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Personal & Professional Development Assignment

Introduction: Personal & Professional Development

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Task 1


This paper will keep proper focus on the career goals and paths that are directly related to the future outcomes of my life. This paper will provide a clear view because of career path choices and future decisions which is going to be taken in the near future. This paper will include the future of the choice of marketing as a carrier option.  The strength and important points of a marketing career will be briefly discussed in this paper.  Not only the strengths but it will also include the level or number of challenges that I am going to face within a certain period of time when I will be pursuing my career in this path.

Describe a given professional field

 It is necessary to choose marketing as a career in my future life and I will train myself to be a successful marketing expert in the near future.  I have chosen marketing as a career path because it is an open career option that has endless demand in the market and all the operations which are done in the market marketing is the most important thing in all that. All the operations, which are related with the marketing are directly connected with marketing goals all opportunities are visible because the marketing experts are connected with the market more closely. Marketing places the main rule behind the growth and development of any organization as well as the holy economy, the demand for shipping and the creation of revenue at the most important chapter of this profession (Spanjaard and Stegemann, 2018, p.6). 

A marketing career can be a fantastic and properly ambitious profession for people who are choosing creative ways with more challenging and adventurous situations in the near future.  New innovative and creative ways of survival can be implemented anytime for better results and it can be different from the previous one every time.  This is the reason this field is considered as the most dynamic field present in the whole world which has the power to change the shape of the world economy. If the ways are proper and the thoughts are creative then a small change in the marketing decisions can make huge differences in the real market outcomes.

Discuss And Analyze The Career Paths

I want to be the Chief marketing manager in any multinational company.  There are lots of career options in marketing and all the options are important this week because all the positions in marketing are interconnected and directly affect the demand level or sales level. The positions like marketing research director, director of email marketing, product marketing manager, demand generation manager, and brand marketing manager are also available to be chosen as a career but I am choosing chief marketing manager because it is that it is the main link between All the above mentioned positions (Daley, 2022, p.5). The chief marketing manager plays a huge role in the sustainability of the company for which he or she walks as the total revenue generation of the demand creation of the product of the company is largely dependent on the decision makings of the chief marketing manager. Chief marketing manager is the post or this is a person who takes the major decisions on the marketing of any company which is implemented in the policies (Hadwiger, 2020, p.2). The policies on marketing at the most important part nowadays because the policy premiums can have estimation on the future demand generations and it can assume the market structure in the near future.

Illustration of career path

Carrier In Marketing

Figure 1: Carrier In Marketing

The above mentioned graphical presentation is showing different points or positions of marketing standards and shows the profiles of marketing jobs. The graphical presentation is showing the fact that what we want must come from the minimum position as marketing research. Performance and thinking capacity decision-making power can improve the level of his or her profile within a certain period of time.

Identification of strengths and linking them with possible career paths

Some of the strengths of the good string can be improved in the profession of marketing and which can be more beneficial in the future for any kind of personality development or to handle any kind of pressure situation in real life.

Communication development

Communication development is the most important factor which is used in this profession as most of the marketing operations' success is directly connected with the communication of the both parties (Zabojnik, 2018, p.9).  This is the reason it is more important to get good communication skills and to deal with problems efficiently.

Attention on detail

Attention to the details and according to the observed part the decision makings please fb photo please huge role in the market and this is the best Instinct of any kind of marketing expert.


Leadership is the main role which needs to be improved for all marketing operations as proper decision makings are directly related to leadership opportunities. It can be said that marketing lead employers and needed to be a very good leader to get better results for the organization


The adaptively with the market is the most important feature and strength for any marketing expert and it can be used to make a good connection between the Sailor and the buyer and it can be given proper direction to get better survival in the long run.

Identify possible challenges and discuss how to overcome them with strengths

New customers

The introduction of a new customer or the inclusion of a new customer always create challenges in the market because these are the persons who are not well informed or well known about the product so it can create huge confusion or lack of confusion between the sellers and buyers. This is the most important challenge for any marketing expert and the mitigation process is a hurdle.

Budget analysis

The constraint of the budget analysis with the allocation of resources is the main issue for any marketing expert as the budget of the resource is unlimited so the marketing expert cannot make any huge decision without the budget calculations. It is considered as the most important constraint or challenge in the market.

Brand expansion 

The time of expansion of a brand is considered as the most important challenge for any International pronounce organization and the market value of this company can face new competitors in the global market (Zabojnik, 2018).  It can be considered as a healthy challenge because the mitigation of this challenge can help the company to grow at a proper level.


A detailed analysis of the professional interest in marketing has been done in this context. Evaluation of market challenges is also done in this context. Main focus of this context is to determine the challenges faced by new customers due to lack of proper marketing.

Task 2

Communication Skills: Verbal And Written

An effective conversation does not mean just the ideas delivery that the others can follow. It is an art of aptitude and good listening. It is said by many that people might not hear your words but will definitely feel your attitude. As per my realization, in place of working people prefer meaningful conversation rather than useless conversation. As opined by Back, Tulsky, et al. (2020, p.75), the conversation can be done in two ways either by writing or verbally. If the conversation is done in a written process it should be following a proper format. In the same way, if the conversation is done by me on a verbal basis then also it should be done in a polite and professional way, not in the way people do with their friends and family. Communication demonstrates a critical understanding of the concept of personal development as well as reflective learning. In the field of marketing, the prime thing is communication as marketing experts need to have the best communication skill as their job is done on a communication basis. As their main job is pitching and that should be done in a very professional way. As discussed by Martin, Javalgi, et al. (2020, P. 26), if one marketing person wants to be an expert in their field then they need to learn and become an expert in communication skills. Writing communication is something that one should know properly if one wants to be a communication expert. It has a proper format and way to write. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) requires proper communication skills.           

Research Skills

All the employees of any firm value research skills as they provide help to the firm in developing new ideas as well as products and services. As per my realization, it even helps in identifying the needs and wants of the consumer, improving their working, and even keeping up with the changes that are occurring in the industry. Thesis even helps in the industry and even helps the firms in competing with their competitors. As opined by Gartanti, Triwardhani et al. (2020, P. 14), this even helps in continuing professional development by appeasing the relevance of personal development to the role of the managers for their own as well as others' development. It helps in searching the information for the professionals that can be used to develop their skills and move forward. Continuing the professionals' development to acquire research skills as that helps the professionals to find the answer to the questions as in which part they need to to develop their skills. Undertaking research skills helps in providing several valuable skills that the future employers will be looking for the inclusion of the expert technical as well as the creative skills, communication, project management and critical thinking. As discussed by Abbo, (2021, P. 32) , professionals definitely should Adopt the proper research skills that will help them in developing their mindset and grow in future because developing their mindset. Research skill for mixed research skill to mix the professionals to pursue their interest to learn something new to overcome their problem-solving skills and will even help them to challenge themselves to grow in various aspects.              

The Use Of ICTs

Information technology has been changing the way the world operates and considering its importance in personal development, it can be said that the use of informational technology has been to a great extent where different technologies are implemented by individuals to develop their interpersonal skills. There are various areas in which an individual can grow their skills such as there are various productivity apps that can be used. One such app is a time tracking app which can be used to improve the work habits of an individual which can help in becoming more productive. As opined by Iskandar and Mahmudi (2019, p.5), Information technology helps in managing their professional development effectively and apply new acquired skills to build a strong and technological future. ITs helps the professional to build as well as grow the commerce & business sectors to generate maximum output. The time consumed by various sectors to generate business is now reduced with the advancement in the sector of IT. IT helps me in providing electronic security efficient communication as well as storage. It helps the professionals to develop networking among the different people; it even helps the professionals in getting organized [Refer to Appendix 3]. Digital transformation is one of the prime driving forces behind the long term growth of the firm as well as the professionals to achieve success in the modern word. This will happen because the technology helps in expediting the various processes, easily manages remote working and automates various operations. Professionals should learn IT in order to cope up with the changing time.

Time and Self Management

One of the prime problems that many professionals face in nowaday is is setting aside time in order to analyze the business operations, develop a plan as well as perform for growth and improvement. CPD requires time management as it is said that time management is self management. So if the professionals learn to manage time they will easily learn by themselves. It is advised to professionals to learn time management as management of time is the prime thing that the professionals need to bring in themselves in order to get success in their lives. As opined by Iskandar and Mahmudi, (2019, P. 14), self management is as important as time management as time management because doing work on time is what everybody learns from childhood and if one is able to do their work on time then only they can learn to manage themselves. Self-development means investing time on oneself and learning various things which will help in growing and gaining the projected goals. Time and self-management assesses the development and even identifies the resources and even the opportunities to address them. Self-development demands hard work and also time investment (Roubal, 2019, p.1).

Problem-Solving Skills 

Professionals should know the problem-solving skills in order to move forward in life and in profession as well. CPM should develop this skill in themselves in order to achieve the marked goals and to overcome the hurdles that are there in the way to reach the goals. As opined by Gregorio, Maggioni et al. (2019, p. 12), problem solving skills professional is necessary as it provides help to the firm and even its employees in succeeding. Managers have the ability to overcome the obstacles that can efficiently increase the productivity of the firm.  It even helps in improving the job satisfaction of the professional’s team and will even help in encouraging the creativity inside the department. Whenever any professional or group of professionals perform  well the benefit does not just happen to the firm but to everyone and to the professionals as well. Problem-solving skills help the professional in developing their own approach to reflective learning and continuing the professional development. Problem-solving skills help the professionals in even developing the leadership skills. As said by Trinanda and Sari, (2019, p. 47), professionals should work on their skills of solving the issues as this will help them in every organization to reach their target and even  will provide them the motivation to work with more dedication.

  • Teamwork and networking

Teamwork and networking is the most important part of any organization's level of outcome and the production procedure is directly connected with the teamwork and efforts from the team. Proper teamwork with the proper network connection can improve the production level of any company to a sufficient level and it is the most important reason for any company to get proper teamwork with efficient decision-making capacities. It can be done through proper exchange of information among the group or institutions it can meet the translator's needs and which can develop the path of sustainability in the long run. Property work is needed for any kind of development; it can implement proper discipline in a walking culture where the team members can encourage each other for better work in the future. The proper network between the team members can always provide an optimum result and feasible outcome between the employees. It is the most important thing, which can uplift the level of walking capacity, and efficient results can be obtained from this procedure.


The paper has included the factors which are related to better outcomes and future essential for better session ability paper has described the research scheme the use of ICTS  and with the team working and management works the problem of solving skills are also mentioned in this paper. self management is as important as time management as time management because doing work on time is what everybody learns from childhood and if one is able to do their work on time then only they can learn to manage themselves. Self development means investing time on oneself and learning various things which will help in growing and gaining the projected goals. This paper has given a brief on the communication skills and verbal matters which are related with the writing capacity. 


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