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Ethical Principles & Professional Values for Positive Work Culture Assignment Sample

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Introduction - Applying Ethical Standards and Values to Cultivate Productive Work Relationships

This report includes a discussion about the values of ethical principles and professionals that consider the approach for the work. It also covers descriptions of different ways of positive working relations with the employees at the workplace. Further, the reflective part covers the level of understanding from the study and encourages an individual to perform adequately.

How ethical principles and specialized values notify methods to work.

Ethics can be termed as the training of decently suitable decisions as well as behaviour. It is considered a value that is instilled in a person for managing right and wrong in an individual. However, the values are mainly identified from different sources like legal documents, the culture of the company as well as religion.

It is important to manage the ethical code of conduct in a working environment that mainly works as an important aspect for employees to realize the actual benefits that enhance the outcomes of the business. Further, it also changes the perception of the employees regarding ethical behavior helping to motivate the employees which leads to job satisfaction and increases the performance of employees.

In the context of people professional, the ethical practice is considered a major aspect of the organization like local television production that relates to the governance of the accounting practices, employees activities, and its connection to the technique of sales. Similarly, professional values are crucial for the business and they affect the business in a positive manner which helps the people to interact with each other in the workplace (Bowles, and et.al., 2020). However, the positive professional values among the employees show that they have some level of confidence and they are self-worth for the work which helps get success. Thus, the professional values and ethical principles can affect the reputation of the business and need to manage the level of consistency for considering the changes in culture which overall reduces the level of risk in the business. It also enhances the motivation among the employees as well as some stakeholders.

Some ways to conform consistency to appropriate regulations in terms of professional practices.

For ensuring the organization’s suitability with the different set of rules and regulations in the jurisdiction, legal knowledge plays an important role in the people professional for the work. Further, the human resources department of the local television Production Company manes compliance with the help of treating employees, and rules at the workplace along with hiring different people for aligning the appropriate laws.

In addition to this, HR must consider the ethical policies in today’s changing environment of technologies which is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which manages the flow of data. The main aim of GDPR is to control the private data and provide it back to the individual and companies must consider it as evidence for accountability.

To demonstrate the compliance with appropriate regulations and laws in terms of ethical practices, some ways are as follows:

  • To create an HR data governance plan for the time of more than 6 years.
  • Develop a function of HR compliance in the business.
  • Consider the term discrimination
  • Upgrade HR companies yearly
  • To start the acquiescent hiring for the HR compliance

In addition to this, the company must make sure the consistency in the compliance with the help of proper communication with the employees regarding the policies and procedures of the organization, organize some training for the legal aspect that can impact the industry, and give details about the rules of the company in the handbook of employees (Kusumaningrum, Sumarsono, and Gunawan, 2019).

Describe the meaning of ethics in work, considering the actions to be personal as well as professional honesty.

People professionals value morality since these function as either corporate representatives or a mirror of organizational processes. Employees expect HR professionals to use strong business sense, prudence, and judgment during the application process and around the employment cycle. Employees demand fair equality at employment, and it's the responsibility of human resources to ensure that very demands are being honored (Kitto, and Knight, 2019).

Professional moral behavior reflects an organization's environment of trust, which in return substantially impacts the attitude of HR procedures toward moral considerations at employment. Skilled workers' behavior and conclusions in almost the same duration represent its social ideals and hidden preconceptions. HR managers are indeed the pillars of excellent work behavior since the department has been in charge of developing and implementing organizational rules of conduct that combat corporate deception. One of the latest ways to show the role of ethics in business along with its implications in the business can be done with the help of an increase in the awareness of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Thus, HR professional actions, as well as behavior, have some aspect of potential to create issues and destruction to the image of the company which affects personal integrity (Friedman, and Hendry, 2019).

Summarize the ways for demonstrating the positive culture of working with team members.

To clear the issues:

Human managers play an important role in developing a good environment and developing a sense of ethics amongst workers. HR workers must be able to communicate to perform their duties successfully. Hearing abilities help to better consider one's teammates' talents, expertise, expertise, enthusiasm, as well as drive (Spiel, and et.al., 2018). Effective listening aids in the development of purposeful and lasting interactions. When attempting to comprehend a situation, give heed to a relevant person’s speech, loudness, inflection, mannerisms, and body language. As a result, rather than listening to respond, one must hear with an aggressive and non-mind. Thus, it is essential to consider the views and opinions of the team members for any issue so that it will be easier to solve the problems based on the facts for the betterment of the business.

Contribution of opinions

It is necessary for efficiently and accurately presenting a person's viewpoints. The whole first stage is really to consider the how and why, which fulfills the purpose of dialogue and guarantees that it would be explicit and thorough. The following stage is to attend to comprehend and therefore constructively convey another's opinions. Similarly, an individual must communicate with empathy by considering the feelings of others which is considered the most important for confidence (Morley, and et.al., 2021).

Work in an effective manner as a team

HR experts may influence employee interaction by planning team-building activities with specified roles, which fosters employee cooperation and collaboration. HR may successfully foster togetherness by clearly outlining the vision and objectives to every team, measuring team effectiveness, and being responsible for success.

Specific ways for acknowledging sensitivity and respecting others in the workplace

A happy environment is facilitated by good practices such as mutual respect and admiration, and also being attentive to the requirements of customers or coworkers. Awareness is described as the degree to which a person is kind, sensitive, empathic, and compassionate. Professionalism is from the other end, is behaving to others the way an individual would like to be received. It acknowledges other coworkers and other subordinates, like everyone, have ideas, responsibilities, desires, expertise, or knowledge (Greene, and et.al., ,2019).

The business can be considered to thrive which is highly dependent on the willingness of the employees to work with each other for achieving the goals and objectives. In addition to this, HR plays a very important role in developing a positive culture which also motivates the employees for behaving with sensitivity and respect. However, it can be done with the help of:

  • Firstly, as HR, be a style icon by conveying difficult choices in a caring and polite manner. In this respect, it must consider impartiality and tolerance while dealing with negative situations.
  • Second, Management can receive education on the relationship between proper behavior and also the capacity to successfully cooperate for improved company objectives. Staff should be aware of their job advancement may be hampered by prejudice and an unwillingness to accept the viewpoints of so many people.
  • Third, HR can establish reasonable expectations of what it is to act in appropriate due regard in a workplace.
  • Fourth, HR should equitably hold all employees responsible for their conduct, performance bonuses, or tenure.

Recommend ways in which you can show issues and development in the profession.

One of the main aspects of the profession map is all about the desire for learning which has some huge perspectives for the profession. In the context of this, a method to manage can expand its skills and expertise via education. This is critical for the perception of quality since it improves practice and aids in the achievement of fulfillment and meaning. Aside from traditional schooling through classes, one could educate unofficially by things including participating in dialogues, reading stuff in periodicals, and studying related research publications. There are certain points for own issues and development in the profession are as follows:

  1. To attend local training and workshops that assist to expand knowledge and give new ideas for development need to understand the situation and consider the changes for my growth in the workplace. It will create a better opportunity for me to make positive changes in the company.
  2. Research on human resource aspects with legal terms and it is important to stay informed about the new information in the department. Some of the negative emotions affect my creativity and I was not able to handle the situation effectively so I need to consider the changes according to the requirement of the situation.
  3. However, networking with different people helps me to join new associations with people and is considered to be useful for solving the issues. I also clearly concentrate on language lectures, which have assisted me to enhance my language comprehension along with my spoken and physical language abilities.
  4. The process of keeping informed is also based on the situation for the development of the business activities, which is important for me to consider changes according to the requirement.
  5. At last, taking different classes at some of the colleges is another way of attaining professional skills as well as knowledge. . Aside from the webinars, I intend to attend a meeting on verbal teamwork for HR specialists and then repeat what I learn by organizing and facilitating workshops on the same.

Reflect ways in which you can identify and receive your own mistakes.

Blogging made me realize that I am an empathetic guy who is likely to make rash conclusions that may not be thorough. As a result, whenever contacted by employees on a topic, I learn to pay attention to other perspectives and ask for an explanation on any issues without making judgments. By doing so, I ensure the worker of secrecy, so creating conditions conducive to trust and commitment. Based on the gravity of the problem and my prior knowledge of dealing with it, I express my thoughts candidly while indicating that I appreciate the owner's concerns. Further, I highlight the policy of the company which helped me to analyze and provide a preference for learning lessons. Whenever I feel about the seriousness of the situation and I made a request it provides me time to solve the issues and find an appropriate solution for taking a decision. In addition to keeping my ethical honesty, I avoided discussing the issue with the entire team, but I periodically speculate about it with members who are working in other organizations and the experiences of a real example.

To summarize, self-reflective writing is vital for leadership learning since it allows anybody to analyze oneself and understand that someone's activities affect others. Self-reflection also aids in recognizing mistakes and hence improving decision-making and interactions with coworkers. It also pays to have a comparison for your mental processes, which may aid in recognizing moments where a crime had been committed or a situation might be addressed more effectively.

Reflect proactive approaches to develop, record, and reflect on own professional skills and experiences.

Blogging is also one of the contributions to the team I've done on private initiatives to enhance my job competencies. Further, at the end of the day, I also attempt to journal regarding the various challenging tasks which are handled at the workplace and consider it a significant aspect of working.

In addition to this, I also accept some religious aspects of behavior to review the professional bodies like people management. However, this is considered to be followed with the help of further reading as well as research on the issue.

In the context of this, it is a kind of therapy that helps me to calm down at the day end. It gives me a positive aspect of feeling after a tough day at the workplace. This writing helps me to remind the situation I faced broadly and it also helps me to identify the different errors and how to handle them smoothly. For instance, I need to learn proper listening to the employees and manage the rushed comment and the matter which is raised by the employees. Moreover, when some employees are criticizing the system of the company, I make a list and assure to solve the issues and respond effectively. Further, it helps me to make sure that I was not defensive and needed proper time to respond to the matter efficiently and consider the activities of employees.

In terms of indicating the victory of the day, I need to note the condition in the process of my journaling. The journaling helps to make improvements in my level of interaction with a wide range of customers.

Further, the aspect of following the timelines of social media of the HR professionals affects my skills and knowledge for enhancing the trend of the profession for considering the opinion of knowledge. The proper discussion with the members of the company helps to keep the complaint within the organization based on the law and the need to organize the employees.


From the above study, it can be concluded that all of the activities in the profession need to be considered as important equally for the development of the organization. It helps to understand the different perspectives about ethical practices in the workplace. It enhances own knowledge and skills for the betterment of the future.


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