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Managing People In A Global Context: Component A: Alternative Assignment

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Introduction- Managing People In A Global Context: Component A: Alternative Assignment

Interviewing skills are basically referring to the abilities or actions through which an individual might get an effective position in a particular business organisation. Having resourceful interviewing skills is considered exceedingly important for an individual to stay competitive during the time of job interview sessions. On the other hand, negotiation skill indicates the skills to fetch an agreement on a decision through a competent argument to persuade the employee to agree with your statement. This self-reflection will discuss my interviewing skill and negotiation skills as well as key improving areas in an effective area.

During the time of interviewing in the IT sector, in which I am operating, I have experienced that I already possess some exceptional qualities which help me to effectively continue the discussion. Interviewing for getting new employees is indeed difficult for interviewers and they have to deal with certain difficulties. Nevertheless, I am quite excited and self-confident though it was my job interview experience. I have taken my first job interview and almost recruited the participants that I have wanted so eagerly. Regarding this fact, I have understood that there are some interviewing capabilities inside me that assist me to get effectively continuing the interview in an efficient manner. Therefore, in terms of the negotiation skills that helped me to stay pertinent during the time of my interview session. These are some of the negotiation skills that I have applied while taking my first job interview.

Through the application of some of Gibb's reflective cycle, I am going to illustrate my point of view regarding the fact of my interviewing skills and the way I have developed these skills for further progression.

Gibbs' Reflective Cycle

Gibbs Reflective Cycle is a self-reflection and management instrument that assist people to deliberate clearly and methodically about the diverse experiences they have gone through in terms of a specific action or similar circumstances and draw conclusions (Adeani, Febriani and Syafryadin, 2020). This particular reflective cycle will help me to share and measure my experience in an effective manner.


This is the first stage of Gibb's reflective cycle in which there will be a brief description of the incident. The ultimate aim of this particular stage is to put forward simple just relevant information which can be described as a factual description (Adeani, Febriani and Syafryadin, 2020). In terms of that, I am going to describe a brief description of the incident which I have experienced during the time of taking my first interview and others. While operating in the IT sector, the CEO and other business professionals have decided to recruit new participants for marketing. According to their criteria, the newly recruited participants have to be efficient in marketing and require to know extensive market information. Basically, we are aiming to get experienced and proficient candidates who will do this job with much interest. Regarding this fact, they have selected 3 HR professionals including me to accomplish the interview as an effective manager.

In terms of that, I have to be proficient and capable of asking innovative questions to get the interview done quite in a professional manner. In order to accomplish the interview in a professional manner, I have to learn about some specific skills that helped me expansively to continue the session in an effective manner. Through acquiring and developing my interviewing and negotiation skills I have been able to improve my capabilities as an effective business professional. It has been observed that after gaining these specific skills I have been competent to ask several questions and measure what kind of employees will be good for our company. It is indeed necessary for the interviewer to be an expert along with encompassing massive market knowledge unless it will be problematic for him to get the compulsory participant. Also, I have encountered major constraints during the time of taking the interview however mitigating these behaviour have supported me extensively to be prepared for my upcoming interview.


After the conduction of the interview, I have realised that there are some skills that have helped me to continue the session quite effectively and these are the following skills.

Action plan

The sixth and final step of the Gibbs Reflective Cycle basically refers to an Actions plan and here people define the way they will encounter similar circumstances in the future and how to do superior next time (Dhaliwal, Singh and Singh, 2018). In terms of the action plan, I have taken a major initiative to tackle the future problems which might come for my future development. Regarding this fact, the application of SMART objectives might assist me to deal with future problems in an effective manner. in terms of that, first, I have focused on a specific problem and then analysing it to understand its negative impact on my career. Then, it will be time for measuring its effectiveness and how it can impact my learning process. After that, I have taken a major initiative to tackle the problem as well as improve my skills. After doing this, I have measured the significance of the step that I have implemented for overcoming the issue. Therefore, measuring time for accomplishing the objectives has been done to effectively continue this.


From the entire evaluation of the assignment, it can be concluded that to get success in a job interview, an interviewer has to keep account of each and every individual aspect. It is indeed necessary for an individual to study or to complete research about the organisation in which he or she will accomplish an interview. Therefore, it will be obliged for the candidate to show an amount of interest in the company or firm in which he is going to operate. Therefore, the interviewer also has to validate the level of interest in the candidate to draw attention to him. Apart from all the skills, it is indeed necessary for the interviewer to inspect the behaviour, and body language as well as examine the way he interacts with an individual. Regarding this fact, the recruiting process is indeed necessary for business professionals to conduct a job interview. In terms of that, I have been able to understand various aspects of the interview during the time conducting the interview session. In fact, having exceptional negotiation skills will also help the candidate to create a constructive impression towards the recruiter quite effectively. Thus, it can be concluded that gaining theses specific skills might help me to achieve more in terms of my professional career.


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