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Construction Management Degree - Health, Safety And Risk Module

Introduction - Construction Management Degree - Health, Safety And Risk Module

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Health and safety management in any construction project is termed as an important aspect to safeguard workers from any unnecessary health hazard. TightFist & Sons have the target to construct a warehouse in UK for which health and safety measures are necessary. This study is based on the management strategies for maintaining the health and safety of workers during building this new warehouse. Being the manager of health and safety, it is the duty to provide better planning to eliminate the health hazards during this project. Complete details of the safety plan along with identification of risk will be discussed here. Further, support of legislation for that safety plan will be mentioned here effectively.

Potential Health and safety risk in construction

Risk of debris

The project is mainly based on the building of a completely new warehouse for the TightFist & Sons in the hillside location. The warehouse based on the case study will be 14 m in height along with a 50m*30m plan. However, debris of the chemical plant is present in that location that needs to be removed properly before starting that project of the warehouse. Safety management in any construction project generally includes different factors such as planning, effective training, maintenance of legislation, effective monitoring along cost management (Akram et al. 2019). Therefore, improper utilisation of those factors can dampen the success rate of the project of a warehouse building for the TightFist & Sons.

Lack of principal party inclusion

Lack of identification of the principal parties in this project can create difficulties in maintaining health as well as safety plans due to lack in the maintenance of budget. Occupational accidents can be termed as an important factor that can negatively influence the construction project of any organisation (Kim et al. 2019). Therefore, the selection of proper principle parties can be effective enough in maintaining a budget for a health and safety plan for this warehouse project of TightFist & Sons.

Risk of illegal strategy and under budget planning

The illegal strategy of the developer along with under-budget construction planning can create risk for the health and safety management for this warehouse construction. The presence of debris from the previous chemical factory can create issues during clearance of those as harmful components can strongly hamper the health of the workers. Proper documentation, as well as the implementation of the rules and regulations, are essential in the health and safety management of the construction project of this warehouse building (Kukoyi et al. 2021). Based on the case study, the debris is almost 0.5-1.5m deep for which clearance is required after getting permission from the HSE. Further, the risk of working in the terrain area can create difficulties for improperly skilled workers in this warehouse construction project.

Workplace risks

Other health and safety risks that can be associated with this warehouse construction are falls, injury, and electrocution. These are the important risk hazards that can strongly delay the completion of this warehouse for which effective safety planning is necessary to eliminate such unnecessary issues. However, maintenance of occupational safety in any constructionproject includes complex challenges due to the presence of the dynamic nature of type construction projects (Mohammadi et al. 2018). The presence of heavy equipment along with the contact of hazardous materials can seriously hamper the lives of the workers who are associated with the warehouse construction for TightFist & Sons. Improper designing of the construction project can strongly create difficulties regarding health and safety measures for the workers in the construction project.

Flaws in design can increase the rate of health hazards due to construction in an unplanned manner. Therefore, this can cause a delay in project completion due to the unavailability of skilled staff due to health injury or other issues. The issue with the workforce can be termed as another important factor as lack of proper skill in construction projects can cause health hazards.Therefore, the selection of skilled and experienced staff for this warehouse construction will be beneficial to eliminate safety risks.

Leadership and conflict risk

Leadership can be termed as an important aspect for the success of a construction project (Ismail and Fathi, 2018). Therefore, a lack of leadership skills can create conflict during the progress of projects between workers that can strongly hamper success. Therefore, that conflict can sometimes cause safety risks during the work of construction projects of a warehouse for TightFist & Sons. The graphical representation that is mentioned below indicates that slip or fall is the major concern in construction projects in UK as 1233 incidence of fatal injuries due to fall has taken place already (Statista, 2022).

COSHH risks

COSHH hazards such as the presence of duct, toxic fumes, vapour or even lack of oxygen inside areas along with the presence of mists are serious risk factors associated with the construction project. Improper COSHH assessment can create difficulties for workers regarding the continuation of construction work (Thebcfgroup.co.uk, 2022). Therefore, elimination of such COSHH risks is necessary for the warehouse construction project to maintain a smooth functionality that can support the completion of the project within the provided deadline.

[Refer to Appendix]

Health and safety management planning

Effective planning will be required to reduce the possibility of health risks during the construction of the warehouse in the hillside area for TightFist & Sons. However, before this planning, effective analysis of the governmental regulations regarding construction projects and safety needs to be implemented to eliminate unnecessary health hazards. Therefore, proper documentation will be required as it is an issue of this project based on the case study.

Legislative aspects

Health and the safety work act of 1974 in UK can be termed as an important legislative aspect that helps in maintaining the health as well as safety of workers during construction projects (Hse.gov.uk, 2022). This act helps to protect health by providing supportive information for organisations and workers during construction projects. Further presence of controlling hazards for effective health regulation act, 2002 helps in protection of construction workers from any hazardous substances that can harm the health (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022a). Therefore, effective implementation of codes associated with hazard mitigation needs to be implemented during warehouse construction planning for TightFist & Sons. The construction regulation, 2015 of UK is another important legislative aspect that can support effective planning of risk mitigation before starting any new construction project (Legislation.gov.uk, 2022b).

Planning of health and safety

Strategies need to be developed for the elimination of health hazards during the construction of new warehouses. Health and safety site managers have the duty to maintain effective planning regarding health risk mitigation before starting the project of the warehouse for TightFist & Sons.

Preparation of policy and goal statement

Preparation of the policy along with a goal statement for this warehouse-building project will be beneficial starting the project. Effective goal selection along with policy management with considering legislative aspects of construction projects can help to maintain sustainability in the project (Yu et al. 2018). Therefore, based on that policy and goal, TightFist & Sons can easily plan their health and safety strategy to protect workers from any unnecessary health risk during construction.

Dividing the responsibility among members

Dividing responsibilities to different members regarding this warehouse construction project can be an effective strategy. Division of responsibility can be termed as an important aspect through which skilled staff can do the job effectively that are within their zone. This can be termed as one of the main aspects through which accuracy in different tasks for construction of this warehouse can easily be possible.

Safety and emergency issue documentation

Documentation of the safety, as well as emergency planning, will enhance the strategic implementation of health and safety strategy in this warehouse construction project. Financial issues during such a large construction can delay a construction project effectively (Shahhossein et al. 2018). Therefore, proper documentation can help to identify those health hazards that can spoil the health condition of workers along with success in the construction project.

Implementation of proper protocol for risk mitigation

Maintaining an effective health risk mitigation protocol management can be important to reduce the strong influence of health hazards in construction projects. According to Hopkin (2018), different organisations generally use a common understanding process as the protocol that helps in managing the risk factors associated with the construction. Those protocols can be beneficial to tackle any safety hazards related risk effectively through which better workplace management can be possible.

Inclusion of stakeholders for budgetary support

Stakeholders will be a key aspect in the construction project in terms of budgetary support for maintaining health as well as safety measures for the workers. The influences of stakeholders can be termed as an important part in mitigating different social as well as environmental issues in any construction project (Lin et al. 2019). Therefore, maintaining collaboration with stakeholders for financial support regarding effective management health and safety strategies will be beneficial for TightFist & Sons to gain success in the warehouse construction especially in the hillside area.

Performing risk assessment for hazard identification

Risk assessment performance can be termed as an important step before starting this warehouse construction. Four essential phases are associated with the risk assessment such as hazard identification, assessment of the potential risk factors, risk controlling and reviewing risk factors (Gul and Ak, 2018). Therefore, proper planning of risk assessment before starting warehouse construction can be helpful to eliminate the possible risk that can create barriers in terms of health hazards for workers.

Presence of safety equipment

Presenting safety equipment to the workers during construction projects can sometimes reduce health risk regarding different COSHH risks such as toxic fumes, fall, or even less oxygen issue. PPE can be termed as one of the important protective equipment that can protect workers from falls or even toxic materials (Sanni-Anibire et al. 2020). Therefore, the arrangement of such things can be helpful to improve the health and safety strategies for this warehouse construction by TightFist & Sons.

Review of the plan and project progress

Planning for reviewing the safety plan along with the progress of the project can be helpful to identify requirements for safeguarding the workers. Project managers need to check the issue of safety regularly to improve the budget for safety management. Regular review can be helpful to eliminate dangerous hazards from the site to provide a better workplace for the workers.


The health risk is a serious barrier in construction that can strongly influence the progress of any construction project. This study has mentioned different risk factors that can be present during the construction of a new warehouse by TightFist & Sons. Different risks include falls, electrocution, toxic fumes issue and so many others. A plan is provided to eliminate those health risk factors in this construction project. Different legislative aspects of UK regarding safety measles in construction projects are mentioned properly that need to be obeyed by this organisation for a successful project. Implementation of risk assessment, review of the risk factors, maintenance of risk protocols and other strategies are presented as the planning for the success of this warehouse project of TightFist & Sons.

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 Appendix: Risk matrix




Risk score



Risk of debris





Effective protection from hazardous debris with protective equipment

Lack of principal party inclusion





Proper planning of communication before starting construction

Risk of illegal strategy and under budget planning





Proper strategy management activities with the support of stakeholders

Workplace risks





Need proper facilities to protect workers

Leadership and conflict risk





Need collaborative work place environment management

COSHH risks





Proper protective shield and regular management

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