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Introduction - Individual refective eassy sample

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Reflecting on our skills and work done by ourselves is important for improving. It develops the individual in analysing the strengths and weaknesses and also helps the individual in developing better skills and promotes improvements in the weakness(Coward, 2019). Reflection is a part of continuous learning and nobody is perfect so we must learn from our experiences and try to make improvements in the way we work and it should help us in being more effective while delivering the work. The present report is an individual reflective essay which will explain the experiences and reflection of the individual related to his work done in pitch(E-portfolio, 2019).

In the present report, the individual is a part of a professional event management company which is having better market position and organisations different events in the UK. As a part of the team, the director had asked the author to prepare a pitch for an event and this essay is a reflection of that pitch development(Nurmi, 2019). This essay will explain all the different thing in detail which are being done and experienced by the writer while preparing the pitch for an event which is the New Year Eva Party for BFC. For making this reflection more effective and systematic Gibbs reflection cycle is being used by the write for reflecting on the experience in an organised manner(Markkanen, et. al.2020).

When my director had asked me to develop a pitch for such a great event I was very much excited but at the same time, I was also quite nervous as it is important for the company. I and the entire team want that everything would be planned and effectively represented in the pitch. We were asked to work in a group for developing the pitch of an event as we belong to this field and had organised several events earlier also we are having better knowledge regarding how to develop an event pitch in an effective manner. While developing the pitch we as a team had specifically focused on the requirements of the client and their objective behind this event. According to the information which we have received it is a new year eve event which is being conducted for celebrating 40 years of fashion and the BFC. The major objective behind this event is to showcase and celebrate the inspiring era of fashion.

This event is a more like professional event as most of the guest are the renowned peoples as the list of the guest includes the mayor of London, many government and commercial sponsors, staff and industry patrons. Although the budget not fixed for the event so I was having a wide range of options which had helped me in effectively expressing my ideas. Also, the number of the guest was 300 so all the things need to be well organised and managed effectively so that the pitch would be accepted by the director. From the objectives and purpose of the event, we are clear enough that we have to focus on fashion and had to reflect the era of fashion which is being represented by BFC in the last 40 years.

As per the Gibbs reflection cycle,a detailed description of the situation must be important. Before selecting an appropriate themethe event team needs to analyse all the important details and then should work based on all the different internal and external factors. For providing the best experience to the guest and audience it is important to focus on all the different elements of the event planning(Tawanwongsriand Phenwan, 2019). While developing the pitch for this event we have focused on the 5 principles which are being described by the Brown and James (2004) which are proved to be much effective and important for a successful event. The different principles mentioned by them include factors such as scale, shape, focus, timing and build. The first principle is the scale of the event and it is important to focus on the scale of the event before planning and organising it. The scale of this event was quite nice as we have to organise the event for 300 peoples which were not too much and also, we are having a good budget so that a wonderful event can be organised.

Along with this, the other factors such as shape, focus, timing of the event and building of the event is also considered while planning. As we are having a good budget and just have to focus on organising the best possible event we have planned to organised this event in London and the format of the event had been decided to be a dinner dance event as it would suit well to the requirements and will be a suitable for a new year eve party. Both the theme and the venue decided were following each other so that a successful event can be organised(Fosterand Leak, 2016).

As it is a new year eve party so we have planned to have a dress code for the event so that the event would be more attractive. Communicating regarding the dress codes was also our important task as we must communicate this through the invitation only. The dress code which is decided as according to the event theme only so that all the things should look perfect together. All the other important requirements for this event are being noted so that nothing should be missed.Suppliers for all the different materials required are being shortlisted and finalised which includes the entertainment/ music, catering suppliers, printing suppliers, theme/party suppliers, decoration material suppliers, audiovisual workers and the photographers for photography and video recordings of the event were all arranged.

All the important thing are being finalised that how the event would be organised and was also being mentioned in the pitch. Also, the pitch had focused on all the seven important facets of the event design are being included while developing the pitch and I have focused on all the thing in an effective manner(Dowsonand Bassett, 2018). According to me, food is the most important thing which needs to be perfect in the event. For better food, thebest menu and service style is being selected for the event. From the different catering service providers, we have selected the best one. While selecting the one I get better knowledge regarding all the different catering services and different menus which are most preferred in UK and London especially and had also get to learn regarding the menu choices of the peoples of London. Apart from this we have focused on all the catering operations and had clearly mentioned to the caterers that we required hygienic and best services. Also from the different service style, we have selected the one which suits well with the theme and objective of the event. Although I was not having better knowledge regarding the different alcohol options and what alcohol brands are mostly preferred by the guest while preparing the pitch I got better opportunity to know regarding all this as it is also an important thing for proper event management.

After catering we have focused on creating an effective and attractive environment of the event as per the occasion and the aim of the event so that the event can be a great success. As we are having a high budget for the event we have selected the best decoration and furnishing for the event so that it should look the best. Different best flowers are being selected for table decorations and a combination of flowers and light is being selected for the event. I was having better knowledge regarding different decoration options which I have used while developing the pitch and also while delivering the pitch I have explained these things nicely as I was good at these things. We have explored all the different décor options available and suitable per our location so that we can create an attractive environment at the event. All the different hospitality services which are required for this event are being well planned that how will be managing these services and all other required amenities.

Entertainment is also an important part of the event as the events are incomplete if it is not having entertainment for the guest so it is important to have better entertainment arrangement for guest. In this event, as it is a dinner dance event so dance and music arrangements are required. We have planned to set up a dancing floor and good quality music according to the party theme. Along with these we have also focused on other facets of event designing such as content, production and theme and had tried our best that we should not miss anything and should plan and execute the event in an effective and well-organised manner.

For better communication, we have developed better cooperation and communication among the team members which have helped us ineffective preparation and delivering of the pitch and will also help us in organising the event in an effective manner. Although it was teamwork as an individual I have given my 100% so that I can be the effective team member for my team. For making the team effective we have developed the group by applying the Tuckman stages for team development(Guttenberg, 2020). We have used this theory so that we can develop the team ineffective work so that work can be done in an effective manner. All the different stages of this model forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning were considered effectively(Donaldand Carter, 2020). According to me, the individual should do the work in which they are perfect this helps in working effectively in the team.

I have suggested that we should distribute the work by applying the Belbin team role model which would help us in managing the work effectively and preparing and delivering the pitch effectively(Bednarand Ljudvigova, 2020). I must say that all the team members were so cooperative and we have developed better teamwork among ourselves which had helped us in developing a better pitch for the event. All the tasks which were being assigned to be were according to my skills and knowledge only which had helped me a lot in doing the assignment work on time and represent the report which is being required to be submitted by my side. Better development of the team had helped us in at all the different phases of preparing the pitch for the event.

With the support of such a good team, we had planned everything regarding the pitch for the new year event and then we have focused on creating an attractive presentation which can help us in representing our theme and event design in an effective manner. We have really worked hard while preparing the pitch but better delivery of the pitch is also very important for the successful presentation in front of the client so that they must like our idea. One of the team members was much effective at creating the presentation and he had developed the presentation. One of the members had decided the content and had shortlisted that what are the important things that are important to be included in the presentation so that the client should get all the details regarding the event which we have planned. We have focused on all the important factors such as customer needs, audience, the purpose of the event and budget and then tries to represent all these things precisely in the presentation so it should not look much boring to the client.

I was the one who had represented the pitch in front of the clients and one of the team members had helped me out in what should be spoken and how I will be representing all the important and essential thing of the pitch so that the client gets attracted with our idea. I have planned each and everything in advance how I will be representing and introducing our idea in an organised and effective manner. Before representing the pitch I was very nervous and it was the time where I realised that I need to boost my confidence but my team members had helped me a lot in that situation. With the help of team members, I have practice again and again before the presentation so that don't feel hesitation while presenting the pitch and they have also corrected me at the certain thing which had helped me a lot in making improvements.

At the presentation by better communication skills had helped me a lot in representing the pitch in an effective manner. I have started the presentation with an interesting title for seeking the attention of the client and had included all the topic in accordance with the purpose of the event which is very important to be considered while giving a pitch for an event. I have also tried to demonstrate our ideas in detail so that the client should get the proper and detailed information regarding what all things we will be doing in the event and how they will make the event successful. I have also related the ideas with our previous successful events so that the client can understand how effective our ideas are. I have just represented the things so nicely and for doing this I have tried to paint a picture and imagination in the clients view that what we are exactly going to do in the event and how attractive it will look. I have explained the pitch in the format of storytelling which had helped me a lot in impressing the client by our ideas and theme which we have decided for their event.

After the presentation, my team members were really impressed with the presentation and effective communication skills. According to them, I have represented the presentation in an effective manner and clients would also be impressed with the ideas and the way of presentation. In my view, the client was very much convinced with the pitch as in the last conversation they were trying to get better knowledge regarding the details of our event design and also I held a healthy conversation with the client which shows that they are impressed by the pitch.

My experience with this pitch development and delivering was really very good as I have experienced several new things and had learned new thing which is important for me as an event coordinator(Ryan, 2019). In some of the situation I as an individual I have faced difficulties but I have tried to overcome them so that I can develop a better pitch and can prove myself to be a good team member. I think that overall, I have got a better experience through this teamwork and had developed some of the personal and professional skills which are important for me as an event coordinator. At the beginning of this group task, I was very much worried that how I will be cooperating with others and how the team members will treat me but now I can say that everyone was good and I have shared better bonds with the all the team members and had worked effectively with them.

Through this assignment, I can say that it has learned a lot regarding my strengths and weaknesses. I have realised that I am good at effective communication, teamwork skills, cooperation and collaborating effectively with others which is important for me as an executive and this will also help me a lot in my future projects(Bost, 2018). On the other hand, I felt that lack of confidence in the area which needs to be improved at a greater extent and I should focus on developing it.Apart from these skills, I think that the planning or the development of the pitch can also be more effective as we are higher we should explore more different themes and decors because we have not bounded to have a fixed budget. Also as the event management team, we should focus on developing more contracts with the suppliers as I think we were having limited suppliers due to which the bargaining power of suppliers which increase our cost for arranging all the things and reduces our profit margins.

Overall the pitch was really good and the team had worked effectively it can be said that it was a great experience for me to be a part of such product team and I have also learned several professional skills and practical knowledge which is very important for the event coordinator. From this reflection, it can be said that in my future I will be able to work more effectively in this industry and will be able to help the professional skills more effectively. The practical knowledge will help me a lot in my future events to a greater extent and I will be able to deliver better services to my clients in future(Shelley, 2019). This practical task was very effective for me and I must say that the practical knowledge cannot be gained by just reading the books for gaining the practical knowledge it is important for us to work and then get the practical knowledge.

Also before this task, I have never prepared the pitch for an event so for me, this task was a great opportunity to learn a lot of things regarding the preparation and delivering of the pitch. In this task, I have learned all the important phases which are required to be considered while developing the pitch for an event and how the 7 facets of the event design are important to be focused by event coordinator while preparing the pitch. I can conclude that I have to get better knowledge regarding event pitch development and how to deliver it in an effective manner. I can say that this experience will help me a lot in my future events and also in the pitches which I will develop for my future events. So, here I conclude that it was a really very good experience and I have learner a lot of things which will help me a lot in my future tasks.


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