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Overcoming Human Resource Issues in Major Airport Expansion Projects

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Question No. 2.

a) Issues regarding human resources:

Country X in Europe is considering expanding its airport, through which the country would maintain its position as a leading international hub. The project regarding the expansion of the airport will include different kinds of work, such as constructing a runway, taxiways, car parking, vehicle drop-off and pickup points, hotels, etc. It is believed that thousands of workers will need to be hired for construction purposes in the upcoming year. Contractor 1 of the project Management team introduced a plan regarding constructing car parking. It requires a large human resource (Boon et al, 2019). It is believed that the two main issues are a shortage of skills in the construction industry and managing a wide workforce.

(i) Shortage of Skills in the Construction Industry:

The introduced project is a mixed-use project for constructing various things such as car parking, hotels, pick-up points, etc so it needs skilled labour. The mixed-use project acquires a large number of skilled labourers, such as architects, engineers, planners, etc. As a matter of fact, there could be a shortage of construction labour in the country. It can lead to the delay of the project's recruitment of skilled labourers and also increase increase overall costs for availing resources. Overcoming these kinds of issues will involve developing a strong strategy through which the project would be able to control and plan according to the strategic plan. It also requires vocational training opportunities through which the laborers would train for developing skills in them (Amrutha and Geetha, 2020). Acquiring different kinds of skilled laborers in constructing different kinds of projects requires offering training opportunities among laborers. The Project needs to partner with educational institutions that can guide laborers and also attract new and young talents from institutions.

(ii) Managing a wide Workforce:

Another issue is managing a wide workforce. The project requires the construction of a car park, which needs a variety of laborers. According to the situation, there could be a shortage of labor in the same country. Therefore the laborers who are engaging in the construction work could be from another country. This will create a hindrance to communicating with the national language as they would not be able to understand the national language of the country. It also creates issues regarding collaborating effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct language training for communicating effectively. So it will not create any further issues in facing difficulty in understanding languages and also creates a bridge that will fill the language gaps.

(b) Issues manifested with the car park project:

The construction of a car park requires a large number of skilled laborers who will help in constructing the car parking efficiently and effectively. The issues can help in analyzing different kinds of problems and their solution for the project. The issues regarding the construction will help in analyzing the exact problems which are associated with the issues.

Firstly, the main issue is the shortage of skills in the construction industry. This will give an impact on finding the specific aspects of the mixed-use plan. This project requires conducting a training facility that will provide the laborers with enhanced required skills. It can create delays in the project for exporting the labor and enhancing skills in them. This project is mixed- a use project which requires various kinds of skilled labor to construct a wide car parking so a shortage of skilled laborers will impact in work-quality (Collins, 2021). Issues regarding Skilled-labors can create a problem in increasing the project cost. It requires hiring laborers from another country so they will need more money as a wage or another kind of allowances such as traveling or accommodation. Constructing car parking evolves with hiring different kinds of experts such as architects, planners, and skilled laborers so it is necessary to hire these people and to train them according to the job role. According to the project, it is constructing a wide range of sites such as hotels, residential areas, and also 50000 parking spaces. 50,000 parking spaces need a large number of skilled laborers which can lead the project to success.

Car- parking requires hiring a large number of laborers within the country and from another country also. So it will create a kind of issue regarding Managing a wide workforce. The project is so wide that it needs hundreds and thousands of people. This will create a hindrance in understanding the national language of the country and also creates a problem for cooperating with all laborers. In this diverse workforce, there could be language barriers in understanding the goal of the project and work procedure. This can lead to misunderstanding the procedures and also it can result in cost overrun (Boadu et al. 2021). Working on this kind of wide project, it is needed to train the overall laborers for understanding the national language of the country. It can lead to understanding and cooperating with the team. This project is about creating a team and delegating some of the work according to the job role and abilities of the workers. Not knowing the national language leads to difficulty in making teams which can impact the team's effectiveness. The members of the team are from different countries and cultures which can lead to a lack of team cohesion. Therefore, to handle this wide workforce, a training process has to be conducted to ensuring efficiency and also in create a team's unity.

This project needs to invest to conduct a training process for skilling the overall laborers according to the project and also to gain knowledge about the culture and language of the country. This will ensure that all workers have analyzed the project's goal and are able to cooperate with the working process (Newman et al. 2021). Construction projects are all dependent on labour. Skill labourers help in constructing the overall sites with ease. It ensures gaining knowledge about the job role and doing their role in a more effective and efficient manner. So the project needs to invest in the training process for the labourers, as it is the only thing that could help against creating hindrances for the project.

c) Analysis of the approach to address the issue faced in human resources management

clarification is that many ideas and obstacles are currently facing human resource management. Department, it is discussed that there are significant barriers to thoughts. According to the view of Wattanawongwan et al. (2022), the issue of skilled human resources in the construction field has selected for interpretation. Let's discuss how to overcome these conceptual obstacles.

1. The first approach adopted to remove this issue is a conversation with the team (communication skills)

Eliminate differences in interpretation:

The Contractor1 Ltd acknowledges the ability to ensure that it picks the right things that get attention. The interviewer is responsible for ensuring that the respondent is fluent in written and human language. Skilled Bear is a suitable referral program because the matching strategies are clear to all workers. Skills training are part of the preparation process for required workers. The use of natural and clear conversation acknowledges the ability to be emphasized. As per the opinion of Karasheva et al. (2021), the use of questionable conversations and dialects should be prevented. The administrative construction can be simple. The number of ranks is the best. Eligibility acknowledges the possibility of being an ideal level of control within the arrangement. The more natural the administrative building, the more direct the ideas will be. Managers acknowledge their ability to be able to plan their work.

Simply flow the project structure:

Avoid giving negative answers. Most of the answers are probably negative, but they deserve to be addressed. A helpful response will yield convincing insights between superiors and subordinates. Managers choose the right vehicle for ideas. Simple ideas should be communicated verbally, such as opposing or converging interactions. As per the viewpoint of Pei et al. (2022), the use of compound ideas encourages the ability to convey complex ideas. For ideas to work in an organization, managers must ensure that everything converges; their brand invites outsiders to avoid the exact channels of ideas. The skilled bear will not put much pressure on the waiters to achieve their goals.

Reduced and eliminated ground levels:

Roaring is the main obstacle to ideas that have to wane on the basis of the arrangement. Depending on the buzz header label and before removing this header

2. The second approach adopted to remove this issue is to provide effective training to the employee of the company.

Particular programs are a hopeful approach that can be replicated:

Industry programs are alliances between employers in harmful industries (Janssens and Martens, 2020), such as forced manufacturing, science, care, instruction, financial and trained workers, and arrangements. Social placements in the labors are programmed with efficiency. The existing evidence base predicts that these programs are indeed active in reaching out to participants to take on acceptable tasks in ultra-high tempo production subdivisions. However, the experience that these programs have existed on a large scale acknowledges the possibility of being in the right location with the large upfront costs required to start these programs.

Today's employees need an approach to more inexpensive and handy space for up skilling and re-skilling:

As per the view of Alhirtani, (2020), Contractor1 Ltd. directs support to help the ruling class appreciate their best alternatives in a uniformly changeful saving and robe supports to help bureaucracy flourish in preparation. Palpable-occasion methods and methods to monitor promptly changeful needs in the labor display to support the continuous adjustment of our instruction, preparation, utilization, and added support plans.

Need to more forceful procedure and action plan to determine the issue of the employee:

The Contractor1 Ltd. management provides a more effective action plan for their employee to reduce inefficacy (Morel and Charef, 2019). In the human resources management of the company need a proper research team in their team.

3. The third approach adopted to remove this issue is using the modern method of construction

Introducing the “Insulated curing formwork (ICF) method” in the team:

Along with the insulated curing formwork (ICF) method, construction workers use double-safety polystyrene panels as support for the building divider. Blank boards filled with factual information of explanatory quality are ready to use to ensure a strong and sturdy building. Some ICF plans to provide excellent accompaniment to both heat and sound while helping homes assert consistent warm split energy. New innovative methods of affecting the mattress are extremely dexterous and require less force to heat or cool the room inside. As the price of power rises on the planet, MMC offers tolerable power reactions that are inclusive for every creative project. As per the view of Ryabukha and Dronyuk, (2021), along with the insulated curing formwork (ICF) method, construction workers use double-layer polystyrene sheets as a construction deterrent. Blank boards filled with factual information of explanatory quality are ready to use to ensure a strong and sturdy building. Several ICF controls provide excellent cushioning for warmth and sound, and help homes maintain stable warm separation energy. Every building needs a reliable foundation, but putting together an established base of facts can be a comprehensive process. Accompanied by seasoned companies, the building elements are embodied in a specific capacity, thus being localized (Papi et al. 2021). This system mainly involves the use of stacks of data that are linked together to form a tightly coupled basic arrangement. The sturdy real-world facilities are ideal for extreme climates or risky additional constructions where speed and adaptability are important.

Improve Reality-Help Build with the construction worker:

By leveraging building news training (BIM) and wearable AR supplies, builders can study properly executed and completely accurate 3D renderings of specific buildings. This is extremely valuable for pre-build preparation beyond deciding on specific questions that need to be explained in a new build. Material opportunities and labor shortages can affect interpretation progress (Romanenko and Vodolazskaya, 2021). However, with a famous homebuilder relationship the potential of problems are usually not cause for concern. With the help of this approach contraction 1 Ltd. resolves the problem of employee skill issue in the construction sites, and management help with this approach in the team of human resources management in the company.


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