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Amazon's CSR & Sustainability: Impacts and Aspects

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Introduction - Amazon's Global Reach and Worker Organizing Efforts

Amazon has been one of the renowned e-commerce websites today. Featuring different brands, it has been a hub where one can find each and everything by sitting at their homes. Not only the materialistic things, Amazon also built its brand name in the entertainment sector as well, which makes it even more unique than the others. Since 1995, the company has been using different technologies to serve the best to its customers. Being a multimillion company, Amazon deserves all this success for its smart work and understanding the customer needs. Today, this multinational company is using artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and other amazing features to break the competition and stand out in the market.

Csr And Sustainability In Amazon

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability in society are not what every company makes sure of, but being a responsible brand, Amazon took great care of it. Taking care of the environment, Amazon is one of the active initiatives like zero carbon emission, 100% renewable energy adoption, and many others. This shows a sense of gratitude towards the environment and makes our earth a better place to live on.

These days, Amazon is building its transparent supply chain management. This includes vendor transparency, environmental sustainability, and gender equality protecting wage equity as well as worker safety. There are lots of steps that are being worked on by the brand to bring sustainability to the organization (C, 2002).

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Impact Of Csr And Sustainability Policy Used In Amazon

When it comes to the CSR and sustainability policy of a company, there are lots of factors that matter. Being a responsible act, every organization tends to imply some practices which result in better outcomes. Here are the impacts of CSR and sustainability policies used by Amazon.

  1. Developing a safer environment for the employees: If the workers of any company are not happy and safe while working, there would be many resign frequently. Amazon believes in building a safe environment for their employees so that they do not feel any pressure and work in a healthy environment. This also helps to boost the productivity of their employees and helps in retaining their valuable employees.
  2. Meeting the environmental laws: Today, society is more concerned about the environment and bringing the changes which are healthy for the world we are living in. the policies like using 100% renewable energy sources are healthy for the environment, and this way, the brand follows the environmental laws.
  3. Building a transparent community: Amazon is one of the most trusted sellers today and this is all because of its transparent working nature. The vendors, and the products all are transparent to the buyers, there is nothing to hide from anyone which is a healthy sign for any organization (,Amazon 2019b).

Good Aspects Of Csr And Sustainability Policy Used In Amazon

When it comes to brands that are well known in society, their responsibility increases towards society. This reflects the brand image and shows how much they are concerned about the society they are living in. here are the good aspects of CSR and the sustainability policies used in Amazon.

  1. Shows gratitude: The implementation of these policies shows a positive attitude towards the community and the environment. In some way or the other, this shows gratitude and makes the brand more reliable.
  2. Helps in employee retention: Frequent changes in the staff would always cost a huge amount to the company and the functions will definitely not go smooth. Well, their amazing management and transparent work environment help the company to retain the employees and ultimately lead to the smoother operations of the departments.
  3. Reduce waste production: Several initiatives are being taken by Amazon, which includes the waste reduction program as well. These initiatives will be beneficial in the long run and the company’s waste production becomes the lowest. This helps in saving the disposal cost and puts a positive effect on the environment.
  4. Educating the communities: What you give is what you get, following this Amazon is one of the organizations that is helping the communities to learn. Amazon believes in growing together and helping others to grow with you. This makes the company an invested community member which is again fruitful to them(Workers 2018).


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