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BMSW4001 Task 1 Assignment Sample


This report is about self-reflection on the academic learning of this course. In this report, I will discuss my strengths, weaknesses, and threats for me as well as my opportunities. I will discuss the employability skills in this report and further will also present my personal development plan. This report is a reflection presenting what I have learned throughout the course and what skills do I possess. In this report, I will highlight a lot of things about myself and will also discuss what I was thinking of the starting of this course and now what I feel after term 1. I will also reflect on my academic progress. At the end of this report, the conclusion will also be provided to present the crux of the whole reflection. 

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There are different skills required for any job such as academic skills as well as employability skills. I will discuss these skills and also further explore about myself in this report. The most important skills required o do any job are teamwork, communication skills, problem-solving, knowledge, commitment as well as motivation. From the experience gained by me during this course, I think it is very essential for a person to have this skill set to carry out any job in an effective manner. Here is provided the self-evaluation of my own academic and employability skills:
Teamwork skills: As I know about myself, I believe that I am a good team worker. From my past experience in a classroom or any other past activities, I have always shown my full participation in any group activity. According to my point of view, I am a good team worker and I appreciate the efforts of others too which is helpful in maintaining a good work environment (Messum, et. al., 2017).
Communication skills: Communication skills play a very important part while working or doing any job as there is always needed to coordinate with other employees and seniors at work. The career I am looking to pursue is family support which needs a lot of empathy and good communication skills so that I will be able to communicate with the people to help them out. I am not that good with communication skills as I hesitate while communicating with the people I meet for the first time. I am constantly working on my communication skills and looking forward to improving them.
Problem solving skills: While doing any job, it is very necessary for a person to have a positive attitude and problem-solving skills. There might be certain challenges while working and a person should have the ability to think quickly and find the solution to the problems. I think as I am a quick learner and keen on everything, I might have a good problem- solving skills. I can think quickly to solve these challenges and move forward (Ahn, et. al., 2018).
Commitments: The person doing a job should be committed to his work and should not be indulged in the work avoidance practices. Talking about myself, I feel that I am committed to my work. Whatever work I undertake, I fulfill it with my all efforts.
Work under pressure: There needs to maintain a work-life balance while doing a job. I have a small family and there are situations where I need to maintain the balance with my family as well as my studies. When I will be working, I will need to work under pressure also. This might be tough for me but I am trying my best to learn the time management skills so that I can be able to manage my family as well as my work (Fleming and Daw, 2017).
Knowledge: Knowledge is an important element to work in any organization. If you are out of knowledge, you cannot do any work or accomplish any achievement. I am working my best to improve my knowledge about the felid I am looking for to work further. I am also learning to communicate and to emphasize with people and understand their needs (Wrzus and Roberts, 2017).
Time Management: There is a requirement of time management skills to be developed in every individual. I have certain problems in managing the time in studies, work as well as family. We have learned about different tools that I will apply to improve my time management skills (Suleman, 2016).
In order to analyze my own strength and weaknesses, following is provided my SWOT analysis:
• I am a keen and quick learner.
• I am emotional and empathize with others.
• I am a team workers and a good coordinator.
• I have good command over few technical software such as Microsoft Office. Weaknesses
• I have lack of communication skills.
• I lack in confidence while communicating to any new person.
• I have lack in time management skills which I need to develop.
• I have opportunities to develop my interpersonal skills.
• I can get internship in my desired career which is helping the disadvantaged families through family support.
• Volunteeringchances of working in Localor national NGOs. Threats
• I am from a small family who might create obstacle for me to do the job and manage the time.
• Lack of the confidence may be a thought for me to come forward whenever I get a chance.

Above presented is my SWOT analysis, where I found my own capabilities and weaknesses. I have learned about myself that there is a need for improvement in myself in order to be capable of working in the field I wish to pursue my career in. I will grab the opportunities and eliminate the threats in order to be successful (Aeon and Aguinis, 2017).
During this class, we also learned about the personal development plan. I have also prepared my PDP in order to be able to develop my skills as well as personality. The personal development plan is an action plan which is based on the reflection, values, and awareness, setting of goals as well as the planning for personal development in regards to the education, career, and self- improvement as well as relationship. Following is provided my personal development plan:
Objective Action Target Date Progress/Recourses Reflect /Review
To improve my Leadership Skill • In order to improve my leadershipskills, I need to start taking the initiatives to get involvedin the leadership programs to be held in the college (Suleman, 2016).
• I need to learn about the problem solving skills in order to solve the problem of my team members and also make improvement in the critical thinking. April 15, 2020 My ability to lead a group of certain people will be helpful for me in developing my leadership skills. The improvement in the problem solving skills will also help in working with the team and dealing with the challenges coming in my way(Rowe and Zegwaard, 2017). I have faith on the action to be taken by me to improvemy leadership skill that it will be helpful for me in my personality development.
To hone my Communication skills • In order to improve my communication skill, I will take the help of internet and different online course and tutorials.
• I will participate in the group discussions as well as debate to gain the confidence to speak in front of people.
• I will also work on my personality and my expressions in order to make improvement in my body language. April 30, 2020 In order to remove the element of hesitation while I communicate then I will need to take the first step of making the initiatives to communicate with new people I meet. I believe the action plan I have chosen will be quite helpful for me to improve my communication skills and the feedbacks from the instructors can also be helpful in working better to eliminate the hesitation.
To improvise my Interpersonal Skills • I will take the onlinelectures and tutorials on developing the interpersonal skills.
• Working with a team of 4 to 5 people and learn with each other’s strength can also be helpful (Baumert, et. al., 2017).
• Volunteer activities within the local or national NGOs will help here. May 31, 2020 There is progress in improvement of my interpersonal skills and here my social group is proven to be very helpful. The actions taken by me are very helpful and giving the positive results and I have trust that I will be able to improve my personality by the time.
To work on my Decision-making skills • I will learn about different decision making techniques which will be helpful for me to make the quick decisions.
• I need to look into the past experiences and case studies of the great workers in this field.
• Watching the online videos and tutorials. June 25, 2020 In order to know my progress, I will work on self- evaluation and also consider the feedbacks given by my tutor. According to me, in order to work in a felid like family support, I should have the ability to make quick decisions.
To improve my time management skills • I need to divide my work and set the strict deadline for the same.
• I need to alue the time and invest most of the time in improving my knowledge.
• I need to divide the time according to the tasks and focus on my daily routine (Caligor, 2017). June 30,2020 The progress can be check through setting up the timers and self- evaluation. The time management skills can be developed by involving the necessary activities within my daily routine. According to me, this is best technique.
To work on my technological skills • I will join the online tutorials where I could improve my technological skills through developing my knowledge aboutdifferent software. 16 July, 2020 The constructive feedbacks of tutor will be helpful in reviewing the progress. In my knowledge, this is the best action plan to improve the technical knowledge.

Reflection on academic progress: This term has changed my perspective to a great extent. In starting, I was worried and I was taking a lot of time in absorbing the thing to be taught in the classroom. But as time passed by, I started developing my interest in the course. I went through several online materials and started enhancing my interest. During this term, I learned a lot of things. I explored a lot about myself. I learned about the SWOT analysis which helped me in exploring my strengths and weaknesses. It also helped in improving my vision regarding the opportunities I can grab and the threats which I need to eliminate. After that, we also learned about certain time management tools. These are important in managing the time for work, family, as well as studies and I, am trying to make improvements in myself. I also got to know about the personality development plan which is very helpful in improving the skills and personality. I have prioritized my tasks and also have set a deadline by which I will develop certain skills that will be helpful for me in pursuing my career successfully. I have had a great experience during this term as it has helped me in making many changes in myself for something better. Comparing the initial days with the end of this term, I can say that this was the best decision to pursue this course as I have developed my interest in it.
This report was about self-reflection on my academic progress. In this report, I explored a lot about myself as I conducted my SWOT analysis. I also prepared my personality development plan. This report has proven to be very helpful for me in improving myself and got to know what best I can do to be successful in my career. I got to know that I need to improve my communication skills and time management skills and I am really good at team working and I have problem-solving skills. At the end of this report, I provided my experience of taking this course for my career development.  


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