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Recruitment Process Assignment Help


With the changes in the environment, there are a series of changes taking place that hampers the work operations in a great manner. In this respect, the reported work addresses the effective role of the human reserveadministration along with the purpose and functions that can ensure effective workforce planning. Further provided, the report embarks on the strengths and weaknesses of various approachrelated to the employment and assortmentin the working pattern of Mark and Spencer.  Besides, the reported work highlights the series of the benefits and opportunities that can be attained by the establishment of Mark and Spencerwith the application of suitable human reserve practices. Apart from that, the focus is made on the importance of employee relation concerning the process of choice making in the work operations of the company's concern. The overall report will illustrate the need and requirement of the individualreserve practice to enable the organization of Mark and Spencer in the attainment of a suitable position in the market.

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P1 Explain the purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing of an organization.

With the continuous and frequent changes in the environment, the concept of human resource management has gained a wide scope (Beer, et. al., 2015). Human reserveadministrationplays a crucial position in the operation of the company leading to the accomplishment of the goals and objectives. In the brief of Mark and Spencer, it has been addressed that the corporation operates on a large scale as such it becomes a great difficulty in the effective management of all the activities. For the effective command on the workforce planning the main purpose and functions of HRM that can be focused on includes:

Training and developmental activities

Relevance of the practice related to human reserveorganization will ensure that the employees of the organization are properly trained. This will assist them in performing their part of the role effectively.  Apart from that, HRM practices will also ensure to enhance the skills of the existing employees leading to better and effective operations.

Ensure good and suitable relation with the stakeholders

Human reserveorganization practices will assist in the establishment of Mark and Spencer in the maintenance of effective relationships with the stakeholders such that to have better command over the decision-making process. It will also support ineffective supervision on the factors of demand and supply (Beer, et. al., 2015).

Command on all the activities

With the relevance of the human reserve practice, the authorities of Mark and Spencer can ensure to have a appropriatecontrol on all the behavior leading to better integration. Apart from that, this will also ensure that the resources are optimally utilized leading to the realization of the objectives.

As such, it is suggested that the management of Mark and Spencer focus on the purpose and functions correctly so that the objectives can be accomplished. As such it can attain a suitable position (Jamali, et. al., 2015).

P2 Explain the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

For the attainment of the suitable candidates, the establishment of Mark and Spencer are required to appropriately center on the analysis and assessment of the different approaches to staffing and collection.  This will assist the management in gaining the best candidate that can contribute to the company's success effectively. This will also ensure effective judgment on various activities. Various approaches related to the subject matter include:

External recruitment

The concerned approach focuses on the employing of the applicant from outside the association (Jamali, et. al., 2015). This will involve participants from different skills that can act as a benefit for the organization. However, evaluation is essential for the attainment of the pros and cons that include:



More candidates can be evaluated for the filing of the vacancy.

Needs a lot of time to analyze and evaluate the candidate

New and fresh talent can be addressed.

Leads to employee dissatisfaction

Wider approach

Leads to insecurity among the existing employees

Internal recruitment

The approach focuses on the filling of the vacancy through the internal means that is by transfer or promotion (Beer, et. al., 2015). This leads to a greater level of satisfaction. Some of the pros and cons of the approach include:



Supports in motivating of the existing employees

Does not provide for the new ideas and creativity

Involves less time in the training of the employees due to familiarity in the working patterns of the organization.

It does not provide proper support in evaluating the presentation of the workers.

Proper command on resources.

It creates another vacancy that disturbs the function of the company.

M1 Assess how the functions of HRM can provide talent and skills appropriate to fulfill business objectives

Mark and Spencer while operating on a large scale and in the dynamic environment faces a series of challenges and issues (Kumari and Malhotra, 2013). Such a factor hampers the work operations of the business in animmense manner. In this respect human resource management becomes n essential element that can effectively deal with the issues and assist the authorities in better work operations In totalingto the appropriate application of the human resource practice; the company's concern can focus on the improvement of the skill and capabilities of the employees. This will ensure the conduct of the activities that can benefit the corporation for the extendedforecast of time (Kumari and Malhotra, 2013).

Apart from that, the relevance of the HRM practices will assist the business concern in the maintenance of the suitable command on al, the resource that can thereby lead to a better level of efficiency. Besides, the company can also ensure to formulate suitable strategies that can ensure a suitable position (Jamali, et. al., 2015). As such it is requisite the managing of the concerned group effectively focuses on the requirements and functions of human reserveadministration.

M2 Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

To ensure the selection of the best and suitable approach, it is required that all the approaches and methods are properly analyzed and evaluated (Ash, et. al., 2013). This will assist the authority in gaining pros and cons leading to better decision making leading to the realization of the objectives.

In respect to internal recruitment, it has been addressed that the method provides for the candidate in a short period. Further, it also assists in the establishment of Mark and Spencer'sineffective evaluation of the presentation of the workers. However, with the application of the concernedapproach restricts the invitation of the new and creative ideas (Kumari and Malhotra, 2013).

Further provided, concerning the external recruitment fresh talent can be invited in the work operation that can lead to the attainment of new and elaborated opportunities. However, the approach involves a lot of time and includes a lengthy process. As such it is addressed that the organization of Mark and Spencer must ensure roper evaluation to conquer the objectives in the preferred manner (Ash, et. al., 2013).

D1 Critically evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection, supported by specific examples.

The frequent variations taking place in the environment provide for the need to have a more pop understanding of the human resource practice such that work operations can be conducted in a smooth manner (O'Meara and Petzall, 2013). For the purpose, it is also required that the focus is made by the company's concern o the evaluation of the variety of approaches related to the employment and collection leading to better decision making for the existing and the forthcoming prospects.          With the evaluation of the approaches, new opportunities and threats can be identified. This will enable the company in the effective and suitable management of the activities (Schroeder, 2012).

The establishment of Mark and Spencer will also attain the apt recognition of the world-wide market leading to a strong and successful position. As such, it is recommended that the company must ensure evaluation properly and effectively (O'Meara and Petzall, 2013).


P3 Explain the benefits of different HRM practices within an organization for both the employer and employee.

With the change in the environmental conditions, there are a chain of changes that are taking place in the working patterns of the organization (Schroeder, 2012). To manageall such operations, it becomes crucial that the authority of Mark and Spencer focuses on the acceptance and achievement of HRM practices. HRM practices will not only provide benefits to the employer but also play a major role in motivating the employee of the organization leading to better operations (Ash, et. al., 2013). Some of the benefits that can be gained by the boss as well as aworker of Mark and Spencer include:

Ensures the formulation of suitable policies and strategies

HRM provides a platformthat supports employers in the formulation of aptpolicy and strategies that can assist the employer in smooth and systematic operations. It further assists in setting up a suitable procedure that can ensure that the activities of Mark and Spencer can be conducted smoothly and systematically. As such it will lead to the proper alignment of the employer and employee ensuring efficiency (Buller and McEvoy, 2012).

Improvement of the skills

HRM practices will help in the enhancement of the skill of both the employer and employee. This will make sure that the actions are conducted with greater expertise leading to a greater level of specialization (Anitha, 2014). As such HRM practices are required to be properly implemented.

Ensures suitable command on the presentation of the employees

HRM practices in addition to the above facts will assist in the assessment of the presentation of the employees such that the employer can make a suitable judgment. The evaluation will motivate the employees in the proper conduct of the activities (Buller and McEvoy, 2012).  Further provided, it will ensure that there is proper coordination among all the activities and departmentsimportant to the accomplishment of the objectives and in the attainment of aenhanced position in the market.

P4 Evaluate the effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organizational profit and productivity.

Understanding of the HRM practices is an essential aspect as it plays a major role in the enhancement of productivity and the profit of the concerned company (de Menezes, 2012). However, to obtain positive outcomes' there are various HRM practices that are required to be evaluated for a greater level of effectiveness. Such practices in this respect majorly include:

Training and development

The establishments of Mark and Spencer are required to conduct proper training sessions and seminars to provide suitable learning to all the parties.  This will assist in civilizing the skills and expertise of the employees leading to a greater level of specialization.  However, the business is required to make sure that the preparation           session are completed ina proper time frame such that to gain the outcomes correctly. With the overall results gained by the company, a suitable command can be attained on the existing as well as forthcoming activities (Sigala and Chalkiti, 2015).

Policies and strategies

The management of Mark and Spencer are required to formulate such strategies and policies that can be modified following the situation to ensure smooth conduct of the activities. Apart from that, the establishments arenecessary to ensure a proper command of the policies as they are exposed to the series of factors that keep on changing (Anitha, 2014).

As such, it is optional that the authorities of Mark and Spencer must center on the effective function f the HRM practices so that to attain suitable effectiveness and efficiency in the work operations. 

M3 Assess different methods used in HRM practices, providing specific examples to support evaluation within an organizational context.

Evaluation and analysis of the various methods related to the HRM practices will help the company in gaining pros and cons leading to a varied set of benefits. This will assist the company concern in gaining viable opportunities that can be used for the success of the company (Sigala and Chalkiti, 2015). Some of the aspects in this respect include:

Performance management

The establishment of Mark and Spencer must ensure to formulate suitable strategies and policies in such a manner that the performance of the employees can be assessed. This will help the company concern in making a proper decision concerningpotential activities or events.

Procedure for planning

In this fact, the focus is required to be made on the effective layout of the planning with the involvement of the entire workforce (de Menezes, 2012). This will assist in the attainment of the new and elaborative idea that can ensure to provide suitable direction towards the working patterns of the organization. It will also assist in the combination of the labors of all the employees in a single direction. 

D2 Critically evaluate HRM practices and application within an organizational context, using a range of specific examples.

Application of the HRM practice has become a must in the changing environment. Establishment of Mark and Spencer must properly focus on the application of the HRM practice to gain suitable insights' that can further assist inmaking suitable decisions. Besides, it will help the running of the company's concern in in compliancetothe interior environment with the outside environment (Saeed, et. al., 2014).

HRM will provide the positive and negative factors associated with each aspect leading to the securing of a better position in the market of competitive nature (Sabharwal, 2014).


P5 Analyze the importance of employee relations concerning influencing HRM decision making.

The workforce engaged in the wok operation of the company is the most essential asset. The workforce is an essential element in the success and growth of the company. As such, it becomes a matter of prime concern that cordial and good relations are maintained among the employees. This aspect will effectively addto the achievement and growth of the company (Paillé, et. al., 2014). In the brief of the work operation of Mark and Spencer, a series of the benefits that can assist better decision making include:

Creates a good and effective culture

Good and cordial relation among the employees creates a suitable and effective work environment that further motivates the workers to executeto the best of their ability. Cordial relation also includes the integration of the personal objectives with the organizational objectives (Boon, et. al., 2018). As such a suitable command can be attained leading to the invitation of new and fresh ideas. As such a better decision can be taken for the current as well as future events.

Supports in decreasing of the conflicts

Cordial and viable relation ensures that the activities are conducted smoothly without any conflicts and issues. A reduced conflict ensures that the focus is made on the mandatory activities that can address in the realization of the goals and objectives of the business.

Therefore, it is optional that the management of Mark and Spencer spotlight on the performance of such policies and procedures that can motivate the employees and assist in maintaining cordial relations among each other (Paillé, et. al., 2014). This will provide suitable support for attaining suitable growth and success.

P6 Identify the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision making.

For the effective and suitable command on all the aspects,the establishment of Mark and Spencer must focus on the conduct of the activities following the various legal laws and procedures (Boon, et. al., 2018). This will ensure that the activities can be conducted without any barrier. Besides, abiding by the laws and legislation will assist the authorities of Mark and Spencer in making a valuable decision concerning various facts and aspects. Some of the employment legislation that can be focused onincludes:

Work health and safety act

The act will assist the authorities in creating a safe environment for the workers so that they feel motivated concerning the work operations of the company. Such an act will assist the company concern in enlarging the profit margin leading to better success (Paillé, et. al., 2014). It will also play a major role in HRM practices as it will lead to valuable decisionsconcerning future activities'.

Human rights act

The act provide for the convinced rules and procedures that are required to be followed by the employer as well as the employee. This will play a major role in ensuring that all the activities are focused on fulfilling the requirements.

As such, it becomes a major need that Mark and Spencer center on the employment legislation in a proper manner foremost to the attainment of the objectives (Paillé, et. al., 2014).

M4 Evaluate the key aspects of employee relations management and employment legislation that affect HRM decision-making in an organizational context.

Employee relation supervision

Employee connection management is a crucial aspect of the work operation of Mark and Spencer.  With the appropriate command on employee relations, the work can be conducted smoothly and systematically (Boon, et. al., 2018). For the purpose, the management is required to make sure that suitable procedures are laid so that to ensure cordial relations among the employees. This will assist in the covetous of many original opportunities.

Employment legislation

Employment legislation provides for the appropriate laws within which the actions are necessary to be conducted. This will ensure that the actions are conducted without any hindrance or barrier (Paillé, et. al., 2014). The legislation will also assist in motivating the worker in the attainment of the utmost satisfaction.


P7 Illustrate the application of HRM practices in a work-related context, using specific examples.

In respect to the work operation of the Mark and Spencer, a set pattern is followed for recruitment that is elaborated as follows:

Job Description

Job Title: Assistant manager at Mark and Spencer

Reporting authority/ officials

Job Purpose/objectives:  To provide aptassist in the better and effective integration of the work operation.

Roles and accountabilities

·         To ensure that the policies of the company are followed.

·         Focus on the optimization of the profit with the control over cost.

·         Focus on the guidance and expansion of new employees.

·         Resolving customer conflicts and issues leading to their best satisfaction

·         Managing the overall performance of the company

·         Assisting the customers whenever necessary

·         Taking disciplinary action whenever required.

·         Motivating the employees towards the success of the company

·         Ensuring the completion of the task assigned.


·         Stable work history

·         Team worker

·         Experienced in the same field.

M5 Provide a rationale for the application of specific HRM practices in a work-related context.

HRM in the changing environment is becoming an essential aspect in every form of organization. Since the wok operation of Mark and Spencer is diversified across the world, it tends to create difficulty in the management of the activities (Sigala and Chalkiti, 2015). As such HRM supports the amalgamation of the hard work of all the employees in one direction. Apart, the HRM practices help the company concern in the identification of the points and policies that can ensure to provide suitable direction that cab further leads to the achievement of the objectives (Anitha, 2014).

D3 Critically evaluate employee relations and the application of HRM practices that inform and influence decision-making in an organizational context.

With the attainment of the suitable command on the employee relation, the establishment of Mark and Spencer can gain the following sets of the benefits':

  • Ensure effective coordination among the employees as well as departments (Schroeder, 2012).
  • This leads to the best and effective utilization of the available resources.
  • Ensures resolving of conflicts systematically and smoothly (Buller and McEvoy, 2012).
  • Ensures the layout of the flexible planning procedure. 


From the overall study provided in the report, it can be resolute that the establishment of Mark and Spencer must focus on the execution of the practices related to the human resource in its working patterns. This will assist in the realization of the objectives in the desired way. Besides, the reported work concludes o the strengths and weaknesses associated with the process of staffing and range to have a better selection. This will lead to a better decision making process. Apart from that, the reported work determines the importance of employee relations. This supports the attainment of suitable coordination among all the employees and with the other related parties. Further, the key aspects related to employee relations are also determined to have better command on the subject matter. The overall report concludes on the valuable facts that can be used by the company's concern in the attainment of flexibility leading to better operations.


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