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Midwifery/Públic Health

Introduction - Midwifery/Públic Health

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This study is based on where it shows the knowledge of midwifery practices, difficulties of teamwork, and dealing with those problems. The import of midwifery practices, how much is needed in our daily lifestyle, and the compactness of that knowledge has also shown in this essay. This essay demonstrated the project briefly where it has shown the negative outcomes of consuming too much alcohol during pregnancy time and after post-birth. Analysing midwifery knowledge also identifies how much product knowledge they have to aware pregnant women not to take alcohol during pregnancy. This essay also describes the negative impacts on public health if pregnant women consume a lot of alcohol. Analysing midwifery knowledge with two teams requires a proper mind-set up, coordination, and pre-planning. Without coordinating with others in a team, it will be very difficult to analyse midwifery’s knowledge in this case. Through this reflective description, I am trying to convey my experience in creating a poster based health concerns specifically, on tendency of alcohol consumption during pregnancy. While preparing this poster, my primary focus is on midwifery role because they have responsibility to communicate with patients and other professionals through different ways. In the poster presentation, I would visualise those communication strategies to enhance the problem through poster and this would help me to an effective part of my team.


This study has described the actual aim of the poster. This study was also aimed at the analysis of the feeling during the formation of the poster in-group work. Critical analysis of the challenges that have been faced while doing this project (Sebastiani et al. 2018)

 Overview of the project

This study described the challenges and difficulties, which pregnant alcoholic women face during their pregnancy. The role of midwifery in pregnancy is how much importance has also been projected in this particular project. Diseases that can cause great health issues have also been shown in that project. The causes, which lead pregnant women to get alcohol during this time, are also presented in that project. Lacking valid health knowledge, unawareness during pregnancy, and social ignorance are some main points that lead a woman to get alcohol during pregnancy period. The rising of giving deformed birth and how much increased current time has shown data ways in that project.

It was about showing concern for the pregnant woman who consumes alcohol in large amounts during that time. Alcohol increased the miscarriages risk so much. Stillbirth takes place for that reason. Teratogens can easily be found in a large amount of alcohol, which gives a toxic effect on the foetus or embryo. Behavioural problems, physical malformations, and Decreased intellectual levels can take place to this drug. Consuming too much alcohol leads pregnant women to give preterm birth. Preterm births are a very great issue for public health. Proper body weight at birth is very important because a child can face many challenges throughout her whole life. Preterm birth always leads pregnant women to give underweight babies (Edwards et al. 2019). FASDs symptoms are those symptoms that will happen with those women who consume a lot of alcohol during pregnancy. People having FASDs problems face difficulty in learning anything, mental retardation, and difficulty sucking problems in infancy. This study briefly explained that in every 1000 births 61 cases are fined in recent analytic public reports. 41.3% of British women have been fined for taking alcohol during pregnancy. To know what kind of guidance is provided by midwives against this kind of behaviour of pregnant women, midwifery interviews are needed to analyse these things.


Collaboration, pre-work on that project, and proper support from the team are needed to handle that project. Lack of communication was the greatest challenge while making this project, which has been described in this essay. Confliction between teammates, arguments, and self-awareness are some problems, which have faced by all teammates during taking information from midwifery and making reports for that project. Lack of clarity on some points and reduced engagement of all members create greater challenges in making this particular project. This kind of problem faces every person while making a project as a team (Iranpour et al.2019). As that project was made by two teams, that is why ego clashed between the two teams.


A different point of view

In this particular project, we two teams have done together. Different points of view have come for that particular reason. Every person has their point of view and they show their perspective on this project. So when presenting a particular data, there were many problems in deciding the right way.

Negligence of teammates

Working with those people who were not showing their interest or giving proper attention to making this project was very difficult. Some persons in that team do not follow any instructions and show unwillingness to do this project. They were not providing any information for that project which made them so displeasure (Mamluk et al. 2020).

Inconsistency between ideas

While searching on Google we find many ideas that lead us to a dilemma in thinking about which one is right and which one is wrong. We got confused about how to take the right data from all of them. It was a great problem that I faced while doing this project.

Absence of persons during a group meeting

We have done many group discussions to present this particular project perfectly, but there were many miscommunications. Some people were unaware and showed their negligence towards this particular project. They did not attend some of the meetings and after coming to the next meeting, they were confused about what is going on in this project (Peres et al. 2019). This has taught me how important team meetings are.

A different points of view

While doing this project one person’s point of view was not matching with ours and there were many disturbances for that reason. Large arguments with each other take place for that reason. It is very much needed to have a proper strategy to do any project in a team. I learned that as teammates, everyone should give their full attention to that respective task, and before doing that a proper mind set up is needed by all.

Leaving Group

Leaving some members from the group made a bad impact on that project. They were in a very important position on that project to collect some important data (Easey et al. 2019). I felt that bad

Management was going on and so far, I decided to lead the team properly next time.

Changing ideas frequently

We found a lot of information on that project so that is why we were changing our data frequently. It delayed our project submission date. Taking valid data without hampering the submission date always needs to be done by a team, which I learned by doing this project.

The importance of the role of midwifery during pregnancy

I was unaware of the midwifery role during pregnancy. What is alcohol causing and affecting pregnant women? We can get knowledge from midwives. Visiting a midwife in a consistent manner and following her advice can help pregnant women not to get that kind of problem (Cruz et al.2021). By doing this job, I have to know how important midwifery’s role in public health is in reducing pregnant related diseases, especially taking alcohol during pregnancy.

Reflective analysis while doing the project

As that project defined the real factors of public health, I engaged myself a lot during doing this particular project. The negative effects of alcohol on pregnant women, which have been shown in this particular project, have had a great impact on me. What kind of diseases are happening and how much damage is taking place in our lives, for this reason, are now totally visible to me right now during doing this project(Budd et al.2020). We have done many sessions to collect exact data and have done group consultations for those projects. All sessions were very enjoyable for me because during those seasons, I was able to indent all member’s perspectives on that topic and I have to know many new informative things from those seasons. Some lack awareness of


This study has proven how much health awareness is needed to give a safe birth. Causative health hazards have also been demonstrated in this study. Kinds of health difficulties can also be known from this study. The role of midwifery and its effectiveness in reducing these things have been shown in this study. Awareness of public health is one of the main things, which everyone should pay attention. Overall, to do any kind of teamwork collaboration, good understanding skills, and trust in each other are the main things. In making any team job, how one faces many difficulties and how we can solve those problems by making valuable team strategies without hampering any kind of project has been mentioned in this study. This essay has highlighted different kinds of awareness on pregnancy and thought strategies of teamwork such as trusting each other, encouraging skills, etc. Without debating with each other, making trust, planning about the projects, and proper mind-set up are the key points, which are needed to handle a team as described properly here. visit for more Health And Social Care Topics.


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