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Reflective Learning Report Assignment Sample


The assessment is based on the learning that our experience and understand from the modulus in the form of reflective report. A reflective report refers to the process of developing document that summarises the learnings of student in a critical way. The reflective report provides immense opportunities to gain deep insights from the experience and work by performing the reflection on own learning activities. Reflective writing report also allows further consideration to analyse the perspectives of learning from different people and theories. This reflective report will be develop on my module learning because reflective writing plays an important role in in keeping the information and knowledge for long term. Without reflecting on own experience and learnings they are tend to be forgot quickly. Hence, reflective writing is essential to improve learning potential and general lysing the different concepts. In this report the Kolb's experiential learning cycle will be apply on each selected topic from the module learning to commence and develop a reflective report. The aim of report is to analyse different topics to define their importance in developing better learning experience. The report will focus on the five topic from module including communication skills, team working, problem solving skills, perseverance and motivation and the working under pressure.

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Kolb's Experiential learning Cycle Theory:

The Kolb's experiential learning theory (ETL) Brazil developed by David A that includes four stages of learning behaviour. The four stages of Kolb's ELT include concrete learning that defines the process of having experience by doing something, Reflective observation that defines the process of reviewing and reflecting on the experience, abstract conceptualization that refers to the process of concluding and demonstrating the learning from a particular experience and active experimentation that refers to the further planning based on the learning or the plan to utilise present learning in future (Fewster-Thuenteand Batteson, 2018).

(Kolb's learning style model, 2017)

(Source: https://www.skillshub.com/what-are-kolbs-learning-styles/)

Topic learn from module

Communication skills-

Concrete experience:I recognize that Communication skills are important to interactive efficiently in different academic and professional environment and it is essential to in competencies in different communication skills. I have learn about the communication skills from my module and experiences that communication skills are essential at each step of academic, professional and personal level. The communication skill topic allows me to understand the different type of communication skills such as written communication or nonverbal communication as well as verbal communication (Kurtz, et. al., 2017). The topic allows me to gain insights of communication skills and their importance in daily life.

Reflective Observation:As per my opinion the communication topic is essential and required to develop competencies of communication among students and professional because without communication skills the appropriate interaction cannot be done and the desired outcomes from conversation cannot be meet. The communication skills is an important topic of module because without communication at academic and professional context the objectives cannot be meet. Hence, competencies in each type of communication skills including non-verbal and verbal communication is essential to be learn and perform.

Abstract conceptualization:From my learning experience regarding the communication topic from module I am concluding that the communication skills are one of the most important skill which are required to be gain by the students and future professionals. From the communication skill topic I have learn different time of communication and gain the competencies in written and verbal communication. I also the management of nonverbal communication in terms of practicing gestures and postures while verbal communication (De Florioand Pannunzio, 2020).

Active Experimentation:From communication skill topic of module I have gain competencies in in different type of communication and I am focusing on regular practicing and continuous improvement in my communication skills. I am planning to utilise my communication skills at each step of life including my academic requirement such as developing assignments and oral presentations. I will also utilise my communication skills in my future organisation as an employee to perform my job efficiently and eliminating any kind of confusion due to miscommunication. Father, I will focus on improving my vocabulary and work on my non-verbal communication. 

Team working-

Concrete experience:Team working is the process of collaboration and together efforts by team members of a group for achieving the common goals and leading success in complex and huge tasks (Pambuenaand Bernarte, 2018). I recognise that without team working the achievement of larger goals is not possible because collaboration is essential to achieve the desired outcomes effectively and utilise them efficiently as team working lead collaboration and creativity in practices. I have learn team working as a topic of my module in which I experience that team working Leeds creativity however I also feel that sometimes conflict of interest leads in efficiency in a group.

Reflective Observation:Team working is the process of collaboration and together efforts by team members of a group for achieving the common goals and leading success in complex and huge tasks (Khoiriyahand Husamah, 2018). I recognise that without team working the achievement of larger goals is not possible because collaboration is essential to achieve the desired outcomes effectively and utilise them efficiently as team working lead collaboration and creativity in practices. I have learn team working as a topic of my module in which I experience that team working Leeds creativity however I also feel that sometimes conflict of interest leads in efficiency in a group.

Abstract conceptualization:From my experience of team working topic from module learning I am concluding that the team working is essential to increase and foster creativity at workplace as well as in academic groups however the collaboration and management of qualities of each candidate is quite difficult task. I have learn from the topic of team working that it is essential to collaborate with different people to achieve desired and large outcomes.

Active Experimentation:From my experience and learning from the team working topic, my plan for future includes the development of interpersonal and collaborative skills to become an efficient is member of a working team. I will utilise my learning of team working in practical way and focus on positive collaboration with different people to learn different things (Pambuenaand Bernarte, 2018). I will also utilise team working skills and learning while working with different people to develop academic projects and professional assignments in future. 

Problem solving skills-

Concrete experience:The problem solving skills is the significance topic I have learn from the module. I believe that problem solving skills significantly include the active listening, creativity, communication, team building, etc. are important part of problem solving skills among individuals (Dewi, et. al., 2017). I understand that problem solving skills are essential to work with different type of people in different working environment to maintain the effectiveness of individual performance and efficiency of team. I have experience that decision-making and dependability is also comprises in problem solving skill which is important to lead solutions of and large problems in working practices.

Reflective Observation:The process of problem solving which I have learnt from the module include different significant aspects such as communication and team building skills which is essential to achieve the desired outcomes by eliminating the causes of conflict in group. However I experience that problem solving skills are developed with interconnection of other important skills such as communication and team building which is a complex process.

Abstract conceptualization:From my learning experience regarding the problem solving topic from my module I am concluding that problem solving skills are essential to minimise the conflicts while working with different type of people in a team. I have learn from my experience by working in a team to perform project task and assignments that problem solving skills required significant competencies in the communication and interaction to deal with unfavourable situation and different priorities of people (Massey, 2019).

Active Experimentation:I identified that Problem solving skills are also required efficient thinking and critical skills to analyse the situation and making proper judgement. I will utilizing problem solving skills and knowledge in complex situation of professional life to maintain harmony and peace at workplace and maintaining continuous collaboration and togetherness as a team to achieve greater goals align with personal priorities and organizational goals.

Perseverance and Motivation-

Concrete experience:I have determination of perseverance and motivation topic from my module and I also have some insights of motivation from my previous learning. I understand that perseverance and motivation plays an important role to be successful by performing efficiently and providing effective results. Learnings from module over perseverance demonstrated that it is the process of commitment towards individual goal and it directly interconnected with the motivation as it is illuminates the value of goals and objectives. The motivation is essential to lead the consistent development and working practices among individual (Ashraf, et. al., 2018).

Reflective Observation:Reviewing the perseverance skills develop from the topic in the module it is identified that it plays an important role in increasing the motivation by improving the mind-set to achieve individual goals. I experiences that perseverance is essential to be motivated towards the goals and perform academic and professional practices with motivation. I experience that is without motivation it is impossible to being consistent towards any academic or professional activity and perseverance is essential to lead the successful motivation and improve individual performance.

Abstract conceptualization:From the learnings and experiences from perseverance and motivation topic of my module I have learn importance of perseverance and the consistent realisation of goal's value to being motivated and achieving desired things with efficiency. From my experiences from the learnings regarding the perseverance and motivation I am concluding that the motivation is essential not for academic and professional life but it is also important for personal life to achieve the desired ambition in future by consistently nurturing the goals and objectives (Bakerand Robinson, 2016).

Active Experimentation:I have learnt the utilisation of perseverance to lead consistent motivation for achieving and accomplishing desired goals in terms of personal, fashionable and academic practices. I will utilise the learning and skills from this topic in my future practices to being consistently motivated and practices self-motivation to perform with high efficiency.

Work under pressure-

Concrete experience:I have been analyses that working under pressure is one of the significant and important skills to provide effective results in complex working situations. From the work under pressure topic of my module I have learnt that this process include dealing with unfavourable conditions and constraints that are uncontrollable by individual at internal level. These constant may include the complicated task and insufficient knowledge to perform particular task (Blunch, et. al., 2020).

Reflective Observation:I observe that problems in performing and completing a task due to insufficient knowledge and efficiency creates pressure and make the people to work under pressure. However it is essential to manage stress and pressure while performing task because it vegetable influences the outcomes from a practices.

Abstract conceptualization:I am concluding that the skills of working under pressure such as being calm, staying focused and helping others in the complex situation are important it skills which I have learnt from my module. I also identify that tracking own stresses and seeking for supervision and support is also essential to perform efficiently under pressure (Whitehead, et. al., 2016).

Active Experimentation:I will apply knowledge regarding working under pressure and skills which I have learnt from the module in practical life to achieve efficient outcome in the unfavourable working conditions. I will utilise module learning to being appropriately dedicated towards my future goals in working pressure in my professional career for being motivated and perform my job competencies throughout my journey. 


By the application of Kolb's theory, I am concluding that I have learn and experience different type of skills and knowledge from my module activities and topics that are applicable in my future career and achievements. It is identified that communication skills and team working is essential to be competent at working place and the problem solving skills are essential to maintain harmony at work place. It is concluding that the conceptual framework of learning cycle supported me to reflect over my learnings efficiently appropriately describing my experience and observation from module in four parts. 


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