very fortunate to be part of my charitable work and this sensitive and humanitarian work. During my internal and external activities, I have connected and gained experience with more than fifty charities and non-governmental organisations, it increases my internal sympathy and personal transformation that we are much happier than others. It is influencing my leadership qualities to make my followers understand and empathise with effective and productive behaviour.

Different skills and knowledge that I gained throughout your placement

After I had completed my placement in Apasen as an administration position, I realised various kind of business and management skills throughout the selection procedure and the provision period. I have served a one-month probation and training period for Apasen. I regularly engage with multiple management and business-based situations, and I understand how these problems are alleviated by effective humanism and a productive attitude. Transformational leadership skills, I learned to use the popular leadership skills described from this organisation to effectively employ and manage my team in an efficient and effective manner. Although working in a charity, I have learned how to enhance my inner humanity and kindness especially I believe that humanity and compassion are extremely important for any individual in their personal and professional growth (Wallach et al., 2018).

Section 3: Career Plan



Student Name:Date:

Personal Mission Statement

My mission statement is to develop and perfect my skills within my leadership, communication and interpersonal relationship so that I can perform more productively and energetically towards my organisation's goals and future achievements. 

<table ">

Long-term Career Goals: 3 to 5 years

Personal development objectives of interest

Areas to develop (communication, leadership and interpersonal skills)

My long-time goal is to serve an organisation as an Executive Director and efficiently manage the entire organisational structure from bottom to top

Effective communication

Transformational leadership style

The maximum knowledge gained from different leads.

Extensive range of self-confidence built in me

I wish to earn a minimum of £200,000 per year in future

Build up an outstanding career graph

Self-development and marketing skills

Increasing more scholarship and erudition in myself

Become a well-known SEO or CEO within the world

Literacy and vocabulary skills

Creativity and leadership variations

Multiple organisation experience

Short-term Career Goals: 1 to 2 years

Personal development objectives of interest

Areas to develop (communication, leadership and interpersonal skills)

Join some specialisation course in business and management

Improve my writing and communication skills

Dedicatedly clear my weekend planning for study and practising. 

I need to achieve some annual award for my organisational performance


Time management

Mitigate inter-language barrier

Enhance team and managing performance

Become a coveted Leader for everyone

Need to start short investment for my future scholar programme

Need to make monthly short term investment

Required any recurring and fixed deposit

Developmental Activities

Required Resources

Scheduled Date

Completion Date/ Results

Communication Skills development: it is the most essential and important factor for my personal and professional career development

Online communication course – already obtained

Started – 01th May, 2022

01st August, 2022

Effective leadership skills: I need to focus on my leadership skills and quality

Online books, journals and articles

Starting from 01st June, 2022

This is a lifelong process that I will always continue

Interpersonal Skills development: This is the another important set of skills that I need to develop for my universal acceptance

Online research and practice

Separate group to polish interpersonal skills

It started on 01st March, 2020

01st March, 2023

Public speaking: I can help to build my confidence to say something about myself

Associating with multiple societies

Start from November or December, 2022

December, 2023

Financial Marketing Management Course: After completing the course, I will understand the effective management and business for an organisation to rely on micro and macroeconomic factors of an organisation

Royal Holloway, University of London

Starting from March, 2023

March, 2025

Time management: Time management is the most important thing in anyone's life, I need to build my time management skills for future development

Attend a personal and professional grooming class

Starting from September, 2022

December. 2021

Self-creativity development: Creativity has evolved to help similar factors in a whole new and authentic way with the dual process of generations and their new ideas.



December, 2022

September, 2023


The entire study analysed the professional development and placement activities of an individual and how the impact of that development and placement structure on an organisation's business and management workflows. The report's three separate sections critically analysed an organisation's important factors and showed how an individual could become accustomed to these factors. The secondary section of the report presents a reflection of a person and how they developed their behaviour with the help of organisational structure and activities. The last section of the study reflected an individual and evolved with the growth of his development with the help of career development templates.


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Wallach, A.D., Bekoff, M., Batavia, C., Nelson, M.P. and Ramp, D., (2018). Summoning compassion to address the challenges of conservation. Conservation Biology32(6), pp.1255-1265.

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