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Technical Aspects of Event Management Software

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Introduction : Functional Requirements Analysis for a Family Event Coordination App

As per case study there is a family named BEECHAMP who is having trouble with event handling so their son John decides to develop a software that has different requirements of family members as they have GPS system in entire house and almost all the electronic gadgets works with GPS so they want an event manager app that would keep track of their events taking place

and in this report provide different technical aspects of the software that is to be created with respect to the event taking place.

Software Lifecycle and Specification

When we come across software development there are several life cycles or parameters through which one can develop a blue print of the software requirement.

In order to understand the basic steps to build a software for a family having time schedule problems and has to perform physical task in continuous manner we have to:

  1. Analyze the problem they are facing
  2. Why they are facing the problem
  3. What steps should be taken to minimize the task
  4. Building an algorithm with specific understanding of problems.
  5. Implementing the algorithm and testing the software several times to debug the errors and
  6. Specify the documentation of the software required

According to case study the Beechams family has several task and the technically equipped with technical gadgets so , here in the context we have to understand the life cycle model of a software development. Here there problems has to be resolved according to the problems they are facing

The number of steps a life cycle model has are:

  • Planning the requirement and analysis: Here we analyse the problem that the family is facing and provide them a better plan for software development
  • Specifying the requirement: After understanding the problem and analyzing we specify key terms and divide the problem into several parts.
  • Designing the architecture: After understanding key aspects we design the architecture of the software.
  • Building the software: Here we perform actual task that is coding programming ,building a framework and so on
  • Testing the software: After the software has been build it goes through several type of testing, analyzing each and every aspect of the software and debugging the software
  • Finished product: The software is given to the customer for a review if any fault arises it again goes through testing phase.

Hence here we conclude that in order to understand BEECHAMPS family problem we have to go through this steps.(stackify, 2020)(softwaretestinghelp, 2020)(tryqa., 2019)

Domain Analysis for THE Beechamps Family

After reading the case study we found that family was facing with time and coordination problem due to several events taking place simultaneously and they needed an Event Manager who could schedule their task appropriately and notify them whenever an event pop up. Hence, John being a software developer decides  to develop a app or a event manager app that would go through different life cycles of software development and provide his family with time and coordination.

So, We starts to understand each and every problem of the familymembers as given in the case study as follows

  1. They have plan about when, where and how the events will be celebrated, who shall attend if they require planning and coordination of Johns wedding.
  2. As the family is big consisting of six members they have works in hand so work load have to be fairly distributed between the family members, as they don't have much time to sit and assign task the app has to assign task to each and every family member with equal work load capacity.
  3. .MrsBeechamp wants somebody create an event and add members which can be visible through notice board
  4. They want a person who get the egg and notify all the family members of the task completion so that no other member of the family would bring eggs for second time. So, an advance notification is required that the egg or any product has been bought and there is no need of the product .
  5. Mrs BEECHAMP wishes that if the there was an individual list which would automatically combined to save one extra trip.
  6. They want an event manager, as they wish they could celebrate together with their other task being available at the same time and place as this would make it easier for them. 

Hence we conclude that the problem domain analysis can be performed after understanding each and every problem of the family members after which the first phase of the software development life cycle starts in our context of the solution.

Functional Requirements Analysis for a Family Event Coordination App

So, now we divide the problems of each member of the family into functional and non- functional requirement.

As the functional requirement tells us what does system do or not do we have to develop an algorithm that would help us to define functional requirement.

And Non- functional requirements define us system behavior, features and general characteristics of the system

Functional requirement should include:

  1. Number of operations performed
  2. Data Handling logic must be inserted into the system.(ofnisystems, 2020)
  3. It must have details of system report and other outputs
  4. It should provide complete work flow by the system.(Rouse, 2019)(theappsolutions., 2020)

Non - functional requirement should include:

1.Performance and ultra-scalable: It tell us that how fast the system is giving output and the change in systems output as workload is increased. As it provides us with the performance and output of the system given.

2.Portability and Compatibility: What kind of operating system, hardware and browser and their version does the software runs. Will it run with other application and is it compatible with the environment its working with?(geeksforgeeks, 2019)

3.Security: While developing the application it works on programming instructions and data. The data should be protected with attacks from outside attackers.

4.Localization: Is it specific with the local task it has to perform.(scaledagileframework., 2018)

5.Usability: Here we find whether the system is user friendly or not. As the front end and back end is divided into user interface and logical back end.(altexsof, 2019)(requiremen, 2018)

Referring to case study and domain analysis we can divide the problems into functional and non -functional requirements

Functional requirement of Beechamp Family

  1. Planning and scheduling the event to be celebrated
  2. And planning for past present and future events, time coordination
  3. Fair distribution of work load that they perform including groceries, gardening, cooking and other domestic purpose
  4. Create an event and add members and provide common notice board for all the family members
  5. Notification for delivery of products earlier to all the family members
  6. Combining Individual list or having individual database record for each and every member of the family. Combing the database with list of events so that the family can have a extra trip together with all the household work performed.
  7. Planning events based on same time schedule and place so that they can work as well as stay together and celebrate together 

Non functional requirement of Beechamp Family

1.Security: Security of each and every individual's data so that they don't collide with each other.

2.Poratbility: The event manager should be portable which means it should work on desktop, mobile, tablets and other possible electronic devices.

3.Compatibility: As referred in case study all the family members have smart phones with GPS having different operating systems including Android, iOS and windows so the application should work on each and every environment provided by the family member.

4.Localization: The family members want to stay together as well as work individually so the app should be specific with its task and performance.

5.User Friendly: Since the family member has two old people, it is sometime difficult for old people to manually understand the app so the event manager app should be user friendly. 

Moscow Analysis Of Functional Requirement

As referring to the case study the family members has lots of requirement which we will analyses through   Moscow analysis

What is Moscow Analysis

Coming to the history of Moscow analysis we found that it was invented by Dai Clegg who worked at Oracle UK who has developed a method of prioritization inside a project which is having severe time problems

It is an interesting method which prioritize the function required that carries much demand as compare to any other functional requirement. With respect to software development it prioritizes the function that has highest probability of being developed and implemented.

What Are The Requiremnets FOR Moscow Analysis?

It has serious requirements which determines the importance of taking initiative

This analysis allows user to take strategic and organized approach to prioritization.

The analysis divides the parameters into different parts that is wasted time, miss direction and arguments. This analysis gives us clear thought process by removing all the negative constraints and make user to apply their methods efficiently and effectively.

 The requirements are classified into four categories

  1. Must have: This is a critical feature in the project
  2. Should have: This is also critical but not time sensitive as compared to must have constrained
  3. Could have: This not critical if time management is there
  4. Won't have: This is not required constrained as it waste time energy at any moment of the project

How to Run Moscow Analysis?

Inorder to apply Moscow analysis in the family members requirement, we have to look forward to know how to run the analysis.

The general steps are:

  1. Understand and gather important terms of your team: If we have to hear each and everyone's point of view it becomes difficult and time consuming for analysis so one should specify people who they one to hear and proves the task.
  2. Settle dispute: It's important to settle dispute between people who are working as this may lead to failure of projects .
  3. Divide resources: The resources should be divided between the teams in such a way that it would result optimal solution to everyone working at the project
  4. Strong time frame: One should have strong time frame so that the initiatives or people can fit in must have category, calculating time ahead.
  5. Create a list: Creating a list or organizing the data would give a clear thought view and would help to understand the problem effectively and take initiatives

Preparation Of User Stories

  As we know BEECHAMP family is having troubles with time and coordination we will start prioritizing the problems by Moscow analysis

1.First Priority: Time and coordination

When, where and how the events will be celebrated which are within the six months as referred to case study,"Mrs Beecham has a birthday next month, Anna is graduating in three months, John is getting married in six months and Lisa has an important football match next week she wants everybody to attend"

Hence time will be the first parameter to be analyzed by Moscow and the events should be followed according to the priority of individual events taking place simultaneously. This should be categorized into MUST HAVE AND SHOULD HAVE CATEGORY

2.Second Priority : Assignment of different works.(railsware, 2017)

As the family is big having six members it's important to assign     task to each and every individual in such a way that equal distribution of task like cooking, groceries and gardening  should be done with respect to individual events and family events. It should be placed in SHOULD HAVE category

 3.Third Priority: Notification

 As the family member wants  to coordinate between family events and individual events  they want notifications of each and every event which is taking place at house hold

 4.Fourth Priority : Group Notification

  As the family brings products into house, they want to give a group notification of the product purchased (here the product is the egg) so that no same product comes twice. So here GPS system is required to navigate and monitor the cations of each and every individual.(lucidchart., 2019)(projectsmart.c, 2018).(business-analysis-excellence., 2020)

 5.Fifth Priority: Family events takes place with Individual events

 As the family wants to stay together they want family event and individual event to take place in same time and location its important to put this parameter to MUST HAVE CATEGORY. It should give more emphasis on working with time and place as the family has GPS navigation system in all the electronic devices.


To conclude after the research work we have solved problems related to software specifications related to event handling of a software that needed a thorough analysis of technical aspects of the problem by understanding problem specification and managing the problem in such way that no two problems collide with each other. At the end we can say that this report primarily focusses on software requirement and specification and gives us a clear understanding of the technical aspects and the functional requirement   

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