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Introduction - Disability, Mental Health And The Criminal Justice System

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Disability refers to a condition of the mind or body that makes it difficult for a person to do certain activities with this condition. It is also tough for the person to interact with the world around them and it makes participation restrictions. Here disability mainly refers to the mental disability of a person. The mental disability of a person includes abnormal thoughts, behaviours, emotions and perceptions. It is seen that mental disability or disorders include bipolar disorder, depression, developmental disorders and things like this.

Progression of argument

Disability creates problems among people and it leads to a lack of activity. A person suffering from a disability problem faces health inequity. It is seen that there are different types of disorders a person faces (Mitchell et al. 2021). It can be defined as abnormal thoughts of a person, changes in their behaviour, emotional changes, and changes in perception. They are the key facts on this aspect.

Types of disabilities

Mainly three main types of disability are mental, physical, and intellectual disability. Mental disability is a type of disability that affects the thinking of a person (Aruma.com.au, 2022). It is the change in behaviours and in the emotional state. Physical disability affects the physical capacity of a person and their mobility. This type of disability affects a person either permanently or temporarily. Intellectual disability refers to difficulty in communication and difficulty in learning. They also face hardships in acquiring pieces of information from others. It is seen that different types of disabilities affect one or more senses (Ohrc.on.ca, 2022). It also harms the touch, smell, hearing power, sight, taste and parts like this.

Therefore, it is seen that these three types of disability affect the lives of people in the UK. Locomotors disability is a kind of physical disability and people in the UK are facing this kind of disability problem (Who. int, 2022). Intellectual disability seems to be a specific learning disability. Autism spectrum disorder falls in this part. The types of disabilities affect the life of the UK people and it harms their life in different ways. Types of disabilities have different types of impacts on the lives of people. It is the type of disability that the people of the UK are facing in their countries. 

Effects of it

Disability is a mental burden if a person deals with mental disorders. It continues to have an impact on health. The impact also falls on human and social rights and the economic consequences all over countries of the world (Disabilityphilanthropy.org, 2022). In this part of the study, the problems regarding disability are described in the country, the United Kingdom (UK). The problem of disability regarding mental, physical, emotional, and intellectual problems are the facts of discussion. The UK has faced the problems of various effects of disability.

Depression seems to be the main cause of disability in this place. It is seen that most UK people are affected by the mental disability problem (Rethink.org, 2022). Most of the women in this country are affected by this problem. There are more than men. It leads to a loss of interest in any matter, sadness, low self-worth, and feelings of guilt. Disturbance in sleep and loss of appetite is the cause of it. Poor concentration power and tiredness are the most common symptoms or the effects of the disability. Development disorders including autism, dementia, and bipolar disorder are the effects of the disability. Bipolar disorder involves depressive and manic episodes and has effects on the body (Mayoclinic.org, 2022). Manic episodes include rapid speech, overactivity, irritable mood, and a decrease in sleep. Development disorder includes childlike behaviour and is related to the central nervous system.

Effective treatments

Disability is the most common problem in the country of UK and it affects the health of people in this country. As it affects health including physical, mental, and intellectual, therefore treatment of those problems needs to have (Disabled-world.com, 2022). Some effective treatments for this problem include the health and support system. People of the UK can recover from those problems with the continuous support of family, friends, or the government. Healthcare services can support disabled persons through effective treatments for getting rid of their disability problems. The UK is a developed country and technological development helps them in getting effective treatment for the problem of disability.

Some therapy in this country is available like speech therapy, occupational therapy, orthomolecular therapy, and physical therapy. Those therapies are effective for the treatment of disability. It seems that “cognitive behavioural therapy” is effective in treating psychological disorders (Disabilitycanhappen.org, 2022). These are effective treatments for disorders or disability problems.


Disability is the most common problem in the country of the UK. This problem is affecting the lives of people. Different types of disability problems can be seen here like mental, physical, and intellectual disability. Various types of disabilities include lack of activity, lack of expression, abnormality in behaviour, emotions and many more. All of these affect the mental and physical health and effects of depression. Effective treatments for that purpose help cure this problem.


  • What does Disability refer to?

Disability of a person is a mental or physical condition that limits the activities, senses, and movement of a person. The disability of a person bounds his activities and limits them to interact with others. It is a disadvantage of the person and the law recognises this disability.

  • How many kinds of disability can be seen?

Disabilities are of different types like mental illness, sensory, physical, and intellectual disability. Disability includes a low vision of a person or blindness of the person. Locomotor disability is another kind of disability that affects a person in many ways.

  • What are the effects of mental disability?

Mental disability has effects like an extreme feeling of guilt, excessive worries or fear. Too much mood change and withdrawal from activities and friends are the effects of mental disability. 

  • How can mental disability be overcome?

A prolonged and creative effort can help to maintain mental disability. Proper medication and active participation in various activities can help to overcome this problem.

Blog 2


Mental health nowadays is the most common problem in the country of the UK. It is seen that the problem is also spreading around the world. The topic also relates to the matter of the “Mental Health Act”. It defines the rights in various things like the rights of a family when the person is detained, and the rights of the patient when he is detained in a hospital. Mental health problems are the most common issue that the people of the UK are facing.

Progression of argument

Mental illness is also called a disorder in mental health. It mainly refers to a wide range of mental health conditions. The disorders related to mental health affect the thinking process of a person (Mind.org.UK, 2022). It affects the behaviours of the person and affects moods. The discussion on mental health problems is described below

Problems related to mental health

Mental health is the most essential concept but here it is seen that the people of the UK are facing some problems regarding mental health. Mental health problems include anxiety disorders, depression, disorders in eating, and addictive behaviours (Healthdirect.gov.au, 2022). It is seen that there is not a clear idea about the cause of mental disorders. Researchers in this part suggested that a combination of some factors like psychological trauma, biology, and environmental stress are the cause of mental health problems. Some of the most common problems related to mental health that the UK people are facing is depression, developmental disorders, bipolar disorder, and dementia. The presence of the “Human Rights Act” can give one legal protection of human rights (Mayoclinic.org, 2022). This act helps to protect you if you are a person from the UK. it includes if you contain a foreign national, then you can be detained in a hospital or prison.

The above-mentioned act needs to be followed by the personal and nursing care accommodation providers. The employees of the local authorities and the authority itself will have to follow this act (Emedicinehealth.com, 2022). Problems related to mental health are seen more among women than men. Women are affected much by mental health problems.

Types of mental illness

Mental Health problems include excessive anger of people. Anxiety and panic attacks are the most common problem and it is a type of mental illness. Body dimorphic disorder is also a kind of mental illness that the people of the country UK are facing (Medicinenet.com, 2022). Depression is the most common issue related to mental health and this problem leads a person sometimes towards suicide. One type of mental illness is dissociative disorder and borderline personality disorder. Different types of mental illnesses have different impacts on the human body and mind. Bipolar disorder is also a kind of this illness and it is the problem of having low concentration power (Clevelandclinic.org, 2022). Different types of mental disorders create different issues in humans.

It is seen that there are four main types of mental illness among the people of the UK. They are personality disorders, anxiety disorders, eating disorders, and psychotic disorders (Talkspace.com, 2022). There are different causes of poor mental health. It includes trauma, childhood abuse, or negligence. Loneliness or social isolation is the cause of the poor mental health of a person. People in the UK having poor mental health are facing some of these problems. Those who experience discrimination, including racism and stigma, have a chance to face mental illness problems. These are the types of mental illness problems that the people of the UK have faced (Mind.org.UK, 2022). The problems can be cured through the proper help of professionals.

Therefore, it is seen that anxiety is the most common mental health problem and it affects the lives of humans. The laws of the UK related to mental health will be good for the mentally affected people as the law speaks about the safety of those people (Healthdirect.gov.au, 2022). It was seen that around 40 million people in the UK are treated with mental health problems and the number is increasing every year. Research shows that many people are suffering from this problem but only some are getting treatment for this problem. These are the problems related to mental health and they are curable in this state. It is the aspect of this matter and it defines the matter in the way of effectiveness (Caulkins et al. 2021). This is the concept of this study.


Mental Health problems are a common problem for the people of the UK. The government has mentioned some Acts in this part and they seem to be helpful for the improvement of health and for giving justification to the people. Some most common issues related to mental health are depression, anxiety disorders, insomnia, and lack of activity of the affected people and things like it. The study also shows that taking proper care of mental health patients can help them to cure this situation.


  • What is a mental health issue?

Mental health disorders refer to a condition of mental health that can affect the mood of a person. A change in behaviour and thinking process is seen in mentally disturbed people. Some examples are eating disorders, anxiety disorders, and depression. 

  • What are the symptoms of mental health problems?

Feeling down or sad is a common symptom of a mental health problem. Lack of concentration power, excessive fear, mood changes, the feelings of guilt, withdrawal from activities and friends, and loss of energy are the symptoms of mental health problems.

  • How can mental health issues be cured?

The process of proper medication is the way of curing mental health diseases. Psychiatric medication is a significant way for improving mental health symptoms. Anti-anxiety medications are the way to cure this problem.

  • What is the “Mental Health Law”?

Mental health law involves a wide variety of legal topics and pertains to people with a possible diagnosis of the condition of mental health. The purpose of this act is to ensure that people with mental disorders can be treated irrespectively so that they cannot harm themselves.

Blog 3


The criminal justice system mainly refers to the agencies of the government who are charged with the enforcing law. They have the power to correct criminal conduct and adjudicate crime. It seems the combination of the courts and legal processes deals with the crime. In this part of the study, the criminal justice system of the country UK is described. The study highlights this matter and defines it properly.

Progression of argument

People having a learning disability can experience in this part various inequities in their accession to criminal justice health services. The criminal justice system of the country the UK is described below-

Health inequity

Health inequity seems to be a major problem in the system of criminal justice. It mainly affects people who have learning disabilities (Lisko et al. 2021). It is seen that people having learning disabilities can experience multiple inequalities in their accession to the criminal justice system. This factor leads to the miss in opportunities in the diagnosis of learning disability. The purpose of the study is to define the “Equity Act” and it mainly impacts upon this thought of health inequity. This law defines that it can protect a person from several discriminations. The law is also helpful in giving you the right to the challenge (Nursingtimes.net, 2022). The “Equity Act” can protect a person if he has mental health issues in this part of the country, the UK.

It is seen that people who have learning disabilities experience difficulties in many things like difficulty in communication, social functioning, comprehension, and sensory processing. In this part of the criminal justice system, the criminal justice staff need to be responsible (Goodwin.edu, 2022). It can help in making reasonable adjustments to their practice. It is because they can provide equitable access to the services of health and justice. It can help improve the experience of people having learning disabilities. They are confronted with the criminal justice system. The people of the UK are facing problems with the system of criminal justice and it seems to be essential in this part (Collinsdictionary.com, 2022). This is the part of the system, which deals with criminal justice and its aspects effectively.

The criminal justice system has learning disabilities

The wider population seems to have a learning disability. Like it, the people who have learning disabilities can meet the criminal justice system (ldaamerica.org, 2022). It is seen they are found to be more experienced in distress compared to the general population. Confusion and bewilderment are seen among those people and it can negatively affect their activity of meaningful participation. It is difficult to understand the judicial proceedings. It is seen that in the criminal justice system, there is the presence of a mental health liaison. Diversions of teams are also seen there in the custody of the police (Sladesparsons.com.au, 2022). This team is needed in the time of identifying and supporting people having learning disabilities.

The presence of these matters increases the richness of the study. However, the aspect is sometimes neglected because of a lack of statutory guidance (Cliffsnotes.com, 2022). There is a tendency for teams to prioritise mental illness and the risks to self and others. These are the concepts of the present system and the law related to Equity seems helpful to the people of the UK. The people of the UK are facing these problems and the presence of law in their country seems helpful to them. The people who are dealing with learning disabilities have to face these problems and they are facing them differently (Unodc.org, 2022). This is the concept of the criminal justice system.

The injustice related to the criminals is a matter of discussion in this part and they present it differently. The issue related to mental health and its effect falls on those who have some problems in childhood (Sladesparsons.com.au, 2022). The person is facing mental health issues because of childhood abuse and depression or any criminal activity in childhood. This is the part of the study that describes the likes of the people of the UK and the problems they faced regarding mental health issues. Disability and the criminal justice system are also described in this part.


The criminal justice system is part of a discussion in this study and it mainly refers to the agencies of the government who are charged with enforcing the law. The main focus is also given to the correction of the criminal conduct of the convicts in this place of the UK. The “Equity Act” helps them in this part and protects them from discrimination. Here the concepts of health inequity and the criminal justice system are given throughout the entire study. The act that tells about the equity of people seemed to be helpful for the people of the UK and it also protects them from discrimination.


  • What is the criminal justice system?

The criminal justice system refers to the combination of the legal processes and the courts that deal with the crime. It is designed in a way that can make enforcement of the laws and can ensure public security.

  • What do you mean by health inequity?

Health inequity seems a major problem in the system of criminal justice. It is the iniquity of people having learning disabilities. Health inequity can be seen in people who have learning disabilities.

  • Does the criminal justice system have a learning disability?

Learning disability and the criminal justice system are co-related. It is seen that people with learning disabilities experience different inequities in their accession to the criminal justice health system. It also leads to missed opportunities for the diagnosis of learning disabilities. 

  • What is the concept of the “Equity Act”?

The “Equity Act” is the law that protects a person from discrimination. This law also gives a person the right to challenge. It helps in protecting a person if he has a mental health problem.

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