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Principles Of Marketing

Introduction - Principles Of Marketing

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A good marketing strategy is essential for successfully conducting any business. In basic terms, the marketing strategy provides the customer with basic information about the products and services of the company and a reason for buying them. A good marketing strategy educates the customer about the product they want and helps them choose the right product according to their choice. The current study focuses on the existing issues that the company is recently faces and the probable solutions and recommendations that the company should take in order to gain more profit and corporate revenue.

Marketing mix

The marketing mix generally focuses on the various areas for developing a comprehensive marketing plan. The marketing mix generally refers to the four principles of marketing that are also popularly known as 4ps. Product, price, place and promotion. A marketing mix is essential for the company to understand how the products and services the company can offer the customer. The marketing mix also helps to understand the company's potential success for future growth and development. Every company generally follows these four fundamental factors in conducting their business and gaining more corporate revenue.

Marketing Mix


The company provides a diverse range of products. Various food items from fruits to vegetables, dairy products and grocery items are available in the company.


The company generally follows the low price strategy and provides the product within an affordable range while maintaining the quality of the product.



The company promotes their product is various social media sites such as Facebook, YouTube and other social media.

Table 1: Marketing Mix

(Source: Zhang et al. 2021)

The products that the company provides are very good in quality. The company is reputed for providing the best quality product that meets the needs and demands of the customer. The products that the company is sailing over the year are no doubt maintaining good quality. In the recent times of growing competition, the company should broaden the range of their products to maintain a strong foothold within the current competitive market. The customer's tastes and demands for a specific product are changing significantly. Therefore, the company should emphasize in innovating the products to grab more customers and also to meet the customer satisfaction rate.

Price mix generally refers to the price of the outer product determined by the company. Price mix is a vital component of the company that determines the profit and survival of the company. In the context of the Tesco company, the company should follow a low pricing strategy to offer its products to all levels of the customers.

A promotional mix is very vital for the company to promote its product and brand value to the customer. It is also very important for the company to promote its product to provide the necessary information and brand value to the customer (Cay et al. 2019). The Company should follow the same method, and it promotes its products on various social media sites. The company also provides various discounts on social occasions to attract more customers. This particular strategy helps to gain more attention for the customer hat further helps to spread the reputation of the company in a better way.

BCG matrix: analysis

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) refers to the growth-share matrix of the company that is generally used for the graphical representation of a company's products and shares. BCG matrix with the cost generally helps the company to know the current position of the selling product of the company. Furthermore, it also helps the company have a clear perspective about the revenue generation of the selling products, which further includes from which product the count is gaining profit and from which product is not running so well (Janiah, 2019). The BCG matrix is the product planning tool used by the organization to determine the changes that the organization need typo focus for gaining competitive benefit.

BCG matrix helps the company to achieve its long term goal through strategic planning and reviewers of the portfolio it predicted. Furthermore, it also helps the company about where to invest, discontinue, or develop the products.

The BCG growth-share matrix divides the products into four types known as “dogs," "stars," cash cows," and “question marks." The company should follow the cash cow matrix for its further growth and opportunities. In this particular matrix, the company can produce the product in a low growth area but can generally have a large amount of market share. Cash cow products have a larger amount of cash than the production-consumption. If the company can follow this particular business model, then the products of the company will have a high market share and as well as it cost low price in the production. The inter deals within the BCG matrix dues but contribute a great amount of revenue within the production as it costs very high in the production, but it generally has a low market share.

Ansoff matrix

Ansoff matrix generally refers to the special technique by which the particular company identifies the opportunities for increasing revenues through improving new products and implementing innovative products within the services. Ansoff matrix generally refers to the market penetration, product development, diversification and market development strategy. TESCO should wade through these strategies in order to develop the overall performance of the company.

TESCO should use the market penetration strategy in order to develop the existing products within the market.One of the major issues that the company recently faced was selling meat products (Damayanti et al. 2018). Therefore, it is very important to be more conscious about the selling product of the company. If the company cannot get more aware of the selling products, then the marketing sharing of the company can be significantly lost. The company will further lose its corporate revenue. The company also implemented a pricing strategy in order to attract more customers to the company. The employees and management team of the company should be more aware of the selling product in order to maintain the leading position within the market. The social emphasis on the existing selling products and an approach to improve them will further help the company to maintain its current position in the business ambience.

The company should implement a social campaign to promote its brand value and also to promote its brand value of the company. Nowadays, the company is using more social media changes in order to promote its brand. The company should give emphasis on the 24*7 services within the business. It will further evaluate the current opinion ad and the customer's feedback about the company. Organisation is facing major issues in maintaining the social media cost. Social media promotional campaign is crucial for facilitating organizational growth through increased brand image and reputation. It is found that the company is facing difficulties in conducting advertisements on various social media. The company can reduce the cost of the social era by creating more challenges rather than developing new social media sites (Elbeck, 2018). The company should spread its information and brand value. Developing the market stage is another vital aspect of the company. TESCO should implement the market development strategy for the future growth and development of the company. TESCO is now giving importance to selling the new products in other places apart from the existing marketplace (Dost et al. 2019). The company should improve thots existing products and should promote the brand value in a global manner. Therefore, this specific strategy will help the company in increasing its that revenue generation and will further explore the new portable possibilities of the company in the current business ambience.

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Discussion on the customer-driven strategy

The customer-driven policy refers to the special policy in which the company puts the needs and demands of the customer at the centre of all things. Furthermore, it also increases the best pricing strategy in which more customers are attracted to the products of the company. The customer-driven policy is the main source for the company to grasp more customers to the services of the colony by implementing some innovative strategies. The customer-driven strategy further helps in identifying the target customer and fulfilling their needs and demands. TESCO is currently using the correct customer-driven strategy (Adebayo and Govender, 2020). The company can identify the segmentation and target customers as well as to fulfil the expectation of the customers.

Customer-driven strategy


Demographic segmentation

? TESCO generally targets all groups of people within its services.

? The company focuses on the middle and low-income category people.

? The company focuses on the students, professionals and employees as their targeted audience.

Geographic segmentation

? The company provides its services in the UK along with 13 other countries. 

? The company provides its service in both rural and urban areas.

Behavioral Segmentation

? The company provides cost-effective products.

? The company mainly targets the active users.

? The company also focuses on the customers who use the social media sites in a greater way. 


TESCO should use various channels to gather more data and information about the needs of the customers. It will further provide a vivid view about what needs to be more developed by the company (Mahmoud, 2018).


TESCO should give special emphasis on the customer-driven policy to rectify the weakness and gain more competitive revenue. Understanding the customers and demands is very critical to the company. The support and sales team of the company should consider consumer reviews to provide excellent customer service (Blut et al. 2018). TESCO should implement more new and innovative products within their services. The omnichannel engagement plan of the customer is one of the vital customer-driven strategies in the current competitive market.


? The company should promote the affordable pricing strategy

? The company should increase the discount and offers on the products.

Table 1: STP model and customer-driven strategy

(Source: Blut et al. 2018)

There are special attributes that are needed to conduct the best customer-driven policy. Identifying the target customer is very important in this matter. TESCO should give importance to identifying the target customer of the company. TESO should use the "data-driven strategy in order to identify the target audience, the motivation that leads them to purchase the products provided by the company (DeLong and Elbeck, 2018). Segmentation of the target audience is the key factor in the customer-driven policy. TESCO should implement those specific strategies in order to provide the news to the audience in a broadway. TESCO should improve the products to grasp the customers. Segmentation of the target audience retains the customer by offering more new and innovative products. Product strategy is one of the key factors that determine the customer-driven strategy. TESCO should givemore emphasis on producing the products based on the customer's needs (Sadq et al. 2019). The company creates a positioning map which is based on the customer's perception of the brand.

According to Yuan et al. (2020), TESCO should create a product road map with the challenges the company is facing in producing the product. If TESCO cannot introduce the variation within the products, the top brand supplier will have more power over TESCO, and that will negatively impact the corporate revenue of the company. According to Yuan et al. (2020), customer feedback is one of the integral parts of attracting more customers to the services provided by the company. TESCO should give emphasis on the needs of the customer in a very specific way. All through the products provided by the company are very good, yet some of the products are facing difficulties in meeting customer satisfaction. The company should give importance to improving the products to meet the customer's needs (Wikner and Bäckstrand, 2018). The positive approach of the customer to the product is very much needed in order to maintain a strong foothold in today's competitive business ambience. According to Mo (2020), the strategy generally refers to the engagement of the customer through the various social media status to the services of the company. TESCO should give emphasis in creating more channels to promote the brand and products. According to Ceesay (2020), the company should provide more challenges in which they can introduce the producers to attain the customer's attention towards the brand. Furthermore, the company should use Omnichannel marketing through various channels and websites in order to interact with the customers and understand their needs and expectations (Janiah, 2019). This also helps the company to comprehend the further changes that are needed according to the preferences of the customers. As opined by Kim et al. (2018), an omnichannel marketing strategy is further important to spread more information about the company and to promote its brand value.

In today's modern world, the consumers are very active in the various online channels, and they generally prefer to check out all details of the company's products. Therefore, TESCO should broaden its omnichannel marketing as it will further help the company to evaluate more about the demands and needs of the customers. Knowing the existing customers is one of the vital aspects of the customer-driven strategy. According to Zhang et al. (2021), it helps the company to identify the extinguisher customers in a better way and also to improve the services in order to retain that existing customer in a more effective way. There are various ways by which the company can identify the existing customers (Weiwei, 2021). The provided data when the customers visit the company's websites, the types of registration, subscription date, and account balance. Furthermore, the data that the customer service team collects through communicating with the customers, evaluating the positive and negative feedback and the feature request. The company can also know about the existing customer by "data collection tool" by default. Collectively all these things are very helpful in gathering information about the existing customers (Cay et al. 2019). Knowing the existing customer further helps the company to further include the innovation in the provided services and the necessary actions that are needed to grasp more customers to its services.


Principles of marketing are one of the vital aspects to the company in order to grasp more customers to its brand. Principles of marketing are one of the integral parts of conducting the business in an effective manner. TESCO should implement all these strategies in order to implement the various strategies in order to generate more corporate revenue. The company should implement these strategies in order to maintain a strong foothold in the recent business ambience. TESCO should provide all these things in order to grasp more customers and to satisfy the needs and expectations of the consumers. The place, pricing, promotional ix of the company and its better implementation will further give the company to develop its future growth. Following all these mentioned strategies, the coy will further improve in future and will have the opportunities in future. Customer-driven strategy is one of the vital things in the development of the company. The company should further give emphasis in evaluating the customer-driven strategy. The current application of the customer-driven strategy will further help the company to measure the existing customer and to grasp more customers in the local ambience and as well as in the global aspect. All these strategies contribute to the overall growth and development of the company.



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