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Marketing Management – Marketing Plan

Introduction -Marketing Management – Marketing Plan

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Facilitating the trading, exchanging, and transporting of products is a key function of marketing. Consumers have access to products and services via a network of middlemen, including wholesalers, retailers, and others. Manufacturers and buyers alike benefit from marketing. Both producers and customers may learn more about the items that meet individual requirements and preferences from this data (Deepak and Jeyakumar, 2019). Marketing's contributions to the improvement and maintenance of the community's quality of life may be seen in its ability to ensure the continuous supply of products and services at affordable prices. The individuals that make up a community may be roughly divided into three socioeconomic groups: the wealthy, the middle class, and the destitute.

Marketing is responsible for supplying all of the goods and services required by these demographic groups. With the advent of cutting-edge marketing strategies, even the lowest-income segments of society can now afford a rather comfortable lifestyle. This is mostly attributable to increased manufacturing on a global scale and therefore cheaper goods and services. To a large extent, marketing is responsible for the dramatic improvement in people's level of life in the contemporary era. There are a lot of individuals involved in marketing in some capacity. Buying, selling, financing, shipping, storage, risk carrying, standardisation, etc., are all important marketing responsibilities (Marinchak, Forrest and Hoanca, 2018). Each of these events requires a big number of people working together to complete a variety of tasks. Therefore, many individuals find gainful job in the field of marketing. An estimated 40% of the world's population relies on marketing in some way. The importance of marketing has grown in the contemporary period of mass production and industrialization.

Brief Overview of the Proposed Application

Taking travelling into consideration, a mobile and desktop application has been launched in the market with the name of Rove. Generally, the developer of this application has significantly researched the market and grabbed the knowledge and significant information that demonstrates that in the UK several people are seeking companions for their travelling. Actually, there are several solo travellers, who want to get different and new companions during their travelling (Ça?lar and ?afak, 2019). In this aspect, the developer has designed and developed the application as the name of Rove. Within this application, different kinds of facilities are available for the travellers. Generally, this app is only 20 MB, which does not take a vast space in the device. In this way, people can easily install this app. After installing the application, the users have to register their account on it and need to wait for one day due to their legal verification within this app.

In this way, after the completion of the verification, the users can proficiently make requests to their nearby people, who are also interested in going to the same place. Generally, solo travellers can find their solo companion, couples can find other couple groups within this application. Through this, they can easily make a huge purchase by sharing the amount for their most interested and preferred place. Moreover, due to having legal verification, people can get honest, loyal and descent companion through this app. Because finding an unknown companion for travelling can be sometime hazardous for them (Xu, Pei and Zhu, 2018). Therefore, the developer of this application has incorporated the features regarding legal verification for everyone’s security during travelling. By finding nearby interested people, the users can chat on this platform and they will get their contact number of email id on this application; through this, they can sufficiently converse with each other. Thus, the developer will be able to successfully run this app in the market of the UK.

Explanation of the Rationale for the App and the Reason and the Way it would Appeal to its Target Segment(s)

Market Segmentation

Tourism businesses segment their target audiences to better understand their requirements and spend their money where it will have the most impact. Extensive quantitative study concentrating on huge numbers of individuals and putting them together based on similar features, such as demographics, behavioural patterns, or cognitive ratings, is at the heart of effective segmentation. Segments allow for more specific product offers, services, and honed marketing messages to be directed to a defined set of people. In general, Rove has to remember that certain interests, like football fans, are massive and well-established, making them relatively simple to reach (Trang et al., 2020). The success of certain organisations, however, may be attributed in large part to their ability to successfully target very narrow market segments. The rapid growth of "prepping"–related firms, from a relatively unknown subculture to a multibillion-dollar industry, is a prime example.

Target Market

During the business operation of Rove, the developer of this application has put its potential focus on targeting the millennials throughout the market of the UK (Ribera and Lapedriza, 2019). By grabbing the attention of the millennials, the application will be able to proficiently develop its business operation and profitability by gathering the largest range of consumer base across the market of the UK.

Brand Positioning

Continuing with the really basic example from earlier, Rove may do a market analysis by arranging its competitors into a brand positioning according to the variables that impact customer choices (Trang et al., 2020).

Design A Brand-New Marketing Mix for The App

Through the application of the marketing mix, this venture can able to make a profile of their initiatives to launch a service (New application) from product decryption to promotional activities.


Product or Service (Rove, Travelling Mobile Application)

This venture will make a mobile application for group travel named "ROVE". In that case, the clients can register on this application through authentic ID proof verification. With the proper verified documents, an individual can join this application for their purpose. Through, Rove people can share their journey to a destination with the nearby people who are interested to join this tour. This will help people to make convenient trips who do not prefer the solo trip at all and it will also help them reduce the pressure of expenditure. Rove will maintain the security and data protection policies that will assure the registered candidates of the exposure of privacy. The registration on this application will be free and freely available at the play store. In this application, there will be a chat platform through which users can make a conversation between them.


The pricing strategy or application of proper price is an essential matter for branding a product or service (Abedian et al. 2021). This application will apply the free-of-cost policy. Users can register themselves free of cost on Rove. Users can download this application from the google store and play store free of cost. This free-of-cost strategy will create a hustle-free and convenient scenario for the users.


The proper localization of the product or service in question is a vital component. It is assisting the marketers in selecting the appropriate demographic of individuals to target for their new enterprise (Dewi and Sulivyo, 2022). The United Kingdom will serve as the primary working location for this application. The majority of millennials living in the United Kingdom have an interest in travelling to a variety of different places. However, there are situations when they do not discover a group or a travelling partner throughout their journey. Additionally, the high amount of expenses may be a deterrent for them to go on their vacation. That is the purpose of our endeavour, which is to launch this strategy for them in the UK.


In the world of business, promotion is an essential component that, when done well, may significantly improve perceptions of a company's goods and services held by consumers (Dewi and Sulivyo, 2022). The millennial population in the UK is readily reached via the dissemination of this descriptive information about the service that is being promoted. For Rove, the company's marketers will concentrate their attention on digital media for all of their promotional endeavours. They want to take advantage of the advertising opportunities provided by the social media programme. This service has the potential to capture the minds of users by participating in activities on social media, which will result in a large number of new users registering for this application.

Appropriate Strategies for the Application Development

When used in a corporate endeavour, the appropriate strategic tactics have the potential to develop the manner of promotion. The marketers need to make their strategic decisions depending on the market landscape of the individuals or market segment that they are targeting. On the other hand, it is essential to do a post-launch accessibility test shortly after the programme has been made available to users.

Recommendations For Pre-Launch Situation

  • The developers of the Rove should check the programming of the software of this application. They have to check all the coding behind this application which can help to find out any glitches or errors.
  • The designers of this application should focus on the application design that can captivate the millennials to use this application.
  • The marketers have to focus on the demand of the millennials and check out their reviews on the others application. In this way, they can understand their needs regarding what they want in a featured application.
  • To brand the services social media strategy is the best possible solution for the marketers. From the evaluation of the marketing notion of such application-based services, it has been seen that most venture has used social media application for their advertising. Therefore, in that case, Rove marketers will apply social media to grab the focus of the customers on the service description and its utilization.

Recommendations For Post-Launch Situation

  • After launching the product in the market some factors should be focused on by the marketers as well as the developers of this application.
  • After launching the product, the marketers should be checked out the feedback of the users. This is a very essential term of a venture that helps to make clear and specific visualization of planning among the marketers. If there will something issues occur then it will reveal through the feedback of the users.
  • The developers have to focus on the functionality of this application. They have to consistently check the programming of the application software. This will help to avoid errors in the application.
  • After the launching of the application, they have to focus on the development. Based on the market scenario and demand of the customers the developers have to add the additional features on Rove. The additional features will assist the users in a better way which makes it more captivating for them.
  • The authority of Rove has to maintain an agreement with the directory board of the UK government. In this application, users are put their detail and UK government bodies will prove the authenticity of the identification of each user.
  • The authority of this application also contracts with the security department of the government in the UK. They have to maintain the proper security on this application. If anything, corruption will happen then the authority should contact the department and take legal actions.

Evaluation of the Appropriate Digital Marketing Strategies for Rove

Digital marketing, often known as online marketing, is the promotion of a business's offerings using electronic means. Websites, portable devices, social media, browsers, and other online mediums are all used in this kind of advertising. With the expansion of the internet in the 1990s came the rise of digital marketing (Baker, 2017). A new method for businesses to connect with their customers and get insight into their habits, digital marketing draws on tested marketing strategies. Traditional and online marketing methods are commonly used together by businesses. Marketing encompasses any efforts made by a business to increase demand for its goods and services. Marketing is a multifaceted field that calls for expertise in advertising, closing deals, and product distribution (Baker, 2017). This is often the responsibility of trained marketers, either in-house at a company or contracted out to an agency.

Historically, businesses have invested heavily in media like newspapers and television. While many of these tactics are still in use today, the proliferation of the internet has caused a change in how businesses interact with their target audiences. To fill this need, the advent of online advertising was crucial (Shahina and Sachitra, 2021). Websites, social media, search engines, and apps are all part of this kind of marketing, as are other mediums that allow for two-way communication between the business and its clients. Companies have adapted their advertising strategies in response to the rise of new technologies and fashions. At the beginning of the digital marketing era, emails were widely used as a marketing technique (Jan, Hanif and Hafeez, 2022). The spotlight has switched to search engines such as, which enable companies to "tag" and "keyword items” to their websites to be more visible. Businesses may now monitor data to better respond to shifting customer preferences due to the growing number of sharing platforms. In the case of Rove, the focus will be the millennial generation who are interested in travelling and want to invest in meaningful tourist activities which will not only save unnecessary expenses but will also ensure a convenient travel process to minimize risk and maximize the pleasure of travelling (Jan, Hanif and Hafeez, 2022). For Rove, the key is to expand its visibility and market penetration through extensive marketing, marketing will allow the company to integrate a wider population into the core theme of the app and increase market dominance once the app is launched.

Both M-marketing and E-marketing strategies will enable the application to gain more market visibility and customer attention as these two approaches are more relevant to attract the millennial generation as they spent most of their leisure on mobile. The Rove application will be promoted through SMS marketing efforts (Shahina and Sachitra, 2021). The practice of marketing to customers via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets is known as "mobile marketing." Most mobile advertising approaches make use of the device's capabilities, such as push notifications and geolocation, to send out adverts that are more pertinent and appropriate to the consumer. Text message advertising, or SMS marketing, is a kind of promotional communication that makes use of SMS (Jan, Hanif and Hafeez, 2022). Permission-based mobile marketing involves sending brief text messages (often 160 characters or fewer) to prospective consumers' mobile phones informing them about sales, discounts, and other offers.

Text messages offer great dependability, openness, and engagement rates, which makes SMS marketing a potent mobile advertising technique. Evidence from numbers suggests that:

  • Average open rates for short message service communications are 90–99%.
  • Within three minutes, nine out of ten text messages are read
  • It's possible to have click-through rates that are twice as high as those of email

That's probably due to the fact that most people carry their smartphones with them all the time and get alerts whenever they receive a text message, making it more difficult to avoid (Jan, Hanif and Hafeez, 2022). Therefore, Rove will send out pre-launch as well as post-launch texts to prospective customers to seek their attention. 

Most significantly, the Rove application will make use of the social media sites to promote its application and its relevance as the millennial generation are mostly involved in online sites such as Instagram, Facebook etc.

Due to the limited length of text messages, it is common practice for marketers to include a hyperlink or a code that will initiate a follow-up communication with the receiver once the first message has been read. To maximise its effectiveness, SMS marketing should be used selectively, since this method is recommended just for time-sensitive offers (Olson et al., 2021). The majority of smartphone users log in to their accounts daily. According to market research, Facebook is the most popular social media platform worldwide, with over 2.8 billion active users per month. Given the concentration of people in one area, using social media for mobile promotion makes perfect sense for Rove as it will be able to create a market stir among the intended consumers.

Using comments and direct messages on social media, Rove may easily communicate with the consumers on a more personal level (Kingsnorth, 2022). Customers that are interested in the idea will spread the word and help Rove to make more sales.

In a nutshell, it can be stated that Rove can capitalize on both social media and mobile marketing with a synchronized and streamlined strategic approach.


The present report has attempted to bring out a comprehensive understanding of a newly thought-out mobile application and how that application will be marketed based on the intended customer base. The mobile application will allow the formation of networking among people who want to travel but find it inconvenient, risky and often expensive to travel alone. That is why the application will target such demographics and market the service to make their travelling process much more pleasant and easier. The marketing efforts are prioritized to make the application more market relevant and create market visibility. It can be concluded, that the application will gain market traction if the viability of the application is created through proper application development and marketing standards.


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