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BM562 Consultancy In Practice

Introduction - BM562 Consultancy In Practice

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Task one

Skill development for project

In the business domain, different skills are needed to manage all tasks within the workplace. Due to this reason, some specific skills are needed very much, such as leadership skills, decision-making skills, communication skills, business intelligence and marketing or sales skills (Smallbusiness.wa.gov.au, 2021). On other hand, customer management, training skills, networking, problem-solving and other relevant skills are also important. Among these skills, leadership management, marketing skills, communication, and decision-making skills are needed to develop to proceed with business tasks. Apart from this, I have focused on these skills, so that I can enhance my ability and efficiency with the help of these skills. I can manage my project management skill by maintaining leadership management aspects. This skill helps me to learn new project aspects, which are effectively increased my knowledge, skills and enlarge my knowledge areas.

On other hand, with the help of communication skills, I can interact with other business members that can enhance my personality and create a position within the workplace. Besides that, proper marketing skills can increase my marketing knowledge, which provides me with current trends. Based on this fact, I can give instructions to employees to enhance the production that is demanded by customers. According to Dey, and Raj, (2021), decision-making skill is effectively managing the entire business area by providing effective business plans. Good ideas, problem-solving methods, and other alternative areas can be developed with the help of decision-making skills. In this way, a successful project can be developed.

Analysing the starting and current process of skills

Previously, I did not know about all mentioned skills. Due to this reason, I have faced different challenges in the workplace. Based on my skills, business authorities and managers cannot hire me for higher position. Due to this reason, I have learned all skills. At first, I did not know leadership skills, proper communication process, I was not able to make any decisions, and my marketing knowledge was so poor. All these gaps were affecting me to enhance my career goals. Due to this reason, I have started learning these skills to increase my ability and efficiency to work within this business domain.

Kocielnik et al. (2018) stated that job productivity, theoretical knowledge, skills, proper training session, and other relevant aspects are helping to enhance the ability to proceed with specific work within the workplace. Apart from this, I have tried to follow all training sessions, participate in different events, and maintain my behaviour to achieve my goals. Now, I can handle all business aspects, communicate with other people, and enhance my decision-making skills by tracking myself. Gradually, I am growing my skills, which is influencing other employees and they are motivated by following me. This activity is influential and profitable for my business domain. On other hand, it helps me to achieve diverse goals by maintaining multiple objectives.

Confidence improvement

Currently, I am able to do any critical tasks; for this reason, I had to follow some crucial methods, such as mathematical problems, psychological games and many more. According to Surya, and Putri, (2017), mathematical problems can help to evolve new solutions. In this way, I have enhanced my confidence to solve critical solutions. Apart from this, different decision-making tasks I can manage properly. While making decisions, proper communication process is needed to communicate with group members. In this way, I have accumulated my communication skills. A reliable interaction is helping to enhance self-confidence and improve all conflicts. In this way, I have enhanced my self-confidence.

In construct, Ilica, (2015) stated that competitive benchmarking; strategic planning, business process, and many more things are needed to learn to enhance confidence. Apart from this, I need to learn these skills, so that I can enhance my knowledge and skills to achieve success. It can also be said that all employees and business members need to learn to enhance their knowledge. Therefore, it is clear that I have increased my self-confidence by communicating with business members, solving different critical mathematics to solve other problems. In context, self-assessment or self-tracking methods have to be implemented to track my own records. On other hand, based on Ilica’s statement, I will learn all strategic planning and other relevant things, so that I can grow my personality and enhance my self-confidence.

Implementation in future work

According to Henley et al. (2017), leadership and entrepreneurial skills are working effectively that are helping to control the entire business management. A good leader or entrepreneur is helping their group members and supporting them if any problems have occurred. Apart from this, I am still trying to learn this skill. Leadership skill is quite tough to implement properly. For this reason, I am trying to follow this skill, so that I can enhance my ability that will help me to achieve goals. It is clear that all employees are following their leaders. In this case, I can be a good leader by maintaining all leadership theories and other motivational models. This skill will help me to lead my team members.

On other hand, Suen et al. (2020) stated that communication skill is very important for all employees and managers. This process is effectively helping to interact with other people. With the help of this process, I can communicate with foreign business members, analyse it with team members, and it helps to make a decision-making process. In this way, communication skills will help me to maintain all business aspects.

 Task two

From the above discussion, I have found my three skill gaps as leadership skills, marketing skills, and decision-making skills.

Leadership skill gap

I have found that I am not able to lead other employees in the workplace. Due to this reason, I am trying to enhance my leadership skills. Employees do not listen to me, I am unable to make some solutions, motivations, and many more things I am not able to do. All these reasons are very important to manage within a workplace. Daniëls et al. (2019) stated that leadership skills are unique and essential for business management. The entire business planning, decision-making plans, professional development and many more things are included in leadership skills. However, I am not able to do these tasks; for this reason, I have to learn all these skills to be a good leader in the business domain.

On other hand, the leadership gap can affect my career; due to this reason, I have focused on my self-tracking records to cover all criteria that are needed to grow my leadership skill. This skill gap can affect my long-term achievement, which will be not beneficial for me. This is the reason to mitigate all gaps and learn different perceptions that are included with leadership skills. In this way, I will manage my skill and grow vast knowledge regarding this leadership.

Marketing skill gap

Based on Hussain, (2021) statement, marketing knowledge is more important in the business domain, where HR managers and authorities are focusing on their business development and production values. Due to this reason, proper marketing knowledge and policies are needed to know. In this way, I can be a good marketer, which can help me to know the current trends. Customers are demanding about current trends and want to get those products. Based on this fact, I have to increase my sense of humour and knowledge regarding the current market situation. Based on this case, I will focus on my responsibilities. In this way, I can also get to know about the competitive market.

On other hand, Low, et al. (2020) explained that marketing stability could enhance sustainability, which is more important. Sustainability is helping to enhance the financial growth of a company. Due to this reason, I have to know the process of marketing, its effect and its significance. Here, I can use the 4P marketing mix to enhance more marketing knowledge. The proper knowledge of market can help me to enhance more production. Different types of marketing processes are available, such as digital marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing and many more. Especially, social media marketing and digital marketing are beneficial because customers are using the internet and using different social platforms. Due to this reason, I have to identify all these platforms and know the marketing plans.

Decision-making skill gap

The proper decision-making process is needed to maintain due to having a lack of skill regarding the decision-making gap. Here, Shamim et al. (2019) stated that decision-making quality is effectively increased the capability. This activity is influencing the entire business management. Due to this reason, I have to learn this skill for better development. In contrast, Bieber et al. (2018) explained that decision-making skills are helping to enhance technical knowledge, business intelligence and many more things. Due to this reason, I have to gather all my knowledge and skills to achieve long-term success.

Task three

Table A: Skills

  • Good communication
  • Customer handling
  • Technical knowledge
  • Financial planning
  • Problem handling

Table B: Other additional skills

  • Proficient ion basic computer operation (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Proficient in English
  • Knowledge in financial project management

[Referred to Appendix 1]

Task four

[Referred to Appendix 2]



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