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Unit 5 Sales and Personal Selling Assignment

1. Introduction - Sales and Personal Selling Assignment

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In the context of the worldwide business, proper training is playing incorporated roles that uplift the capacity of the workers in the apex position. Associate proper training can enlarge the branch of the skills in the workplace that enhance the productivity of the business (Halawi and Haydar, 2018). In an organisation after recruiting the staff every company has provided an elegant type of training that can extend the corporate manner of a professional in this entity. Therefore, from the many decades in the business, it has been considered in a well a manner that, proper training can build a strong protocol and expertise the sales team of the business. Research reveals that the thorough introduction of new workers to the business leads to considerably increased long-term retention of employees.

Therefore, an introduction to an organisation, its principles, its history, its people as well as appropriate working habits should be part of an induction program to be successful (Singh et al., 2018). Now, this particular research is tending to show the various functional aspects of the sales staff that can provide the ascendancy among them to sales the products among the customers. This particular report is focusing on the two different businesses a compare their knowledge and skills for the sales of the product (Chunawalla, 2021).

2. Description of the Four Functions of Sales Staff

In the context of the business, the sales staffs have many functions that hold the several responsibilities of the sales department (Pahurkar, Jain and Sangvikar, 2020). A sales staff is like a company's face or voice. Like a chef in a restaurant or a cashier in the grocery shop, they are at the front for customers. In order to get people to buy the product or service of the business, a SalesForce plays the main role.

Sales staff's main functions

  • Networking: In the organisational system build a proper networking system is an essential aspect that can hold the several aspects of a business. Build a strong network with the other internal sections and customers as an external sector works as a pivotal role. Therefore, it has been seen that Sainsbury's the giant retail company has followed some proper training that can help the employees to be more disciplined and concentrated in that function (Ollila, 2015).
  • Teamwork: Teamwork is a very important role played by the sales staff in their working period. For instance, after recruiting the staffs in the sales department, Sainsbury’s Company has converted their mentality into teamwork that can reflect unification.
  • Closing Sales: As per the statement of many sales coach it has been considered that to research and learn the variation of the products is a pivotal part of a sales staff (Rigby, 2020). That is why, it has been seen that, in the organisational retail business of Sainsbury’s, they provide this concept to the mind of each sales staff.
  • Strategist: A salesperson being at the forefront of a sales organisation can command on time and route plans of the sales organisation.

3. Identification of the Three Different Selling Situations That Used by the Sales Staff in Different Selling Situation

In the context of the sales department in the organisation, there are three fundamental variants of the selling situation used by the sales staffs in different selling conditions. Based on the trend of the market and notion of the organisation the sales staff are followed such kinds of selling techniques.

  • Product-oriented Selling: It sounds just like retail sales: marketing a single product or service’s advantages or features. For retail sales, questions from customers can be predicted, products are used by customers in a similar way (MTD Sales Training. 2019). In that case, typically costs are fixed, marketing materials are uniform, and sellers typically need extensive professional training and which sometimes consisted in the retailing business of Sainsbury’s.
  • Solution Selling: The sale of solutions goes far beyond the sale of goods or services. Instead, this sales situation tries to focus on the misery of a consumer and how the product or service is the right solution to this problem. Customer queries are volatile for solution sales and usually require a huge amount of testing, solutions vary from customer to client, and pricing can be significantly different (Salwin and Kraslawski, 2020). For instance, it has been seen that in the United Kingdom the pandemic situation of the coronavirus has disrupted the condition of the retail business system. In that situation, the sales department of the Sainsbury's has instructed their sales staffs to manage their services based on the demand of the customers like front door service etc.
  • Insight Solution: The sale of solutions cannot be confused with the sales of insights, which are more widely found in the era of big data and great research for today. The pressure point is not understood to the consumer for insight sales (Raja et al., 2020). The customer identifies an issue which he didn’t even know existed and unlocks a sterile room for the product or service to be easily accessible.

For experience in the sales market, the salesperson actually acts as a company coach or a strategic manager for the customer and keeps their hands on the purchase process. Sainsbury uses machine learning to forecast and store its customers' products while Nectar’s customer loyalty scheme has released a new app and website this week, promising its customers more specific and personalised deals.

4. Explanation of the Knowledge and Skills Needed to Sell Two Selected Products

In the context of an organisational business, the sales staffs have to be concerned and skilled about selling product in the business market. It has been seen that in the retailing business of Sainsbury's the selling staff have to require some interpersonal skills that can help them to drive the selling point to an extent level (Goworeket al., 2018). For instance, in the retailing business system, clothing products and food products are major selling points in that case the selling staffs has required some skills and knowledge.

  • Communication Skill: The foundations for building meaningful customer connections, setting priorities and (touch-on) discussing a buyer's portrait points are strong communication skills. But it is important to note that communication is far more than just speaking simply and concisely (Singh, Kumar and Puri, 2017). It can seem simple. When interacting via e-mail, social media, video conferencing or in-person, writing and presentation are required. Sellers also need to communicate effectively throughout the sales cycle, from cold protection to motion.
  • Prospecting: Unfortunately, most of the companies have had weak sales prospecting. Salespeople have to build and work daily to find new market prospects in order to be effective and develop a strategic approach to prospecting. This ensures that potential buyers can be studied, cold tests are made, and new markets are developed.
  • Discover and Examination: Representatives now must be able to achieve an outstanding understanding of every company future, industry issues and the priorities of today (Terhoet al., 2017). Asking well-informed questions may contribute to the identification of pain points, results desired and a greater sense of the political hierarchy of the business. Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the perspectives of the customers in the selling points that consider helping the ultimate nature of clients. Hence, it is helpful for the business to enhance its sales promotion.
  • Active Listening: There is no need for secret representatives to cater to customers well. But there is often counting to devise an answer or question before the buyer ends talking in a rapidly moving business world. Active listening means staying at this time and ensuring that the seller knows exactly what the buyer is thinking. Representatives can misquote what has just been said or slow down the talk if necessary, in order to ensure they can really be advisory sellers.

5. Explanation of the Legislation Which Affects Personal Selling in a Selected Business

It was first introduced in 1987, the Consumer Protection Act. As the name suggests, the key objective is to protect consumers from unfair business practices. Several sections have been repealed by a variety of pieces of the Consumer Protection Act over time (Indradewi and Rumiartha, 2020). The Consumer Protection Act's key role today is to protect consumers from liability for items. Product protection ensures that if a buyer buys a product from the distribution department of a defective company, it will cause more damage and provide protection against product liability. Therefore, in that case, this section is selecting the car manufacturing business. Aston Martin is a top car manufacturing firm in the United Kingdom. In that case, it has been seen that there is required some legislation from the government body of the UK.

The Consumers' rights law extends to auto purchases, thus if a customer does not meet the requirements laid down in the law, the consumer has a right to refund within the first 30 days and may receive the refund within the first six months in such cases (Hakim, 2019). And although rebate cannot be lowered in the majority of cases within 6 months, in the event of a car auction, the seller may obtain a “fair discount” based on how much the car is used.

In that case, if there is seen any kind of dissatisfaction or problems in the purchasing product then it is refunded as per the norms of legislation.If the products sold by the trader do not comply with the requirements of the consumer protection laws (suitable condition, appropriate for use and in accordance with the description), the consumer shall have a brief period of time (usually 30 days) in which he/she may withdraw the goods(Hakim, 2019). Within 14 days after the settlement that the buyer has the right to refund, the trader must offer a refund.

6. Importance of the Legal Requirements for the Customer Care and Selling Product

Policy, legislation and rules on consumer protection improve consumer welfare by the compliance of transparency by businesses. Companies proven to deal equally with consumers would become more trustworthy and common. Consumers must be in a position to receive precise, impartial knowledge about their purchasing goods and services (Hegarty and Moccia, 2018). This makes it possible for them to make the best choices on their side, without the abuse or deception of companies. Policy, law and rules on consumer safety improve consumer welfare by the compliance of transparency by businesses. Companies known to deal fairly with consumers will become more trustworthy and ordinary (Prentice, 2020). This increases their profitability and competitiveness, which would also lead to lengthy economic development. The policies, laws and regulations of consumer protection guarantee that businesses are controlled.

The competitive and efficient markets for companies are strengthened by consumer rights. Consumer demand fuels innovation and economic growth, as businesses are required to keep their products and services at fair prices and good quality (aseanconsumer.org, n.d.)Cooperation in customer security between countries becomes a must with the advent of cross-border and international commerce. The ASEAN Strategic Action Plan for consumer protection (ASAPCP) 2025 was developed by ASEAN to address these issues.

7. Comparison of the Functions of the Sales Staff and the Different Sales Skills Used in Two Selected Businesses

This particular report has evaluated the two different types of business that have followed almost the same notions in their selling process. Obviously, the implementation structure of any kind of business is obviously the same but there are a few differences that are not considered as well. Now, the fact is, Sainsbury’s is the company of food and retail business and on the other side, Aston Martin is a car manufacturing company (Your Article Library, 2014). It has been seen that the sales department of Sainsbury's has followed mainly the solution selling techniques that drive the solutions easily due to the purchasing issues of the customers.

In that case, it has been seen that the sales staff in Sainsbury's have enough knowledge about the communication skills, listening power and advanced with the technical methods. Such kind of qualities is helping the company a lot to accelerate its business exquisitely. Sainsbury's have qualified all its sales staff with all the proper requirements that are considered as the major associated aspects of sales skills. Regarding this fact, on the other hand, in the car manufacturing business, it has been seen that Aston Martin is following the product-oriented selling process. It is only focused on its production and its quality and always not concern about the demand of the customers. The overall production is based on product-centric and sales staffs also have the same mentality (Your Article Library, 2014). In both cases, the sales staffs have enough quality to associate with the customers. Both the business is trying to impose its business upon the customers in a splendid manner but in different ways.

8. Evaluate the Effectiveness of the Sales Skills and Knowledge Used by Sales Staff in the Two Selected Business

In the above section, this report has evaluated the two different kind of business and their notions of sales techniques and training for the sales staffs. It has been said in previous that, after recruiting the staffs in the sale department the proper requirement of the knowledge and skills are the important aspect. Therefore, in that two cases of business, the same effectiveness has applied for the association of the sales techniques. In this report, different types of skills and selling styles have been elaborated that can be used by the two individual businesses. Now, the point is, in both kind of business have gained a lot of advantages due to the effectiveness of the required sales skills and knowledge of the staffs (cpsa.com, n.d.).The number one advantage a sales professional can get away from preparation is the ability to enter into more offers. Often salespeople spend time and resources on inefficient or uncomfortable tactics that are totally removed from the business.

The best sales training allowed salespeople to acquire a deep understanding, which is essential for the timely and confident response to customer demands. On the other hand, there are a few negative aspectslike Sales are a high-pressure world and sales teams are often subject to high sales prices if their stakes are too high and without enough assistance.

9. Conclusion

In the competitive era, each enterprise has an elegant style of training for the sales staff in an organisation. After hiring the workers, the training has extended the sales growth of the organisation. Owingto this fact, from the many decades of the industry, proper training styles and required skills can create a solid protocol for the sales staff. Research has shown that the careful introduction of new hires into the company leads to an important increase in long-term employee retention.Now, this report has given explicit instancesof the two dignified business of the two companies that given a vast knowledge about the required selling skills of the staffs.


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