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Personal Development Plan And Reflective Narrative

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Introduction: Personal Development Plan And Reflective Narrative

A personal development plan refers to benefits that an individual surfaces to enact effectively in front of the society and to the business. This helps to react upon the skills and knowledge that an individual acquires and the way they can link it up to their career goals and will find the right way to achieve high success. Personal development plan boosts the confidence and purpose of an individual and supports the individual to enhance its mental being. This report will carry an PDP and reflect upon the PDP that has been discussed below for developing strength for professional opportunities.

“Personal development plan”


Activities to undertake



Job performances

I as being an independent individual are commenced to adapt more cultural experience in any type of company

To be direct while understanding and passing feedback to my colleagues

I have acknowledged that I need to grab company programs that will help me to know the performance that a job requires

To be able to communicate with colleagues that working in the business for past 5years


Increase adapting skills

I have to go through online courses that will lead me to know about digital marketing and other resources that has an high impact upon the industry demands

I have to take seminars that will be initiated by industry professionals for the skills that are trending and will outsource traditional operations in the future


Inheriting leadership skills and teamwork

I have to be trained through the giant owners that are existing in the market for decades and acquiring a efficient base of employees and teams

I will have to additional get on to the events raised by the startups that are hiring freshers to know the way different types of jobs operates in the market

To be able to take more knowledge from the employees that are well appreciated and have worked on variety of job profiles and in organisational culture


Critical thinking skills

I have to incorporate more suggestions that are convenient and reluctant to the knowledge I need to set a trend in the market

I will be pampered by the groups that works in pressure where companies need an individual with strong critical thinking skills

I will have to take support from my colleagues and professionals that present company overview to the customer in the industry

Business program will be an additional support or resource for me being an digital brand


Decision making skills 

As I need to adapt such skills to develop higher integrity to achieve my highest level of performance in my personal and professional work. This could be in my future culture directing all the workers within the right track with exhibiting perfect decisions.

Industry leader feedbacks and reports will help me function stronger duty in the culture. As information and knowledge would help to grow as an discipline and an mature individual to work for specific cause or targeted aim.


Listening skills 

As this skill has been an gap to me, therefore I need to acquire such skills which will help to understand tough circumstances and situations that can trigger stress and depression. This skill is an advantage to me. 

These skills will be retained through understanding diverse perspectives in relation to culture or workspace.


Delegation skill 

This skill has been a key factor for the company existing in the busiest world or in the corporate world. As I am always front to accept risks and taking responsibilities to assure that others also take risks will be strength for me to lead. It will enhance the power to rule and direct an entire large workforce to a successive height.

I will be attaining such skill through leveraging responsibilities within my presentation of a project or to act within my future business or job. It will help me to provide an support to the colleagues to commit their best and improve their fluency 


Table No.1: (Personal Development Plan)

“Reflective narration of the PDP plan”

I have been committing well in my work structure and this has been one of my strengths to prosper success in the future. But to acquire success, there requires a source so I have developed or initiated four objectives for professional growth and to make myself a digital brand. The first thing that I carry forward is to improve or acquire knowledge about Job performance. As most of the companies require candidates that can handle high consequences that are running the company out of benefits, in such time I will be ankle to help the company to reinvent or re from its existing strategy to grow forwards and capture survival strength in the industry. Skills and knowledge are a must but gathered information about job performance will help me to work briefly on the culture of any target organisation and to also help to establish my personal business in course to employee performances, team performances, cultural work and intensity (Yu et al., 2020). I wanted to establish my personal business ahead in the future that will require proper management and superiority and have to be well coordinated to success in the market. So this objective will scale my knowledge according to the type of business that I want to establish in the market and to adapt changes in the culture. This objective will require a time period of about 3months.

The next objective that I want to reflect upon is to increase my existing skills gap, as the majority of times giant companies hire employees based on the skills they have and the way they executed it in the past (Lejeune et al., 2021). So I targeted this objective for digital branding, as skills such as digital marketing can be very helpful for my future business, as this has the capacity to increase the existing revenue and the market share with high exposure to the customers relieving from different parts of the world. To be a digital brand first I had to know the options that are in my hand and can serve me efficiency and convenience. Digital transformation in the industry means establishing a different identity at all and creating a set mark for the new entrants or existing ones (Shaheen and Hameed, 2020). I want my business or job to be well known and highly recognised by the customers or clients from all over the world. This should be trained up by the marketing professional in the industry and by the high growing experts of the market. This will require an average period of 6months. The next thing that I have taken as an objective is to reflect upon taking leadership and teamwork skills, as this is one of the skills that I need to learn and to reflect upon the operations that companies exhibit in the market or for the customers. Leadership and teamwork skills will help me to manage employees in the most complex situations and make them work under pressure so they can avoid delaying any projects of the company or in relation to my future businesses.

Teamwork skills will help me to succeed in compact team building that works in consideration to the expectation that customers demand from the company. Customer forecasting is an essential and would be a key part for building a brand that reflects through my name and company operations. This further will be gathered through business events, programs and through the industrial experts and professionals (Langan et al., 2019).The time frame that I need to take to make this objective successful is about 4months. I have settled on an objective that is the fourth objective that I need to enact in order to enhance critical thinking skills. Critical thinking skills are a necessity that will help me to act upon the roots of the causes that my company will face or I will be facing in the future. These skills will take me to the heights and will be a major part of digital branding and professional development and growth.


This report discusses a personal development plan which reflects the skills and knowledge one has adapted or have, to enhance for great career development and high goal building. This has been discussed upon personal motive and is well recognised for future development. This report further has an overview or narrative of the PDP plan through the needs to be developed and to be executed in making a digital brand. 


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