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Community Engagement Assignment sample


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In this report, the author wants to say that nowadays there is very important for community engagement in the research of any type which is undertaken so that they can focus on the betterment of their society and for their good health and progress. The main focus of the author related to this article is that to make the audience focus on the need for community engagement in research so that they can understand the social needs and wants better and do the research in the favor of the social goods.

Analysis of the Need of the Community Engagement

Research informed Literature

The based community participatory research is that type of approach which is related to the involvement of the community in the research. With the help of community engagement, the research becomes more relevant and accurate and it helps in finding out the problems in the society more perfectly and it will help in the better solution development of the research problem from it (Key et al, 2019). There are much research is done for the betterment of the country and society and by the businesses for their development of the new product or services and when the involvement of the community will be their then the deep research can be done which will be more suitable and accurate and perfect which can help both the community and the businesses and the government and the society. As it has been that the government also made many types of research related to the growth of their infrastructure and other plans for their country development and when they will involve the community engagement in their research then they will be able to know the actual problems of their society and can do the better things for the improvement of those problems and issues which the society are facing. As if they will not involve the community engagement in their research then they will not be able to understand the society needs more perfectly and in the further future, they will be able to face the problems like delay in their projects and the protest by the common people which can bring down their growth and economy if the society will go against them.

Knowledge and Understanding of Subject

With the help of the community engagement in the research, it will become easy for the research to find out all the problems at all the levels of the research topics and can have the good solution of all the problems by involving the community people in it which help in the better community health and overcoming from the distrust of the community on the government and the businesses (Reid & Howard, 2016). Which they think that they are not doing good things for the betterment of theirs. Nowadays many new enterprises and businesses are opening with their new product and services and before that, they do the research in the outside world where they want to launch their service or product and where they target their audience. For becoming a better business and start-up in society they need to involve the community engagement in their research so that they can find out the better opportunity and threats to their business and can overcome it. It is very important to focus on social growth and development and launch those service or product which can help the businesses to capture a good market and launch or produce only those things which can help the society and the environment and not make any harm to them. For doing this they need to involve the society or community engagement in their research. This will bring the community education and community better health prospects if they involve the community in their projects or research which will reduce the overall chances of the problems and protest which the community members can do in the future if they don't meet their requirement and if they find out any problems and issues in it (Reynolds & Sariola, 2018).

Nowadays it becomes very important to do the things with taking the society picture in the mind that which can help in a better environment and better growth of their social people. Like when the government plan for the infrastructure development like the roads, bridges, power plant and water plant for that they take many decisions where they need to plan their project and where they need to make decisions for the installation of their new plants. They also have to find out the best suitable places for this projects and they should need to see that it will not harm the society people and this should be for the betterment of the society and this will not raise any issues and problems while completion of their projects like any protest and any delay in their projects. Sometimes the government arrange and make those projects which are the betterment of the country but the people of the society will think that the government projects are not for their betterment due to which they start protesting against the government and start doing the things to stop the projects of the government (Goodman et al, 2017). This creates many problems for the government in the completion of their projects and sometimes it happens that the government has to close their projects also due to the society people heavy protest against the project. This causes problems for the government as they lose their money and their trust for their society and this brings down their plans for the development of their country and their society. So it is very important for the community engagement in the research of the government plans and projects so that they can better understand and educate their society that what they are planning and how this will help them in their future growth and development. As if the government is planning to develop the new bridge or new water plant in some area they need to engage the community and their members and educate them about its benefits to them and how this will goes and in how many days it will be ready and how this will help them in the betterment of their future.

The story is the same with the businesses also as sometimes many businesses launch their product or services in the market without thinking about its benefits to their society and any harm to the environment and society (McMullen et al, 2020). They do it just for the motive of their profit. So other businesses face problems due to some other businesses and they face problems in the launching of the products and services which will be good for society and their people. To make a better understanding in the society they need to involve the community engagement in their research so that they can educate them and show them the real picture or image of their company that they are doing only for the betterment of the society. This will help in the proper managing the issues of the society and community (Michael et al., 2017). When the community will be involved in the research this will help both the community and the government and the organizations for the better growth and success of their projects and which help the society for their future. It has been seen that many organization are producing those products which harm the environment and natural resources due to which the society and community protest against them which harm the business operation and their profit and market in the business environment.

The engagement of the community will help in the proper understanding and awareness about the social problems and helping the government and organization to teach them about their new projects and plans which will help them in the betterment of their benefits (Reid & Howard, 2016). The community partnership means the government and the organization researcher do their work by making the good partnership relationship with the community members will help in the better growth and success of the projects and reduce the chances of the protest by the community members. 

Practical Application and Deployment

In this article, the community education model is used in this literature review as through this model the government and the principles of the community can be combined so that the great outcome can be brought out and which solve the problems and issues of the community or society and help in the better research of the government and the organization by keeping in view the importance of the community engagement in it.

The government and organization research can become better and their project can be done on time with proper growth and success if they involve the community members in it like they can reduce the issues which are created by the community can be reduced. This can be reduced by showing the perfect image of their organization and government projects will help them in creating a good image in the minds of the society as they will be able to know the importance of the projects and plans which the government is planning for them (Michael et al., 2017). They will not do any protest in the future related to that this help the government in the proper engagement of the community in that research and they will be able to make a good impact on the society that they are doing the things for the welfare of them. When the organization will share about their previous projects or products which they serve to the society then it will help them in creating a good image in the minds of the society that the company are launching.

By involving the community in their research, they will be able to tell the society about the importance of their products and services which they will go serve in the society how it will help them in the solving of their daily life problems and by this, the companies will be able to make good research through the proper involvement of the community engagement in their research (Key et al, 2019).

In the research, community engagement becomes very important as when the members of the community will collaborate and they will be able to work together then they will come out with the more perfect ideas and views in creating the good products or services which can help the society and by doing this there will be no issue in the future related to the project or product (Huang and To, 2020). If they will work together then they know how it will best meet society's problems and issues and in how the best way they will be able to make things better for their growth and success of their projects. The organization or government needs to get aware of the benefits of the society and this can be better done with the help of community engagement in the research.

Conclusion and Recommendation


From this article, it can be concluded that community engagement is very important as through the engagement the organization and government can do better research related to their projects or plans which they are planning to launch in the market. As when the community will also work with them they will be able to know the issues and problems more deeply and perfectly and have a good solution from it (Saepudin & Mulyono, 2019).

The recommendation related to community engagement and better research by the companies and the government.

  • Proper understanding of the ideas and views of the community members how the new project and products (Majee and Anakwe, 2020).
  • Showing them the perfect knowledge about the organization and company what they are planning and how it will help in the best way to provide a society for their better future.
  • Educate them properly will lead to the better growth of their business and projects (.
  • Connecting emotionally with the community members and the society will help in the better research and development of the society and their projects which will reduce any type of protest in the future by the society (Huang and To, 2020).
  • Always try to ask for the community's help so that it will create an image of support and development of their projects and their implementation.


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