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Human Resource Practice Leadership and Managing People Assignment

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Contemporary Research and debate in human resource management and development

With the increasing competition in the businesses, it is important for the firm to use effective contemporary approaches of human resource management that can help them in leading the firm towards success. O’Gormanet. al.(2018) had mentioned that in the fast-changing business world it is crucial for firms to use contemporary approaches for managing the firm effectively.

In the view of Al-Alert. al. (2017) change management is a contemporary issue that is faced by the majority of businesses. In this study, the researcher had mentioned that in the contemporary world it is essential for the firms to focus on having effective leaders and management that can use different contemporary approaches for managing change effectively and leading the firm towards success and development.

In support to this Hickman and Akdere (2018) having effective leadership in the firm is also a significant contemporary approach of managing human resource in an appropriate manner. The leader needs to motivate the employees to align their objectives with the strategic goals and objectives of the company. This would help them in managing the entire firm effectively and help the entire firm to move towards their company goals. Also () had mentioned that in the recent decade’s workplace diversity is increased to a greater extent and had become a contemporary issue for the businesses. The study had mentioned that the leader needs to focus on creating an organisational culture that promote better cultural diversity and help all the employees in working properly with each other.

Shet (2020) had stated that the business world is becoming more competitive. The organisations need to focus on having highly skilled employees that can help them in managing the business properly. The researcher had mentioned that businesses need to focus on retaining and attracting the talented employee. The HR department need to focus on applying effective strategies for recruitment and selection so that they can have highly skilled and talented employees in the workplace.

Rahman and Taniya (2017) had mentioned that in the present business world employee relations are having a significant impact on the success of the company. Employee relations had gained a lot of importance in the recent decades. In the contemporary world the businesses are facing issues related to high employee turnover, lack of motivation and low productivity. The employers need to focus on developing positive relation with their employees that would help them in solving all these issues. Businesses needs to develop effective relation between the leader and employees and among all the workers also. This would help them in managing the teams and entire firm in an appropriate manner. Based on the different studies it can be said that firm needs to focus on using the contemporary approaches for managing the human resource effectively.

Managing peoples in the workplace is a challenge for the human resource management. The leaders should focus on having developed effective people management practices that can help them in attracting, retaining and managing the employees properly in the workplace. For an instance Google one of the leading companies is having effective people management strategies for their employees. The company is using different practices for managing workplace diversity, positive workplace environment and employee behaviour. Along with this they are offering better pay and attractive benefits to their employees for motivating them in an effective manner(Llinas Salaand Abad Puente, 2019). These people management practices are helping them in managing the human resource efficiently. Thus, it can be said that it is essential for the businesses to have effective people management practices.

Motivation Theories and Employee Engagement within the organisations

In the present business world, the organisations focus on using theories of motivation. Maslow’s theory of motivation is an effective motivational theory that is widely used by the businesses across the globe. This theory focuses on five important human needs such as physiological needs, social needs, self esteem needs, esteem needs and safety needs. According to this theory if all the needs of the individuals are satisfied then they are motivated to work effectively for the company(van der Kolk, et. al.2019). Critics have mentioned that this theory does not fits to all the employees because it does not focus on individual needs. Other then this Herzberg two factor theory is also an effective theory for increasing employee engagement and motivating them. In the contemporary organisations it is important for them to use these theories so that they can manage their workforce in an effective manner.

Businesses focuses on using effective theoretical model in their management practices that helps them in managing the firms efficiently. For example, Apple, Inc. one of the leading brands is having large number of employees in the firm. For managing such large workforce, they use different theoretical models(Gorsuch, 2019). The company is using Vroom’s expectancy theory and Maslow’s motivational theory for motivating their employees. They have applied these theories in their management and on the basis of it they have developed different rewards strategies and promotion programs for motivating their employees.

Employee engagement is important in all businesses. When the employees are working in any of the firm then it is essential for them to have afeeling of belongness for their employer so that they can work effectively for the firm(Rao, 2017). The organisations need to understand that employee engagement is significant for positive health of the employees at the workplace. Businesses around the world are developing effective programs for employee engagement so that it would have positive impact on organisations health term. For example, Tesco one of the top retailers of UK focuses on conducting employee engagement programs for developing better cooperation and communication among the entire workforces. This is helping them in having a positive impact on organisational culture and behaviour. Similarly, Google one of the leading technology company also used different theories and strategies for engaging their employees. Google had created modern workplace with better flexibility and comfort for their workers. The company is investing higher capital for just motivating the employees and keeping their engaged with the firm. This is helping google in managing the mental health of the employees at the workplace and overall organisational health(Men, et. al.2020). Along with this it is also having a positive impact on productivity.

Roles and Characteristics of effective leadership

Leaders are responsible for developing effective strategies and motivating the employees to work effectively for the firm and lead the firm towards success. The leader of the company is responsible for developing clear goals and objectives for the firm and lead the entire workforce towards achieving those aims and objectives(Leithwood, 2019). When the leader is leading any of the team or an organisation then it is important for them to have certain set of skills that can help them in being effective.

The leader of the company needs to have empathy, vision, inspiration skills, open mindedness and better interpersonal skills. Along with this the leader needs to be more responsible and should have critical thinking skills that can help them in solving the different issues and leading the firm towards success(Mauro, 2017).

Turner (2019) Had mentioned that the leader is one of the most responsible employees of the firm and it is important for the leader to have certain skills. The study had mentioned that the leader needs to be a risk taken. This would help them in managing the different situations easily by making effective decision for the betterment of the organisation. in support to this Cote (2017) had mentioned that the leader needs to be more confidence and should work in an ethical manner. Employees of the company are highly influenced by the behaviour of the leader, so it is important for the leader to be honest towards their roles and responsibilities. Veliuet. al.(2017) had mentioned that leaders need to use effective leadership style on the basis of different situations. When the leader analysis the situation and then uses the leadership style then would become a successful and effective leader. Salem (2019) Had stated that the interpersonal skills of the leader are the important think that makes him or her a better leader. While leading the firm the leader needs to have effective communication skills, listening skills and better cooperation and collaboration. These skills would help them in having a positive influence on their followers and help them in leading the firm towards its goals.

Role and Practices of HR Management and development

Human resource management is one of the most important business operations that needs to be done in an effective manner. Managing human resource is not an easy task for the businesses in the complex business world. The HR management is responsible for managing the employees and retaining them for a longer period of time. The HR manager and all the other managers needs to develop better cooperation and collaboration among themselves then only they will be able to manage the entire workplace and business operations in an effective manner(Khan, et. al.2019).

With the increasing globalisation and workforce diversity businesses are facing a lot of issues in managing the workforce. For managing the present workforces, it is important for the HR management to have highly professional and qualified HR professionals with better skills and knowledge that can help them in managing the HR in an appropriate manner.

HR practices are highly influenced by the ethics and the organisational culture. It is important for the HR management and leaders to have better and effective culture at the workplace that holds better values and ethics(Soumyajaand Sowmya, 2020). This would help them in managing the behaviour of the employees. Along with this it is also having a positive impact on the HR practices that can help the HR management in managing the firm effectively and leading the firm towards development.


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