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Digital Technology & Innovation

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Introduction: Digital Technology & Innovation

  • The presentations have been going to discuss the topic of digital innovations and technology
  • Effective digital strategies and the applications of digital performances of BAE System Plc have been briefly elaborated on
  • The appropriate corporate strategies and using accurate frameworks in the analysis have been effectively held on 


The slides represent the project report regarding the digital innovations and technological platforms based on the aerospace and security company regarding BAE Systems of Plc in the UK. In addition, the appropriate ranges of performance management and the developments of organisational sustainability have also been effectively discussed. The development of digital strategies has been creation of effective frameworks by identifying the issues and also providing strategic recommendations.

Rationale and justification

  • "BAE System Plc" have considered a "British Multinational security, arms and aerospace company" situated in London (Khin and Ho, 2018)
  • It has been considered the largest defense contractor in Europe
  • It has provided multiple kinds of services related to advanced electronics, consumers support services, and "Information Technology (IT)" effectively (Baesystems.com, 2022a)


"BAE Systems Plc" has created a global defense aerospace and security company that has fully delivered the full range of products and services by providing the best services among the customers. In this regard, the above-depicted company have also developed different kinds of cultural attribute regarding degradation, combat vehicles, precision munitions, provide ammunition and missile launchers based on consumers' perspectives effectively.

Identification of the corporate strategy

  • "BAE Systems Plc" has developed a culture of differentiation of attributes related to the design, and support of combat vehicles (Evans et al. 2018)
  • It has developed the culture of the company's behaviors and increased the rate of competitive advantages
  • "Sustained and growing defense of security businesses" has been considered as a strategy of "BAE Systems Plc" (Baesystems.com, 2022) 


The "BAE System Plc" has also developed a culture of different kinds of aspects related to combat vehicles, effective design and increased rate of competitive advantages. The developments of sustainability and the proportion of security business have also enhanced the rate of selling infrastructures modules and welfare effectively. 


  • Developments of expansion in global business (Northfield, 2020)
  • Enhancements of financial services and deliverables of sustainable growth in stakeholders' values have been also integrated
  • The developments of diversification in integrity have been effectively conducted in BAE Systems in Plc (Baesystems.com, 2022a)


The adaptations of effective strategies have played a positive role in the improvements of corporate strategies and created an effective framework for increasing the rate of stakeholders' values. The chances of effective sustainability and creating a group strategic framework the respective organisations have been getting successful to demonstrate the company's behaviors sustainably. 

The digital strategy used in organisation

  • "BAE Systems Plc" have developed a culture of problem-solving ability and mitigated the challenges in an effective manner (Holmbom, 2021)
  • The challenges regarding the development of customer-handling approaches have been considered as other strategies that have been proposed by the respective organisations
  • The chances of effective expertise to develop the culture of delivering the results process have been effectively developed (Baesystems.com, 2022a)


"BAE Systems, Plc" have increased the rate of digital transformations by identifying the appropriate challenges and increasing the rate of the decision-making process. In addition, the customer handling process has been effectively conducted by delivering the results and creating a flexible range of working conditions. Thus, the consumers have also been getting satisfied and the rate of capability can also be sustainably increased by making a trusting environment and increasing the rate of working environments.


  • The organisations have adopted the techniques regarding "Machine Learning techniques" and created a sensible application (Baesystems.com, 2022a)
  • The rates of sensitive applications and the rate of technical up gradations have also been effectively conducted
  • Business analytics and the rate of designing structures have been getting changed (Holmström, 2018)


The effective digital strategy has also created a positive effect on the development of expertise rates and created a centric attitude by making effective working conditions by removing the issues. With the digital transformations related to mobile and social media and increased the using rates of branding structures the chances of efficiency have also been effectively increased by analysing the ultimate ranges of selling infrastructures. As a result, a wider range of consumers has been getting attracted by developed the culture of branding infrastructures. 

The applications and usages of tools

  • The operating systems have been transformed around the different kinds of countries related to the UK, US, Australia and Saudi Arab
  • The chances of advanced security, IT solutions and consumer support servicing rates have effectively increased (Nambisan et al. 2019)
  • It has created a positive effect of upgrading the technique and providing the services by increasing the rate of customers satisfaction


The operational systems have launched the missile system and tracked and combated the effective technologies by providing the best services among the customers effectively. In addition, the chances of acquisition rates have been effectively developed by creating an integration system and developing the cultures of the financial transactions. Therefore, adopting the strategies regarding the "Global Tactical System" the chances of mobility and the rate of safety and security have expanded the market businesses. The chances of "Survivability and Security" systems have also created positive effects. 


  • "Mk 38 Mod 3 Machine Gun System", and "GPS products"have been made by this organisation (Aslan et al. 2019)
  • "Asset Management" have also been sustainably developed 
  • The developments of operational infrastructures and national capabilities have created an "Artillery System" (Baesystems.com, 2022b)


There has been a wider range of product developments that have been effectively improved related to "Mk 38 Mod 3 Machine Gun System", and "GPS products". The chances of development activities in constantly incrassated the rate at national capabilities have been effectively conducted by creating a wider range of changes in the "Artillery System". 

Digital performance of the organisation

  • "Honeycomb framework" have created settlements by forcing social media and improving operational progress (Segonds, 2018)
  • The developments in performances rates have been sharing the reliable information
  • The relationship structures have also been getting changed 


"Honeycomb framework" have created settlements and improved the cultures of social media's cultures. Therefore, an effective range of reliable information has been collected by increasing the rate of communications, safety and security and literacy systems. 


  • "Honeycomb framework" have addressed the functional building blocks and shared the presence of relationship infrastructures (Merindol and Versailles, 2020)
  • The reputation of "BAE Systems Plc" have also been developed
  • "Digital Quotient" have developed a culture of talent acquisitions (Baesystems.com, 2022b)


The changes in digital transparency and the rates of talent acquisition cultures have been effectively improved. In this regard, the "Honeycomb framework" has created a positive effect to create positive relationship infrastructure. 

Corporate digital responsibility

  • "BAE Systems Plc" has protected the environment and created an establishment of increased the rate of local community infrastructures
  • The rate of integration and welfare have been also developed (Khin and Ho, 2018)
  • The rate of the local community and recycled possible renewable energy resources (Baesystems.com, 2022c)


The creation of effective environmental infrastructures and the development of staff recognition planning structures have made an eco-friendly environment. Besides that, the chances of energy consumption and developments of wastage production rates have created a positive effect to make better performance results. 


  • The rate of "Health and Safety" structures has been developed (Evans et al. 2018c)
  • The encouragement of the staff recycling process has also been improved
  • The rate of waste production, and energy consumptions rates have been effectively developed (Baesystems.com, 2022)


The industrial sectors have gotten the chance to increase the rate of community retention rates. "BAE Systems Plc" has made an appliance model by producing action plans and adopting CSR strategies the changes in carbon emission rates have been also reduced. 

Recommend the suitable digital technologies

  • Need to adopt the engineering techniques regarding "Aerodynamic fluid flow" (Segonds, 2018)
  • Need to be improved the techniques regarding combustion and propulsion
  • Developments of control and navigation


The adaptations of "Aerodynamic fluid flow", and control and navigation can be increased the rate of profit margin rates. In addition, the rate of digital infrastructure rates can be also sustainably developed. 

Recommendations for working progress of the company's booming digital economy

  • Need to be improved the rate of customer satisfaction (Baesystems.com, 2022)
  • Need to be developed the culture of product enhancements 
  • The adaptations of "Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)" have increased the rate of market opportunities infrastructures (Merindol and Versailles, 2020)


Increased the rate of product quality and fulfilled the ultimate ranges of customer satisfaction rates by the adaptations of "Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)" the rate of technological implementations can be easily developed. The ultimate range of market opportunities infrastructures can also be getting accessed around the world. 


  • The presentations have covered the topic of Digital innovations and technology 
  • The development of digital techniques has been briefly discussed 
  • The appropriate ranges of strategic recommendations have been also provided 


The presentations have provided brief explanations of the topic regarding Digital innovations and technology based on the "BAE Systems, Plc". The improvements of digital infrastructure strategic recommendations have also been provided by implementing the planning structures. 



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