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A Study on ERP System Assignment Sample


Telstra corporation ltd. is a famous and largest national and international Australian telecommunication company. Postmaster general's department is the origin of Telstra. 

It is a office bearers and transparent fixed-line service provider such as network and market's voice, mobile, telephone exchange lines to homes and business, online services, internet access, pay Television etc. It provides many facilities to other companies and organizations for resale, operational support, international, and IP transport. Telstra is the brightest source of the 21st century for providing opportunities to connected business, government, multiple, and individuals. It builds technology and content solutions to make data in a simple and easy form for using just because of it Telstra considers as the biggest and fastest national mobile network (Ltd,Telstra Corp , 2020).

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1. Background

Description of the client and business activity

Telstra is a wired and wireless service provider corporation. It helps many companies, customers, and organizations to live and work through a flexible connection. It is not only offering digital connection but also digital content. Telstra provides its services to customers better than any other telecommunication service providers. Telstra helps and maintains Australian public telephones in a Broadway. It links with many other telecommunication information companies to provide them better facilities and high bandwidth networks such as ABB communication and STCJV network (telstra.com, 2020). ABB (Asia Brown Boveri) is an electrical and electronic manufacturing swiss Swedish multinational corporation. Basically, it is famous for electrical equipment. It is also the best telecommunication information service provider. It manages system development, products, management services, automation control, and protection of networks. Today ABB works near about 100 countries with 150000 employees, its services smart buildings, energy, control and balance of power plants, power products, High and medium voltage switch gears, circuit breakers, capacitors, transport, infrastructure, oil, gas and comical, semiconductors, measurement and analytics, control rooms, factories, E-mobility, motors and generators, robotics, industry, drives, turbocharging, data centers, marine vessels, renewable vessels. India is also linked with ABB (ABB, 2020).

Key business process

The company leads a power and automation technologies which improves the performance and utility of customers. The company usually receives an order worth rupees 600 crore. It always needs the biggest ERP system. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for managing the main business process as well as real-time software and technology management. It is referred to as business management software to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many businesses. It provides a database management system for orders, purchase orders, pay roles. It makes integrates verité organization systems and faculties for without many mistakes. It includes many characteristics such as used as an integrated system, common database applications, and real-time operators, feel across modules, installation of the systems, increases application, data integration by the IT department (ABB, 2020). ERP systems connect data transaction in many ways. It works as per the requirements of vendors in their own products and connectivity including their competitors. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a management software in the business purpose to allow an organization to operate its product planning, development, manufacturing, sale and marketing, applications, database, back-office work, customers employees data, and many more in a management purpose. It is business process software, this application used in a small or broad in away. We can use ERP Systems in many ways like Mobile ERP; here the customer deals with real-time access information for the business process to embrace Mobile ERP. Cloud ERP, here it is the advancing form to save data. Many users want to place their data or information in the Cloud in a proper way. Social ERP, This ERP focused its attention on the social media package to gain much more effective data. Two-tier ERP, here Organization wants to save all the aspects of the organizational system and change it accordingly. Thus we can say the ERP system is very beneficial for the organization (Ullah, 2018). 

2. System requirement

Software features and functionalities the client should consider to support business activity

There are many rumours about ERP software. We can hear easily by the ERP Software providers about different works and processes and features of software. This application manages our resources and works information. ERP Software requirements as the benefits of an organization to grow its business process widely and contain all the data integrity to keep safe in a proper manner. It provides faithful information, ensuring departments and teams with the same set of information. This application gives us the facility to go one part to another part of the data without any inconvenience. It means this application works freely to share data.

Feature and Functionality of ERP Software system:

  • Integration: This is the important functionality of an application that provides us to work fully integrated. Today organization gives big thanks to contain the data in a good form and good mediator between team and resource. 


  • Automation: This function of the ERP system is to reduce the time complexity among the employers and provide us clear data entry in the organization. We can easily change it over and over without any difficulty. 


  • Data Anabasis: As we know the ERP is an application that collecting our data for processing in a business purpose and process day today. We can easily edit and delete the data day by day. Mainly the HR functions need to create budget analysis.


  • Reporting: ERP system easily reporting to analysis the growth and down business activities. It has many tools like Dashboards, Gantt charts, Pie charts, Bar graphs, etc. So that we can take out the cons of the organization and how it will grow.


  • Customer Relationship Management: Customer Relationship Management software is providing a large spreadsheet where we spend more time updating the information and quick access, the other terms, and important data. 


  • Accounting: Financial management is the main part of business management. ERP system provides us accounting tools also where we can manage accounts pay bills, fixed asset management, risk management, tax management, and many more facilities. This system also manages the multiple currency and tax regulations. 


  • Tracking and visibility; ERP software system gives a solution to track any kind of data related to the organization quickly and the organization change it according to its need shortly. This system allows users to understand visible data.


  • Operational flexibility: ERP software system also provides us the data collection and operating it in a flexible manner. This business software gives us the mobility to access the data in any device through an internet connection.


  • Reduce operational costs: ERP Software system operates to reduce operation costs efficiency and manage the Business over Organization growth and operating costs keep in under budget.


  • Accuracy; ERP system is responsible to maintain the Business growth and profit in a developing way with data accuracy. This system allows us to operate the information integrity with proper accuracy.


  • Data Security: The ERP system suggests to us the security of data contents against to leak the data or information and tightly able to monitor the data changes with high security (Channakeshavalu, 2013). 

 3. Software Selection

ERP software vendors and brief description of vendors and products

In the market place, there are so many ERP vendors with their different ERP Software packages. ERP financial management software continues to focus to influence onwards organization growth. In the best ERP system needs to be strong in features and functionality over a variety of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, professional services, retail, and more.

 In 2018, the top 10 ERP software stockholder telly for nearly 31.9% of the global ERP software applications which grew 3% to approach nearly $91.1 billion in ERP license, The ERP software system provides both ERP Financial Management & ERP Services and Operations applications.

Last year SAP nearly 6.8% market share riding on a 4% jump in ERP license, maintenance and subscription revenues. Oracle was #2, followed by Intuit, FIS Global, and Fiserv.

This is reported that all Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 organizations and their IT Environments, including ERP, HCM, ATS, CRM, Procurement, Treasury, and other apps being used globally, but also on a country level.

According to the Analysis reports, the ERP applications in the market place with is expected to gain $96.7 billion by 2023, and also compared with $91.1 billion in 2018 according to a compound annual growth rate of 1.2%.


Exhibit 2: Worldwide ERP Software Market 2018-2023 Forecast, $M




2018-2023 CAGR, %





Source: Apps Run The World, December 2019

  1. SAP: SAP is structured for large, enterprise type organizations all over the world. SAP is basically from WALDORF in Germany, this is the biggest Fortuner enterprises. It is true that its implementation process can be lengthy but often well-tailored to the organization in the case of a report.
  2. Oracle: Oracle also placed in the top among large enterprises in the ERP business and especially has made its value on a global level. According to the panorama "Led the Magic Quadrant for Cloud core financial management suits for large, mid-size and global enterprises for the third year straight". In particular, Netsuite "Excels in IPO, Fast-growing and mid-size business and provides pre-configured workflows, dashboards, function roles and KPIs, enabling rapid implementation".
  3. Microsoft: Microsoft is using ERP with a smart idea to grow organization towards lager way. According to the report Microsoft has a strong ecosystem as ISV channel partners providing "Last mile functionality", here are some features according to reports, it targeted for the small and mid-market space. Recently rebuild AZURE technology, making it a pure SaaS model with other development options. Based on best practices of

Comparison on the features of 3 ERP software packages



YoY Growth

Recent Developments




SAP was on tra ck to sign more than 12,000 customers for its next-generation ERP S/4HANA by end of 2019 with 40% of the latest additions being considered net new wins for the vendor.




Oracle has signed more than 25,000 Cloud ERP customers including nearly 7,000 for Oracle ERP Cloud and 18,000 for NetSuite. Each quarter Oracle is migrating at least 200 customers of its on-premise ERP systems like E-Business Suite to the Cloud.




Migrating legacy AX, C5, GP, NAV, and SL to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Cloud remains the top priority for Microsoft's evolving enterprise apps strategy.

Why it is the best option

SAP systems provide the stability and necessary features needed for Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) software. SAP covers all the business supporting concerns and help in organizing the things easily. The biggest advantage of using SAP is that the software or the process can be adopted easily in the ERP, This gives the highest satisfaction rating and an added advantage to SAP. The planning part also can be coved very easily by the SAP systems and help in accounting, inventory management, and production planning.

There are the number of software and solution present in the market but SAP provides the best scalation and feature along with that which help in organizing the thing easily. Using SAP the organization increase their efficiency and accuracy in terms of ERP system. SAP provides an opportunity to plan better and helps management tracking decisions quit perfectly which results in the huge growth and greater revenue. By the above description, we can say SAP place an important role in ERP and hence is one of the best.








Trusted EPR provider with 40 years of market history and more than 50,000 customers worldwide. 

Accounting, Inventory & Warehouse Management, Purchasing, Reporting & Analytics Functionality across enterprises of all sizes.

Variable ($20k+)


Thus, we can say ERP Software is using globally all over the world and provide its facilities in many aspects such as Accounting, Security, Flexibility, Data accuracy, Financial management, etc. This software system helps the organization to grow its business with easy data analysis with less risk. This system is responsible to Improve productivity and helping to money-saving with proper resource management. Simplified complications in data analysis and showing as in the form of well-mannered graphical representation, so that organizations can easily find out their ups and downs and focus onwards the Organization business growth. This system gives the facility to competitive advantage in the higher cost in the market investment. 


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