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Human Resources Management Assignment

Human Resources Management Assignemnt

Introduction - Human Resources (HR) Management Assignment

Human resource management is the activity which ensures the proper management of employees in an organization for acquiring several goals and objectives of the business. This report will discuss about the case of Sainsbury’s which is the largest supermarket in the UK in which HRM manages the staff members in the UK. In this, discussion of functions and objectives of human resource management will take place for developing an organization. The skill and talent of the employees for the growth and benefit of the organization will be on the basis of the selection process of the HRM and HR Assignment Help in which weakness and strengths of the employees will also be discussed. In this for developing the organization, the need of the idea and relation of the employees in the organization which is putting impact on the organization and UK legislation and engagement of employees in an organization will also be discussed.

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P1 Explain the purpose and functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organization.

Explanation of Human Resources Management:

The major motive of Human resources management is to achieve various organizational goals and business objectives. The HR department is responsible for managing the functions of the organization and they are also responsible for hiring, recruiting and the whole selection process. Sainsbury’s is the largest supermarkets in UK. They plan each and everything in the organisation from hiring new individuals to assign various duties and responsibilities to the employees. They also manage disputes among employees and make the use of resources in an optimum way (Gahlawat and Kundu, 2019).

Human resources management’s purpose in the organization:

Human Resources management is responsible for managing the work and skills of employees and they also plan and strategies various ideas and techniques for the effective functioning of the organisation. They also maintain the productivity and profitability ratio of the organization. They also assure positive mindset to the employees by providing healthy and positive environment and surroundings to the employees. There are two types of HR practices used by Human Resources management, hard and soft practices in order to provide directions to the employees so that business objectives can be achieved (Aust et al., 2020).

For improving the performance of the organisation and employees; they regulate various theories and concepts so that they can easily make control over certain things in the organisation. And on the other side, they also motivate and encourage the employees by which the employment engagement towards the organisation can be increased. Soft HRM practices are mainly adopted by the HR department so that they can easily empower employees.

Human resources management’s functions:

Recruiting and hiring new individuals:

The Human Resources department is responsible for the taking interviews and for the whole selection process. They set various criteria and requirement of skills for making selection of the new employees. They are responsible for identifying staff shortage in the organization and then conduct the selection process.

Provide training and developing skills:

For improving the skills and knowledge of the employees the Human Resources department is responsible and plays a major role in providing proper training and coaching to the employees so that they can easily develop their knowledge according to the organization’s norms and conditions. For providing training they conduct various training programs and seminars (Karak, S., 2019).

Managerial functions of Human resources management:

The organization’s management is responsible to direct, organise and control various activities and tasks. They are responsible for planning various strategies and innovative ideas. They need to manage various tactics and strategies in order to maintain the growth and development of the organisation. 

Performance appraisal of employees:

The HR department is also responsible for making appraisals according to the performance of the employees. They need to check daily-to-daily feedbacks of the employees; on the basis of that criterion they can easily manage providing rewards and promotions to the employees (Hassan, 2016).

The welfare of employees:

The term welfare of employee’s means to satisfy the employees by providing environment that is healthy and positive. The Human resources department adopt those rules and regulations which can be easily understood by the employees so that they can adapt them in order to improve their performance and skills.

Maintaining the record of employees:

Sainsbury’s has large numbers of employees working in their organisation, because of this they have to maintain the employee’s record that is their joining date, per annum salary and total working hours in the organisation.

P2 Explain the strengths and weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

Sainsbury’s is the largest supermarket in UK, because of this they need to recruit or hire those individuals that are qualified and have good skills and knowledge so that with help of those employees they can improve the productivity and profitability of the organization. There are two types of recruitment methods, one is external recruitment method and other is internal recruitment method, with the help of these methods they recruit and select as per the individual’s skills and capabilities. The best fit practice and best practice model are the two types of the approaches that are used by the organization to make a good reputation in the competitive market (Sparrow and Otaye-Ebede, 2017).

The term best fit practice means the proper coordination between the organizational objectives and the needs of the human resource management. And the other term best practice model means to execute various plans and strategies to achieve organizational goals and business objectives.

Internal recruitment method:

From the term internal recruitment means transfer of existing employees, promotions etc. this type of process is very effective as the employees already know the norms and regulations of the organization (DeVaro, 2020). This internal method of recruitment has its own merits and demerits,


With the help of this recruitment process, the total timing in recruiting individuals’ decreases as they are already appointed in the organisation and the HR manager already estimated their criteria of performing duties and responsibilities. The employees adapt the culture of the organization as they already know about it. The procedure of internal recruitment is quite easy and affordable because the management don’t need to advertise about vacancies in their organization. By promoting employees and by increasing their incentives the organization’s like Sainsbury’s can increase the engagement of employees so that employees stay dedicated and committed towards their work which ultimately helps the organization in the growth and development (Farndale et al., 2018).


The procedure of promotion and transfer got hindered as some managers don’t cooperate with their team members. If some employee got promoted then their position remains vacant just because this; the management needs to conduct the selection process for hiring someone for that position. Due to competition in the organisation because of promoting other employees, conflicts and disputes may occur.

External recruitment method:

With the help of employment exchange they can easily hire new individuals. The term employment exchange means a kind of organisation that provides jobs to applicants on the basis of their experience and abilities (DeVaro, 2020). There are various ways by which organizations can recruit new individuals,

Campus recruitment:

This is a procedure of recruiting young individuals from their colleges or universities while practicing internships. This is the procedure of providing employment to them when they are pursuing their degrees (McDonald, 2019).

Online recruitment:

This is the procedure of conducting online interviews by the HR management for selecting new individuals; this is a kind of easy process (Ladkin and Buhalis, 2016). On the basis of these online interviews and tests they hire them (Holm and Haahr, 2019).

With the help of social media:

The social media helps in providing job and employment regarding advertisements, through Facebook and Instagram people got to know about new jobs and recruitments (Holm and Haahr, 2019).


With the help of various promotions and advertisements they can easily provide structure and culture of the organisation so that applicants get an idea about the jobs criteria. In this method they can easily hire applicants on the basis qualification and knowledge (Ahmed and Ahmed, 2019).


Online recruitment is quite costly process of hiring individuals as so much money is required in doing advertisements. Because of this process conflicts may occur in the organisation as the employees are not aware about the structure and culture of the organisation.

In Sainsbury’s the HR management should adopt those mix approaches and techniques for selecting new individuals according to their skills, knowledge and experience.


P3 Explain the benefits of different HRM practices within the organisation for both the employer and employee.

The Human resources department has a major role in the functioning of the organisation. They are the one who is responsible for the growth and development of the organization. They need to manage everything in the organisation from planning to assign the work and projects to the employees. They are the one who direct, organise and make control over the tasks and activities of the organisation. The HR department is responsible for implementing various strategies and plans in the organisation. They organise various training programs and seminars for making improvements in the skills and knowledge of the employees that helps them in their career enhancement. In Sainsbury’s the management’s various practices and approaches help and provide benefit to both employer and employees as well (Hassan, 2016).

Employee motivation and development:

The major and important role of HR management is to motivate and encourage employees towards their business goals and career objectives. For developing and improving their skills they need to conduct various training programs and seminars so that helps them in their career development. For motivating their employees; Sainsbury’s adopt many motivational theories to provide motivation and encouragement to the employees. The employees are also allowed to choose their shift hours according to their suitability. By providing training and coaching the organisation meant that the employees can make improvements in their personal and professional lives (Hassan, 2016).

Effective relations between employees:

The Human resources department initiates working in groups and teams so that the relations of employees can be improved and maintained in the organization. With the help of this initiative the organizations can maintain long term relations with the employees so that the turnover of employees can be decrease (Hassan, 2016).

Positive behaviour of employees:

If the management provide healthy environment and surroundings to the employees, the employees will be able to work with positive mindset. Sainsbury’s should adopt healthy and positive culture in the organization to that the employees can give their best in accomplishing their duties and responsibilities. If the employees got proper motivation and encouragement then only they can focus on their work in efficient manner, and they got motivated if the management provide proper performance appraisals, promotions and higher incentives to them in this way they got encouraged towards their work and stay committed to the organization (Hassan, 2016). 

All these factors are provide benefits and profits to both employer and employees as by implementing HR approaches in proper manner they can easily achieve the set targets and business objectives. And the employees can make improvements in their personal and professional lives and can enhance their career goals.

P4 Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising the organisational profit and productivity

Sainsbury’s is well known supermarket in UK, their main motive to improve their performance and develop growth in the global market while considering all the negative and positive aspects. Their main aim is to operate a successful business operation in order to achieve good profitability and productivity ratio (Rana and Malik, 2017).

Innovative Ideologies and Creative Strategies:

For making unique ideologies and creative strategies the organization need to support the employees and provide them a positive environment so that with the help of their skills and knowledge they can make unique ideas and strategies that help the organization in making improvements in growth and development process. The employees can easily make various innovations and new ideas if they got a proper environment and surroundings to work in efficient manner.

Employee engagement:

The employee’s engagement is highly interlinked with the employee’s contribution in the organisation. Sainsbury’s can increase their employee’s engagement by providing rewards to them, rewards like promotions, higher incentives etc. by which they can stay dedicated and committed towards the organization. This will help the organisation in achieving a good productivity and profitability ratio. The employee engagement can be increase if the organization provides facilities according to the employee’s requirements (Osborne and Hammoud, 2017).

Positive and healthy environment:

Any organization’s success and growth is totally depends on the contribution of the employees; employees are the main source of contribution in any organization’s development. For achieving organisational goals and business objectives, the organization needs to provide a proper healthy and positive environment and culture so that the employees can work with an ease and meet those business goals. Plus the management also needs to hire those individuals that have sober thinking and can easily make adjustments in any kind of culture. The HR management also needs to adopt corporate and diversified culture so that those employees who belong from various cultures and backgrounds can easily manage their work in efficient manner. Sainsbury’s should adopt diversified culture in order to provide healthy and social environment to their employees so that they can enhance and improve their career objectives (Hameed et al., 2020).


P5 Analyze the importance of employees relations in respect to influence Human resources management decision-making

The role of the employees in the organization plays very important role in the organization for increasing the profit and productivity in the Sainsbury’s supermarket in UK. The employees in the organization, plans various techniques and strategies for improving the productivity and profit of the Sainsbury’s supermarket. The employees of the Sainsbury’s market are building strong relationship with the customers so that they purchase the products from the Sainsbury’s supermarket repeatedly by raising the satisfaction level of the customers by fulfilling the needs and the requirements of the customer (García et al., 2017). The relation of the employees is shown with the various points which are listed below:

Higher productivity and effectiveness in the business: The productivity of the employees in the Sainsbury’s supermarket in UK are increased if the employees of the organization are actively participating in all the responsibilities and work which is given to them. The employees who are giving their 100 percent efforts in improvising the productivity and profit of the Sainsbury’s supermarket by doing their assigned tasks and work are living happily in the environment of the organization and are satisfied with HR management. Through this the manager of the human resource will make fast decisions if the productivity in the Sainsbury’s supermarket is increased even if there is high chance of the risks present in the contract and in this way the managers of the human resource are showing their trust on the employees of the organization (García et al., 2017).

Working culture in effective way: The managers of human resource of the Sainsbury’s supermarket is encouraging and motivating the employees of the organization so that the employees feel motivated from the behavior of the HR manager which helps them to finish their assign tasks and work on time with their efforts. The HR managers are promoting the diverse culture and background of the employees which helps the employees in increasing the productivity and growth of the organization as they feel motivated from the behavior of the HR managers as they are giving their complete efforts by completing their assigned work or tasks on time. Managers of human resource are providing equal opportunities to all the members of the Sainsbury’s supermarket and they feel encouraged from this free diversity.

Customer’ satisfaction: In the Sainsbury’s supermarket, the managers are managing the employees of the organization. The employees of the organization are building strong customer base with the employees in which the employees sells the products of the Sainsbury’s supermarket in such a way that customers purchases the products from the Sainsbury’s supermarket repeatedly which leads to the increase in the productivity and growth of the Sainsbury’s supermarket. In building the strong relationship in between the customers and employees, communication plays very important role as for selling their products to the customers, employees communicate with the customers so that they can convince them to purchase that product.

If the employees of the organization are treated well then it can affect their performance and they will perform better and by this the staff members for achieving the higher satisfaction level of the customers, they will provide better services to the customers as per their demand and requirements.

Maintaining strong relationship with the employees, the employee must feel good about their image as they are working in such large organization like Sainsbury’s supermarket. If the employees in the Sainsbury’s supermarket are not treated well then it may affect their performance in certain ways in which one factor is the indiscipline among the employee of the organization.


P6: Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon Human resources management decision-making

The employment legislation mainly includes few essential elements. They are:

Uniform employment opportunity: The management must be unbiased towards the employees on the bases of religion .caste, creed and every such aspect when it comes to recruitment of its employees. The rights of the employee are covered under The Employment Opportunity Act (1972) which refers to certain standards that all people have the right to receive fair treatment at the workplace irrespective of the characteristics they have (Vivares-Vergara et al., 2016).

Affirmative Actions: They include certain principles which prevent discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, color etc. these policies are mainly framed to protect the unprotected or the disadvantaged from the discriminative practices. Several reforms have been taken overtime to provide benefits to them which mainly include better education and housing facilities and increase in wage rates etc.

Sexual Harassments:  One of the major concerns includes the sexual harassment in the corporate world of which women are the major victim’s .They majorly includes actions of sexual/physical discomforts and asking favors for extra perks and incentives from the subordinates by the superiors which has resulted a drop in the working female employees numbers over the years.

Work time regulations: This forms an essential part of HR Legislature. A flexible working schedule must be designed in order to provide a work - life balance to the employees thereby providing them with more efficiency (Vivares-Vergara et al., 2016).

Working Conditions: Another essential element in the list is a proper working environment .It includes various factors such as hygiene, health and safety, regular and proper remunerations, profit sharing etc.

Trade Unions and Other Industrial Relations: Trade Unions are considered backbones of the employees in the company. They represent the interests of the employees and also negotiate with the employers on behalf of their members. A healthy relations with these unions is must to establish mutual harmony and growth of the company.

Social Security:  It mainly includes financial aid against the occurrence of unforeseen natural events such as retirement, death, disability, etc to the employees. The benefits mainly comprises of retirement funds, medical insurance, disability insurance etc.

Evaluate the key aspects of employee relations management and employee legislation that affect HRM decision-making:

Employee Relationship Management forms an important part in the current competitive business scenario. Thus building and maintaining a healthy employee relationship is an important aspect of success of a business. The key elements include:

Open Communication:  The key to any effective relationship is open communication. It is essential part as the employees spend majority of the day in the office so it becomes for the employees to feel at ease and feel free to communicate their needs to the manger (Putri et al., 2017).

Recognition: A sense of recognition and appreciation is directly related to a higher self-esteem and increased motivation to increase their efficiency. Proper rewards for the employees increase their competitive spirit and help them work even harder for the overall growth of the company.

Regular Feedback: A proper and frequent feedback including appreciation and constructive criticism gives the employees areas on which they can improve for their improved learning forms an important part of building relationships between the managers and their teams.

Invest in Employees: Another way for building an effective and harmonically relationships between managers and their employees is by showing some care and affection to the employees .Providing them with extra benefits like gym facilities to maintain a healthy lifestyle , leading some projects of the company , paid work from home options etc.

P7 Illustrate the application of HRM practices in a work-related context with suitable examples.

Job Specification:

The consumers of the marketing manager are behaving as their mediators in which all the interactions and communication are managed by the marketing manager. The marketing manager is using many techniques and strategies for the growth of the organization and is also handling the team. Sales engineers, employees and activities of advertisement are collectively bring together by the marketing manager in which they see whether these people are making progressive strategies or not for implementing so that the organization can grow progressively. There is some information which is required for hiring an employee for performing various duties which are as follows:

Name of the organization: Sainsbury’s supermarket

Working Hours: 8 hours

Candidate’s name:

Title of the job: Marketing manager

Experience Required:

· Exaggeration of value of experience cannot be done.

· It requires 8 or more years of experience in some successful or similar industry in marketing

· Experience is required in handling the professional employees

· Understanding of rules of marketing

Qualifications Required:

· Requirement of any bachelors degree in the marketing field or some related field

· Masters in business administration

Competencies and skills of marketing manager:

· Communications skills: It requires good communication skills for hiring the marketing manager so that they can interact with the customers and can convince them for purchasing their products.

· Digital skills: It requires deep knowledge on exploring the internet and social with good track record on social media platforms such as Face book, Instagram and Twitter etc.

· Perception: it requires good imagination power so it can see big image and can give good advices.

· Good team work and high growth.

· Analyzing the requirement of the initiatives of the marketing.

· Shows commitment of continuous learning


· Marketing plans require many strategies and plans for existing products

· Public relations require management of the marketing team and media

· It requires teamwork for introducing new products in the market along with the development of the product

· For creating higher opportunities for the product, it requires analyzing and research of the products

· It is giving guarantee for marketing of brand communication

Offer letter for the applicants:

Name of the applicant:

Address of the applicant:


Dear applicant X,

We are very happy to inform you that Sainsbury’s supermarket has chosen you for appointing you as a Marketing manager at Sainsbury’s that is under the retail industry of supermarket. You will have to perform following functions:

Responsibilities and duties of the job:

It requires handling marketing team’s activities, need active participation in social media activities by advertisements and specialization in making of decisions.

Contract involves:

Reporting: Marketing Manager

Working Hours: 7 hours

Salary: £40,000

Vacations: As per the protocols of the business

Compensation and advantages: With the package of medical and dental, sick leaves are given. We are very happy for sending this offer letter to you for your permission and sign so you can join your job from 29th July, 2020.


Human resource Manager

Job Advertisement:

Job title: Marketing manager

Overview of the organization: Sainsbury’s supermarket is the largest supermarket under the retail industry.

Job preference: Knowledge of field of marketing for 2 years.

Skills required:

· Communication skills

· good behavior

· basic knowledge of computer

The interested applicants please send their resume on official website Sainsbury’s.supermarket@gmail.com.


This report has discussed about the Sainsbury’s supermarket in which there is a requirement of the skilled and talented employees. This report has already discussed about the functions, motives, weaknesses and strengths of the human resource department. The report has given the job specification, job advertisement and offer letters which are provided to the applicants. It has also discussed the importance of the relations of the employees in an organization and discussing different methods of practices of HRM. In the last there is a discussion of employee engagement and employees legislation in UK.

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