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Improving HR Practices for Josita Farm Case Study

Introduction: Improving HR Practices for Josita Farm Case Study

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Management of human resources, The HRM department of a company is in charge of managing employee recruitment, training, and firing. HRM constantly oversees the application of best practices and places a heavy emphasis on how employees participate in the management of the company (Dundon and Rafferty, 2018). Selection is the method of choosing the top candidates for open positions. Recruiting is thought to be a simple procedure when as many candidates as feasible are invited for the available positions.

This consultancy report was made for the case company Josita Farm. The Josita farm is a company foundation in Enfield, UK. The business started its operation in 2019 and it is a family-run company that begins with 4 members with two farmlands. The company cultivates and sells fresh food produced by an online ordering platform. The company experienced a rapid during the time of the pandemic, in the year 2020 the company tripled its order rate. The company has expanded its business and with the expansion, the number of employees is also increasing. The number of staff increased immediately and it has impacted the productivity of the employees as well as the company as a whole.

Theories and concepts related to the learning of human behavior in the place of work 

Organizational behavioral hypothesis examine how humans communicate with one another and the association as a complete in the definite planet. The human behavior in the organization is highly important it have been dedicated to improve job pleasure, job overall fulfillment, modernism, and management. Every one offer a set of recommended events, such as streamlining group, changing reimbursement tactics, or switching how success is evaluated (Ajzen, 2020). It also help out companionship in putting that in sequence into carry out and instruct them on how to continue in arrange to boost efficiency, motivate staff, and add to revenues. The most popular theory up to this position includes:

Theory of Scientific Management

Frederick Winslow given research in 1909 in which scientist uttered his judgment that employee needs motivation to position in their most excellent endeavor was ineffective for efficiency improvement and utilize the human resource at optimum level. According to the Strategic Management Theory, director and personnel must work collaboratively and large tasks should be broken down into smaller, additional convenient parts (Hutchison, 2018). Taylor gives major  four  suggestion to the managers of the company which include assigning human resources to jobs in agreement with their single skills and monitor employee presentation in organize to make available criticism to specific workers concerning how to employment as effectively as potential (Waring, 2016). The Sociological Aspects of Management, Such As Views, Attitudes, bias, And Expectations were largely ignored by this Theory, which attracted a great deal of criticism

Human RelationsManagement Theory

The burden of the person as well as the proceedings that arise for both persons and collections are the major topic of the human relations theory. To control group, an interpersonal approach is requisite. It means that both informal and formal components make up an organization. This Human Relations Theory was shaped by psychologist Elton Mayo. Mayo thought that people are complicated creatures with particular expectations and requirements (Merkle, 2022). Work motivation and behavior at work are influenced by a variety of factors. Organizations must concentrate on meeting social and psychological needs. It is become widely acknowledged that community work at large amount further professionally when their activities and abilities were suitably rewarded, and it was also made apparent that strong team dynamics were similarly essential for preserving company spirit (Cummings et.al. 2016).

X & YManagement Theory

The X and Y theory of management develop by a management professor named Douglas McGregor. The professor present that every management can divide its employees into two categories, these two categories are X and Y it was given in his theory. The X category people are needed to be supervising and they have very low ambition to work. This group employee always tries to avoid take responsibility and accountability. On the other hand category Y people are very enthuastic and self disciplined. It believes that workers are intrinsically enthusiastic to work and does not need supervision (Ahmad, 2015). They consider that it is vital to assist workers to flourish by contribution to their development and provide more opportunities with a sense trust on them to get on with some tasks independently. Very few companies using X theory given by Douglas McGregor, Theory X gives confidence to perform tight control as well as supervision. It entail that workers are reluctant to managerial changes. 

X and Y theory of management

Figure 1 X and Y theory of management

Organizational behavior theories explaining the way that people behave and interact at work

Although the above-mentioned ideas of organizational behavior theories were first presented a couple of decades ago, these are still quite applicable to the business world. While operational at work, technologies and methods have altered; the typical workers academic preferences as well as ambition are not changed (Thunnissen, 2016).

McGregor was quick to stress, for example, that generated friendly work atmosphere where employees as well as managers work together alongside one another is a wonderful method for boosting enthusiasm and eventually improving a company's productivity. 

All the above-stated theories of organizational behavior should be implemented by human managers for improving the behavior of the people and their interaction at the work (Barrena-Martínez et. Al. 2019). The human relation theory impacts behavior and interaction in the following ways: 

Treat workforce with respect as persons:  As all intuitively understand, an important percentage of employees' inspiration initiate from individual level. The characteristic of personality, experience, skills, location, beliefs, habits, and other elements of each person influence their motivation.

Promote healthy team dynamics along with connections: Since public interrelate with one an additional and have social necessities at work, team dynamics must also be a component in motivating workers.

Following are the impact of theories X and Y on people's behavior and interaction 

Theory X is used where the strict control is required, where employees are not competent enough to perform work on their own (Hamza et.al. 2021). Methods suggested in Theory Y are used by many businesses. According to Theory Y, management should promote a workplace atmosphere where staff has the probability to use creative thinking and initiate the work. More opportunity should be given to the staff, so they can show their capabilities which add to the achievement of the business in the global market.

In an organization, Theory Y encourages delegation of authority and responsibility with division of decision-making it also promotes collaboration between individual and focuses teamwork in work culture of the organization. Theorem Y discovers and uncovers the possibilities for an employee to considerably add to a business. It support as well as balances company goals and requirements with the goals and requirements of something like the personnel.

Today, this is still quite true. Offering its employees a nice working atmosphere and numerous opportunities for personal growth will help Josita Farm ensure that its staff is driven to achieve in the tough marketplace.

The role of HRM in managing the employment relationship through policy and practice

HR's function in labor relations is to advise employees on workplace issues or to provide training so that they are prepared to deal with similar situations in the future. This can also involve legal advice in instances where an employee's union has expressed concerns, or about statutory obligations or pre-employment training programs. An HR professional must be adapt at handling difficult situations, have great writing abilities, and thrive at spoken and written communication. 

When a person's job is terminated, HR is also highly involved. It is frequently responsible for having the necessary dialogue with the worker on issues about their dismissal and also how their Josita Farm will be handled.  When an employee is laid off, HR is responsible for gathering, arranging, and documenting all the relevant data so that the person can claim unemployment payments with the state legislature as soon as possible.

The HR has the following role in managing relationships in the organization

Interpersonal Skills

To restore damaged relationships between workers and their employers, effective communication is both an art and a science. This serves as the foundation for every act a manager does to generate and supervise human associations inside an organization. Knowing the psychologies, demands, and opportunity of a multicultural workplace requires an immense deal of appointment and attempt. It is the initial pace to begin a positive relationship and affecting ahead. It supports management in promoting a relaxing environment in the company.

Conflict Management

Managers can address problems with employee relations more quickly and successfully by learning managing conflict techniques. It may be quite helpful to hear both viewpoints peacefully moreover arrive at a conclusion that satisfies both the parties (Van Esch et.al. 2019). Disagreement may cultivate or carry on eternally as a result of this. To permanently end employee disagreements, management needs to demonstrate clear communication, a desire to uncover the truth, and the capacity to make wise decisions.

Perform Team Building Activities

There are countless advantages to team polymeric training. It enhances employee collaboration and improves their capacity to make decisions and solve problems (Al Mamun et.al. 2017).

Provide employees with Communication utensils

Employees need to communicate with each another for building relationship and continuing them in the future. Conflicts may arise as a consequence of assumptions bring on by a not having proper interaction. It is necessary to be constantly linked in the new era of innovation and technology. Smooth flow of communication is very significant for the accomplishment and growth of the organization.

Current Selection and recruitment process

Josita farm has a very simple and two-step recruitment selection process. The first step is candidate sends their CV after seeing the online advertisement, the CV is emailed by the candidate on the official website of the company. Then the case company screen the application received with the CV of the candidate. The candidates who are selected for the next step are informed about the online interview, this online interview lasts for approximately 20 mins. The interview is conducted to check the suitability of the candidate and the skills required to perform the job. The interview is conducted in the form of an online video interview, and the candidate who passes this stage is selected for the vacant job in the Josita Farm. The candidate has to submit evidence that they are not infected with the coronavirus. When a candidate joins the company, on the very first day a explore of the case company farm is given furthermore duty  to assign side by side to the accessible staff prior to being given individual responsibility (Deery and Jago, 2015). This complete procedure is completed in two weeks following that the individual work is assigned to the selected candidate.

Problems in the selection and retaining of employees

The case company should use a longer selection process to check the competence level of the employee. The main issue in the selection and recruitment process is, it is not adequate to check the ability and capacity of the candidate to perform on the farm. Another issue detected at Josita farm is the lack of training and development facilities, the employee's performance is heavily influenced by the training and development.  Operational productivity is also influenced by training and development, poor operational productivity is the biggest issue faced by Josita Farm. another main issue is employees are not motivated, the company should focus on motivating people to perform effectively and efficiently.  Human resource management of the company needs to address all these issues other the company will face fall in near future. 


For selection and recruitment, the company needs to use more selection methods in the process of selection. The company can invite the candidate for a physical interview to check the ability and skills required. Some practical tests can also be introduced to check the existing knowledge of the candidate related to the cultivation of food on farms.

To address low productivity issues the company should spotlight on the preparation and expansion of the candidates. For training and development, the HR manager should use the job training method to cultivate skills in the selected candidate. Throughout training, staff can learn novel ability; clean who already have, achieve much superior, improve efficiency, and turn into better influential (Deery and Jago, 2015). The company is supposed to make every attempt to make sure that persons achieve at their maximum levels whereas a firm is an aggregate of what every worker achieves on a person level.

An additional major factor of low operational efficiency is employees are not motivated. Each employee has a special character that is imitated in their inspiration, which enables employees to achieve crucial objectives like improved presentation, improved wellness, and individual development. The capacity to manipulate employee ideas, attitudes, and behaviors is proficient by the help of motivation.  To motivate employees, the company can give money as a well non monetary reward to its employees on basis of their performance. Financial incentives are used to financially commend employees for doing a great job. Profit sharing, project additional benefit, supply options, scheduled bonuses (like  festival and other achievement), along with increased rewarded vacation time are a few illustration of financial incentives. These have traditionally assisted with preserving a motivating work atmosphere for coworkers. Non-monetary incentives are provided to workers for performing a immense job by given that them with opportunities. 

The company also needs to develop control measures for the performance of individuals and overall performance as a team. The company should set a target for every employee and make them accountable for quality performance. The HR manager also needs to coordinate with other departments and focus on the completion of an order on time with quality. 


The report concluded that HR management is very crucial in any organization. The organizational various employees directly impact the performance of the whole organization. The report concluded that Studies in the ground of organizational behavior have been dedicated to enhancing job pleasure; job overall approval, modernism, and leadership.  All the organizational theories offer a set of optional actions, such as reorganization groups, altering reimbursement plans, or switch how success is evaluated. the report also summarized that the case company josita farm needs to improve its selection and recruitment process.

The report also highlighted that to verify that an applicant has the necessary skills and abilities, the employer may invite them for a physical interview. To assess the candidate's current knowledge of agricultural production, several practical tests may also be added. The organization should concentrate on training and candidate development to address the poor productivity issue. The Human resource should employ the on-the-job training method for learning and growth to develop the chosen candidate's skills. Each employee has a unique personality that comes through in their motivations, which helps them accomplish important goals like improved presentation, better health, individual growth, or a intellect of purpose. Motivation allows us to have an impact on our beliefs, attitudes, and actions. 


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