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Job Search Reflection For Intern As Export Manager

Introduction - Job Search Reflection For Intern As Export Manager

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Job search indicates a structured activity using which any participant tries to get employment after identification of possible opportunities. I will provide a complete discussion of my selected process for job search. Gibbs reflective cycle will be mentioned in expressing my reflection about the job search and the experience of this. Based on the requirement in jobs and my present skills, an action plan will be mentioned in this study accurately to improve my skills. Aspects of two important theories such as social networking and the labour market will be provided here to support my selected strategy in the search for a job. Further, discussion and identification of ways for job search will be the key outcomes from his study.

Reflection on job search process

Reflection on any specific process helps to identify whether the process is done in an effective way or there is need for some improvement. This paper uses the Reflective Cycle of Gibb to identify the effectiveness of processes regarding job search. Reflective cycle of Gibb is one of the efficient models to reflect on a process. It helps to identify issues as well as helps to make a few plans for further improvement. The research study of Adeaniet al. (2020) showed that the reflective cycle of Gibbs includes six stages such as description, feeling, evaluation, analysis, conclusion, and action plan. Using such a model, I am discussing the experience of my job search process that will help me to identify my strong as well as weak areas.


I was an intern as Export Manager and started looking for a job. Due to this reason, I made a decision to divide the process of searching for a job based on my strengths and weaknesses. I had good reading skills so I started reading newspapers to find a location for a new job. After searching in so many news articles I started listening to different types of YouTube videos regarding job search. Both the processes helped me to gather knowledge about the ways by which I can easily search for a job on my ground. I had given myself enough time to search jobs on both online and offline media. There are different types of websites that provide opportunities to access or search jobs in accordance with the qualification such as Diversity recruiting, Reed, and many others (Diversityrecruiting.co.uk, 2021).All these processes helped me a lot to find a job for myself.


I was searching for a job for the first time as an Export Manager and due to this reason, I was very much nervous at that time. Before I started analysing the process of job search, I was quite happy and thought to be smart for dividing the process of job search into two different parts. However, I realised that I became confused to see both the online and offline process of job search. This is because in online media YouTube videos showed the ways of searching for a job while websites directly offer jobs and in the offline process. In addition, I continued to seek areas, such as preparation of paperwork, and others, which are accountabilities of Export Manager. Due to my adequate knowledge in these areas, it has helped to find related posts in online. I found a few sections mentioned with position of job and contact number as well (Youtube.com, 2016). However, I made a decision to follow this YouTube video and started following the process mentioned in the video for searching for a job.


As I stated that, I was quite nervous as well as confused in the process of searching for a job therefore, I made a decision to follow up the process mentioned in the YouTube video that was social networking. The speaker of this video, Mark Granovetter, said that social networking is not just effective; it is efficient as well to search for a job. He conducts a survey process with male professionals, technical, and managerial to find out the process they adopt to search for a job. In this process, he identified many workers in both initial and second sample sizes (i.e. 100 and 182 respectively) found their job through someone they know (Youtube.com, 2016). Therefore, based on this video, I started looking for someone whom I know to gather information about any job or to find a job through them. Besides, I started to look into keywords while searching for jobs, which are shipment reports, payment procedure, conducting monthly meetings, and others. It has helped me to identify and establish a social network, which can address my design job search. In addition to this, according to the research study of Krämer et al. (2021), strong ties in social networking such as family and friends provide emotional support while weak ties provide informational support. Due to this reason, I started founding jobs from weak ties provided by my families and friends. Therefore, it can be stated that I rejected another offline process that was finding jobs in newspapers as well as I rejected online websites of job search.


Both the online and offline processes for searching jobs were effective as I started getting a few offers from both processes. I learnt the use of social networking from WORP1003 that helped me in searching for a job. However, the process regarding strong ties and weak ties did not go well for me. This is because of a lack of communication skills for which I was not able to convincingly motivate my family and friends to help me in finding a job. Due to this reason, I had to reject this process after a few months. Then, I started adopting different online websites to search for a job. I found an appropriate website that offers more than ten thousand jobs and started finding jobs for myself as an Expert Manager. There are different companies offered by this website such as PWC, Royal London, Vodafone, Coca Cola, and many others (Diversityrecruiting.co.uk, 2021).


I learnt several things during the process of job search regarding my strengths and weaknesses. I found that I had a few areas, such as problem-solving skills and decision-making skills, which can be improved. I have realised that I have acquired a number of strengths. Considering my experiences while working in departments for customer orders, and timely submission of compliance returns, problem-solving skill needs to be enhanced. I witnessed a handful of weaknesses. Moreover, my moderate strength concerning decision-making is reflected during my conductions while choosing effective processes for job search. Nevertheless, I have struggled a bit with compliance returns, and hence, I think a further improvement will enhance my ability to perform more effectively. However, I had strengths to solve a problem by which I solve my issues regarding selection of an appropriate process. Through this way, I was able to find Diversity Recruitment as an appropriate website for job search. It helped me a lot to search for my preferred job position. Contrarily, I faced some challenges while managing orders as an Export Manager, organising shipments, delegating tasks, and others. Hence, I believe that my problem-solving skill is at the initial stage of proficiency, improvement of which can make me flourish in my current job position. Therefore, it can be stated that the reflection model helped me to identify my strengths and areas that can be further improved for a higher career prospect.

Action plan

As I found my weaknesses through this reflection, I made a few steps to improve my both communication and decision-making skills.

Focusing skills


Ways to improve


Decision-making skills

I had an issue with decision-making skill as I identified that I was not able to conduct compliance returns effectively.

? There is a need to develop an assertive observation.

? Setting deadlines along with limiting choice can help to improve decision-making skill.

Within 3 months

Problem-solving skills

I had a few issues with problem-solving skills therefore; I was not able to make a decision regarding selection of an appropriate process for job search.

? Focusing on the solution

? Defining problems

? Developing alternative solutions

? Implementation of solution

? Measuring the result

Within 4 weeks

Table 1: Action plan

Literature review on the theory of job search

Two important theoretical models are present that has helped me to search for a job regarding Export Manager. These two most effective theoretical frameworks include social network and Labour market. Both theories are discussed below:

Social networking

Social networking is an effective model that provides opportunities to a person to search for different types of jobs based on their choices. This model includes two ties such as strong ties and weak ties where strong ties include families and friends who give emotional support and weak ties include persons who give informational support (Krämeret al. 2021). In this regard, it is identified that families and friends provide support to a person in an emotional way and help in the process of searching for a job. On the other hand, weak ties include co-workers who are known by strong ties that help to provide information about jobs. Therefore, it can be stated that weak ties have more strength than strong ties that help a person to get a job in accordance with their pReferences.

However, the study of Boas (2020) shows that most of the migrants mostly rely on strong ties rather than weak ones. This is because migrants think that there is a continuous contract with their family members or friends while on the other hand, there is less contact with the weak tie. They can only use mobile phones to contact the people of weak tier or they can meet in the festivals. Due to less contact with the weak tier, migrants mostly depend on the strong tier for searching for a job. Due to this reason, it can be stated that strong tier is more reliable than weak tier even though weak tier provides effective information to a migrant.

In addition to this, the research study of Bucholtz (2019) shows that a strong tier network is more trustworthy than weak tier. This paper shows that participation in homogenous groups provides a source of support. Therefore, it can be stated that families and friends are included in homogenous groups who help to provide a source of support by connecting with people included in weak ties. Furthermore, this paper identifies that weak ties provide exchange of ideas and information among the groups. Therefore, it can be stated that both the networking plays an important role in facilitating flow of information and interaction and provide access to different kinds of resources that migrants need to search for a job. This paper also identifies that people take a few numbers of considerations into their account regarding sharing information to a person about the opening of a job. Therefore, it can be stated that social networking is an effective process to find a job. Due to this reason, at first I selected this model for finding my job as an Export manager.

Labour market

Search theory is an effective model that is widely used in the economy that helps to examine the labour market and topics of job search. It is identified that Christopher Pissarides is the key contributor of this theory. Search theory plays an important role in identification of importance regarding information and uncertainty on the rational decision taken by a person (Rogersonet al. 2005). Skilled individuals become able to earn more in case searching outcomes sort them in the workplaces that have links with their skills. Search theoretic model in the labour market helps to search jobs for an individual.

It is identified that the search-theoretic model of the labour market helps to entail a commitment to hold their primary employers and enable the worker to use their primary job as an outside option (Chiu and Molico, 2021). In addition to this, the research study implies that the search-theoretic model helps to reduce the friction of search. Therefore, it can be stated that with the help of a search model, an individual can get opportunities to find a new job and reject their existing job. As this theoretical model helps to find a new job, therefore, I do not use this model in my job searching process. This is because it was my first time to get into a job where I need such a model that can help me to find a job for the first time as a fresher.

In addition to this, the research study of Wolthoff (2018) shows that the search model in the labour market helps to select intensity of recruiting, determination of number of applicants they can take interview by an organisation. Therefore, it can be stated that an organisation will get more advantages to implement this theoretical model into their company, as it will help in different ways. In addition to this, it is identified that a company can be more beneficial than an individual regarding finding an efficient employee rather than finding an appropriate job. Due to this reason, I did not consider this theoretical model as a process during searching my jobs. In contrast, the research study of Abebeet al. (2021) represents that a stranded search model helps to seek a job based on the preferred form of employment. This paper shows that individuals need to identify a suitable position for themselves for which they can apply. Therefore, it can be stated that with the help of a search model, an individual can search for a job with their desired job position.

Discussion of the relation of job search with theories

Between these two important theories related to job search, my job search is strongly related to the theory of social networking rather than the theory of the labour market. Since I am recently an export manager and have a target to get a more prominent job, I have divided my skills in terms of strengths and weaknesses. The theory of social networking has helped me to differentiate jobs during searching. This theory mainly focuses on social relationship and provides strategy for innovative job search. This concept has helped me as I have a target to establish with a good job. I have started to develop my career in an innovative way to get good employment. According to Sherazet al. (2019), career development is generally a life-ling strategy that requires a thorough learning process for the growth of skills. This type of search is related to the concept of social networking concoction as strong ties include strong super from families and friends whereas weak ties consist of informal support. Career development can be termed as an important dynamic interaction of any individual with the environment (Ginevra et al. 2021).

The labour market model is beneficial generally for searching for new jobs. I am already an intern and have the target to get a better job than the role as an export manager. This theoretical concept is based on the identification of uncertainty and availability of new job roles using which an individual can earn more. However, my strategy for searching for a job is to utilise the different websites, YouTube guidance, and other sources of advertisement. This theoretical concept strongly offers a broader range of analytical frameworks that helps in the identification of the experience of any individual about the work-welfare cycle (McTier and McGregor, 2018). My job search is not new for which this concept of theory has not helped me a lot in my recent innovative job search. I have evaluated my skills effectively by maintaining an action plan and that has helped me a lot to overcome lacks such as communication skills and skill of problem solving (Xiang et al. 2021). Jobs in the modern day have strong criteria about the presence of communication skills as an important soft skill (MacDermott and Ortiz, 2017). Therefore, the innovative nature of the social networking concept has strongly influenced me in searching for a better job.

Identification of different ways use in job search based on theories

I have not followed the traditional ways of job search such as traditional advertising in various employment papers or any other places. I have tried something new to determine my strengths and weaknesses before applying for a job. Since I am an export manager intern and have the target to shift my career into a better way, I have panned well in my job search. I have started reading newspapers for finding any new job and started to collect information about the organisation along with possible opportunities. I have utilised the facility of YouTube to search for jobs and prepare myself for a better interview. I have evaluated myself by listening to suggestions for job interviews to improve my strengths. The core concept of self-evaluation indicates the identification of abilities, existing competence, and different values (Zhang et al. 2020). I have identified my drawbacks such as the issue of confusion during job interviews that I have reduced with improvement of skills and knowledge that has improved self-confidence. In contrast, Porter et al. (2019) have said that negative self-evaluation can be termed as a strong barrier for reduction of depression for not getting a job. Therefore, I have not wanted time to improve myself using the advantages of online guidance.

Social networking theory has helped me to determine innovative strategies using which I have advanced my job search. The labour market concept is based on achieving a completely new job that is not appropriate for me, as I am not completely a fresher. Leadership is an important skill that helps in the improvement of social influence and encourages the improvement of behaviour (Sinha and Sengupta, 2020). This social networking concept has helped me a lot in the development of leadership skills in me that is beneficial in a job. Further, I have learned WORP1003 systems that have strongly helped me to improve my job search strategies. I have selected an appropriate website that contains a large number of job offerings such as in different PWC, Vodafone and so many others. This is an authentic source of a job advertisement using which I have improved my skills and search for jobs.


I have informed my entire journey of new job search to improve my career in future. This study contains different aspects of job search along with the support of Gibbs Reflective model. This model has helped me to determine the strength and weaknesses that can be effective to select a specific job. An action plan based on the evaluation of my existing skills is mentioned here that includes requirements of improvement in communication and skill if problem solving. The application of theories such as social networking and the concept of the labour market model in a job search is a key outcome. However, the importance of choosing social networking over the labour market is properly maintained. The social market has helped me in implementing innovative search options using YouTube and other websites.

Reference list


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