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Evaluation of Strengths and Weaknesses in Learning Assignment Sample

INTRODUCTION - Evaluation of Advantages and Disadvantages in Learning Assignment

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SWOT analysis is considered as tool which is used by individual person or organization for self-analysis process. This process can help the individual person to identify own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats(Issayev, Masalimova and Magzumova, 2018). This process can help person to implement personal development plan or plan further activities in order to get success in personal and professional career. This report will be based on personal SWOT analysis and relationship between strengths and weaknesses. Proper justification also will be provided in report that how strengths and weaknesses are related to the particular theory.

SWOT - Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis


  • I have tendency to learn various things quickly.
  • Good knowledge of various fields like business management and business environment is effective for practical learning process.
  • Capability to lead different process in organization and processes with effective learning capability.
  • Effective problem solving skill that can help to improve learning process.


  • Poor communication skill and it can affect learning process.
  • Lack of technical skills and knowledge.
  • Lack of experience in business organization.
  • Lack of experience to work in a team.


  • Different technical skills can be developed to improve eligibility in business organizations.
  • Vocational and industrial trainings can help to improve knowledge.
  • Personal and professional skills can targeted to get competitive advantage among other eligible candidates.


  • High competition in interview and selection process.
  • Economic crisis due to Coronavirus can affect the chances of employment in corporate sector.

Through this process, various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are analysed through the SWOT analysis process.

Ability to learn various things quickly can help to deal with various problems that needs different skills for completion. This skill is effective in professional career where different tasks are required to perform in limited time. The other strength is related to knowledge of business organization(Madsen, D.Ø., 2016). It can be considered effective skill because it can help to learn various business practices. These strengths are effective for professional career in business organization.

There are some weaknesses are also crucial for the professional career. This is most important to have effective communication skill to effective transfer of information and data with in the work place. The other weakness is related to technical knowledge. Lack of technical knowledge can reduce effectiveness of individual's operations in organization. These strengths and weaknesses are need to be considered in order to avoid failure in personal and professional career.

Behaviour Theory of Learning

 The behavioural theory of learning is based on the role of environment and conditions in the learning process of different people or students(Turner and Parkes, 2020). Different consequences of environment on learning process of individual person also need to be considered to make further development in the learning process. Effective environment can be developed in order to improve the learning process of individual person in organization. Effective environment can be developed to address and mitigate the issues that are related to the weaknesses of professional career.


 This report is based on personal SWOT analysis and result of the personal analysis process. Proper justification for strengths and weaknesses has been discussed in the report. Different factors related to behavioural theory of learning has been considered in report.


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