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Implementing Blockchain in iForce Logistics - A Project Plan

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Introduction - Blockchain for Logistics: iForce's Project Plan

Project Planning

Aims and Objective

One of the primary aims of establishing this project plan for iForce Group is to focus on developing step by step guidance that can be implemented by the company so that they can deal with any number of difficult situations taking place in the business environment. This project plan is one of the crucial components of the project as the company is in client to its Logistic business and flight carrying out this plan the operational aspects of the company was enhanced during the pandemic period where they were able to deal with complex scenarios that kept their operational aspect going in the competitive business environment. The company is also focused on creating a project plan which will be helpful for them in terms of dealing with difficult scenarios and situations as well as the competitors and the future.

The primary objective of the project has been described below and is in alignment with the aim of the project.

  • To analyse difficult situations and hardships that are encountered by the logistic system of iForce Group while using block chain in the future.
  • To analyse different ways in which the company creates resiliency so that they are able to deal with several problems with the help of block chain.

Project Management Plan

Aims and Deliverables Time Quality Communication Risk Resources
The primary aim of the project is to create a digitalised system that will be helpful for the company in dealing up with complex scenarios and situations so that it can help keep the operational aspects of the company in hand and maintained. This can be obtained if the company focuses on implementing block chain into its operational aspect 3 months It has been found out that with a proper implementation of block chain into the operational aspects of the company will help them in reducing the manual work done by the employees along with the expenses that take place in the organisation. This will enhance the operational aspects of the company and will create a competitive edge. Communication can take place when the employees of the company will be informed about the changes in the operational aspects and the implementation of the new digitalised system. Implementation of block chain may not be suitable for the overall logistics system. The employees might not have a proper understanding of the importance and utilisation of the new digitized and advanced system. Accessible hardware Modernized software

Work-Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart

Gantt chart

Activities Month 1 Month 1 Month 2 Month 2 Month 3 Month 3
Block chain Implementation
Identification of logistic issues
Creating concept proof
Building sustainable business environment for block chain implementation
Selecting proper tool
Selection of block chain podium
Determining the rules and regulations of implementationon

Primary Research and Findings

The primary research is conducted in the form of survey where questions have been provided to 20 employees of the company who have responded accordingly based on the choices provided. The analysis of the server connection will be done in the form of a response collected from the participants.

Q1. Do you think the pandemic has an impact on the logistics system of iForce Group?

On the basis of this question, it has been found out that most of the employees have agreed that the pandemic has left a huge impact on the logistics system of iForce Group. It signifies that due to the outbreak of the global pandemic, the operational aspects of the logistics system within the company has been majorly impacted that has deteriorated the standard and quality of their delivery and operational aspects.

Q2. Do you think that the global pandemic has left a negative impact over the logistics of iForce Group?

Based on the responses, it can be said that most of the employees have agreed that the covid-19 pandemic has left a negative impact on the operational aspect of the logistics system that has increased high labour cost and has facilitated in proper warehouse facilities.

Q3. Do you think block chain implementation in the organisational operations will bring about a positive impact on the workplace?

On the basis of the responses collected, it can be stated that implementation of block chain can be beneficial for the organisation and create a positive impact on the workplace as it promotes transparency where all the partners will have the responsibility of uploading the information and data about a certain product in the system. The collection of accurate information and data on a digital platform will be helpful for the organisation in terms of increasing their accountability and trust between the partners.

Q4. Do you think block chain implementation will bring sustainability to the business?

Most of the employees have agreed that implementing block chain within the organisational aspects of the company will bring sustainability to the business operations by using environmental friendly and sustainable supply chain practices. This technology will also be beneficial for the organisation in terms of tracking table products from the manufacturer and will help the management of the company prevent any kind of inefficiency of the employees and reduce wastage by making the practices of supply chain transparent.

Q5. Do you think block chain implementation will be helpful in accelerating the delivery process of iForce Group?

According to the responses, it can be stated that most of the employees have agreed that implementing block chain within the operational aspects will be helpful for the organisation by increasing the process of delivery and improving the supply chain practices by enabling a cost-efficient and fast delivery of products which will enhance the feasibility of these items and will also focus on improving coordination between partners that will help in aiding access to financing.

Secondary Research and Findings

The secondary findings have been collected from established resources and published journals that have supported the fact that block chain implementation has several benefits in the Logistic industry as it focuses on enabling the companies to increase the efficiency of their operational aspect along with reducing paperwork (Tijan et al., 2019). It also helps in promoting transparency and traceability which has been capable of making supplies in practice more secure and transparent which has resulted in understanding the origin and authenticity of products. According to most of the authors, it has been found out that block chain implementation can be helpful for the supply chain management by enabling the company to create a faster and most cost efficient delivery of all the products and services that take place within the company along with improving the co-ordination that take place between the partners (Pournader et al., 2020).

It has also been found out that during the pandemic situation, all the organisations have faced it difficult to retain the employees and therefore we had to focus on implementing few changes that will be beneficial for the employees as well as for the companies (Verhoeven et al., 2018). With the help of this project planning, iForce Group has been able to implement block chain within the system so that it can focus and retain employees and maintain sustainability after the pandemic in order to gain a competitive edge in the competitive business environment.

Recommendations for implementing the framework

It is recommended that iForce Group follows a proper project plan in order to implement block chain within its logistics system to get effective results out of it. Few suggestions have been provided below that can be implemented by the company:

  • iForce Group should take the aims and objectives of the company into consideration before implementing the block chain within the logistics system.
  • They are required to consider the opinions of their stakeholders before implementing a new change within the company (Ar et al., 2020).
  • It is very important for the employees in management of the company to form proper plans of action and tools to deal with the changes which might result in bringing a lot of risk and challenges (Dobrovnik et al., 2018).
  • The employees of the company should be trained well in order to understand the maximum benefits of block chain implementation and how it will help in facilitating benefits within the company.

Reflective Practice

Reflecting upon the project plan, process and outcomes

I was specifically fascinated with the selection of the topic as I always wanted to focus on researching logistic management. My teacher helped me in creating a proper business framework that will be helpful in the project implementation post pandemic. I was going to select block chain implementation technology as the topic for my project as authors have come up with various benefits of block chain implementation in the organisation. In order to finish off my project work at an allocated period of time, I focused on dividing the project into subtopics that will help in easing up my project completion. In the initial stages, I focused on identifying the main objective and aims of the study which will be helpful for me aligning the other aspects in accordance to the formulation of aims and objectives. I have utilised several other tools and techniques like creating a Gantt chart and work breakdown structure that has helped me in analysing the data systematically. I had encountered many problems during the project completion but I have to overcome those in order to bring about the desired results and achieve my deadline. As a concluding fact, I can state that implementing block chain within iForce Group will be beneficial for the company introducing labour and bringing out a cost effective efficiency plan that will help in delivering the products fast.

Based on the research and the project outcome, I believe I have performed a good job and received satisfactory results as I focused on collecting data in a systematic manner and worked very hard to understand the employee survey and present the facts properly. I have been systematically able to align the project outcome with the intern objectives that are formulated for the project. My teachers and my fears have been helpful to me during the project completion as they have focused on motivating me and helping me throughout to bring out the best results.


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