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Introduction Of Development for Success in Business

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The expended version of learning theory of Kobl’s learning theory was done by Honey & Mumford in 1970. The model consists of four styles which are activist, reflector, theorist and pragmatist. There is a mixture of all the learning theories like experiential learning etc. for an individual to have. I have an interest to be a successful businessman and am also open minded like an activist, good at listening like reflector, asking good probing questions like a theorist and technique oriented like a pragmatist.

To be able to achieve successful manager goals or businessman which I have set for me these learning approaches are very essential for me to have. In higher education and experience of learning which I have had are very vast and not very classified by the teachers which were being used for us (Cepeda, 2018).

Team working tasks and problem solving tasks are very interesting and I pay attention in them very effectively. Attendance was okay for this learning style by Honey & Mumford since there is a good understanding of self and that can help an individual to understand better for the future as well.


Learning Theory Analysis

Learning Style theory

There is a lot of effective, psychosocial behaviour and cognitive indicators which are required so that there is going to be right working and performance. Tracking has to be present for the students so that there are achievements that the individuals as the teachers are going to have (Rodríguez Cepeda, 2018). Interactions have to be higher with the students and better clarity of working and understanding which is going to be present.

Experiential learning

Experiential learning style is very practical and this is also going to make sure that there is right understanding. Experimental is also a method which can be used by the businesses to make sure that the knowledge has grown. Experience is going to make the learning come into reality and this is going to make sure that there is good understanding that is present as well so that there is good learning cycle which is present.

Reflective practice

There has to be right reflection on the thinking process so that there is going to be better working and processing that is present. Reflection is going to make the others experience the same and makes sure that they can avoid or do the right in their situation (Triono, Harahap and Sihombing, 2020). Motivation of working or avoiding the wrong can be understood from the others which are going to make the working be better.

6 Types of attendees

6 types of attendees according to Dolnicar which is cited in Understanding student attendance by Mearman et.al, 2014 put focus that there is a great influence of the topic in the students but it is not just that. The learning methods and skills which are being put in by the teachers also have to be teaching according to the students.



Honey & Mumford’s is a very practical learning style which helped me in my GCSE education to make sure that there is good knowledge of English language. I have Open mindedness and tried different approaches to be able to make sure that there is a proper exchange. Visual learning, auditory learners, kinaesthetic learners and reading learners are types of learning. Right skills and knowledge is very important to make sure that there is going to be right learning that is present so that there is higher working and standards which are present (Ellis, 2020). There are a lot of benefits and risks which are involved in theories of learning but when used the right method then the individuals will be able to gain the maximum and that is the end result which is expected. The improvement in this can be made that the teachers have to make sure that they are aware of the styles which are present and knowledge has to be higher as well (Sreih, Lussier and Sonfield, 2019).


Weaknesses of Honey & Mumford are that there is a lot of application that is present so that there is required. Sufficient preparations have to be made so that there are good actions and working which is present in the company which is going to make sure that there is better working. Implementation of all the styles is not going to be practical but it is very essential to make sure that there is higher working. Styles are used to that there is a better exchange of knowledge and outcomes which can be expected so that there is higher working.


Word count: 750 words


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