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Personality Ability And Individual Differences

Introduction - Personality Ability And Individual Differences

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Introduction to personality testing

The popularity of personality testing and self-reports

Personality tests play a significant role in showing individual strengths that enable professionals in determining where their talents are best served. Over the years, an innumerable amount of personality tests has come into popularity. The personality testing industry is worth $ 2 million, and it is everywhere around the world (Wolfers et al. 2020). Personality tests have become very popular in this modern time as it helps to improve teamwork, productivity and communication in a workplace. In the market of the UK, about 2,500 personality tests continuously help in improving productivity. In the UK 13% of employees, use personality tests for seeing the article entitled, for getting valid information, and many more. These are the reasons for the popularity of personality testing.

Reliability and validity of tests

Organisations and consultants view personality tests with many inspections. Commercially oriented personality tests now undergo diligent validation and reliability testing that enhances to prove their accuracy and precaution too. Validity is a measure of tests that shows how good an assessment measures a personality trait within an organisation (Jensen, 2018). A valid test always ensures that the results are an accurate deliberation of the dimension undergoing measurement. Personality tests are not always reliable for an organization. They are an exclusive tool to enhance hiring decisions and ensure whether the right people are hired into the right place or not (Chen & Antonelli, 2020). Providing insights by them can help in better understanding of an individual and others as well as leading to a better and more productive work environment.

Validity of the theoretical assumptions behind the tests

Personality tests refer to a tool, which provides a concept for assessing the human personality. It also measures various characteristics designed in measuring the characteristics and patterns of traits, which people exhibit across different situations. As the tests are not that reliable, there are some theoretical assumptions as well. At the same time, the evidence-related personality tests are highly accurate when it is implemented in an appropriate approach (Van der Donk, 2019). Mainly, personality tests are used for high-level research and placement of jobs in observing the personality of humans but more often for personal entertainment. There are some personality tests like The Big five Personality Test that are scientifically proven that they do not have any theoretical assumptions. In contrast, some of the personality tests have some theoretical assumptions in measuring real concepts.

Participant’s behaviour during testing

Personality is characterised in terms of traits, which are corresponding to enduring characteristics, which influence participants' behaviour across all difficult situations. During testing, there are some traits as well that distract participants regarding socially desirable respondents as well as acquiescence. During testing, social desirability refers to a tendency in giving positive self-descriptions (Matthews et al. 2018). In other words, participants always tend to answer in a way that makes them look good in the eyes of others, regardless of others' accuracy. As an example, most people deny that they drive after drinking alcohol as it reflects poorly on them and others would most likely not accept this.

Applicability of the tests outside the WEIRD

The main aim of personality tests is to produce systematic knowledge about the real world. It is very important to understand the real world and without high external validity, they cannot process results in their relevant field (Rouault et al. 2018). During the personality test, they found that people from Western, Educated, Industrialised, rich and Democratic societies represent as much as 80% of the study participants, but only 12% of the world population.

Personality change vs. stability

During the personality test personality, stability is the result of the interplay between the individual and their environment. This way, understanding stability is very important for the assessment of personality change over time (Chen et al. 2018). An adequate efficient use of time intervals is required in accurately capturing systematic changes or traits development.

Brief introduction to the specific test you will evaluate later

What is DISC testing?

DISC is a personal assessment tool that is based on the categories Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and compliance. More than one million people use this test each year and this testing helps in improving communication, productivity and teamwork in the workplace. The DISC model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and then use this knowledge in reducing conflicts and that help to enhance the workplace better.

How was it developed?


Coming from the field of psychology, personality tests are used to better understand character traits in a variety of settings. Nowadays, it is common to encounter a personality test at the time of searching for a job. Employees often use various personality tests in understanding character traits of their employees. Many researchers and job placement groups in the UK use the DISC testing system. Walter V. Clarke, who was an industrial psychologist, first created this tool in the 1950’s. Using this tool a series of adjectives were chosen by all the applicants that best described themselves.

How is the test conducted?

A DISC assessment is a behaviour assessment tool that helps people to improve workplace teamwork by growing the leadership style. DISC measures dimensions of the personality and does not measure mental health, aptitude, intelligence, values. DISC profiles describe behaviour of humans in various difficult situations that includes how they respond to challenges, preferred pace, and respond to rules as well as procedures.

Evaluation of the test based on your experiences as a participant


Disc personality test is the main discussing parameter in this part. This part delivers the test reflection attributes by aligning those through relevant theories. A brief introduction of this test counts four characteristics of dominance, influence, steadiness and compliance. This test is a personal assessment test that has one million viewers every year. This test provides valuable information on personality measurement to the organisation that will help to grow teamwork, productivity and communication parameters. This part aims to deliver an overall discussion of the Disc personality test and wants to elaborate on self-experience while completing the entire test.


I completed the Disc personality test and gained an experience about my personality. After completing the entire test, I got a result of the above-mentioned four characteristics of this test and got a pie chart. The pie chart of this test result section shows four segmented characteristics aligning with percentage marking. Out of those four characteristics of the pie chart, 38% is influence, 33% is dominance, 21% is steadiness and 9% is compliance characteristic (Utami, Hartanto & Raharjo, 2021). I understand a lot of knowledge by experiencing this test as this test delivers a complete package of the personality factors. In addition, this personality test does not count the intelligence, health, values and aptitude characteristics (Remann & Nordin, 2021). Personality test has support from various relevant theories that delivers ideas of personality assessment and lack of behaviour in a human.

Trait perspective theory is an important theory that delivers the idea of personality guidelines as this aligns the individual personality and measures the number of faults in a human personality. Therefore, a human can understand the strength and weaknesses of their character and will be able to make corrections to their fault to strengthen their personality. Trait theory segmented the entire traits into three categories such as cardinal traits, secondary traits and central traits (Communicationtheory.org, 2022). These all segmented categories have five models such as openness, agreeableness, extroversion, conscientiousness and neuroticism. These five models will help one to understand individual character details and the person can re-correct the deficiency part of their characters (Piedboeuf, Langlais & Bourg, 2019). In addition, a personality test will deliver a probable result of someone's character, but this test cannot declare the ultimate result.

I faced challenges while doing this test as some parts of this test created pressurise on me as I engaged in thinking so much about some statements. The overall test asked me a wide collection of open-ended questions that asked me to answer only in agree or disagree options. I faced issues with some statements, as I did not conclude as agree or disagree as I was in a neutral position on those statements (Christy, 2018). Therefore, I was compelled to agree or disagree with that statement to complete my personality test.

I wish to share the positive side of this test as this test shares a lot of positive information. Starting from initial statements, I gained the experience of remembering some ancient memories while recognising those statements to give feedback on those statements. In addition, I had a cheerful moment while completing the feedback part of some funny statements that gave me a remembrance of experiences in my career (Aini, 2021). This test provides probable statements about personality as this test includes various general statements about a human career. Therefore, the critical evaluation of important factors gets missing from this test and this will deliver an incomplete scenario of this test. Another important theory of Behavioral theory will insist one consider the needed behavior that will be sustainable for the entire society. This theory includes the focusing sides of important ideas on behaviour and this behaviour part needs to align through environmental interaction. This theory has four varieties that will disclose the four models such as health, reasoned action, utility and self-efficacy model. In addition, this theory includes the helping parameters of self-realization of behavioural factors and insists the person consider a suitable behavior that will help the society to build a smooth relationship with the entire community of the society.

The above-mentioned theories deliver the supporting parameters to build suitable and sustainable characteristics in society. This has great importance for students as this theory directs a student to show up polite characteristics in the education sector and directs the student to show good behaviour with friends and hierarchy and the entire society. Humanistic theory is another important theory that aligns humans should focus on their thoughts to develop their human beings and suggest not focusing on the achieving part of supernatural activity (Somatdie, Widyarto & Widiantoro, 2019). This theory helps a person to judge individuals' thoughts and suggests marking their humanity by measuring it through their wellness towards society. This psychological measurement insists one to self-realisation about their nature and provides an idea to correct their faults to make good human beings and to have value in the entire society.

I faced an interdependence scale issue as this test showed me a result by giving four characteristics of influence, steadiness, dominance and compliance and these are all four interconnected with each other. However, this is not fully connected but the entire image of all characteristics provides the same information about personality (Cernian, Vasile & Sacala, 2021). Therefore, I did not get separation in personality parameters to make corrections and this delivered a lack in the result section.


Disc personality test delivers suitable ideas of different characteristics of personalities and helps people to make a judgment on their prospects. I gained experience through this test as I got a result for four different characteristics. In addition, I wish to make participate again in this test as I have had a good experience throughout the entire test. However, I want to suggest the upgrade of this test section as I want to get more availability in the test statement part and want to have comparison factors in this test. This comparison part needs to compare one's personality with suitable personality measurements that will help enhance the people's personality in future. Therefore, this test has a good performance to enhance anyone's personality and this will help to make a good and polite society.

Brief Conclusion

In the past years, an innumerable amount of personality tests has come into popularity. Personality tests refer to a tool, which provides a concept in assessing the human personality. As personality, tests help in improving teamwork, increasing productivity and communication in a workplace. It is concluded that understanding stability is very necessary for the assessment of personality change over a particular time. There are various personality tools used in various industries in assessing the human personality and this part included one of them and that6 is DISC model theory. All the details of the DISC personality test, their development and methods of testing in a workplace are provided. Overall study shows that personality tests are very important for managing a team and understanding an individual.



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