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Self-Development for Successful Team Management

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Introduction - Strategies for Assessing Skills and Achieving Goals Through Self-Development

Self-development can be termed as a lifelong procedure and considered a way of assessing own skills along with the management of qualities for achieving set goals in life. The essay includes a discussion of the theories and approaches along with some strategies for managing the different individuals, teams as well as remote teams for successful activities. This provides details about the different teams and their activities for achieving success. Further, it also covers the tools and techniques for assessing and developing the current as well as future capabilities of the various teams (Qu, and et.al., 2021). The study helps discuss the various criteria related to self-development activities for own values that create a valuable impact on performance. In addition to this, the reflection on creating own core values is also discussed in the essay which helps to consider the changes in own behavior. At last, it will help to enhance knowledge regarding the self-development activities for the betterment of the performance.

Main Body

Discuss and evaluate theories, approaches as well as strategies for successfully managing individual, multiple teams, and remote teams for gaining success

This part of the essay will provide a detailed analysis of the different theories and approaches along with the strategies for handling an individual, multiple teams as well as the remote teams for gaining success. Further, it is important to manage things properly. It includes the discussion about the theories, approaches, and strategies for individual, multiple teams, and remote teams for managing success is as follows:


Human relation theory: To manage an individual, the human relation theory is applicable which is designed to manage productivity with the help of other people. The main focus of an individual is on the changes in the environment it is important to consider the different activities at one time for an individual. So it is important to give personal attention to every teacher for motivating their enthusiasm and morale while at the same time handling the working conditions of the business


Time management: The time management approach for an individual is most important for delivering the activities or tasks on time, as there is no one to help with the process of work. This approach for an individual is effective for handling multiple tasks at one time that provides a different level of authority to an individual for managing the performance (Liu, and et.al., 2018).

Expansion of social network: the expansion of different people is considered another approach for an individual to consider the activities of work. It is beneficial for achieving success in the workplace with more knowledge and experience of people.


Analyzing the hard work: This strategy helps an individual to enhance their morale and confidence in considering the activities based on the work. It motivates them to increase their level of productivity and motivate others to do a better job. Thus, this strategy of recognizing the hard work of an individual is important for achieving success within the organisation and motivating others to do an effective job.

Multiple Teams

Contingency management theory: The theory helps analyze the plan for organising the corporation for the multiple teams and taking some decisions. For effective management of multiple teams, this theory helps to achieve success in the business. As per Fiedler, the personality of a leader can handle the team members. The leader can make changes in the environment and provide facilities to multiple team members (Sinambela, and et.al., 2020).


System of employee administration: It is quite tough to handle the multiple teams at once and is considered not an appropriate task for handling the performance of team members. So it is a significant approach to make use of an employee management system for keeping the record of various employees in multiple teams. The different technological changes like the making of an app for tracking the schedule of team members help to analyze their performance and it notifies the leader about all of the sequence of work.


Appropriate time management: This strategy of multiple teams for achieving success is a difficult task as various tasks are to be performed by the team members. It is essential to eliminate the activities which affect the process of time management and give priority to other tasks. The use of a phone or using social media must be limited for the team members which helps to achieve success in the long run.

Remote Teams

System Management theory: The system management theory is considered the best approach for remote teams which helps to make planning and organise the activities of the business. It will provide an ability to the system of business for contacting the other people who are working remotely so it is an important theory at the time of applying in the remote teams. Further, it gives various components to the remotely working employees so that they can discuss their agenda with their subordinates (Morrison, and Reiss, 2018). There is s requirement to develop a proper environment with the help of system management theory so that all of the managers and employees can communicate with each other on a specific topic. Thus, the theory helps to manage the level of communication between the different remote teams which plays a very crucial role in the business.


Using Innovative technique: After Covid, there are various changes in the way of working as many people in the companies are still doing work from home, the technology is a huge approach for handling the daily activities of the business. Further, the new technology is one of the most important criteria for achieving success in the business.

Increase communication: The manager always wants that their employees appropriately communicate with each other. This is a significant approach for the remote team to manage the communication for achieving success based on the set objectives (Cleary, 2018).


Give role and responsibilities: It is one of the most important strategies to delegate the responsibilities to the team members and analyze the capacity to handle pressure. It makes them understand to perform in a well-behaved manner and enhances the productivity of the business. Further, it positively affects the other employees to deliver the tasks in a given time.

Accessible techniques: The remote teams must be using appropriate techniques based on the requirement of the tasks. All the people need various tools to do their activities so this strategy helps the employees to make use of proper techniques for achieving success.

Thus, the use of different theories, approaches, and strategies for individual multiple teams and remote teams helps to achieve success within the organisation.

Tools to assess and develop the present and future capabilities of the team

The tools and techniques are considered a major aspect of considering the present and future capabilities of the team and some techniques are as follows:

Self-Assessment of the team: It is an essential technique that helps to develop the current as well as future capabilities of the team with the help of appropriate collaboration. The proper structure of the team members tips to enhance and motivate the people for coming events with the evaluation in the progress. Further, it helps to analyze the abilities of team members in the future as well as the present situation by providing the actual approaches and identifying the area of development of knowledge. The necessity of this tool helps to consider various advantages based on the self-assessment of employees that demonstrates the capabilities of employees widely. It helps to attract the various issues as well as arguments among the employees and subordinates (Patel, and Shah, 2018). Further, the tool is beneficial for an individual to consider the level of activities and enhances the performance of employees in a short period. It will also allow an employee to consider their strength and demonstrate the achievements of the activities. However, the changes create a better level of understanding for the employees and their position in the business which helps to motivate their performance and establishment in the company.

Additionally, the own assessment of the team provides an ability to employees for considering the balance of skills with the help of analyzing the strength as well as weaknesses. There is a requirement for considering an ability to solve the issue by using some responsibility and dependability for managing the conditions (Belozerova, and et.al., 2018). Thus, the expertise of team members helps them to attain appropriate future capabilities and issues properly. It will give an idea about the level of working of employees and the perception of people changes towards working with each other.

Analyze the requirement for training: The activities of training are considered another tool for assessing the capabilities of the team in the future. The customization of training is based on the skills and knowledge of an individual so it helps to ensure the success of the different functions within the company. Further, it is important to shave the career of an individual and what is their performance for the future perspective that requires continued development in the Tools and techniques along with the training activities. It will create a great impact on the individual performance and techniques of training and development are a must for handling the present as the bill is upcoming capabilities of the team management along with the dealing with the changes in the environment (De Smul, and et.al., 2018). However, with the changing environmental Technologies, there is a requirement for training and programs for the employees so that they can increase their abilities to perform and enhance their level of activity. The innovations also set the ability of employees to their perspective and take some risks for increasing their performance with the help of training and development solutions. To increase the level of productivity, the team members must learn about the new techniques with the help of training and development sessions that can be useful for them to boost their capacity for working. Thus, the team members increase their capacity to handle the risk as well as enhance their self-confidence by incorporating some new technique increases their motivation.

Delegation of work

The proper delegation of work is also considered a technique for assessing the capabilities of team members as it helps to analyze the people and how much they are responsible for taking a task. A provides a detailed analysis of the delegated task and considers the potential of team members for performing the activities (Öztürk, and Çak?ro?lu, 2021). It gives value to managing the process of delegation of tasks and the team must be careful about the process of handling the project. It also encourages them to perform their activities in a given time. The best outcome so it is important to judge the team members by delegating the task and it is one of the most important techniques for assessing the capabilities of people. There are certain challenges faced by the team members that are an important part of the learning purpose and it requires some self-confidence along with the sense of knowledge to know delegation of authority.

Reflect on shaping own core ethical values

As a manager, I make every effort to demonstrate and foster regard for someone else. Employees that disrespect each other demonstrate basic mistreatment is not appropriate. If I need everyone to perform alongside, they need to appreciate each other as much as they don't get along. This is a must for both me and my colleagues to the group united. As an ethical leader, it is my responsibility to make difference in the life of people by implementing some changes as per the requirement. So I always try to make changes in the life of people through my views and opinions. Further, I have learned about the requirements of people and put them first as I have a huge concern about my people and do the needful. I always do respect the culture of other employees and provide facilities as per their requirements which creates a positive image for the business. I must constantly strive for our folk's health. I would constantly prioritize the well of my people. I must be mindful of my crowd pleaser and requirements. I must be able to assess & comment on the activities and which is most important to management and leadership. I am always committed to learning new things and developing skills and knowledge for team-building activities which play an important role to create an impact on others. The learning activities help me to respond to the thing and issues at the workplace easily which covers personal issues of people also.

In addition to this, as a leader, I have enhanced my self-awareness procedure for actively participating in the different activities. Self-motivation is highly impactful for own growth and ethical values which affect the performance positively. I need to balance the different situations where self-motivation plays a crucial role to consider the situation from various angles and provide different options for solving issues. However, I need to consider the changes in situations that can affect other people and bring out the strength of other people for handling the improvement activities hence it increases my confidence in handling different situations at the workplace. It is beneficial for the team members to consider a leader for the betterment of future activities and who offers guidance for the activities. As a value-based leader, I examine my professional as well as personal values for the development of core competencies in the future. It allows me to accomplish the goals with the help of ethical practices in the business. Further, there are certain challenges in the last some months as I have had to perform as a strong leader due to the evolvement in the activities and the need to increase my capacity for performing work. The challenges increases my level of confidence and played a great role as a leader in changing environment of the organisation. I always learned about the different activities of leadership and the need to implement them in the actual scenario is quite difficult for me to analyze. So I took inspiration from other leaders and handle things in a new way and perspective. Thus, I need to consider the values and opinions of other people so that it will be easier to implement the ideas for future consideration. I also need to follow appropriate ethical values that do not affect the performance of the people in a negative manner. It will create a great impact on handling environmental activities.


 From the above study, it can be summarized that the activities of team management of various individuals, multiple teams as well as remote teams can be conducted with the help of different theories, approaches as well as strategies for achieving success. It provides knowledge about the assessment of different techniques for the development of current and future capabilities of the team along with the balance of work in the future. It gives an idea about various techniques which can be used to increase the performance of the employees. Thus, the essay also reflects my ethical values and capabilities as a value-based leader in the process of work.


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