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Academic Skills And Studying With Confidence

Introduction- Academic Skills And Studying With Confidence

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Section 1

A) To collect some books and the information from journals the access to the library is very important as there is a huge source of different books on a specific subject.

In the assessment work, an important computing program is “tally”. This computing program can help in the recording of data from the different journals or books or research articles to get an idea about the scenario, on which the assessment is based.

B) In this case, to complete the assessment it is very important to develop some plan which can be followed to complete the assessment errorless. In this case, the managient of the time and development of a study plan is done (Lobbezoo et al. 2018). The calendar and a “to-do” list are made to meet every day's study requirients. The aim of the assessment should be very clear; therefore a number of research articles, books, and journals are collected.

C) The study skill handbook, Pearson, is carried to the class. It helps in understanding the class topic related to my study and subject.

D) A reference is a source of study materials that allows a student to acknowledge another writer’s contributions to research or assessment on a particular topic.

A bibliography is mainly a work source list that includes the books and the articles written by the other author or other writers.

A list of references contains sources one has cited “in-text” in his assignment. A bibliography is the list of all the sources one used to get some ideas about the particular topic including those cited in the assignment as well as those that one did not cite.

It is important to complete an assessment by avoiding the risk of copyright hampering and acknowledging the original authors. It is also important to avoid plagiarism. It helps by making a clear idea about which information is collected and which information is self-generated.

E) Plagiarism defines the process of presenting the work of other writers or other researchers in their own study without their consent or acknowledgment.

It is very important to avoid plagiarism because if some data are collected from another author without any consent it can hamper the rules of copyright.

F) The best source for the assessment work was the “Pubmed” which includes information on the specific topic which are very relevant.

The “Pubmed” is a very authentic source for collecting information. It has a particular DOI number for each and every article, and full details of the author and the paper therefore it can be said that it is an authentic and relevant source.

Section 2

A) The three best qualities of an essay and report writing are Focus and Correctness, Development of ideas, and A Relatable scenario.

The importance of these qualities in an essay or report writing is that focus and correctness help in having a clear central idea about the topic, and the development of ideas helps by supporting the ideas that are grown (Crossley, 2020). The information should always be collected from relatable sources so that no objection can be generated regarding the essay and the report.

B) Reflection of a study is mainly the idea that one has developed during going through the work or during working on report writing or essay writing.

Reflection helps one to describe what actually the student or the researcher understood throughout the project work and what the researcher or the student should develop to improve the quality of the project.

C) Speaking confidently in internationally practiced languages can help in expressing the views. Verbal communication skills and the development of these skills can also help. Nonverbal communication and the development of communication for the expression of views can also help. Development of Visual communication skills is also needed. 

D) Debating is a way of expressing the main point of view of a participant on a particular topic.

Debating has a great contribution because it shows both the positive and the negative aspects of a topic. Therefore a clear idea about a topic can be developed.

E) The three main qualities of the presentation skill are the simplicity in the way of presenting a topic, opening and closing phrases which must be framed keeping in the mind the quality of the audience and situation, and the third is the meaningfulness which is a very important criterion of a presentation to improve the acceptance.

F) To manage the time it is important to develop a plan which must be noted from time to time. in this case, the setting up of a goal is another important criterion to manage the time. Keeping a “to do” list is also helpful for managing the time and keeping working in a systiatic way.

G) Making a proper plan before studying the entire syllabus can help. Taking breaks and revising what I have learned before helps in recapturing the study. Eating healthy and sleeping properly can help in maintaining the stress level before the exam as well.

Section 3

1. Low motivation in the case of a student may cause a severe probli in his study. In this case, the lack of motivation may be a sign of depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in a student. The lack of motivation is a type of clinical or symptomatic depression that can cause a sudden mood disorder, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and bipolar depression. These actually have an adverse effect on the study of a student.

2. In this case, the student can first take the help of a professional psychiatrist which may be helpful for the iotional control of the student along with the practice of the self-help and self-care strategies as much as possible. The student himself can take some initiative such as having some “me time” and engaging himself in creative work to increase positivity.

3. The teachers also can support the students by developing a meaningful and respectful relationship with the student so that they can make thi motivated with their regulated performance. They can get support from a mental health care professional. The family and the surrounding should be very positive (Puspitarini and Hanif, 2019). In the case of the classroom, the community of learners should be grown, it can help in establishing expectations and clear goals.

4. Time managient allows the student to increase their confidence in thiself as they follow systiatic studying with a particular time goal. In the case of time managient a student can use a calendar to set a study goal and by making a daily “to-do” list. A student can manage the study time to improve the study time and concentration on the study by noticing the procrastination.


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