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Unit 19 Health Care Reflective Logs Assignment

1. Introduction - Unit 19 Health Care Reflective Logs

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Person-centered care falls on the category of an elementary standard of care which is profoundly supported on the quality commission as per my understanding. I have understood from various indulgences that conveying person-centered care occupies helping the patients ahead of their situation and tailoring my service in order to ensemble their specific individual needs and requirements (Babiker, 2014).

This study aims to deliver the various aspects of person-centered care in a reflective manner. Therefore it will generate an action plan on the basis of the illustration of the specific things.

2. Comparative reflective account of own provision of person-centered care in different workplace settings

 I have understood that the Provision of person-centered care in different workplaces is quite dissimilar and also specific regarding the matter of fulfilling the ultimate requirements of the patients in a deliberate manner. Here are the discussions of my own provision of person-centered care in different workplace settings in a brief manner:

2.1 Person-centered care in a cancer treatment clinic

According to my, a cancer care institution, it requires an integrative program and the capability of nurses should be exceeded. These are the illustration of some effective provisions of education and training which should be presented in a cancer care clinic as per my perception.

  • Detailed topics should be implemented which additionally highlight and should be able to explain the thoughts that are being included, along with within the continuing academic curriculum of the hospital or the institution.
  • Needs to be able to understand the influence of psychosocial dimensions of care on treatment results in terms of the cancer patients.
  • Connecting experts in terms of added effort on the meantime of appraisal of patients and consideration of symptoms with a sequence of disease giving judgments on palliative radiotherapy (Kim, and Park, 2017).
  • Assigning information all the way through relations concerning death and sustain professed through all the phases as well as the incurable phase.
  • Conversing appealing clinical information e.g. extreme is concerned on half of the face of the patient along within developing apical lung cancer.
  • Perseverance appraisals of the cancer patients with the main advisors after symptoms are proscribed (Dellenborg, Wikström and Erichsen, 2019).

The above provisions are indeed necessary for a cancer care clinic as per my understanding.

2.2 person-centered care in a rehabilitation center

 I have implicit through various researches that condition in rehabilitation care centers has to be special and maintains specific rules. Here is the illustration of some effective principles of the rehabilitation center and those should be implemented by the medical staff or nurses to provide better services as per my viewpoint.

Respecting the individual

 As per my conception, learning the ultimate behaviors of the patients is exceedingly necessary for nurses. Understanding the psychological aspects of the patients is indeed necessary for incorporating them into the care plan according to my perception.

Treating people with dignity

I have understood that treating people with dignity is vital in terms of rehabilitation care. It requires conversing within the patient reverentially, paying attention to the way they have to declare, and captivating on paneling the contribution. It basically refers to upholding their pride and circumvents awkwardness or embarrassments according to me.

Understanding their experiences and goals

According to my various research shows that successful long-term care is exceedingly important in order to know the life experience of the patients (Dellenborg, Wikström and Erichsen, 2019). Learning of the major goals of the patients might be accommodating in acknowledging further care as per my understanding.

Maintaining confidentiality

In terms of confidentiality, I have implicit that the maintenance of confidentiality is extremely necessary. It will be responsible for sustaining the mental well-being of the patients along with putting together trust and generating a dynamic relationship according to me.

3. Effectiveness in managing workload as part of a team providing person-centered care in different workplaces

 The implications of a person-centered team will be able to contribute to a sense of principle who basically knows what to do and what not to for the team members as per my conception. It is indeed true that Person-Centered Teams have been considered as the major factor for executing person-centered plans and person-centered philosophy as per my concern. The ultimate effectiveness in managing the workload in terms of a team providing person-centered care is illustrated below

  • The purpose of the team in terms of person-centered care is to appreciate the individual qualities and strengths of the members of the team (Vassbø, 2019).
  • Being a significant part of the team is exceedingly important, has been considered as the foremost part of me. As per my understanding, the understanding of being approved, implicit, supported, and long-established through the team might alter a depressed and rather firm day into a sentiment of being providential and content at work (Schroeder and Lorenz, 2018).
  • It has been observed that I feel better when we work as a team. I experience a smaller amount of strain and pressure, yet though the prescribed necessities are similar. It is optimistic in terms of all the members, I believe.

4. Consistent approach to high-quality care in different health and care settings

In terms of different personal care institutions, the continuous approach in order to provide high-quality care requires these significant factors as per my various researches and understandings:


I believe that storming is a conflict stage in terms of the team members along with some rebellion against the allocated tasks (Fazio, Pace, Flinner and Kallmyer, 2018). It is indeed necessary to develop this process for the team members as they get aggravated during the time of progressing according to me.


I believe that open communication between the team members will be able to facilitate the working progression. Any kind of miscommunication among the team members might lead to major confronts as per my understandings.


It has been observed extensively by me that Team members are extremely devoted to shimmering upon the teaching they erudite in terms of their each day behaviors and utilizing this as a reflective understanding. Diminishing the curiosity level by the team members will be accommodating to overcome silly problems faced by them.


 I believe that the Formation of the team is indeed obligatory for the team in order to avoid any kind of confusion encountered by the team members. Mitigating the issues of various confusions only can be solved by the effective formation of the group.


I suppose that efficient team leaders smooth the progress of, coach, and synchronize the activities of additional team members. It has been observed that Effective leadership has been considered as the major feature of an efficient team according to me.

I consider, through implementing these foremost factors the process of teamwork will be facilitated. Through improving the efficiency of the team, it will be beneficial in providing better service in terms of health and care settings.

Action Plan

Construction of a short, medium, and long term plan

· Short term:  In terms of generating high-quality care for a short period of time I have been able to create an effective short-term plan for improvising my efficiency in order to improve my own practice and skills. I will try to develop my leadership skill as it will assist me in the progression of teamwork. Therefore, by decreasing any kind of medication errors and enhancing the communication channel of patient-related information, I will be competent to increase my capabilities as well as mitigate major challenges. I have decided to accomplish gaining this knowledge in terms of 3 months.

· Medium-term:  Due to the matter of exceptional performance I need to know the core insights of the patients and in order to analyze their psychological insights I have to be able to be superior in communication. I believe that understanding their psychological aspects will assist me to work better during the time of accomplishing my work by knowing their requirements. Consequently, it is indeed obligatory for me to maintain the confidentiality of the patients during the time of sharing our values and beliefs. By creating a major trust, I will be able to know more about the patients which will be beneficial for the recovery of the patients. This may take almost 6 months.

· Long-term: In the case of becoming a leader, I have to be more proficient in my working procedure. In terms of teamwork, diminishing the curiosity level and confusion of the members will help me to become a better leader in the future. It has been observed by me that, during the time of formation of the team, there have been found some people who create major problems or go against the team leader's decision. Regarding these issues, I have to be able in mitigating these kinds of issues through resilience power. This will take time around 1opr more than 1 year. 

Analysis of the practicality of the plan

Through the implementation of this significant plan might help in mitigating the major weakness that I have encountered previously. This effective plan will be extremely accommodating for me to develop my skills and capabilities to progress better. As a matter of fact, not only do these plans assist me to enhance my capabilities but also will facilitate me to analysis the psychological aspects of the patients.

Implementation of the short term plan

In terms of the short-term plan, my purpose is to enhance my capability to avoid any kind of issues in leadership-related issues. Therefore, I will improve my communication through greetings people and small talks. Through commenting on the dressing senses of my colleagues or being curious to know their mental condition will help me to build a communication channel between us. Therefore, the successful implication will be able to succeed me in fulfilling my short-term plan in a deliberate manner.

Monitoring of the implementation process

According to my, an effective program or additional training for the nurse or medical staff focusing on person-centered care might be helpful in improving the quality assurance of the staff. It has been observed that through the implication of the program it will be extremely accommodating for them to become more serious about their profession. I believe that connecting with the patients emotionally and behaving in a pleasurable way is the key to success in the health care sector. Every organisation requires focusing on the issue. 

Production of a critical reflective action plan

The formation of a critical reflective plan requires much effort and input. However, I have observed that the key to success in a health care sector needs a strong emotional bond with the patients. In that case, treating with dignity will help me in both personal and professional growth. Therefore, I have learned that in terms of teamwork, there are some complexities in achieving these plans and will need much effort and additional time for my development.

5. Conclusion

The objective of transporting quality patient care is subject matter to elevated performance throughout patient listening carefully teams. On the other hand, I require shutting a gap between conventional practices and the innovative approaches necessary from an effective team to attain such an immense ambition. Consequently, the ultimate aim of the health care organizations might as long as excellent patient care through accepting extensive team bottom culture where certain principles and philosophies which are common and obviously communicated in the middle of team members as well as patients who have to be located in the mid of the care.


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