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Investigating The Social World

Introduction - Investigating The Social World

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Title and Research Questions

Outline of the Project: The research is about the investigation and study about the topic for establishing the facts and reach out to the new outcome. The study helps to understand the different perspective of the impact of social media in education. The research is all about to explore various point of concern regarding the area of research that deals with the social media in education. It provides a detailed analysis of the use of different research design in order to collect and gather data for the study.

Title:The impact of social media in education

In this, the area of research is based on the impact of social media on education and its various perspective that is considered an aspect for dealing with certain situations.

Research Questions:

  • To identify the role of Social media in education
  • To analyze the impact of social media on education
  • To explore the benefits of social media in education
  • To identify the challenges of social media in education?

The research questions are mainly considered an important part of the research proposal and help to carry out the activities in the study. It will help to analyze the different perspectives of the research with the help of various methodology as well as designs that provide a detailed analysis of the research. Further, the study helps to understand the role and impact of the social on the level of education which can be positive as well as negative. In this, the research helps to explore the various aspects of the role of social media in education that can affect their level of understanding. It will also help to make better choices after learning about various facts of the study.


Background of Research Project: The background of research shows that importance of conducting the research which mainly helps to develop and improve the skills of an individual on a certain topic. The study on impact of social media in education helps to develop the reading aspect for the knowledge purpose and increases the reasoning skills by collecting some data from different sources. It will helps to increase the area of knowledge and an individual can explore various platforms for conducting research. Further, it also exercises some critical thinking based on the aspect of finding content for the research.

In terms of conducting research, it is considered an important tool to develop knowledge as well as helps to facilitate learning. It is important to consider the research activity is an important task for discovering some new treatments as well as it has to make sure they use different tactics in the best way. Based on the present scenario, it is important to understand the aspect of social media in education. This study will help to understand the different aspects of social media and its importance in the life of students. Further, this is one of the major concerns in the field of education to consider social media as a tool for learning new things.

The major reason behind the chosen topic is to create awareness about the use of social media in educational practices and how the students get affected by the different practices of social media. The area of research is affecting students who are considered a wide range of people across the country (Carpenter, and et.al., 2021). It is one of the major areas of interest in the field of education and research that helps to understand the various perspective of the people regarding the use of social media in education. However, it is one of the serious and exclusive topics for research and the study conduct as it gives an idea about the use of the digital platform for the study. It gives an idea about the different social networking tools afforded by the students and uses some opportunities for making improvements in the learning methods. Social media is affecting the learning process as well as the education of students so it is one of the most important topics to have a concern about and the study provides in-depth knowledge about the recent topic.

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Key Literature

  1. Meena, VK 2013, 'Role of Social Media in Education', SSRN Electronic Journal, vol 1, no. 3, pp. 857-860

This particular article has been written by Meena, VK in the year 2013 and this article is published in SSRN Electronic and the name of the article is Role of Social Media in Education. Human generally attempts to stay in interpersonal organizations to satisfy their natural and humanistic requirements. The main thrust that supports vocation in these informal communities is correspondence. This selected article carries into light the job of virtual entertainment in education. Key concepts which are related to this article are mainly the social media and education. The main strong point of this particular article is that author mix both technology and humans in order to prove the main pint of discussion.

  1. Soetekouw, L. and Angelopoulos, S., 2022. Digital Resilience Through Training Protocols: Learning To Identify Fake News On Social Media. Information Systems Frontiers, pp.1-17

As per Soetekouw, and Angelopoulos, 2022, in the present scenario education Institutions are trying to adopt the development in the system as well as based on the group resources along with the mechanism for making improvements in the student’s life. However, the utilization of social media in education helps the teachers and students’ parents for getting some important formation and make a connection with the people in a learning group that is convenient for managing the education system. With the help of networks, individuals can incorporate some plugins about social media which help to share formation and manage interaction. It is beneficial for the students to make use of online tutorials with the help of YouTube along with online courses which are published by some universities and that give a wide area of resources on the social media networks.

  1. Kumar, V. and Nanda, P., 2019. Social media in higher education: A framework for continuous engagement. International Journal of Information and Communication Technology Education (IJICTE), 15(1), pp.97-108

Kumar, and Nanda, 2019 state that Education must be active on the different platforms of social media as it plays an important role to provide better strategies for training and shaping the future of a student. Social media has the ability can Grave the perspective of different subjects and provides illumination regarding the different and new content. Universities may communicate encouraging or uplifting messages with all learners who are linked to the platforms and sites. You may use social networking site keywords to involve learners and start beneficial internet dialogues. A clip is a reliable and widely component of social media activity and an individual can utilize it to distribute helpful movies that motivate learners and make the people with their academic themes.

  1. Reinhardt, J., 2019. Social media in second and foreign language teaching and learning: Blogs, wikis, and social networking. Language Teaching, 52(1), pp.1-39

Reinhardt, 2019 in his article namely Social media in second and foreign language teaching and learning: Blogs, wikis, and social networking” has explained it is important to analyze the impact of social media and education that there are the certain positive impacts of social media. The author also in his article also explained that with the increase in the use of social media activities, it motivates the students to learn different things. Further, they can access Educational videos learn through video calling, and the access to e-books are some of the aspects which help to contribute to the development of education.

  1. Giustini, D., Ali, S.M., Fraser, M. and Boulos, M.N.K., 2018. Effective uses of social media in public health and medicine: a systematic review of systematic reviews. Online journal of public health informatics, 10(2)

As per the opinion of Giustini which is written in his article named as “Effective uses of social media in public health and medicine: a systematic review of systematic reviews” Social media is considered an indispensable part of everyone's life. There are many benefits of using social media in education as it plays a significant role as a communication channel. With the help of social media, students have connected to their teacher’s families as well as friends so that they can make active participation in the activities for their better presence. In addition to this social media helps students’ teachers how to make demonstrate their skills and creativity. It will also allow the students to showcase their skills by posting different articles, blogs, etc.

  1. Mrs. Raut, V 2016, 'Use of Social Media in Education: Positive and Negative impact on the students', International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication, vol 4, no. 1.

This particular article has been written by Mrs. Raut in the year 2016 and the name of the article is Use of Social Media in Education: Positive and Negative impact on the students. This article is published in International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication and has mainly discussed about the positive and negative effect of social media in education. The author in her article also tries t shed light on in what manner the social media persuade the populace and also to identify both positive and negative effects of social media on the education industry considering the present generation.


Kumar in his study explained that the utilization of social media has generated a constructive effect on the community as a whole. With the assistance of the Internet all the social website and different applications are accessible which can be accessed easily, also permit clients to banter and cooperate with one another, to make, alter and share new types of literary, visual, and sound substance. It impacts our live as it helps a great deal in each field of life like political field, monetary field and instructive field.

  1. Manca, S., 2020. Snapping, pinning, liking or texting: Investigating social media in higher education beyond Facebook. The Internet and Higher Education, 44, p.100707

Manca in her article explained that the social media tool in education helps the students as well as teachers to connect with experts to learn new things and useful content for their studies. It will help the teachers to encourage the different methods of teaching by using social media and they can educate the students worldwide. Although there are certain difficulties in learning new things, the education system is quite active enough to make appropriate choices for accessing the information for better performance. Thus, social media is a huge online platform for learning for the students and it helps to evaluate the thinking of people based on the use of new techniques.

  1. Anderson, T., 2019. Challenges and opportunities for use of social media in higher education. Journal of Learning for Development, 6(1), pp.6-19

According to Anderson, 2019, social media faces many challenges in education as it can affect the performance of the students. The different types of technology and its applications make an analysis of the overall efficacy and worth of social networking sites difficult, and so does recognizing and evaluating the difficulties that use entails. There are several sorts of social networks and numerous applications. Despite this variation, the researchers are worried about the position of social media and its use in the education sector. The lack of technological support and skills is considered a major challenge in education as it affects the learning activities of the students. However, the students face may issue due to the lack of skills and which affects their productivity and demotivates them from their studies.

  1. Latif, M.Z., Hussain, I., Saeed, R., Qureshi, M.A. and Maqsood, U., 2019. Use of smart phones and social media in medical education: trends, advantages, challenges and barriers. Acta informatica medica, 27(2), p.133

Latif, 2019 in his article which was published in Acta information medica stated that challenges also make strong decisions for the people and they can use different tactics to solve the problems. The unproductive behavior and wastage of time is another challenge in the use of social media in education as it degrades the performance of the students. It affects negatively the mindset of the students and they are not able to progress in their studies. Furthermore, it is crucial to make appropriate use of social media practices in the education sector for dealing with the various systematic aspects of learning.

Research Design

This phrase "research design" acts as a basis for the marketing methodological approaches and procedures that are mostly selected in this study. The researcher allows them to employ the many attitudes that pertain to this inquiry and set their investigations up for success in future research. The research design process primarily refers to the improvement in the planning of procedures used by the researcher in gathering real datasets. It will help to make sure the research issues and provide a guideline to the overall project (Dannels, 2018).

In this study, for understanding the impact of social media on education we are going to the exploratory research studies. It is carried out to gain a greater knowledge of the current situation, but it will not produce definite findings. A researcher begins with a broad concept and then utilizes this study to discover difficulties that might be the focus of continuing study. It mainly considered and focused on the process of study that provides an answer for what is the major purpose of the research. The main use of this research is that it helps to understand the impact of social media on education. The best part of this study is that it helps to consider the foundation of future research in the study.

Methodology approach

For this research, there is the use of a methodological approach which helps to consider the strategy as well as the rationale for the research project. It includes the methods of study which are using in the field of research and it helps to develop an approach for achieving the objectives of the research. This can be developed with the help of different methods and strategies for the research in a disciplined way.

Analysis Approach

In the present research, the use of analysis approach plays a significant role to break the issues in some of the elements for solving them. It makes the problem easier to solve and based on research it can solve the issue of challenges of social media in education. Although, it is important for the research, it allows a researcher to identify the solutions and provide information to other, and take appropriate actions in the future.

The reason behind selecting the approach

The main reason behind selecting the approaches as it gives better outcomes as compared to the other ones. It is beneficial for the study to deal with changing environment and consider it as a most essential approach for the research. This approach helps to analyze the success and all of the quality of the research study along with its documentation. However, once an individual gets familiar with the methodology, it will be easier to understand the topic in an effective manner. The approaches are beneficial for understanding the methodologies and their analysis for better study.

In this study, there is the use of qualitative research which is a form of research strategy that is being used to acquire information. It mostly consists of data gathering and processing in writing or verbally (Bloomfield, and Fisher, 2019). However, it also focuses on many components such as body language and visual features, resulting in a complete study of the study's experience. In this case, the researcher mostly obtains qualitative data through observation, participant observations, and conversations with persons. The qualitative research process helps to assess the different perceptions of the participants and their opinion regarding the subject. In the present study, the participants must be the students and that helps to determine the various traits and characteristics of the study. The study is incomplete without the proper research design and methodology which helps to analyze the different perspectives of people and apply them in the research. In addition to this, there are certain disadvantages related to the research design and its use, although it does not have any impact on the present scenario of research.

Disadvantages of Research Design:

  • There is some manipulation of the research on the study of social media impacts on the education and the process allows the researcher to have in-depth knowledge for identifying possible solutions ().
  • It can be considered a time-consuming procedure and it also includes certain personnel finances. However, the researcher can appropriately conduct the research. Thus, it cannot provide an actual solution or explanation at the time of looking at the results.
  • The participants also get affected by the present situation that influences the process of research and it can hurt the process of study (Sileyew, 2019).

In order to overcome the issues of research design, it is essential to understand the logic behind using the methodology which helps to solve the issues of research. However, the research design helps to understand the use of the methodology in the research, so it is required to be proper as per the requirements of the research.


In research, ethical concerns are a collection of guidelines that influence the study's ideas and procedures. Active engagement, informed permission, anonymity, secrecy, the potential for damage, and outcomes dissemination are among these characteristics. There are some of the ethical issues which are faced in the present research are as follows:

Confidentiality- Confidentiality implies that all respondents have a reasonable expectation of privacy, thus the study must safeguard personal data while it is being utilized in the research. Nevertheless, it is critical to warn respondents more regarding the risks associated with data collection (Hoque, and Rana, 2018).

Informed Consent- In this, the participants already know about the different situations and they provide the information to the researcher. The present research includes the different levels of risks as well as benefits in the study with an ethical aspect.

Voluntary participation- It is critical to communicate to all individuals that there are no serious repercussions for refusing to make participation in the experiment.

Research Misconduct- In the existing research context, the creation of duplicitous data as well as the alteration of data gathering that leads to claims of findings is regarded as a form of academic fraud. It is considered one of the most important moral dilemmas because of the institution's scientific integrity and trustworthiness. Nevertheless, it might result in financial and manpower loss due to disagreements over the study. However, it can affect the performance of the research study (Hunter, and et.al., 2018).

Certain things help to address the ethical issues in the research of the impact of social media in education are as follows:

  • The written consent procedure should be handled correctly because then participants may engage in the study with an understanding of the risks and advantages. The searcher must educate the respondents about the potential advantages of the investigation, the inducement to participants, as well as the privacy limits.
  • The investigator should evaluate the permission procedure and the information of respondents before releasing it. Therefore, it is critical to recognize the internet's limitations, and innovation plays a vital part in independent sources (Stommel, and Rijk, 2021).
  • It is important to make competent participants identify the level of risks and it is also crucial to provide a reasoning aspect to examine the data along with the practices of study. In other words. It is important to provide privacy along with confidentiality and give information regarding the federal laws which are mainly applied to the research.
  • It is also important to develop a positive environment between the different participants so that they can easily answer the questions and deal in the process of research.

The specific ethical consideration for this research is confidentiality where the participants feel secure while giving answers and it is important to create a positive environment during the research procedure (Head, 2020). Though it is a breach of confidentiality that comes under the credibility as well as trust throughout the research process and it is quite difficult to maintain the activities. Some of the things regarding the impact of social media in education are needed to be managed confidentially so that the data can be secured. 


Bloomfield, J. and Fisher, M.J., 2019. Quantitative research design. Journal of the Australasian Rehabilitation Nurses Association, 22(2), pp.27-30.

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