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Introduction Of Key Issues, Impacts and Challenges of Social Work Assignment Help

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Community work is at its challenging phase since the history of the past. As the world is developing with globalisation and modernization, the social workers and the practitioners are facing a number of obstacles and issues in functioning it by adding new questions and features. In the United Kingdom, social work is a new trend and profession hereby it is notified that community work is developed with three traditional work practices which are said to be a century old. The first one is informal self-help work like small-scale firms, the second one is a collective organization in an organized manner and the third one is philanthropy. The establishment of the election of New Labour in 1997 has been a totally changing period of community in the UK. The focus point of the social work services in the United Kingdom emphasizes the principles to achieve the goals to work by local people by social services. Not involving any welfare experts and governmental services whereas helping the people to aim and be successful on their own.

The key issues, impacts and challenges around safeguarding, support and risk for practitioners Impact of specific issues in UK Social Work

Volunteering refers to an act of taking part in activities that include, willingly helping others with or without being paid. A large number of volunteers and egos and other organizations are widely seen in the United Kingdom. The coronavirus outbreak has also lead to a rise in the UK volunteering to a great extent. An increase in 10 million adult UK volunteers is seen during the lockdown and the coronavirus crisis. Volunteering has greatly helped to connect with new people throughout the world and allows widening the community and strengthening it (Robinson, 2021). Apart from helping others it also helps in the expanding of volunteering networks and increasing social skills.

Some resources have also shown that two-thirds of the Kingdom social work services during the covid-19 outbreak have helped the neighbours with grocery shopping, 26% have helped in the collection and delivery of medicines and other medical facilities. Volunteering is one of the most important and essential parts of the UK social work service (Western Connecticut State University, 2021). It has various merits ranging from, boosting one's self-confidence, giving a sense of satisfaction and accomplishments, and increasing self-esteem.

They have been an increase in some major issues faced by the practitioners in the UK social service sectors in spite of awareness among individuals; Social work service is increasingly facing difficulties in the various sectors from fundraising to funding two building volunteers to a great extent. The various charitable organisations have increasingly changed their method and approach to operation. Unlike the past years, they had been digitalisation of volunteering and a digital charitable approach. These digital approaches include helpline numbers, online briefing of schemes and also an approach towards online fundraising (Jones, 2020). This has increasingly made it difficult for the actual people in need, the homeless add social-economic backward people who do not have online access or lives in remote and technological e backward areas.

With the passage of time, it is very difficult for our volunteers to find appropriate people to pass on their responsibilities to. People in today's world are becoming more and more greedy and self-centred, so it is becoming very difficult to give the huge responsibility of helping others and working for social and trusting new members are becoming increasingly difficult (Morand, 2021). Retaining a particular volunteer manager for a very long period of time is not only harmful to the organisations but also decreases the working capabilities of the person. There have been also been several others challenges and shortcomings faced by the United Kingdom volunteering community, especially in the covid-19. The covid-19 Pandemic has been a great challenge for the charitable and volunteering sectors. It made it difficult for the volunteer and the charitable sectors to directly approach people is there are several rules and regulations, including social distancing, proper sanitation and several other extra cares of one’s health that are to be (Smith, 2020).

Apart from this, they have also been a tremendous social economic description of the country which directly affected social work service organisations. Due to the Pandemic situation, there are very few people who willingly volunteer to some organisation, the present limited number of volunteers often become tired and do their motivation through the tiring task throughout the day and often are likely to quit the job. Organisations also face another significant challenge of funding and providing resources. In spite of there being many girls on many people willing to actively participate in charity work, the basic funding of the young and small charities suffer. Due to the breakdown of the economic structure of the country, there has been an increase in the desire of people for higher paid job opportunities and hence breaking down the UK social work service due to the lacking of willing volunteers (Morand, 2021).

Another very significant problem is faced while fundraising. Due to the various physical and societal restrictions especially in this covid-19 situation and the increase in lock town and social distancing have affected the community service sector in the UK to great extent (Morand, 2021). A major group of people have lost their jobs and self-employed individuals struggle with financial supports. Furthermore, this also means that at this time of pandemic and extreme natural calamities occurring every year when the charities require donations, people are economically not stable to spare any donations.

Furthermore, the covid-19 situation and the various restrictions on a post on the organisations restrict them to adopt the traditional methods of fundraising and therefore they have to appoint a campus Ambassador responsible to convince people to donate virtually. The current scenario also made it increasingly difficult for volunteers and UK social work service sectors to identify people in need (Jones, 2020). There are a large number of people from physical health issues mental issues us economy can also social disabilities there is a requirement of a large number of volunteers to meet the need of everyone. Social work and the foundation of new charities is the immediate need of the hour but the affected group of people in the UK is so large that it is hard to meet the need for an increase in the number of volunteers. Many people in the present scenario only focus on their own benefit and exploit the environment and dominate others in order to get their work done, rather than standing by them and helping them. The reputed UK social work service sectors have faced several difficulties over the years (Jones, 2020). The United Kingdom is well known for its unique and prominent charitable valves and community sector services but with the increase in socio-cultural difficulties due to pandemics and several other reasons they had been a downfall in the voluntary sector over the years.

Some of the most prominent challenges and issues that impactthe volunteers in the UK included specific things such as volunteers are often undervalued, their social status or position in the society is considered low and are not valued (Webster, 2021). They are considered to hold a low position in social status. Mostly it is considered a time pass profession and something that does not need primary focus and funding. It is also due to this reason that most people are not willing to volunteer unless there is money involved and they are paid. It in turn makes the entire process more self-centred and greedy rather than actually contributing to social works.

Another most important issue that practitioners in the United Kingdom social work service face are time management (Justin, 2021). In most organisations, there are a limited number of people who are willing to volunteer and therefore the entire workload of volunteering and all the tasks for a limited group of people and all the responsibilities lay on their shoulders. In such a situation it is often seen that volunteers are likely to quit and lose all their sincerity and motivation.Since there are very few people who willingly volunteer to some organization, the present limited number of volunteers often become tired, does their motivation through the tiring task throughout the day, and often is likely to quit the job.

Organizations also face another significant challenge of funding and providing resources. Since people do not think of volunteering very highly, therefore, there are not many who willingly provide funds to the voluntary sector (Mobile Serve Team, 2021). Since volunteers willingly help others and often are seen to do some free tasks, therefore, it is often mistaken by people that volunteering does not require funding this is one of the most significant challenges which is faced in the various UK social work services. It is also another very important factor, which leads to quitting jobs. The result of this is that institutes often hire volunteers and pay them, which in turn reduces the efficiency of the company to help and continue to volunteer for a long term.

It is also very difficult to convince people to willingly volunteer in the various social work projects in the UK. Due to the increase in various employment opportunities over the years, people do not join organizations where they have to volunteer rather they opt for some better corporate form for different organizations with high salaries. Another important reason for the lack of volunteers is the busy schedule of people in the United Kingdom (Morand, 2021). With the increase in per capita productivity rate and with the passage of year's people have become increasingly very preoccupied with their work that they barely get any time to volunteer for social works. In addition, it is becoming increasingly very difficult for the human resource managers, campus, and bisectors to convince and make people join and volunteer for various projects.

Lack of awareness among people is also another very prominent shortcoming in the volunteering sector. There is a shortage of volunteers in the UK social work service due to the lack of awareness among people of the importance of volume today in order to make a healthy and sound society (Robinson, 2021). It is found not only in helping people but also in the various environmental projects like cleaning the beaches, keeping roads and the environment clean, planting trees and many more (Ferguson, 2018). Most of the people in the present scenario only focus on their own benefit and exploit the environment and dominate others in order to get their work done, rather than standing by them and helping them.

The impact of the challenges faced by the practitioners who are involved in the community work is for the individual and family wellbeing, create social responses to the challenging environment, and promote smart declaration, build financial capability and fair public safety approach (Morand, 2021). Significant progress has been done with all these difficult challenges and obstacles. The impact of these challenges has not made the practitioners give up their volunteering in social work, in fact, it has made them face efficiently with confidence.


In the UK the community work is undergoing changes and variations for making awareness and educates people with the term community work. This research made it reflect the various issues and changes which is been faced by the practitioners in community work. Social work in the UK is full of challenges and opportunities. They have an effect on and drawbacks and in numbers, however, fixing the issues is the core factor of social work services. The new standards of social capital and collective efficacy and the formerly notion of the unity of having confidence makes the aggregate and electricity to future results. The skills, strategies and characteristics of personalities also help to promote different professions with the working community. The important principle of neighbourhood work is to assist people to assist themselves, which end result in making the society secure and aiming with goals.


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